Sammi Giancola Reacts to Ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Surprise Return to ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: “I Don’t Want to See Ron!”

“Ron, STAHP tryin’ to ruin my comeback vacation!”

The much-anticipated reunion between Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro may have been set into motion on Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, much to Sammi’s dismay. 

After declining a spot on the Jersey Shore spin-off for years, Sammi finally joined her shore mates this season, two years after her ex-boyfriend Ron stepped away from the show to “seek medical treatment for mental health issues” he had “ignored too long.” (Ron also had multiple run-ins with the law prior to his exit from the spin-off.) 

“Ronnie’s gonna Ron, amirite?!”

As The Ashley previously told you, Sammi and Ron were both spotted filming in April at the Margaritaville resort in Orlando, Florida; however, the once-toxic twosome were not seen filming together at the time. Still, an on-camera reunion between the exes nearly happened this week on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation.’

On Thursday’s episode, viewers watched as Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was told by  Ron that he would be stopping by the hotel to visit his former roomies. After a chat with his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, Mike decides to give Sammi a heads-up on the surprise visit. 

Once Mike delivers the news to Sammi–- and Sammi’s boyfriend Justin, who is also visiting–- Sam makes it clear that she’s not prepared for the reunion. 

“I don’t want to see Ron, especially with my boyfriend here,” she says in her confessional. “My heart is sinking into my stomach. My relationship with Ron was not healthy for me.

Sam, thinking about all the ways in which her relationship with Ron was a complete dumpster fire.

“We broke up in like 2015 and I haven’t talked to him since,” she continued. “He’s the reason I didn’t come back in the first place. I’m definitely not ready for this, my life has moved on.” 

Things certainly are moving differently for Sammi these days..,

Sam goes on to tell Justin that Ron “doesn’t affect [her] life anymore.” However, Sammi and Justin still decide to dodge Ron’s visit by leaving the hotel to spend the day together.

“I don’t want to see Ron today,” Sam tells the camera. “Justin knows me and Ron had a toxic as hell relationship and this could be a situation and he’s understanding about it all. I think I’ve just gone through so much that I’m so relieved to be getting out of here with my man.” 

New episodes of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ air Thursdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. A few things –

    Ron never hit Sammie, however she did punch him in the face.

    Sammie was always a cold bitch and no one liked her, not even Vinnie.

    Sammie didn’t come back because she was pretending to be happy in her new relationship which turned out to be false. Obviously it would have been shown to be false if she was on the show.

    There are a lot of Kool-Aid swillers on here buying a false narrative created to improve the dismal ratings on this has-been of a show.

    1. It’s late but I need to add some stuff I forgot about. Also, I watched a couple of new episodes last night.

      Ronnie and Sam’s last break up was in 2015. Soon after he got the stripper pregnant. No way was Sam’s ego every going to be able to handle that Ron had a kid with someone else. That’s when she grabbed some meathead and pretended to be happier than ever, which turned out be a lie.

      It will turn out to be a lie this time too. Because you can see she’s not in love with this boring guy that she’s now parading around. I’d bet anything this new relationship will turn out to be a bust. I’m sure of it.

      IMO, what you guys are not seeing is that Ron has a huge heart while Sam is also ego.

      1. Forgot to say that the show is obviously fully scripted now, which is why I stopped watching it a few seasons back.

        Also, can’t believe how bad my beloved Pauly D looks. 🙁

  2. We knew this is gonna come up. MTV must be wanting to get higher views by trying to make her meet this toxic fella. I hope her wishes are respected and they leave her alone. He’s really the reason why she didn’t come back in the first place.

  3. Ugh poor girl. I have an ex that was so abusive and toxic that it’s been 7 yrs since I last saw him or spoke to him and the thought of crossing paths makes me sick. Someone had screenshot a pic of him and sent it to me and it made me feel sick, wanted to throw up. There are just some situations that scar you and you move on but they still somehow get to you.
    I know how she feels.
    I was 7 months pregnant and hadn’t spoken to him and he found a way to contact me via email about how he knows I still love him and he can’t stop thinking of me. Super scary.

  4. Their fights were pretty entertaining (with a dash of cringe) though!! Sam’s Fred Flinstone toe, stumpy basterd, pit bull lock on the plank bed, the punch for being friends JWow, motor boating cocktail waitresses, three way kissing, the air mattress soap opera, and finally: THE NOTE.

    Entertainment heaven!!! 🤣🤣

  5. She should have not come back.
    MTV only wants to retraumatize her over and over for ratings

    Im shocked thsy were allowed to give her a heads up and let her leave. They won’t do that next time though.

  6. Honestly shame on mute for setting that up. They knew they had an abusive toxic relationship at salivated at the thought of another blow out

    1. Mike didn’t purposely do that. He was talking to Ron about his recovery and returning during the 6a season. Angelina had reached out to Sam after the 6a reunion. Mike didn’t know angelina was talking to Sam and angelina didn’t know Mike was talking to Ron about returning.

      For the drama Mike does drum up, this wasn’t one of them. I guess he could have reached out to Ron and stated he couldn’t come back, but part of the recovery steps are apologizing to those you’ve hurt.

  7. Good for her. Forgiveness does not mean you have to ever forget or out yourself somewhere that doesn’t serve you.

    I hope Ronnie has changed for his daughter’s sake but that doesn’t have to be a part of Sammi’s story especially for ratings.

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