It’s Mother’s Day here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., the day to celebrate your mom (and write a lengthy post about how great she is on a social media platform that she’s not even on.)

Not everyone will be singing their mother’s praises this Mother’s Day, however. Some reality TV stars got the short end of the stick in terms of maternal units. From moms that can’t keep it in their pants, to moms who sell their own daughters out, here are seven reality TV moms you should be thankful aren’t yours!

1. Kim Zolciak (Mother of six, including daughter Brielle)

Kim secured a place on this list due to her appalling actions last year involving her 20-year-old daughter, Brielle.

The ‘Real Housewives’ star was desparate to secure tickets to go see singer John Legend at his upcoming Atlanta concert so she did what any [terrible] mother would do: she tweeted John’s wife, Chrissy Tiegen, and promised that Brielle would give sexual favors to anyone who helped her secure tickets. No, seriously, this happened.

@chrissyteigen sooo ur hubby is comin to ATL may19 & Kash is beyond OBSESSED w him! who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him?? LOL,” Kim wrote.

Chrissy offered to get Kim tickets without her having to pimp Brielle out, so there’s that…

krista-keller2. Krista Kellar (Mother of Courtney Stodden and star of ‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment)

On a show that features some of the most dysfunctional mothers on reality TV, Courtney Stodden’s mother, Krista, shines above the rest in terms of poor parenting. Not only did Krista allow her then-sixteen-year-old daughter, Courtney, to marry middle-aged actor Doug Hutchison in 2011, but Krista  admitted on ‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment’ that she has lusted after Doug during his marriage to her daughter!

Courtney suspects that her mother even suggested to Doug that she and Courtney have a threesome with him. As you do…

patti wilkinson3. Patti Wilkinson (Mother of Kendra Wilkinson)

Kendra’s relationship with her mother, Patti, has been strained for years, especially after Patti revealed that she plans to write a tell-all book about her famous daughter.

“The time has come where I can’t stay quiet anymore,” Patti revealed on Facebook. “I think a book is in order to tell the TRUTH! It will be factual and tell the entire story from MY eyes. Get ready for hearing some things that may take a certain someone down off of her pedestal.”

Kendra also believes that her mother sold stories to the tabloids during Kendra’s marriage crisis several years back.

Kendra and Patti attempted to “work on their relationship” by appearing together on ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition’ last year, but things between the two women appear to still be tense.

farrah stock4. Farrah Abraham (Mother of Sophia Abraham and star of ‘Teen Mom OG’)

While there are several moms from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise that could qualify for this list, Farrah is arguably the most appropriate to include. Her quest for stardom has reached new (and very strange) heights over the last few years, with Farrah doing her best to cause controversy wherever she goes.

This, of course, may have a negative effect on her nine-year-old daughter, Sophia. Who could forget the time when Farrah posted a photo of her daughter spinning around a pole at a playground and implied in the caption that Sophia was practicing to someday become an exotic dancer?! And then there was the time Farrah admitted that she and Sophia have naked photos of each other on their phones.

Farrah’s most-recent scandal involving her daughter happened last month when Farrah had Sophia film as Farrah got butt injections.


kate-gosselin-face5. Kate Gosselin (Mother of eight children and star of ‘Kate Plus 8’)

There’s no doubt that the majority of Kate’s eight children have some not-so-nice feelings toward their “Mommy Dearest.” Her two oldest daughters, twins Mady and Cara, seem particularly over their mother’s overbearing personality and constant quest for fame. (‘Member their awkward interview on the Today Show in 2014 in which they purposely made their mom look like an idiot when they refused to say what she wanted them to say?)

The twins will turn 18 in October, so the possibility of them writing a “Mommy Dearest”-esque tell-all book is getting closer!

sister patterson6. Sister Patterson (Mother of Tiffany “New York” Pollard and star of ‘Family Therapy’) 

Sister Patterson made her first appearance when Tiffany was competing on ‘Flavor of Love,’ and since that time has terrorized her daughter on various reality TV shows. Sister and Tiffany appeared on ‘Family Therapy,’ but the “therapy” didn’t help their strained relationship. Sister is shown slapping her daughter on national TV, and refusing to believe that Tiffany suffered a miscarriage. Sister and Tiffany once appeared on ‘Steve Harvey,’ where Sister again accused her daughter of lying about her miscarriage. Eventually, Steve put it to Sister after tiring of her hurtful antics.

7. Mama June Shannon (mother of four and star of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’) 

Mama June may be ‘hot’ now, but that certainly doesn’t make her a better mother. The former ‘Honey Boo Boo’ star could be knocked for various things– from letting her children continue to eat appalling unhealthily while she focused on her own diet and plastic surgeries, to allegedly taking money earned by her daughter Anna Cardwell from her appearances on ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.’ (June was accused of the deed by Anna, but it has never been proven.)

However, June’s worst offense occurred in 2014, when it was discovered that June appeared to be dating a man named Mark McDaniel…who had just been released from prison. His crime? He had been sent to prison for molesting June’s then-eight-year-old daughter, Anna. Naturally, Anna was very upset that her mother was dating the man that was convicted of molesting her, causing a strain in Anna’s relationship with June. Still, June denies that she was dating Mark…even though TMZ published photos of them in bed together.

(Photos: Lifetime, WEtv, TLC)


38 Responses

  1. How is Jenelle not on this list?
    Her daughter was born with “Weed” in her system. She let’s Lurch hit grab & act horrible to at least Kaiser.

    Farrah is not a great mom & taking naked pics with your daughter is creepy but unlike Jenelle who lies about her man abusing her kids Farrah would scratch the eyes out of any man that thought about hurting her daughter & she wouldn’t put a man before her daughter…porn career maybe but not a man

  2. Personally i don’t think Kim zolciak belongs on this list. She was obviously joking about the BJ comment. Her worst offense is making tasteless comments that she thinks are funny.

  3. Jenelle allows her husband to abuse her kids. We’ve seen it. Farrah does not put Sophia in physical danger, that we can tell.

    1. Oh jeez. That’s like asking someone if they would rather be addicted to crack or meth. They’re both horrible.

  4. I’m disappointed Michelle Duggar & Jenelle aren’t on this list.

  5. Can we please stop referring to Mama June as “hot”? Yes, she doesn’t weigh 400 lbs anymore, but she is far from being hot! She’s still disgusting, maybe not 400lbs of disgustingness, but still disgusting to say the least!

  6. Michelle Duggar. She’ll let your brother molest you and pretend like it’s no big deal (really, it’s not. I’m a girl, so clearly I tempted him). She lets you raise all the little kids though (because she’s really preoccupied with humping Daddy). And the clothes. Oh the clothes. Damn the floor length denim skirts. DAMN ALL THE FLOOR LENGTH DENIM SKIRTS!!!

    1. Yes, Michelle should be on this list. Jana is the real mother in that fucked-up family. Michelle only pumps out the units; she leaves the nurturing to her Cinderella oldest daughter.

  7. Farrah’s mom Deb should’ve made the list too… way your kid turns out that wretched, rotten, and down right mean with out something happening in their childhood….like their mom being a POS mother. Farrah is a reflection of Deb.

  8. Honestly I’m glad none of the reality stars are my mom, and I didn’t have to grow up on tv against my will to gain my mom 15 minutes of fame and twitter followers. You can defend your favorite moms from the rooftops, but no child deserves to grow up on tv.

  9. I cant really hate on Patti bc she couldn’t get on board with Kendra’s Tori Spelling-esque made up cheating drama to get herself another season of her boring show. So Kendra has treated her like shit ever since. And if Patti really did sell her stories to the tabs Kendra is only mad because she lost out on the cash. She acts like she felt personally betrayed but EVERYTHING is only about money for Kendra. I can’t forgive her for repeatedly embarrassing Hank’s parents who are good, normal people.

    1. Good call. Honestly I think Jenelle is a worse mother than Farrah. Farrah is a sociopath and a bad mom, but at least she isn’t on drugs and didn’t ditch her kid. Sophia is, at the very least, provided for by her mom, unlike poor Jace. Clearly, the standards are very low.

      1. Ever lived with a sociopath? I am so, so, so not a fan of Jenelle, but your conclusion there is one that someone would arrive at only if they’ve never lived with a sociopath (or psychopath). Although I’m sure Jenelle likely falls in the category of narcissist, Farrah’s constant (and I DO mean constant) abuse is going to live forever with that poor child. (And with everyone she ever meets.)

  10. Meh, Kate isn’t that bad, especially compared to the others on the list. You know all eight of her kids will end up a college grad on the deans list because they’re too afraid of her to fail. I think Juh-Nelle could have easily replaced her on the list.
    Omg, I totally forgot about Courtney Stodden’s mom! I wish a more stable man would have adopted her instead of Doug. She’s such a mess. Poor girl.

    1. “You know all eight of her kids will end up a college grad on the deans list because they’re too afraid of her to fail.”

      I think they’re getting past the point of Kate frightening them. Growing up I had a friend who’s mother was SHOCKINGLY similar to Kate. I loved my friend, but it was so scary to go over to her house. If someone had a shoe out of place there was a scene. She had a sister and a brother. The sister is now a school principal. My friend and her brother got out of the house, went to college, started partying and rebelling and aren’t doing well. I think it’s likely some of the kids will do well, but there will be a few with serious issues. That level of ‘strictness’ combined with traumatic emotional abuse can destroy lives and self esteem. Kate doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong and NEVER will (typical narcissist), so it will be a battle.

  11. Leah messer
    Delta dawn
    Debra danielson
    Amber portwood
    Jenelle Evans
    Kim kardashian
    Kris Jenner

    1. Can’t really your list or order, except that you omitted June Shannon, and she belongs at the top. By bring a known child molester back around her kids tells you that she is an awful, awful human being.

      1. Have you ever read the behind-the-scenes stuff about Leah? If you had, you wouldn’t be saying that. Her girls are lucky they’re still alive. MTV glosses over a lot when it comes to Leah.

  12. Leah Messer is a pretty terrible mom. When her kids are scavenging for Lunchables and soda their entire appearance this season. She will bring in any guy to the home with three young girls, texts while driving while they are all improperly strapped in the car, and is constantly asleep leaving them to fend for themselves. I think the worst part is the way she trashes Corey to them. She ruined his moment for introducing baby Remi and she took the opportunity as a way to trash Corey for not letting her keep the girls which is a sad memory for them.

    1. Never knew all that about Leah , wow! I work downtown, every time I see some woman in an SUV (in the garage) that can’t drive it worth a crap- I think of Leah .. half asleep , on the phone or texting and driving through the blue ridge mountains at the same time! Makes me cringe when leah is driving.

  13. Let us not leave out Farrah’s mom!!!She created a friggen monster. It is so painful for me to watch this horribly weak person being treated worse than the trash man. What I wouldn’t give to see that little plastic bitch with MY Mother….she’d smack that covergirl smile right off of her very average face!!

  14. When Farrah’s personality wasn’t so blown up (me over my mini-me) she could share her well deserved place with Maci (beer over baby) and Jenelle (booze, men and drugs over the boys) or Amber (Boyfriend over Booboo).
    Djeez… how does MTV find them? Why does MTV still support them??

  15. Yup. Sums it up. All 5 of them are some pretty bad moms….although I would add Dina Lohan to the mix as well.

  16. Mady and Cara are the eldest of the Gosselin children, The Ashley… They were the two kids shown in the clip above. 🙂 Alexis is one of the sextuplets.

  17. I had no idea New York was still doing reality TV! Those old VH1 *reality* & matchmaking shows were such a guilty pleasure of mine!
    Sorry her mother is so ugly to her, but it explains a lot more about Tiffany.

    And I actually remember when TLC did the first special with Kate, I think it was like 2 hours & the sextuplets were still under a year. She came across as very loving, but she was very controlling about everything. Like if Jon just wanted to hang out/goof off, she’d obviously be upset he didn’t understand or appreciate how hard she worked. I think the fame, money, & puplicity went to his head & she just did what she knew how to do – take back control. I say that as someone who only watched that first special & maybe 2 episodes of their show. I hope she can eventually find some balance for everyone’s sake.

    1. When the special and show first started, Kate was controlling and Jon was passive, but it wasn’t crazy. They genuinely seemed to love each other and their kids. As the years went by, fame definitely went to both their heads. They became charicartures of themselves. Jon went off the deep end and Kate became so overbearing and nasty.

      Still, she is a better mom than all of the teen mom girls combined, so there’s that.

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