‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Takes Plea Deal & Avoids Jail Time in Domestic Battery Case: Agrees to Probation, Community Labor & $20K Donation Pledge

“Let’s call a truce and give all of the courthouses on the West Coast a break, OK?”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro won’t be doing his GTL-ing behind bars after all!

The Jersey Shore star accepted a plea deal on Friday in the domestic battery case against him stemming from the October 2019 assault on his baby mama, Jen Harley. The incident– which went down at an AirBnB the couple had been renting in Los Angeles— left Ronnie tased and in jail and Jen bruised and battered

TMZ reports that, thanks to the plea deal, Ronnie will spend no time behind bars. He pleaded “no contest” to one count of domestic battery and one count of resisting arrest He was originally also charged with kidnapping, domestic violence, child endangerment, brandishing a weapon, criminal threats, false imprisonment, and a second count of resisting arrest, but all of those charges have since been dropped.

As part of his plea deal, Ronnie had to agree to a slew of requirements. In order to stay out of the clink, Ronnie must complete a whopping 36 months of probation, do 30 days of “community labor” in Nevada, make a one-time $20,000 donation to a Los Angeles battered women’s shelter and complete a court-approved, 52-week domestic violence program.

“But I’m still allowed to wear stupid balloon hats, right?”

It does not appear that Jen attended Friday’s hearing, as she posted video to Instagram Live showing herself in Arizona.

The three-year no-contact order that is currently in place between Ronnie and Jen will remain. Ronnie has been ordered to maintain only “peaceful contact” with Jen, who is the mother of his daughter Ariana. (Of course that may be easier said than done, as both Jen and Ronnie have both been in trouble in the past for attacking one another.

When you realize being ordered to have ‘peaceful contact’ with your ex means you can’t drag them with your car or break into their house…

Still, it appears Jen and Ronnie are both hopeful that they can make their co-parenting relationship work. In a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, Jen said she wants to “co-parent peacefully” with Ron, provided he is “sober and making the efforts to be with Ariana.”

“I’m just ready for all of it to be over,” Jen said of all their court hi-jinks.

Jen and Ronnie have been making up and breaking up since they started dating back in 2017, and Jen told In Touch Weekly that she does not want to continue those “toxic cycles,” even though she and Ronnie “obviously love each other a lot.”

“The only fear I have is going back with him,” Jen said, adding that she wants to move on and find someone else.

“[I want someone] who wants to be a husband, who wants to be in a relationship with someone that just helps build each other up and just build a life with somebody,” she said. “I don’t want to live my life like ‘Oh, I’m doing this for me and he’s doing it for him.’ I want to be with somebody who wants to be a team and do it together.”

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Jen recently revealed that Ronnie has not seen Ariana in months; however, the protective order that has been in place during those months prevented Ronnie from seeing his daughter. It is unknown at this point if and when Ronnie will be allowed to see Ariana.

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  1. What is it with MTV and drunken abusive couples? Personally, I don’t want to watch Ronnie continue to spiral out of control on Jersey Shore.. MTV should film a spin off, of Ronnie on his own; going through his probation with a life coach, to rehab(if needed), get into therapy, anger management and parenting courses.. Why don’t they have court ordered supervised visitation? Un-fricken-believable..

  2. So you can be violent with another person and avoid prison time. But if you don’t pay your taxes your a$$ will serve time

    1. I’m guessing you’re referring to Mike “The Situation” – which I actually like – but let’s be clear, Mike just didnt pay taxes. He didnt pay taxes and was warned A LOT, leans put on property, and still refused to pay, taking it all the way into court to fight it. Most people dont get that luxury, or try to take on the IRS, but I believe Mike was dealing with some personal issues at the time. I think the Situation came out better for it in the end, but let’s just keep it real though.

    2. Yes because you never want to mess with Uncle Sam or you will find you butt in Federal prison. But these two continue their bad behaviors because they continue to receive slaps on the hand with no consequences.

  3. she is horrible person saying she was doing it for her we all already knew it she was using him for his mtv checks pornstar stripper druggy jen hurly . ron wanted a real family his daughter to be good but she kept pushing him because she watched his past! thats what low lifes do they say oh i dont know nothing about the jersey shore then they go like fbi secretive watching everything to have something to come up with and make that person ron look bad when he tried shes abusive to her ex with the son she had! and her son was taken away but now that she used ron for his mtv checks now shes got cash to play innocent perfect bitch . that 20ooo ron had to pay to battered women is pure bs. he should have had to give the money to indePendent businesses who help resCue Kiddnapped children in the secret kiddnapping bad people do . not some rich homes that women can go to just stupid.

  4. Ronnie U needs to let her go and move on. I know it hurt Ronnie but all this bullshit she put u through. When all this money ur giving up could of been for ur Baby girl Ariana, she so adorable. Hope that baby girl Ariana grow up looking for U. Start ur new jounery without her she already ruin ur life. And as for Jen get over ur fears grow up now without Ron. U done did ur part of losing him for ur jealousy. We women try to control men it’s never gone happen, we lose that when we get out of hand. Trust me I been through it.

  5. Two things I learned this week staying at home and watching too much TV. Apparently it is OK to beat on your partner and take a plea deal and if you are a Senator you can finger bang your female staff if they want it or not. Wait until I see my parents again and bitch about the way they brought me up, that respecting women bullshit was all lies.

    stay lit

    1. except i only believe jen hurley manly beasty lokking female beat ron ! and they just took his cash for fun from him

  6. Your fear is going back with him so…don’t?! These two are making it seem like everyone who was ever with someone can’t keep their hands off each other which is simply not true! You move on and if you ended it in friendly terms, you may even have a decent friendship afterwards.

    Doesn’t matter how much you still “love” each other (beating each other up isn’t love btw, Jen!), your relationship was toxic and the only one you should care about is Ariana. I don’t know how Ronnie can see her with the protection order but I think you can figure it out. Just stay out of each other’s way and be single!

    1. Jen is being way too dramatic she’s like a freaking drama queen .Jen if you want somebody to love you and care for you then you have to love and care for yourself first sweetie….stop being selfish girl it ain’t no sense in all that also you caused all the fights and stuff so it’s not just Ron’s fault you are also to blame .yes Ron was wrong to put his hands on you but I’m pretty sure he told you to leave him alone and let him calm down at some point but you being you don’t listen so yeah he going to get more mad and put his hands on you . You might be his baby mama but just let me say these two things he might love you but now he loves you from a distant to me you are just stupid and a selfish a** b****. The real and only girl that Ron loves is Sammi she is way prettier than you anyway. Ron and Sammi will never stop loving each other. Also Ron loves his daughter that baby is the true girl that has his heart over anyone .I honestly don’t care what you have to say Jen but I know damn well Ron is a damn good father. He loves his daughter more than this world. You complain that Ron has not seen his daughter in months whose that Jen Hello wake up all he can’t see his daughter because deer of the restraining/ protection order you have against him Duh !!!! Don’t be blaming Jersey Shore for ruining your family they did not do that you did . I am so sorry Ron keep your head up and pray to God that you will get to see your daughter soon. Stay sexy Ron . I love you Ron and may God heal your pain and let you see your daughter without your baby mama tripping . Jen you need to stop being a f****** B**** and stop being so selfish. It’s not all about you anymore my girl now it’s all about that baby . Facts 100!
      Also when Ron said he did not want you to go where he was you still disobeyed him and disrespected him and showed up all unannounced that’s why your family is ruined .
      Btw Ron I have you on Facebook

    2. jen hurly man looking eater she never loved ron she even said she was doing it for her to use h for his mtv checks she beat up her ex with her son and beat up girls in school he wanted a real family and mistaked her for a real person but she was always after cash ! for her to look better then everybody else. shes trying to make her look good saying shes worried she be back with him he knows thats a joke to play oh pity me im a victum give me attention thats all she wNts see how she didnt even care to listen to mikes Wife lauren at the party ron threw for his daughter when jen was trying to get crunked up. she had the look on her face of i dont care im better then everybody ! and ill beat ron if i want because he had sex with me. like a immuture little high schooler girl . the phychic told ron to stop messing with her(going back to her) that she needs help for her abusiveness and he stupidly ignored and kept going back to her it showed it right there on family vacation!

  7. Toxic ass relationship just so you know ron you do NOT have to stay in the toxic relationship to be part of your daughters life and by staying in a unhealthy relationship your showing ur kid its okay. Be smart get the courts involved regarding custody of your kid

  8. Boy, MTV is sure good at turning a blind eye while these entitled abusers they created continue to rake in the dough!

    1. They didn’t create them they just do nothing to stop them and everything to promote them.

  9. These two should both be doing jail time. The amount of horrific domestic abuse that has gone on between the two of them should have put them both in jail by now. They both have violent abuse issues.

  10. They need to stay the F away from each other, this is ridiculous…grow up! There is a innocent little girl in the middle of all their stupid and crazy!

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