Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson & Pumpkin Shannon Rage on Fans Who Criticized Alana’s Boyfriend Dralin Carswell Over His Recent Arrest

“We standin’ up for Honey Boo Boo’s boo, y’all!”

Honey Boo Boo is pissed, y’all! 

Alana Thompson took to social media this week to defend her boyfriend Dralin Carswell after the 21-year-old was arrested last week for leading cops on a wild car chase, while Alana was in the car with him. Dralin was later charged with DUI, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer, among other things.

Surprisingly, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon (who has legal custody of 17-year-old Alana) also defended Dralin and lashed out at fans who criticized Alana’s boyfriend cop-dodging actions.

Dralin’s newest muggy…

Alana and Pumpkin took to TikTok Live in a failed attempt to defend Dralin’s actions, with Alana seemingly placing blame on the cops that ultimately arrested her boo. 

“These cops was so f**king crooked!” Alana shouted on-camera. 

Pumpkin revealed that when her husband, Josh Efird, arrived at the scene to pick up Alana, he told the cops, “F**k you. F**k your badge. F**k everything, I don’t give a f**k.” According to Alana, this got Josh placed in handcuffs, too, but he was let go without being arrested.

Alana, using her arm to demonstrate just how “crooked” the cops were.

As The Ashley reported, cops arrested Dralin–- who will soon be gracing our screens on the upcoming season of Mama June: Family Crisis–- in Georgia last week, and charged him with DUI (among other things). Dralin was driving the vehicle with Alana and a friend when cops ran his plates and discovered the car’s owner had multiple outstanding warrants. 

Cops attempted to pull the vehicle over but Dralin did not stop. Instead, he led police on a three-mile car chase that only ended after law enforcement used a precision immobilization technique (PIT) maneuver to spin the vehicle and get it to stop. 

Despite literally having a front-row seat to Dralin’s car chase/arrest, Alana slammed commenters on TikTok Live for having a negative reaction to what happened.

“[Commenter] talking about, ‘I’m sorry, I’m no longer a fan.’ Baby, I don’t care. I don’t care,” Alana replied to one of the comments. “At the end of the day, I will still have the most watched TV show on WeTV, so I don’t give a f**k.” 

“Not a care in the world for Big Lana, y’all!”

As Alana and Pumpkin continued shouting profanities and nearly decipherable pro-Dralin statements, Alana took a moment to call out the haters for supporting people who have done “way worse” than her man. 

“All this fuss that folks be doing on TikTok and s**t and y’all still be supporting the f**k out of them,” she argued. “They do way worse s**t than what Dralin did!” 

“I know y’all ain’t talkin’ about me!”

“I’m trying to tell y’all,” Pumpkin added. “Y’all out here supporting people who beat women … And y’all worried about Dralin running from the goddamn po-lice. Be for real!” 

Alana told the haters to keep “runnin’ y’all’s little trap trap trap trap,” because she’s going to get paid regardless. She also bragged that Dralin “never did no methamphetamines, baby!” 

 “Baby, at the end of the day, I’m still gonna make my money,” she said. “Y’all mad because y’all broke and bum a*ses sitting on y’all’s couch right now worried what the f**k Honey Boo Boo got going on when you need to be worried about how to make some money!”

“Not me! I already secured the bag when I married my Sugar Mama June!” 

But wait–-there’s more! 

Alana then lashed out at the nay-sayers’ kids.

“You need to be worried about how to take care of them bad a**, raggedy a** kids you got out the f**king front door,” Alana continued.

Pumpkin then jumped back in to add some colorful insults of her own.

“Half of you b*tches probably got f**kin’ methamphetamine charges and work at Waffle House,” she shouted.  

Pumpkin, realizing she has to find a new place to go for date night after making that comment…

“And half of you motherf**kers probably got six different baby daddies– three of them you don’t even really know that you f**ked when you was on methamphetamines because you just needed some f**kin’ dick,” Alana added. 

Alana then accused one person on the Live of smelling “like the Fish Filet from McDonald’s.”


Alana continued to brag that she’s been “famous since she ‘come out the womb.”

“Since I was six. Tell me how old I am now, baby,” she said. “Y’all won’t never be able to make it like me.

When a person called Alana and Pumpkin out for not having manners– stating that their mother, Mama June Shannon, is no longer in there life, Alana brought Mama into the chat. Mama bragged about being clean from drugs “for over three years straight,” and she has proof, given that she has to “pi**” in a cup every week for a drug test.

Later in the Live, Dralin popped on, as did Alana’s older sister Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell and her kids. 

You can watch a video that contains a large portion of the Boo Boo Crew’s Live. (Just be forewarned the video below contains a lot of foul language.)

Scroll to the 3-minute mark to watch the clip.

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(Photos: Instagram; Monroe County Sheriff’s Office; WeTV)

55 Responses

  1. That makes me sick. Sounds like Alana got to big for her britches. I used to love the show even with Mama’s drama. I felt sorry for Alana but this shows her true colors? She needs to kick that boyfriend to the curb before she ends up in jail. This was not his first rodeo… doubt it will be his last. IMO

  2. TLC needs to take them off the air ..
    Drug’s and gun’s and high speed chases. Plus them running there mouths to people on tic toc.

  3. So Geno and June Are back together? Damn, the drugs are making them look younger. Well God bless and good luck to these sweet kids.

  4. Oh my goodness,those poor little ones being raised in this crazy situation. I really thought Josh and Pumpkin were not like that, I thought they were sincere wanting to raise Alana the right way. How very sad, just sad

  5. Classy. LOL
    Alana needs a reality check… First off, she’s not some huge star. She never really was. D list at best. I really HIGHLY doubt she has as much money as she says she does/ She SHOULD be concerned about viewers though because as I said, at her best she was D list… it isn’t going to get better than what it was. It also doesn’t matter that people have done way worse… there will ALWAYS be someone that has done way worse. LOL. He RAN from the cops… for three miles. You just don’t do that unless you have something to hide. He literally put her in danger and if that was my child- I’d be PISSED over that alone. Are we supposed to praise him for what he did? I’m confused… She sure likes to talk a lot of trash about people with unsavory life choices, which pretty much described her own mother to a T. Dralin may or may not have done meth, but her mama sure did, and I am fairly certain she is on her way to the same circumstances, if not worse. Also, I must have missed the part where she grew up in the hood because goddamn she talks likes she’s “bout that life” and last I knew, she’s always been in McIntyre, Georgia…

  6. Another show not to watch or support anymore. They are all trash and need to hit rock bottom to change. Won’t be missed!

  7. Stop watching and let this little girl and her stupid guardian dig their own hole. Without people watching, Alana would have no money. You, your sister and mother do and say stupid shit to stay relevant, exposing all the families dirty secrets and exploited Alana at an early age. Pageants really. I for one was laughing at you and not with you. I never thought anything that family did was funny or cute. Not to mention they look as dirty as dirty can be.

  8. Is anyone really surprised? The same girl said she wanted a gastric bypass because it was the easy way to loose weight and Lauryn has 4 kids and not even 25 yet – the the boo boo child is probably headed that way too ..

    They’re just reapeting the pattern they only know and its sad really ..

  9. I truly hate speaking negatively about anyone, however they choose to lay their business out for everyone to see. When their show first started, it was like watching a “white trash” train wreck and I really hoped that with the access they had on their show to money and so-called 15 minutes of fame, that they would take advantage and do something better with their lives. They were handed opportunity and they squandered it…sadly! This could have been something really upbeat..look where we came from and look what we can accomplish. Instead they throw shade at probably their largest fan base. Sadly they know nothing of the real world and how it works. There will come a day when their 15 minutes of fame will be up and they have not worked on bettering themselves, getting an education, learning how to invest for the future, etc. They think this train is going to continue to run and that people will care, sadly they are mistaken! The “fans” will be off to the next “thing”! WETV needs to stop giving them a platform to spew their trash! After watching this video, they have lost me as a viewer and I do so enjoy a train wreck but to feed into this beast is enough already! I have better things to do with my time! I encourage all to stop watching and let their platform collapse…let real life hit them! Sadly, I think Waffle House is too good for them…now that’s saying something!

  10. Sure, the cops are crooked.? He’s gonna pull this crap one day in a city like Memphis where I live and end up dead. The DOJ is here and just confirmed they’ve found a LOT of proof of dirty cops here. They should be grateful they live in a small town with an obviously professional police force. They have no CLUE what it’s like to deal with a bad police force. My husband was held up at gunpoint not long ago and the cops basically responded with, “So? No license plate number or suspect names? Sucks to be you.” Never heard anything again and didn’t even bother to take a copy of the security footage the gas station owner where it happened OFFERED TO GIVE THEM. Listening to these girls complain because her pedo boyfriend was legally arrested for a crime he did commit makes me sick. We’ve been working our asses off to get out of Memphis and move to a safer, smaller town and these trashcan kids don’t realize they are actually lucky to live where they live with the kind of cops they have. If that pit maneuver had not worked the cops were legally within their rights to deploy spike strips or even attempt to shoot out the tires which could have caused a horrible accident. This could have been a million times worse. And Josh? Fuck off. I actually was in a car that was pulled over when I was a teenager and my friend was arrested for a warrant I did not know about although I did know she tended to be trouble. My (reformed ex-con) brother showed up and he did start yelling…AT ME, NOT THE COPS! He asked for a copy of the report that he promptly handed over to my stepmom who watched my ass like a hawk the rest of that summer and banned that friend from being around. THAT is how adults who give a damn behave. There are no adults in that house. Just trash, absolute trash.

    1. Truth. I’m law-abiding, tax paying, middle class white woman and I was once was treated terribly and gaslit by a crooked small-town cop. I even filed a formal complaint, but I’m sure it went nowhere and the officer was probably protected by her powerful union. Even with relatives in law enforcement, I do not always believe the police prioritize the best interests of the citizens.

      In this case it sounds like the police were 100% doing their jobs and both protecting and acting in the best interests of the community they serve. This loser was intoxicated then proceeded to be chased, putting everyone on the road in grave danger. Kudos to the police for keeping everyone including Dralin and the passengers safe. I also live in a big city and deal with the frustration of a non-responsive police force. Apparently the only way to get them to come out is to tell them a gun is actively being held to someone’s head. Otherwise it’s like you described.

      So these trash bags need to take a seat (not that they get up off their asses very much). The police were not acting in a crooked manner, Dralin is a total POS for several reasons and if not for their TV money they would all be methed-out and toothless living in a backwoods trailer. Although maybe with meth they could lose some weight (not fat shaming which isn’t cool, but that family has always been proud of their unhealthy eating habits).

      A job at Waffle House is WAY above them and they wouldn’t last a day even if they could get hired. They’re not in the same league as the bad-ass chair catching Waffle House waitress who went viral. Honey Boo-Boo is more like the trash who throws chairs at Waffle House. Don’t insult hard-working people – that family doesn’t know a damn thing about hard work.

  11. it’s hard to believe that such trash exists ~ and that they WILLINGLY put themselves out there to demonstrate just how trashy they are. ew. ?️

    1. What is hard to believe is how smart they or their team is.
      Because the public is so drama driven, that outburst will get them more money

  12. To the non-Americans, not all Americans are either like Honey Boo Boo’s family or the Kardashians. Honestly, there are plenty of very decent people in between. But both make me a bit embarrassed to be American.

    1. And I’m from Georgia also. I live 2 or so hours from where these people originally lived. I think that they are closer to Atlanta now. Not all people that live in a rural/country part of Georgia are like this either. They are on the “money gravy train” & riding that track all the way through. Sad….

  13. Of course the cops are crooked. I bet they’re racist too ? When and ONLY WHEN Alana learns how to speak English will I ever listen to what she has to say

  14. I used to really cheer for these girls because of what they have endured at the hands of the very adults that were supposed to protect them. However, those days are over. I am not surprised Alana thinks this way, but I expect more from Pumpkin and her husband.

    TLC stop rewarding bad behavior. Jerk this family’s contracts and send them out into the real world where they have to sing or swim with the rest of us.

    1. @andress ~ i know it was autocorrect, but NO ONE wants to hear any of these people sing. (or see them swim, for that matter!) ?????

      1. HAHAHA! That is funny. And I could not agree more with you. Hang on to that sense of humor. It will always serve you well.

  15. I’m sorry, but the best thing anyone can do is get the show canceled and make these girls get real jobs and face real world problems. This is disgusting how they act as entitled and above the law. So not only is this grown man driving under the influence ( in someone else’s car ) he’s also dragging along a minor, who I’m sure was also inebriated and possibly endangering the lives of the officers and anyone else on the road with his driving. I understand that these outlandish characters, drive ratings, but WETV needs to step up and put the show on hiatus until these poorly educated backwoods white trash can get some assistance. I’m not trying to be nasty to them, but we all know that they’re severely overweight, very unhealthy and possibly the worst educated people on TV. I thought it was just physically unhealthy but after listening to what went on in this interview Live whatever the hell they were trying to do… the way she& her “mother/sister” spoke to people and how they spoke about people compared to them& “ their rich ways” I realize they’re also unhealthy mentally and you we can blame the mother. Of course she has her cross to bear in this as does the father, but in all honesty, the TV show and the people surrounding them letting them think this is OK are also to blame and we are part of that. We are part of that by you know going on there and telling her she can do good and blah, blah blah, and feeding this overgrown child’s ego It’s time for her to wake up to reality for all of them to wake up to reality without a paycheck they have nothing, what they have is a bunch of tax time millionaires. Blowing money like it’s going to be around forever like watching white trash on TV it’s gonna last forever are we all gonna watch the cycle repeat itself Alana to grow up have multiple children let them be molested date people in prison maybe go to prison her self at this rate do meth or crack put her kids on TV to be made fun of and laugh it off because she is Honey boo-boo and that makes it all OK ??kids she can’t afford to feed and they’d be right back on welfare just like her mother was!! I’m not sure why she’s screaming about welfare trash when she’s not even one generation removed from it!! It’s disgusting and I don’t think any of us should be supporting it or her anymore until she can pull her head out of her ass. You guys just saw the real honey boo-boo. Remember that !!! that funny one on TV that’s fake that’s made up you’re seeing the real girl right now, I know you noticed they only film with their family very very rarely. Do you have a friend that stays around for any length of time there are reasons for that, and they are well known in their little town. take notes and make sure you don’t let your own children watch this because my God would you want to claim that as your child?!?! I wouldn’t !! I’m sorry to be harsh, but I frankly think she needs a good old dose of truth you’re not better than anyone else you’re not rich you guys live paycheck to paycheck on those big checks you cash which is why everyone panicked and meet up with Mama June. Are used to think pumpkin had some kind of sense along with her husband but obviously they’ve somewhere lost it along the way to possibly they need to act this way for the TV show. Regardless, I feel bad I feel bad for her small children I feel bad that honey boo-boo is one day gonna wake up and not understand why she is despised as she is and not be able to handle it emotionally They had done such a good job of basically white washing those two girls and keeping them removed from what the mother was doing and making them look so good to put a TV show around them yet now we can all see the truth just like the Duggers, these girls have got some major issues and I’m happy to see they’re finally being pointed out instead of us all praising her for being a size 32 and being so brave as to pose in a dress that way and live her life, she’s not brave, brave would be ending the cycle. Some thing I thought Lauren was trying to do, but obviously is being dragged back in it. The whole thing is heartbreaking.

  16. Sure, it’s the cops not him. Multiple warrants just magically appeared, he had no idea I’m sure. And on top of things, his foot got caught between the pedals.
    Awwww, poor guy.

    I would be livid with this guy when he would have taken my daughter with him.

  17. It’s funny how they forgot they were PWT before the honey boo boo money? If it wasn’t for the show they’ll be working at Waffle House on drugs. Also don’t they all have different daddy’s? BFFR. They talking real tough but did they forget why their first show got canceled? Oh okay.

  18. Seriously? It’s one thing that the stupid wannabe ghetto teenager defends her bf, but another thing that the adult who is supposed to be sane and taking care of the teenager is. With that attitude and language Alana is next. But what do you expect with her childhood and after choosing a bf like that…

  19. Janelle jr. Oops, I mean Honey Boo Boo is about to lose everything over some crappy dude. Have fun with that.

    1. That’s really who this sounded like. Defending some man. Cussing. Everyone’s a hatter.

      This wont be the last time she pulls this stunt.

    2. Hope she is saving all that money because the public loves controversy like this…until it doesn’t & you are canceled faster than you can shotgun a beer on the land, just ask Janelle

  20. The whole family is trash. I guess it would be ok if he wrecked and killed you? No way is honey du-du living with Pumpkin. The videos Du-Du puts out is in a trailer. Du-Du is living with her bd. Du-Du will be pregnant and on drugs like her mother. Du-Du is already on drugs. Good luck.

  21. I NEVER rooted for these trashy pigs! I knew years ago that the only thing that Mama June could ever give birth to is future fat, trashy, uneducated sluts.

  22. I’m really disappointed on them. I seriously was rooting for them and thought they weren’t trash like their mother but alas, I was very wrong. They are projecting their trashiness onto the people that are calling them out. Now I really wish people see their true colors and they never have a TV show again.

      1. LOL get real. The guy likes his girlfriends YOUNG. He was literally arrested in 2019 for stat rape. He clearly drinks and drives. What a stand up guy..

  23. Two children, one father, married 4 years before the first was born. Never done drug, never drink or smoke. Never been in trouble with the law. Kids are now grown, in their 20s, educated and have jobs. Grew up dirt fucking poor, but we are making sure cycles are broken.

    That said—sure Dralin has not done ‘worse’ than many people, BUT he had no regard for her live, her friend’s life, anyone who happened to be in his drunken path, and certainly no regard for his own life. He was a menace and I wonder if Pumpkin and crew would be defending him if they were burying Alana today.

  24. Lol Honey better Humble herself mighty quick. Only reason they didn’t fade into obscurity is because of people watching her life. Don’t want people having opinions? Get off social media and make better choices, it’s not hard.

  25. “And half of you motherf**kers probably got six different baby daddies– three of them you don’t even really know that you f**ked” She literally just described her own mom.

  26. Who else wants these 2 versus Jenelle, Amber, Farrah and Bar in an online royal rumble of shit talking?

    Bc this was quite amusing. They had some good ones.

  27. Uneducated, disrespectful swine.

    I had some level of respect for Lauryn when she took her sister in. I THOUGHT she would do at least a better job than their mother. Clearly, I was wrong and she doesn’t deserve any respect. Lauryn should know better. Alana should too, but, well, frankly, I’m pretty sure there’s some serious damage there that can’t be undone. Also, she IS still a child.

    Neither would last more than a week in the real world. The world would chew them up and spit them out half eaten. I hope reality slaps them upside the head, and real soon, both of them.

  28. Who’s surprised that Pumpkin defended this guy?

    I’m not. I saw this coming.

    If these women dont do anything at all in life, they will stand by their mans.

  29. Wow, to think we used to root for these girls.

    I guess the apples really don’t fall far from the big June tree do they?

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