Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Checks Into Rehab; His Mom Confirms He’s “Taking This Seriously”

“This place better have a gym on-site…”

Nathan Griffith has checked himself into rehab, more than six months after he was arrested for battery by strangulation of his sister, Heather Griffith. 

The Sun reports that the former Teen Mom 2 dad is getting help at a detox and rehab program connected to a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Nevada. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Nate and his frequently-estranged wife, May Oloya, moved from Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada, in August. (Nathan’s sister Heather also resides in the city.) 

This certainly didn’t age well.

Nathan reportedly checked into rehab after “weeks of wavering,” though he nearly left the facility earlier this week. 

“Nathan checked himself in on Monday and then he attempted to sign himself out, but he was ultimately convinced to stay put,” a source told The Sun.

The source went on to claim that Nathan chose to go to (and remain in) rehab in order to avoid doing time behind bars. 

“Those aren’t the kind of bars I’m into, if ya know what I mean.”

“Nathan missed his test for his probation and his probation officer started looking for him and he knew the only way he was going to avoid prison time was by going back to the rehab,” the source stated.

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan’s wife was arrested last month for allegedly committing domestic battery against him. Nate admitted to the cops that he was under the influence at the time of May’s alleged attack, which is a direct violation of his Veterans Court probation terms for the 2023 attack on his sister, as Nate is forbidden from using or possessing alcohol or drugs.

Nathan’s mom, Doris Davidson, confirmed that the 36-year-old is currently seeking help at the facility. 

“I just hope you can find a nice staff member who’s willing to help you shave your back while you’re away.”

“He’s taking this seriously and I’m happy that he’s doing the best that he can,” she said. 

A source said that Nathan has been struggling with his drinking in recent months and that he has come close to checking into rehab multiple times. Once he has completed detox, Nathan is expected to be processed to the inpatient rehab at the VA hospital. 

“After that, it is expected that he will go to Level 3, which is outpatient with the VA,” the source added. 

Back in July, Nathan’s sister Heather revealed in an interview that she believed Nathan’s 
“aggressive behavior” is due to his excessive drinking and alleged steroid use.

“He’ll drink for like a week or two, like one to two bottles of Tito’s [vodka] every single day,” Heather told The Sun at the time. “And then he’ll just quit– he’ll get in some kind of trouble or run out of money and then quit and then he does it all over again. And then he’s always doing steroids.”

Over the last five years or so, Nathan has had numerous alcohol-related arrests, in addition to his domestic violence charges.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Wow. Lots of people here shitting on the VA. The truth is MOST people with substance use disorder will require multiple upon multiple clinical interventions to get to a place of long(ish) term sobriety. No facility, the VA or otherwise has the magic wand yet to “fix” addiction. I’m sure it’s true that Nathan went in to avoid jail time. But people will also talk out both sides of the mouth and say the VA failed him. This guy could go waste his money at some posh rehab out to make money OR go to the VA where they aren’t out to make a profit off of him. Honestly, if he’s there solely to avoid jail time as usual, I’d rather he throw his money at a private rehab than take a space in a tax payer funded facility that someone who actually wants to get better can use.

  2. Nathan isn’t a terrible person. I think his brain injury compounds his shitty decisions. And there isn’t enough support for veterans. With the right treatment and support Nate seemed like he could be a decent guy. I really hope that happens for him.
    Didn’t he also lose his brother/best friend in combat?

  3. If hes going to rehab solely to avoid jail time, as soon as rehabs over, he’s gonna hit the bottle again…probably the 1st day he gets released.

    It’s wild how none of the TM dads who were eff ups from the beginning, never got better. The women are a different story, for instance Leah with her addiction issues, she’s doing a lot better…but Rhine, Nathan, Kieffah, Andrew, Adumb (I know I’m missing a few)….none of them have grown up.

  4. I live in Las Vegas and am very familiar with this VA hospital and their inpatient rehab program. Like most VA hospitals, the quality of care just isn’t good. They’ll probably get him on some medications to try to get his ptsd sorted out but once he transitions to outpatient he’ll probably fall off the wagon, unfortunately.

  5. Poor Kaiser does not have ANYONE in this life who puts HIS needs first!! Trapped on The Land with Jenelle and violent David, With his father Nathan being an addict on several levels, no one cares about Kaiser. Praying for that little boy. Oh, and Nathan has little interest in Kaiser, addict or not. Didn’t another recent article say Nathan hasn’t even SEEN Kaiser in over a YEAR??

  6. Addicts (myself included) will usually run to rehab to avoid jail time after a substance abuse or alcohol “incident”. Rinse and re-peat, again and again,… For some addicts, rehabs become like a temporary vacation to eat some food, get some rest and get their bodies ready for next time. Butch once mentioned he could teach a rehab class because he’s been through so many of them. It’s 100% true and pretty sad.

    1. My ex husband spent 6 months in court ordered rehab after his parents called the cops on him. He completed it, but I don’t think he actually stopped drinking or that it really did any good. He never owned up to anything being his fault or apoligize to all the people he hurt while drinking. You have to want the help before you get better.

  7. He’s not taking it seriously if he goes to rehab just to avoid jail time. He’ll relapse again until he ends up dead or in jail for killing someone

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