‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Kayla Sessler Pregnant with Baby No. 3; Her Mom Responds to Criticism

“New cast member baby, coming soon!”

Kayla Sessler revealed this week that she is expecting her third child– her first with boyfriend Ryan Leigh— and received plenty of congratulatory messages, as well as criticism over the announcement. 

The former Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star– who is set to appear on the upcoming season of Teen Mom Family Reunion– shared the news on social media by posting a photo debuting her growing baby bump. 

“Made with love,” her caption read. 

Kayla is reportedly due next month, meaning she was pregnant while filming Teen Mom Family Reunion in Colombia back in September. (The Ashley’s sources tell her that the producers knew about the pregnancy during the trip, and Kayla’s activities were restricted somewhat because of it. The pregnancy will likely be “revealed” during ‘Family Reunion’ Season 3.)

As fans know, Kayla is already a mom to two kids– daughter Ariah and son Izaiah with former fiancé Luke Davis. (Luke is not Izaiah’s biological father, but Kayla confirmed in 2022 that Luke continues to spend time with Izaiah, as “that’s his son.”) Ryan also has a son of his own from a previous relationship.

While Kayla’s pregnancy announcement was met with quite a few negative comments, she also received a handful of positive ones, including those left by her former ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast mates Kiaya Elliott, Rachel Beaver and Brianna Jaramillo. 

“FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ?????,” Kiaya commented on the announcement. 

“Yaaaaay!!!” Brianna added. “I can’t wait to meet the baby… you’re so beautiful love you! ”

Kayla also received some love in the comment section from other parents within the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, including ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ stars Cheyenne Floyd, Cory Wharton, Briana DeJesus and former Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry. 

Kayla’s mom, Jaime Szot, reposted Kayla’s pregnancy announcement on her own page, adding a “congrats” to Kayla and Ryan. Jaime went on to respond to a number of the comments Kayla’s post received, including one criticizing her as a parent. 

“Maybe teach her about birth control and condoms,” the comment read. “3 kids with 3 different baby daddies isn’t a good look. Plus she had an abortion so that could have been baby daddy #4. Geez what a great mother you are. She’s probably already scoping out the next baby daddy.” 

Jaime replied to the individual and encouraged them to “stfu and get off my page.” 

“Such a shame that this is the type of role modeling you are teaching your daughters,” she wrote. “Women should lift each other up, or keep their mouths shut. I was taught if you have nothing nice to say to say, don’t say anything. Too bad you weren’t taught manners, just how to be a bully behind a keyboard. You have a blessed day now.” 

Jaime also revealed in the comment section that she already knows the sex of her grandchild, but is keeping it under wraps. 

Kayla told followers on Wednesday that she will be uploading “all baby content”– including the gender reveal– to her YouTube channel. 

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(Photos: Instagram)

21 Responses

  1. Her mom is obviously triggered by the truth.

    Girl is only in her mid-20s and has four pregnancies (that we know of) under her belt, with (at least) three different partners. She’s bouncing around from one unstable relationship to the next and bringing children into her mess. That’s not healthy for anybody, and maybe if we stopped with all this toxic positivity bullshit and brought back a humble dose of shame, people would stop thinking it’s cute to make children relationship accessories.

  2. First baby daddy physically and verbally abused her
    Second baby daddy cheated on her while she was pregnant

    Should she stayed with any of these guys just so she didn’t have so many baby daddies?
    Clearly no

    Hopefully this guy treats her and her kids right.

    1. No one has ever suggested someone should stay with someone they don’t want to, whether they were abusive, cheating or even just not compatible.

      What people are suggesting is that if someone chooses to get into relationship after relationship, maybe they should make better choices in regards to their birth control in order to prevent bringing more mouths into an already messy situation. Also, maybe sleeping with every person you meet (man or woman) isn’t the best choice when your proverbial house is in disarray and you’re struggling to get through it all. Shrugs

      I too hope he treats her right, but more than that, I hope she stops turning to sex and having babies in order to fix whatever problems she’s having…..because neither of those things are making her life any easier.

  3. At 25 years of age I would say whether Kayla uses birth control or has whoever she is with use condoms sits squarely on Kayla’s shoulders. Kayla is an adult. What is her mother supposed to do at this point? Shoot a birth control pill in her daughter’s throat using a pea shooter? Make a necklace out of condoms? GTFOH!

  4. Being so young with 3 kids by 3 different men is sad but people have no business going to her mother and being so rude. She’s grown by now, it’s her responsibility, not her mother’s. We have this pages to talk crap lol

  5. Wasn’t her abortion during her relationship with Luke? So that’s not another baby daddy, that commenter is just trying to start drama ? she’s a grown adult, her kids are cared for, so literally who care how many baby daddies she has?? Good lord people just love the drama ?

    1. The other children will care. When this one goes with Daddy this weekend and the other one goes with the other daddy and this is our new daddy but the first one doesn’t see their actual daddy until he decides to come back. I’m not judging her but it does make a difference in the children’s lives

      1. Clearly I was referring to commenters trying to start shit by judging her. It shouldn’t matter to some random person on the internet what SHE does with HER life. Yeah, the kids might be bothered but we can’t guarantee that. I think one might be more upset by the fact that his dad doesn’t care enough to be there. That’s way worse than 3 kids by 3 dads.

        1. You do know you can have an opinion about things that don’t directly affect you in any way, right? All humans have this capability and regularly employ it in their daily lives.

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