‘Very Cavallari’ Couple Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Come to Temporary Agreement on Custody; Jay to Allow Kristin to Purchase New Home

“Fine, buy the house! Just stay away from me!”

After nearly a week of butting heads, divorcing Very Cavallari stars Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have reportedly come to a temporary agreement regarding the custody of their three kids, as well as a home in which Jay had allegedly been preventing Kristin from purchasing for herself. 

E! News reported on Friday that the soon-to-be-exes have come to a somewhat-truce in regard to both subjects, each of which has been a major source of tension between Jay and Kristin since they announced last Sunday that they are divorcing.

“Kristin and Jay have made some progress in moving forward with the divorce,” a source told E!

In court documents filed on Wednesday, Kristin claimed that Jay had been blocking her attempts to purchase a new home for herself. She also claimed that Jay and his lawyer refused to allow their finance manager to release the funds she needed to buy the home, which she was first going to buy back in November during a “bad place” in her marriage to Jay.

“They are now agreeing that Jay will allow Kristin to purchase the home she has been looking at since November of last year when they started having serious issues, which prompted her to start looking in the first place,” the source told the site. 

In order to get Jay to agree to that, the source claims that Kristin had to agree to split the time with their three children. The couple— who is reportedly still living together despite their split— will alternate weekly as to who stays in the family home with the kids. 

“Don’t expect me to help you pack up all your junk, though!”

“They are having the kids stay in the home and Kristin will stay a week, then Jay will stay a week,” the source said, adding that the arrangement will be in place until Kristin closes on her new home. Once that happens, the kids will alternate between Jay’s home and Kristin’s home every other week.

The source described Jay and Kristin’s current living situation as “contentiously co-habitating.” 

“Things are very tense between Jay and Kristin right now,” E! previously reported. “They are on opposite sides of the house and only communicate in regards to the children’s needs…It’s really a power struggle between the two of them.”


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The thing that matters most ?

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The couple has disagreed on who was the kids’ “primary, at-home caregiver,” is, as well as on money issues. In documents filed earlier this week, Kristin requested that Jay pay child support and for the children’s health insurance. She also asked for an equal division of their assets and liabilities — including those accumulated during their marriage by Jay through the NFL — and that Jay maintain life insurance coverage, with her as the sole beneficiary.

Kristin is also asking for “further and general relief to which she may be entitled.” 

The couple has not yet spoken out as to how their joint reality show, ‘Very Cavallari,’ will be affected by their split. 

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  1. Poor kids. Their lives are upended forever. And the parents are about to find out how hard it is not to have another parent in the house. Everything becomes a big PITA. Good thing they can hire a lot of help, but that brings its own problems. Then the fun of worrying about what your kids are being exposed to when they’re alone with your ex, and their new boyfriend/girlfriend/kids. Pray for those little kids.

  2. I just laugh at the “lovely decided to separate” couldnt even wait 24 hours before the sh*t flinging happened. Feel bad for the kids, but maybe it wasnt so great having the parents together anyway.

  3. Thing that matters most. Divorce is so fun for children. They will have to get used to new boyfriends, girlfriends and if married again then new grandparents, step children,etc. sounds like the children matter the most. Sure.

    1. No doubt they are both already talking to other people. Kristin will go public with hers as soon as the papers are signed.

  4. I feel so bad for kids that have to be shuffled between homes every other week. Keep the family home and take turns with the parents staying there. Maybe each parent can get an apartment nearby. They should be inconvenienced, not the kids.

  5. Jay will now allow Kristin to buy her own home… Ladies this is why you make your own money, have your own account. Can you imagine having your ex dictate whether or not you can buy a house? Loooool. Kristin has made money since the LB days. Jay sucked as a football player and sounds like a sucky husband as well.

    1. I believe Jay’s worth is 20x that of Kristin. While us “normal“ folks can’t even imagine what it would be like to have her money to live on, I don’t think it’s nearly enough to support the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

    2. Or you could look at it as a father holding money over the mothers head, because the mother spitefully won’t share custody of the children. There has been zero indication that Jay is a terrible father, yet Kristin wants him to only have ‘reasonable parenting time.’ Why are the kids being punished for them getting a divorce?

      1. Exactly and he’s good enough to keep the children when she’s filming her show and flying all over to open up her new locations and go on trips for her show. Yes I believe that she held it down when he was in football but then the rolls reversed.. And there is nothing wrong with that but I do believe he is the one that primarily stays home with the children since her his retirement and her show and boutique took off.. There should be 50/50 with no child support… That doesn’t mean assets..it just means no child support.. she’s making good money and so as he. And she should not be the beneficiary her children should be the beneficiaries..

    3. Calm down. He did this because they already have multiple homes and he didn’t want her to spend more of “their” money unnecessarily.

    4. She has her own money. They also own multiple homes already. She wanted to use *their* money, and not her own money, to purchase another home *in addition* to the ones they already own, including another home in the same city they currently live. It’s reasonable and typical to have to agree on major purchases with joint funds after a divorce filing. And because he wanted to discuss it further, and really assess the need for doing it with joint funds, Kristin’s publicist immediately spun it to make Jay the bad guy, and you ate it up.

  6. Why in the world should he maintain life insurance with her as the sole beneficiary? If anything, the kids should be the beneficiaries, not her.

    1. It’s the weirdest stipulation I’ve ever heard! Although, if I were Jay I may suggest that Kristin have a life insurance policy too with the kids as beneficiaries. I also wouldn’t agree to keep her as a beneficiary, I’d keep the children as beneficiaries to be put into a trust should anything happen until they are of age. Just makes Kristin seem thirsty.

    2. When I divorced my ex-husband that was a standard stipulation that both our lawyers and the judge insisted on. We both carry life insurance policies with each other as the beneficiaries. in the case that one of us was to die, the children are minors we would be in control of the other

      1. I can see the reasoning of that while also feeling like I’ve seen this play out on Dateline one too many times to be comfortable with the contempt.

      2. That’s crazy to me. I lost both my parents before I was 18 and my grandmother was in control of the little money left behind by each of them. I wouldn’t trust either of my parents to keep that money safe for me, especially when it was coming from one another. They both would have gladly spent it how they pleased. There should be another solution, like a neutral party conservator or something along those lines.

    3. My boyfriend‘a ex wife is the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy, even though their kids are grown. She never worked during the marriage, and gets a ridiculous amount of spousal support each month plus the life insurance – seems kind of selfish to me, but I guess it’s a thing in divorces.

  7. Ugh! I just read that they already own two multi-million dollar mansions in Tennessee and a multimillion-dollar condo at the Four Seasons in Nashville but, sure Kristin….buy another multi million dollar house! How many houses can you live in at once, girlfriend?

  8. That smacks financial abuse to me if you use kids custody as a bargaining chip.

    The husband sounds like a nasty POS.

    1. Jay actually wants joint custody even though he is the primary caretaker of the children. Kristin wants primary custody with Jay having visitation rights. It looks like they are trying the joint custody which is probably better for the kiddos.

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