Cast Members on ‘The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion’ Suffered Broken Bones & Other Serious Injuries Following Latest Challenge

“At least it’s not trivia day, right?”

**Warning: This story contains spoilers for the most-recent episode of ‘The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion.’

Olivia Kaiser has revealed some major injuries sustained by Season 39 competitors during the filming of the latest episode of The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion. 

In the episode titled “Feel the Bern,” contestants were set up on a giant rolling wheel high above a body of water and had to hold themselves up by a rope for as long as they could. The ones who couldn’t last fell several feet into the water and— according to Olivia—some suffered some brutal injuries.

“Maybe getting real jobs wouldn’t be so bad after all…?”

“It was probably the most-dangerous challenge [of the season],” Olivia recently shared with Entertainment Weekly. “If your feet are still on the wheel, you’re going to fall face first. I broke three ribs and popped my [breast] implant, or ripped it, ruptured it, so now I have to get my boobs redone,” she revealed.  

Olivia, who was ultimately eliminated at the end of the episode (along with James Lock) after losing to Nurys Mateo in the Conquest challenge, said she was “in so much pain” that she wouldn’t have been able to continue competing anyway. 

“There was no way I could even have competed in the final,” she said. “I couldn’t even breathe.”  

Olivia wasn’t the only competitor to be seriously injured in the “Feel the Bern” challenge. Michele Fitzgerald also left with some broken bones. 

“It f**king hurt when I fell, and I broke two ribs,” she told EW. “I genuinely could not sleep at night. I could barely breathe. You see the pain, and it was real pain.” 

Michele, who ended up losing the challenge and going home in the purge, revealed that fellow contestant Colleen Schneider–- who also fell off the wheel–- suffered a concussion. 

Feel the Bern– and apparently, tons of pain.

“They didn’t show it, but she didn’t even remember being up on the hamster wheel.” Michele said.

Michele and Olivia both complained that this particular water challenge wasn’t fair to the females. 

“It’s very much leaning into the males’ strengths more than the girls,’” the Survivor winner stated. Although she noted that Berna Canbeldek won the challenge, all the other females were at the bottom. “So it was a sheisty one to go out on. It’s definitely not the way you want to go out.”

The opposite of how Olivia and Michele felt after Feel the Bern.

“This challenge was not fun,” Olivia added. “Those guys can run for hours, so even if we were faster and had the best balance, they more than likely can outrun us anyway, so it was just an interesting challenge for the last one. I don’t love it, clearly.”

This wasn’t the first time Olivia got hurt on ‘The Challenge.’ Fans may remember her running the final during the “Ride or Dies” season with Horacio Gutierrez and slicing her finger while throwing a bola. 

At the next checkpoint, she tried to shoot a slingshot with an injured hand and it misfired, sending the ball directly into her face. With a broken nose, she and Horacio were unable to complete the final.

Olivia later revealed that she had broken her face in five places and had to have surgery when she returned to the United States.

‘The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion’ airs Wednesdays on MTV.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Most boring Challenge ever. Michele you SUCK at this and have skated thru every episode on everyone else’s backs. THATS why you’re out. I love that you think your “social” game is your advantage when you’re just untrustworthy, boring, and so obviously a total fake! 😂😂

  2. I wish they showed more stuff like this. I watched the challenge since real world days and it’s so lame now which is so unfortunate because at one point it was my favorite. I want to see CT ripping off heads and eating them again and everyone drunk and not working out.

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