Ashley Jones & Bar Smith React To News Saying They Won’t Appear in Upcoming Season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’

“Well…this sucks.”

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith are allegedly out a job on MTV— and the Teen Mom 2 couple reportedly found out that they’ve been fired from the show by reading it on social media!

Ashley and Bar— who, over the years, have appeared on Young & PregnantTeen Mom: The Next Chapter and Teen Mom Family Reunion— reacted after reading on the @TeenMomFanz Instagram page that their storyline was not continuing for ‘Next Chapter,’ and that fired-then-rehired star Mackenzie McKee would be taking Ashley’s place next season.

(The Ashley is not confirming that Ashley and Bar are done, by the way. She is hearing a slightly different story.)


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As The Ashley previously reported, Bar and Ashley were supposed to appear on the upcoming third season of ‘Family Reunion’ (alongside Mackenzie and her boyfriend Khessy Hall and other franchise couples). However, The Ashley’s sources stated that Ash and Bar were kicked off that show before they ever made it to the house where the other cast members were filming. 

The couple had not been fired from the franchise at the time; they were simply booted from ‘Family Reunion.’ But, according to @TeenMomFanz, Mack is replacing Ashley on ‘Next Chapter’ as a full-time cast member.

“…and they would be right. Bring that MTV paycheck to Mama!” 

Bar and Ashley reacted to the news in the post’s comments.

“Crazy way to find out you was fired,” Bar wrote. “Welp it was a good run with yall. Thank for supporting us.”

He also asked fans to not take their anger out on Mackenzie.

“Y’all gotta give Mack a break it ain’t her fault,” he wrote.

Ashley also seemed to be sympathetic to Mackenzie, who was getting lashed at online for “stealing” Ashley’s spot on the show.

“Be easy on Mac guys. Nothing is her fault,” she wrote. 

(Ironically, years ago, Mackenzie also got the same “ghosting” treatment that Ashley and Bar are getting currently from the show’s producers. Mackenzie was never officially “fired” from Teen Mom OG; the producers simply stopped calling her and scheduling shoots with her. Eventually she figured out that she wasn’t returning to ‘Teen Mom OG.’) 

Fans even commented on the situation in the comment section of the original post.

“So they ghosted Ashley for the girl who was originally ghosted by them? Lmao this network is nuts,” one person wrote. 

“They ghosted Ashley the same way they ghosted Mackenzie. It’s only a matter of time before they ghost someone else and beg her to come back. I said what I said!” another commented. 

Mackenzie has been very outspoken in the years since she was given the ax about how poorly she was treated by the producers and MTV.

“I’m willing to look past all that if you guys are!”

The Ashley will have more info on this soon…stay tuned. 

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15 Responses

  1. This is what I don’t understand why they keep a psychopath who loves to open her STD legs to sleep with random men in the bathroom of the nightclubs she hits, gets physical altercations with her past and current cast members and is allowed to bully them online and offline!?!?!? That’s VERY WRONG!!! Yes Ashley might’ve a short fuse but the producers should have fired the other one because she’s absolutely not a mom because she makes her sick mom and sister raise “her daughters” and she didn’t even want them to begin with!!! Also Jade needs to be fired as well!!! #firethepdychopathandherfamily!!! It’s absolutely disgusting the show is constantly condoning bullying!!! I’m so glad that I don’t watch it anymore!!!

    1. When does the new season start I’ve been hearing it was canceled and I’m sad that they fired Ashley and Bar. Brianna has been a bully for years and is still allowed on the show it makes no sense smh

  2. I am sure Mack is eating this up though. She always wanted attention. Let me guess, her storyline will be her divorce still. (and Josh not stepping up as a father)

    1. I heard Amber left already because she made a statement about it. That she chose to leave the show. Because they film so many weeks ahead.

  3. The teen mom franchise and all it’s spin offs are like expired milk, they stink. How these shows attract any viewers is a mystery.

  4. I’ll never forgets the episode of Ashley screaming at her landlord, at Bar and other cast members. Ashley should of accepted the “olive branch” that Cheyenne extended to her. Not looking forward to Mackenzie. I hope she’s still not with that rodeo star of a husband.

  5. So MTV fires one girl just to replace her with another fired girl. Which I thought there was a rumor that Mackinze was racist or something. If this how MTV is doing things might wanna bring Farrah back then

    1. Mackenzie said something offensive and ignorant. I don’t consider her racist or hateful of people of color, just dumb.

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