Photo Gallery: See All the Pictures From the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10B Reunion Taping in New York City

“After 10 seasons, you’d think I would have purchased a new gray blazer by now but…here we are…”

The cast of Teen Mom 2 spent the last few days in New York City, filming the Season 10B Reunion. Kail LowryJade ClineLeah MesserBriana DeJesus and new addition Ashley Jones  filmed over two days (with the except of Ashley, who filmed remotely from California). The gals were joined by their significant others/baby daddies/family members/anyone else who could mooch a free trip. 

Also present was Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler who, as The Ashley previously reported, was there to introduce the two new girls who would be featured on the upcoming third ‘Young and Pregnant’ season. (Click here for all the info on the new girls!) Those girls joined in on the Reunion via Skype.

They was a surprising lack of “Jerry Springer” moments this Reunion (unlike the epic brawls that took place at previous Reunions).

I miss the days where Dr. Drew would make faces like this when people were charging out at Reunions, ready to brawl…

Check out the photo gallery to see snaps of the Reunion taping this week! (Click the thumbnail to enlarge and flip through the photos using the arrows on the far sides of the screen.)



  1. WTF is Kail wearing? All that money and she looks like she’s ready got Netflix on the couch.

  2. Ashley looks like s street worker.
    Wtf is up will BriMona’s face?
    Kail looks a mess and jade those sleeve trashtoos are bad.

  3. The fact that Bar’s pic is taken in front of a police department is a little foreshadowing I guess

  4. In my opinion, they all look like a bunch of washed up, tatted up hoes ready for the lineup at the Bunny Ranch. Who would touch these chicks!

  5. Why does Ashley look like she just filmed a music video?
    Oh wait I guess she is on MTV.

    But for real, girl is trying way too hard to fit in.

    1. … Or stick out. This isn’t the Housewives or some high paying or big opportunity gig. It’s TM. It’s totally lame and there is no “up” from here. This is it.

      Get it while you can I guess.

  6. Why do Teen Moms all look like 40 yr old divorcees?

    Between the makeup and the filters.. Yikes.

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