Court Update: ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Request For Restraining Order Against Her Mom Barbara is Denied

“Well, I seen ya in court again, Juh-nelle!”

Jenelle Evans is not happy after a North Carolina judge rejected her request to have a restraining order placed on her mom, Barbara, to keep her away from her and her kids.

The estranged mother/daughter duo came face-to-face in court in Brunswick County, North Carolina, on Thursday for their much-anticipated court date. As The Ashley previously reported, Barbara and her lawyer requested more time during a hearing earlier this month, causing the case to be continued until Thursday. 

The judge shot down Jenelle’s restraining order request. (The Sun was the first to report the denial.)

“It’s no fair DUDE!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle filed for the protective order against her 70-year-old mother on September 1. Jenelle claimed Barb put her and the kids in “danger of serious and immediate injury.” In the court documents, Jenelle claimed that Barbara had been talking to media outlets about her and her son Jace, and it was causing them “emotional distress.”  

Jenelle took to the InterWebs to complain about Barbara after the court hearing, posting a video from content creator Mama Tot that talks about cutting off toxic family members.

I have to keep telling myself, its okay if you cut off family if they are toxic. Thanks for the insight #MamaTot,” Jenelle wrote in the caption of the Facebook post. “#ToxicParents Today is hard on me.”

In the comment section, Jenelle claimed that Barbara is trying to ruin her mental health. She also claimed that she is not withholding Jace from Barb, who raised him his entire life.

“I cut her off from me… from my personal life, but not from Jace,” Jenelle wrote.

Despite the fact that the restraining order request was denied, The Ashley’s sources tell her there is much more going on here, and The Ashley will be covering it as soon as possible, so stay tuned…

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23 Responses

  1. Hmmmm I thought she hasn’t tried to see your kids since JULY? Sort your life out Jenelle, or watch it crumble.

  2. Why did Jace have to go to the hospital? According to Roux a lot of shit is about to come out in the police report. Janelle is doing damage control by said she’s not gonna be answering “fan” questions ahead of time because her mental health is fragile ?. Something ominous is coming

  3. With Jace missing, that last part feeling even more ominous. May whatever is going on behind the scenes be enough to get these children some kind of help.

  4. Well, I’m glad the justice system in North Carolina worked well today. That’s just pathetic to take your mom to court because she hurt your feelings. Time to put on those big girl undies and BE AN ADULT.


  5. “Despite the fact that the restraining order request was denied, The Ashley’s sources tell her there is much more going on here, and The Ashley will be covering it as soon as possible, so stay tuned…”

    I mean I don’t know WTF happened. I think Jenelle, UBT, and Barb are all toxic (as well as Jenelle’s other soul mates). I don’t think a protective order is necessary unless a threat or action is made. A cease and desist maybe? If Barb gave up custody to Jenelle, she shouldn’t have access to Jace’s school records either. Giving up custody would include that, I would assume.

  6. What’s funny is the toxic family member is Jenelle herself.

    She can’t be shocked that her bogus restraining order was denied or maybe she really is that stupid.

  7. Collectively, we, the people, seek to file a restraining order against Jenelle and David. We do not wish to see their faces, hear their drama, or listen to this nonsense about being victims and being such good parents.

    Thank you,
    The World

  8. So she says Barb can still see Jace but wasn’t he and her other kids included in the restraining order request? That sounds like a lie. I never realized that Barb is 70!? That means she had Jenelle when she was like 40 right? Is she the youngest of her siblings? She may not be the best parent but she s better than Jenelle but she spend part of her 50s and all of her 60s raising grandchildren, between her kids and grandkids that woman must be exhausted!

    1. Literally went back to verify…

      “The fired Teen Mom 2 star requested a restraining order for herself and each of her three kids”

      Do we call this janelle math?

  9. I’m hoping that Barb’s lawyer turned over the copy of that live video Jenelle & David did last week when they were in the shed overnight getting high and flashing firearms around. They were off their nut in that video and it wasn’t just weed. I have a strong suspicion that they’re taking Jace’s ADHD medication and that’s not going to fare well with CPS who is already involved because of Jace running away twice. Plus the fact that the kids were left in the house unsupervised while the parents were in the shed all night — and then they left the kids home while they ran off on yet another kid-free vacation. Where are they getting the money for all these vacations anyway?

  10. Let me get this straight. The mom who chooses some dead beat inbred who shoots the dog in the backyard over her kids isn’t toxic. The mom who shoots up heroin with her boyfriend while her son plays downstairs isn’t toxic? But the mom who gives up her retirement years to raise her grandson bc her daughter is a deadbeat druggie skank is toxic.

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