Matt & Zach Roloff’s Relationship Remains Strained in ‘Little People, Big World’ Season 25: Watch the New Trailer!

It’s time to rollout to Roloff Farms to catch up on the latest family drama…

Little People, Big World is back for another season of fractured-family fun down on the farm. 

In the newly released trailer for Season 25, viewers catch up with Zach and Tori Roloff, who are staying busy raising (and wrangling) their three young children– something Zach admits is “kind of hectic.” 

“It’s very go, go go,” he says in the trailer. “There’s a lot of energy. It’s just not very peaceful.” 

“Are you and your siblings going to take it easy on us today…?”

Another thing in Zach’s life that remains “not very peaceful” is his relationship with dad, Matt Roloff, which fans began to see last season. 

As The Ashley previously told you, the Roloff family rift began around May 2022 when Matt announced he was selling a portion of Roloff Farms, despite claiming that he wanted to farm to stay in the family. Matt insinuated at the time that his twin sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, were to blame, igniting an ongoing feud among the twins and their father.  

In the trailer for the upcoming season, Matt and Caryn Chandler share the news that they are engaged to be married and are both anxious about how certain family members will react to the news.

Well these two certainly look excited…for this interview to be over.

Zach confirms the couple’s concern when he refuses to comment on their plans to tie the knot. 


Matt claims in the trailer that Zach and Tori– who moved their family from Oregon to Washington in 2021 and are reportedly not returning to ‘Little People, Big World’ after this season– don’t visit very often.

“My job as a grandpa is to love my grandkids and that’s the sad part, you never get that time back,” Matt says of his relationship with Zach’s children. 

Meanwhile, Amy Roloff seems to have a much more positive reaction to Matt’s engagement in the trailer, though she’s less thrilled about his strained relationship with Zach. 

“Please fix things with Zach so Amy and I don’t have to keep filming with you and Caryn the whole season.”

“You have a choice,” Amy says of the fractured father-son relationship. “How long do you leave it broken? Is there a way to help heal it?” 

As for Zach, he argues that there have been issues in the Roloff family for years. 

“The family wasn’t put first on multiple occasions,” he says. “That ship has all sailed.” 

Season 25 will also see Amy and husband Chris Marek teaming up with Matt and Caryn for a fundraiser, despite concerns from outside parties that Matt will take over and “want to be in charge.” 

Another day, another example of why these two had no business being married to each other.

“I’m running the show,” Amy says to her ex. “We’ll do it my way.” 

Planning the fundraising event ultimately turns out to be a challenge for the former spouses, with Matt claiming that Amy can go from “micromanager to dictator quicker than me” and telling viewers that Amy isn’t “known for being apologetic.” 

In the upcoming season, fans will also watch as Zach faces a medical emergency that leaves both Tori and Amy shaken. (As The Ashley previously reported, Zach underwent an emergency shunt revision in February 2023.)

Zach, after undergoing emergency surgery this season…

“Any time a surgeon needs to cut you open, I never consider that minor,” Amy says in the trailer.  

The new season of ‘Little People, Big World’ premieres Tuesday, February 20 on TLC. Watch the Season 25 trailer below. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Sigh… “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”
    Zach is still either bragging or whining! He was bragging about having his “team of dwarf kids” (his words, not mine). And now he’s complaining about how much work they are? (I suspect his wife does FAR more parenting work than he does.)
    And, didn’t both Zach and Tori say they were not coming back to the show, yet here they are!! (Hmmm….money talks and you-know-what walks, eh?)
    As for Matt and Caryn’s engagement, what is done is done. Amy has Hubby #2, but still loves to interfere where she’s not wanted. Zach needs to finally find a REAL job. Who knows what Jer and Aug will be trying to sell/promote next? And Jacob (+ wife and child) seems to be in limbo.
    All in all….can you say “dysfunctional??” 🙂

  2. What do they expect, Karen is the person Matt ruined his family over. Like why would any of the kids be happy he’s marrying her?

    She’s not nice to them, she’s the mistress turned gf, and she’s had a hand in Matt treating his kids so poorly.

    Matt destroyed his relationship with his kids over money, and the house still hasn’t sold. So he could have easily sold it to the kids for what he got from Amy, and he could have had all that cash in his pocket, instead, he’s hemorrhaging money and still hasn’t fixed his relationship with his kids.

  3. I can’t stand Zach or Tori. Every freaking year they say they won’t be back next year and yet here they are. Please fire these two morons and if they want they can take Amy with them.

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