Jenelle Evans Reacts to Ashley Jones & Bar Smith Reportedly Being Fired By MTV; Says Network Ignored Her Request to Help Pay for Her Son Jace’s Mental Health Care

Jenelle, inserting herself into any and all Teen Mom-related drama, per usual…

Fired Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has had herself a very productive day on The Land. 

…and by productive we mean holed up in her She Shed (probably) and firing off a series of unsolicited opinions/complaints/allegations at the franchise from which she was fired nearly five years ago. 

“Well Juh-nelle, I see still ya willin’ to fill ya friggin’ day doin’ anything otha than workin.'”

Jenelle’s latest swampland musings kicked off Tuesday in response to recent reports that Ashley Jones and Bar Smith’s storyline will not continue on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, and that fired-then-rehired star Mackenzie McKee would be taking Ashley’s place in the upcoming season. 

Earlier this week, Ashley and Bar reacted to the news themselves, which was posted on the @TeenMomFanz Instagram page, with Bar claiming he and Ashley were not made aware of this decision prior to seeing the news posted on social media. 

In response to the pair reportedly getting the boot, Jenelle took to social media to share her thoughts on the matter, despite admitting that “no one asked” her to do so. In her statement, Jenelle said MTV is “known to leave you hanging,” claiming the same thing happened to her “and everyone else.” 

“In my opinion they look at you as talent and nothing more,” she wrote. “They don’t care about your family, about your income, about your well-being, and definitely don’t care about your mental health.

“When everyone said, ‘she’s fired’, I was told ‘you were never fired just let go for now…’ just like Mackenzie,” she continued. “But I knew the truth and I was okay with it. I accepted this because I was ready to leave, I was ready to live a more private life.” 

Jenelle, living her “private life.”

While Jenelle still insists she was not fired from MTV, but rather “let go for now,” she actually was fired from the network in 2019. As fans of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise know, offensive comments/actions and attacks on others by Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, greatly contributed to her losing her ‘Teen Mom 2’ gig. 

“See?! And y’all still claim he’s never contributed to anything!”

Still, Jenelle claimed this week that MTV was “putting everyone against each other” in her family at the time, as well as “hyping up” her mother, Barbara Evans, so parting ways with the network was ultimately “the best decision at that time for our family’s mental health.” 

Jenelle concluded her rambling statement by telling followers that she reached out to MTV a few months ago in order to “help with mental health facility locations and scholarships,” for her teen son Jace but was once again, “left hanging.” 

“Sucks, right?”

“I explained how this show has had some bad affect on my family and they should help fix that,” she wrote. “They left me hanging and didn’t care about one of the main children that helped start this franchise. I guess because I said ‘NO’ twice to the Family Reunion Show. Sadly, that industry is all about business. #CancelTeenMom”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle is in the middle of a CPS court battle with her mom over the 14-year-old. Jenelle has reportedly been visiting Jace (who is currently in CPS custody) in recent weeks, despite Jace previously wanting nothing to do with Jenelle. Meanwhile, Jenelle’s significant ogre other, David, has a pending child abuse charge and a new “Assault by Strangulation” charge for his alleged assault of Jace last year.

After “haters” accused Jenelle of calling herself “talented” due to her use of the word “talent” in her original Instagram Story, she explained that cast members are labeled as such in their contracts. 

“ … I didn’t choose the wording,” she said. 

In a follow-up Instagram Story that again, no one asked for, Jenelle accused Ashley and Bar of “talking s**t” about her before going on to side with MTV’s decision to part ways with the pair.

“Now Ashley and Barr are talking sh!t about me when I didn’t even say anything bad about them no wonder y’all were fired, geeeze,” she wrote. 

Jenelle posted this in response to Bar telling her to “mind her own business.”   

“Where are her kids at?” Bar wrote. “Ain’t her husband about to go to jail for child abuse? Wasn’t her son just pushed into a full blown break down….. she need to mind her own business.” 

Before calling it a day, Jenelle shared “one last thought” about her former employer to her Instagram Story. 

“Want to also point out myself or my family does not get paid for reruns or get any royalties, but Viacom STILL pawns my old seasons to Netflix, Hulu, posts old scenes to their TikTok page… and still generates income off my name,” she wrote. “I don’t need their money, I’m fine lol, but a lot of people have asked me over the years and have been curious so here ya go. #Facts #NotFair” 

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube; Instagram) 


  1. ROFLLLLL! So, let me get this straight… Jenelle thinks that MTV is the reason for Jace’s mental health issues?! What about YOU being his “mother”?! And why the hell should they pay for any part of your life? You are not a current “employee” and haven’t been one for some time now… Talk about entitled! And DELUSIONAL. Man, this gave me a huge laugh LOL

  2. well she’s not wrong. MTV doesn’t care about any of the people. Provokes, switches cast around dumping and rehiring people. Keep moms on who have no reason to even be on anymore. It’s just a game and anyone who stays is foolish. Heck remember when Maci swore she’d leave if Farrah was kept, then Maci never left and swore she wouldn’t have her son on but still did. Show just keeps beating dead stories down with a stick. Some of the kids are teens now and they’re still dragging the original storyline in the mud

  3. How did she expect Ashley and Bar to respond? Her or her child abusing, child strangling, family pet killing swamp monster husband said their daughter looked like the kid from the 80s movie the mask. She is lucky both parents didnt come for her worse online then. Oh and then you let your husband strangle your kid and you defend him? I would shut the hell up about anything right now. She needs help.. no business giving advice to anyone. Yo plate full full girl!

  4. Girl shut the fuck up. The show hasn’t had a bad impact on your family. YOU have had a bad impact on your family. Should be using the earnings from OF to pay for YOUR sons help since YOU caused the issues. Bitch needs a reality check.

  5. So…Jace’s mental health was affected by MTV… And not your shitty mothering? Your need for peen and parties above bonding with him as a baby? Your screaming matches, name calling, physical altercations? Go sell your shit somewhere else, NOBODY is on your side, hooker.

  6. Why didn’t Jenelle use the money she spent on a new boat to help her son with his mental health? 🤔
    Yes, buying a big boat is more important. I recall Jenelle having horrific behavior as z teen and well into her 20’s. Jace has mental issues because he was raised by very unstable adults who literally screamed and fought physically in front of him. Repeatedly. Take the responsibility, Jenelle, and sell your boat so your son can get the care he deserves. Do something right. Stop the blame game!! It gets old, don’t ya think? Of course Mtv took advantage of your extremely unhealthy family situation & dynamics/dysfunction. But you made tons of money, and clearly you felt that was more important. Time to grow up. Tend to your kids BEFORE buying your murderous husband expensive toys like boats. Jace needs a mother who is actually capable of putting him FIRST. Vacations and boats should be far down the list of priorities. If you’re a good parent, that is.

  7. She had me at MTV will ghost them, because that’s not the first time we’ve heard this…but she completely lost me at TM caused mental health issues for her family, and not that goon of a husband and all her other abusive “soul mates” and terrible life decisions she made. Jenelle…Always the victim.

    And for the love of God MTV…if you want ratings, McKee is the LAST THING you need to be bringing onto the show. The best thing she brought to the show was her kid taking a dump on her bosses garage floor.

  8. MTV treats them like talent bc that’s what they are – the talent. (The most liberal use of the word.) What does she expect? They’re a business.

    She’s probably right with the royalties, as that is an industry wide issue.

    Also Janelle — YOU signed up for this. YOU could have left at anytime when Jace was younger. MTV owes you nothing. Do what the rest of us do and get a real job.

  9. @The Ashley,

    In this quote from DuluJenelle. Isn’t she going against the Judge’s Gag order?

    Jenelle concluded her rambling statement by telling followers that she reached out to MTV a few months ago in order to “help with mental health facility locations and scholarships,” for her teen son Jace but was once again, “left hanging.”

    Would be nice if she is, if the author of this article would report it to the court.

    1. Her social media is no doubt being monitored by the courts somehow. If it goes against it I’m sure they are already aware and working on something.

  10. What kind of entitled ass insanity is this? Jenelle doesn’t need MTV, but is *still* calling them to help her pay for mental health treatment for HER son, whom SHE signed to put on TV, as if they are solely responsible? Nah Jenelle, you initiated all of the mess in your life.

  11. I have to say I think she’s right when it comes to not receiving royalties for reruns. I also think it was most certainly in her contract, right next to “talent”….

  12. Isn’t she under a gag order to not discuss Jace and his mental status?
    Why is she divulging that she asked for scholarships to mental health treatment facilities for him?

    1. I don’t think she is under a gag order anymore. Because they have already completed the first part of the CPS case about the 2 younger children and stated they would stay on the land. And Jace was already place with one of her husband’s relatives. I think they are just waiting for court that’s it.

  13. “Sadly, that industry is all about business.”
    It’s like… Jenelle still doesn’t understand how a job works….

  14. She is ALWAYS insisting how her life is better without the show, bla bla bla…yet she comes across as so desperate to get back on because I am sure this is all that it is. Jenelle, this show made you, if you wouldn’t be so stupid and let yourself be impregnated by an idiot like Andrew, you would never be shown anywhere (That alternate world sounds nice!)

    STFU and just go away…the sh*t you did to your firstborn (even if indirectly through your POS husband) is the worst thing any mother could have ever done to her child. Jace will surely be full of resentment when he grows up (for a good reason!)…I see their relationship being even worse than hers with Babs. And it will be all your fault.

  15. The only so called talent Jenelle has is being a paid whore. That’s all she knows how to do. Oh, that and lie. She’s very good at lying. She actually thinks people believe her lies about MTV “begging” her to do the reunion shows!! LOL! She refused because she was ready for a life with more privacy!! LOL! LOL!! apparently being a whore on Only Fans gives her LOTS of privacy.

  16. Jenelle needs to realize that the hate she gets is never for no reason. I think a lot of people agree with what she said here. But she and her gross husband publicly spoke ill of Ashley’s child making fun of her. If someone publicly made fun of my child, I would be mad at them for speaking my name even if they were saying I hung the moon. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences.

    1. Yes I didn’t see many lies here.

      It’s the messenger. We can’t hear the message bc of the messenger.

      10000% her fault.

  17. Jenelle: “I don’t need their money, I’m fine”

    Also Jenelle: “a few months ago l asked the network for help with mental health facility locations and scholarships”

    So you don’t need their money but you reach out to them for their money.. ok 👍🏻

  18. I literally read the headline and NOTHING ELSE (yet) and am ready to comment. GTFO, Jenelle! Your disgusting husband literally shot your dog in the head because he nipped your toddler who disrespected the dog’s boundaries. Instead of realizing more supervision was required, and/or that the dog needed to be adopted, your nasty ass POS husband MURDERED the family pet over a nip. He is a fucking PSYCHO and MTV parted ways to protect the brand. On rope of the dozens of other EXTREMELY RELEVANT issues with abuse, child abuse, mistreatment of staff, inability to coordinate and behave professionally at WORK (for you and your tribe), etc. Take a seat and shut the fuck up. You DESERVED to be fired. Years before you actually were.

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