Sammi Giancola Says She Was “Not Happy” About Filming With Ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro For Upcoming Season of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’

“I’m only speaking to you because I’m contractually obligated to, Rahn.”

The Jersey Shore reunion years in the making is upon us, and while it’s taken more than decade for it happen, it wasn’t an event the entire cast was looking forward to. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Season 7 of Jersey Shore Family Reunion will bring all of the OG shore mates together– including exes Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who haven’t appeared on-screen together in 12 years. 

Longtime fans of ‘Jersey Shore’ undoubtedly recall Sammi and Ronnie’s tumultuous relationship playing out on the OG series. The toxic twosome eventually ended things in 2015 and did not remain in contact with one another. 

Both Sammi and Ronnie moved on…just not quite in THIS manner.

As you may also remember, Ronnie stepped away from ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ in 2021 to “seek medical treatment for mental health issues” he had “ignored too long.” (He also had multiple run-ins with the law prior to his exit from the show.) While Ronnie made an appearance in Season 6, he didn’t return as a main cast member.

Meanwhile, Sammi declined a spot on the spin-off for years, but finally decided to join her former roomies in Season 6; however, she declined a brief on-screen reunion with Ronnie last season. 

Going into Season 7, Sammi wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of coming face-to-face with Ronnie again, but she knew it was a possibility. 

“Like, it’s not ideal,” Sammi told TooFab. “I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I did know that if I were to come back on this show again, that this could be a possibility. I mean, it’s a given. And I was like, listen, this person doesn’t affect my life anymore. So it’s kind of like just working with a co-worker.

This must’ve been a casual Friday.

“I’m not happy about it, but it is what it is and you’re gonna see me kind of navigate through that a little bit on this season,” she continued.

Sammi noted that she wasn’t expecting an apology from her ex, nor was she wanting him to acknowledge his past behavior. 

“That makes two of us!”

“Hell no! There’s nothing that needs to be said,” Sammi stated. “Things were said back when we broke up. There’s nothing that needs to be said at all from his end to me, from my end to him. Like, I’m good. I don’t need closure. I’m good, we’re good.

“You’re there. I respect you because you’re there,” she continued. “This is also his family, too. He’s just a co-worker and I’m not here for a bad time or bad vibes. I’m going my way and he’s going his and that’s hopefully how it’s gonna stay.” 

Sammi’s boyfriend Justin May will once again join her on the show this season– something Sammi said she “really needed” in order to get through some of what’s in store for Season 7.

“ … Justin was, he’s very supportive and makes it easier for me because I’m like, ‘Listen, I’m gonna be thrown in some situations that I would never be thrown in in real life,’” she said. “And it’s like, okay, I have to deal with it, you know?” 

Sammi said she and Justin have a “very trustworthy and honest relationship.” She also noted that Justin is “very supportive and down to earth.” 

“ … I think I really needed that to be able to do this again,” she said. 

The new season of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ airs Thursdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. I am not following the math. They haven’t appeared on screen together since 2015 but it says it’s been 12 years since they appeared on screen together. It’s only been 9 years.

    1. @Ayiti- The original ‘Jersey Shore’ show ended in 2012. That was Sammi’s last time being on-screen with Ronnie (until this season). They continued to date until 2015. -The Ashley

  2. She’s in a catch 22. I understand coming back on the Jersey Shore for a quick and fat paycheck, just sucks she had to encounter Ronnie in order to get the money. We all have that ex who put us through hell that we never want to see again, and Ronnie is hers. Glad she’s not letting him stop her from getting that MTV check anymore though, you can tell he really hurt her.

    1. In what way is she whining? There seemed to be empathy that the cast of JS was family to Ron and Sam. I think that’s the only reason Sam agreed to film again. There were a lot of memories and her bf, Justin, was there and supportive.

    2. Can you read? She was asked a question and literally just answered it. Said she knew it was part of the deal and was fine with it. Not thrilled but would deal with it. How in the world is that whining?

  3. I still think it’s a shitty move from MTV’s part. Their relationship was very abusive. I don’t think Ron has really grown as a person in these years but she def did. They obv wanted them to fight but Sammie isn’t gonna let them have it. I am also glad she found such a supportive partner in Justin.

    If you are a smart person, you definitely learn from your past and how your past relationships affected you. I know I did and now know exactly the type of relationship I DON’T WANT.

    1. Did you watch season 6b? When Ron does come back to talk to the cast (except Sam, obviously). He sounded (and appeared) sober, nervous, and actively in a program.

      Yeah, he did a lot of shitty things. He seems to be self aware.

    2. 125% Sam knew that this was gonna happen. I know she came back when he left, but she had to had to know that this was going to happen in the upcoming seasons. I’m sure she weighed the pros and cons and thought enough time has passed. I’m gonna get a fat check, and I got a good dude.. I can do this. I do think Ron is still carrying the torch, but that’s on him.

  4. Cheezus she’s a better person than me. But good on her for know closure doesn’t solve anything and Ronnie sucks.

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