‘Wild N’ Out’ Model Alyssa Smith Claims She’s Pregnant With Nick Cannon’s Baby; Would Be His Fourth Baby in Six Months

“Aww man! Not again!”

Nick Cannon just keeps firing out the offspring!

The host of The Masked Singer is reportedly expecting his seventh child, according to Alyssa Scott, a model on Nick’s Wild N’ Out show who basically announced on Thursday that she’s carrying his baby. 

Alyssa  posted a baby bump pic on Instagram, along with the caption, “Zen S. Cannon.” She thanked several followers in the comments who commented on how beautiful her and Nick’s baby will be. She also told one follower that Nick posed for photos with her and her baby bump, but they are “keeping those for us!”

Alyssa is currently 34 weeks pregnant and is already a mother to a young daughter.


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Nick has yet to comment on Alyssa’s claims; however, if the baby is his, this will be Nick’s seventh child by four different women. In fact, just last month, Nick announced that he and Abby De La Rosa are expecting twin boys very soon.


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Just months before that announcement, Nick welcomed daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell, with whom he also shares four-year-old son Golden. 

Oh, and he has nine-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe with his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

If you’ve had trouble keeping track of all the spawn being shot out of Nick’s cannon, let’s review: he has boy/girl twins with Mariah Carey; a son and a daughter with Brittany Bell and will soon welcome twin boys with Abby De La Rosa.

At press time, he had yet to confirm that Alyssa’s unborn baby, Zen, is his kid, or made any comment about her claims.

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16 Responses

  1. I mean… CONDOMS… but if he’s providing for all of them than… yay? Instead of hosting the masked singer, he needs to see some planned parenthood clinics

  2. I’m trying to decide which is more off putting…him impregnating half the adult female population or naming his daughter Powerful Queen.

  3. When I read the headline I thought that they had miscarried the twins and got pregnant again. What the actual f is this man doing? What is wrong with these women? Is fame and money that important to you that you have to bring in a child by some loser celebrity that won’t be able to parent with you. Even worse is that these women are having pregnancy photos taken like it is just so precious. Yes, they baby is but the circumstances around it is not ideal. As much as he is a douchebag it is the women who are getting with him sexually who is more to blame. I mean you know who he is, you can easily avoid him.

  4. Does he got some sister wives shit going on? This is crazy and gross like how many other women is he sleeping with….are these just the ones that got pregnant?

  5. You have no idea how much the mini recap at the end helped me because I couldn’t keep track- Thank you!! @The Ashley

  6. Sounds like it’s time for him to get a vasectomy.

    Also, if this woman is 34 weeks pregnant and his other baby mama will soon deliver twins – they basically got pregnant by him at the same time?

  7. He can’t afford condoms? Eazy E bragged about having a lot of unprotected sex too…. look how that turned out!

  8. Sorry, sorry… I thought Moroccan and Monroe were bad. But he actually named his daughter Powerful Queen?! Come the fuck on!

  9. Gross. He’s not even good looking or pleasant.

    Some women will do anything for a come up or to be with a name.

    He belongs to the community at this point. Nothing special about that D.

  10. Omg! I just can’t anymore. Nick Cannon is something…I’m not defending him anymore. I don’t dislike him but yeah…

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