Scott Wern of “90 Day Fiance” Slams TLC in Bizarre Online Rants; Reveals He’s Unemployed & Living in a Camper

“If you thought appearing on multiple reality TV shows was a bad look, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Scott Wern took to social media this week for a tipsy and tone-deaf tirade, in which he talked about falling on tough times and revealed why he’s ticked off at TLC.  

According to Starcasm, the 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star revealed on Instagram that he is currently unemployed and residing in a camper parked in his mom’s yard. Scott revealed this life update (among other things) through a series of videos, in which he could be seen swigging Fireball whiskey and singing along to the Lady Gaga song “Shallow.”

Drunk Scott on live ig
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“Sometimes life just sucks,” Scott said in the second (and MUCH longer) of the two videos he posted. “Ya know, like, s**t just happens and you get thrown a lot of curveballs in life. You have to make the best of it.”

In between singing and sipping from his bottle of booze, Scott told followers he was “trying to keep smiling” through everything.

“ … Everything happens, I lost everything,” he said. “Everyone knows that. They wrote 5,000 stories on [it] last year. ‘He went bankrupt, he lost his house, he owed the IRS taxes, had a stroke.’ Everything.” 

(According to Starcasm, Scott’s fourth bankruptcy was finalized in October 2023, after which he sold his home in Florida and moved to New York City, where he reportedly had a job as a respiratory therapist lined up. Three months later, he announced he was moving to West Palm Beach, Florida, and would be starting a job as a respiratory therapist at the end of January. He later told followers he was “officially retired.”)  

Shortly before posting his videos, Scott had hinted on Instagram in a now-deleted post that things weren’t going well for him when he posted a text that read, “God..give me strength.” He elaborated (somewhat) in the caption. 

“Losing everything… I was hoping 2024 would be better.. you keep getting kicked when you’re down, crap editing that destroyed your life and losing your home and best friend .. when will it get easier?” Scott wrote. 

The 52-year-old later expounded on the “crap editing” allegations in one of his videos, slamming his two-time employer TLC for making him seem like “a f**king cringy motherf**ker.”  

“This f**king show,” he ranted. “The way they edit this s**t made me look like a f**king cringy motherf**ker. … F**k TLC.

“Take their f**king 13 grand they’ve given me and shove it up their f**king a**!” Scott continued. “F**k them! … Because anyone that knows me knows I’m a completely different guy than that was portrayed on the f**king shows, you know? It’s crazy.” 

Despite his very strong feelings (and words), Scott later said that he almost wished he “had another show to give me more attention, to show the real me.” 

I think we’ve seen plenty.

In the first video Scott posted that night, he thanked those who have reached out to him and presumably joked about possibly scoring a Fireball endorsement now that he has 100,000 followers on Instagram.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; Reddit) 


  1. It’s always the “bad editing” excuse. If you don’t want a “bad edit,” don’t act like a complete jagoff when the cameras are rolling, or ever, actually.

  2. Grow up you jackass and clean up your mouth. And by the way, what did you expect when you were dating Pedro’s crazy mother?

  3. Can we please expunge Scott off this site? He used Lydia to get on TV, can’t keep a job more than 6 months, and stole $19k from his last employer.

  4. I just love it when grown adults sign up for a reality TV show, get “shitty” editing and blame the network for their downfall. You’re 50 something years old, have you never seen a reality show in your life? That’s what they do, that’s what YOU sign up for. You knew what you were getting into.

    Also, your FOURTH bankruptcy? My man… that’s a you problem.

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