More Allegations! ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Accused Of Sexual Assault By Former Nanny

“Well, crap….”

A week after sexual assault allegations against Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel were brought to light stemming from a 2015 incident, a second allegation has gone public. Unlike the first claim, this one doesn’t just involve Thomas’ nanny’s house, but a nanny herself!

People magazine has reported that South Carolina police are looking into some allegations made by Thomas’ former nanny, known as Nanny Dawn to fans of ’Southern Charm.’

Dawn — the first nanny to work for Thomas and Kathryn Dennis, caring for their children Kensie and Saint — claims in January 2015, Thomas sexually assaulted her. Dawn detailed the alleged attack in an interview with FITSNews last week.

“I put Kensie to bed, and headed to the kitchen to make fresh baby food and wash and sterilize bottles,” she said. “That was when I heard Thomas enter the house just before midnight.”

Dawn said Thomas turned off the lights and when she called out to let him know she was working in the kitchen and needed light, he came into the kitchen and tried to kiss her. Despite Dawn rebuffing his advances and repeatedly telling him “no,” it did not stop the alleged assault.

“I didn’t want to scream and scare Kensie, but I told him no repeatedly,” she said.

Dawn declined to share further details of the alleged incident, though they were provided to Charleston police. She did, however, say she eventually got away from Thomas that night. After she left the house, she called her husband and sister from the car. She added that Thomas called her while she was speaking to her family.

Dawn said weeks later, Thomas apologized for the attack, promising her it would not happen again and telling her “it’s not necessary to bring chaperones.”

After the birth of Thomas’ and Kathryn’s son Saint in 2015, Dawn said Kathryn had begun to notice the strained relationship between her and Thomas, leading her to reveal the incident. Dawn said Kathryn then confronted Thomas about the assault, which only led to further abuse. Dawn said Thomas would “butt-dial” her and purposely allow her to hear him telling people that she was bad at her job, that she was fat and that she was “poor white trash.”

In February 2017, Dawn claims that she was fed up with Thomas’ attempts to ruin her reputation so she took a polygraph test. She said she passed the test and the results were included in the report she made to police last week. She said she’d also be willing to take another polygraph test if needed.

“I will take another polygraph test there at any time as long as Thomas Ravenel is willing to do the same. I would welcome the chance to take my reputation back,” she said.

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Dawn was inspired to come forward with her claims after Ashley Perkins came forward last month to share the story of her mother, Debbie Holloway Perkins. Ashley has claimed that her mom Debbie was assaulted by Thomas in December 2015 in Thomas’ guest house. (Thomas’ nanny resides in the guesthouse.)

Ashley claims that Thomas and her mother agreed on a $200,000 settlement to keep the incident from going public. Ashley, who did not sign a non-disclosure agreement, is the one who made the incident public.

Last week, Bravo and Haymaker Productions (the production company behind  ‘Southern Charm’) announced that they are launching their own investigations into the claims against Thomas.

“Haymaker, the production company for Southern Charm, and Bravo take allegations like these very seriously,” the network said. “Haymaker is conducting an investigation, and once all the information is gathered and carefully reviewed, appropriate action will be taken,” Bravo said in a statement made last week to Us Weekly.

Two ‘Southern Charm’ cast members have confirmed to an editor for FITSNews that they have been asked not to talk about Thomas in relation to the network’s and Charleston police investigations.

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Dawn’s trepidation to tell her own story was largely rooted in fear that Thomas would not be charged if she were to go to the police, especially since he has avoided similar charges in the past.

In October 2014, Thomas was accused of physically assaulting Lauren Moser, a friend and hairstylist of Kathryn, though police did not end up charging him. In the report made to the police, Lauren claims that Thomas slammed the door on her, causing her to fall down three flights of stairs.

She claims Thomas also fell in the pool while holding Kensie. (Lauren stated that Thomas was allegedly naked and drunk at the time, naturally.)

Lauren reported the incident to police, but Thomas was not charged. Despite this, Dawn wanted to come forward and tell her story.

“This is the most difficult thing I have done,” she told FITSNews. “I don’t even know if [Thomasl] will be charged, but I need to let others know they aren’t alone.”


  1. I personally don’t believe a word the nanny “Dawn” is saying. The “story” is full of holes and just not believable. Her timing of her story is also suspect! I speak as a survivor of sexual assault!

  2. Thomas is such a mess, and such a creep….Everybody (but Craig) that said all that crap about Kathryn being crazy and this and that are about to be eating their words….I’ve always liked Kathryn but felt she was a little immature, but I bet you a lot of that behavior was provoked by what Thomas was doing to her behind the scenes.

  3. Wonder if the guys on Southern Charm think Thomas is so funny now? They have always excused and laughed off Thomas’s behavior while trashing Kathryn. (At least in seasons past)

  4. Poor Dawn. So brave for coming forward. Clearly Thomas is a psychopath and should not be permitted to walk freely. How ironic that he took Kathryn’s new born son from her for alleged drug abuse while he is preying on women and is clearly a raging alcoholic

  5. This guy sounds like a deplorable, disgusting pig. I hope he reaps what he has sown, but a part of me really hopes it’s not true—simply for the sake of his kids. No kid wants or deserves to have a monster as a father.

    And no, I’m not supporting him, or questioning the integrity of his accusers. Simply saying, for the kids sake, I hope their dad didn’t do the terrible things for which he is accused.

  6. I totally believe this. T-Rav is a predator. You can see that clearly every time he looks at Kathryn like a sirloin steak. He is used to getting away with this behavior due to his name and money. Would not be surprised if he has been raping women for years. So glad Kathryn got away and is doing well. Hoping the children can do likewise.

  7. I’m not surprised at all. The man is a pig who has zero respect for women. He sees females as sex objects who only exist to bang men, birth babies and keep quiet. He gives me the creeps!

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