Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Reported As Missing Person Again After Running Away From North Carolina Home For Third Time

Jenelle Evans‘ son Jace is officially a missing person again.

The 14-year-old has been missing for about 16 hours and had still not been located as of press time. According to TMZ, Jace escaped from Jenelle’s home on The Land by climbing out his bedroom window and running into the night. He has not been seen since about 8 p.m. EST Thursday night.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Jace has made several attempts to run away since Jenelle got custody of him in March. In August, he bolted from his school but was found later that day in the woods. Weeks later, Jace ran away again, this time leaving home for a few hours before being found at a gas station a few miles away from The Land.

Although he was reported as a missing person before, this is the longest Jace has ever been gone. And, this time, he has no way to communicate. (When he bolted from the school, it was reported that cops found him by tracking his Snapchat location.)

“Jenelle told officers Jace snuck out of the home through a window, and didn’t have a cell phone with him,” TMZ reported on Friday. 

The site reports that Jace has now been added to the National Missing Persons Database.

After news of Jace’s past runaway attempts broke, Jenelle claimed it’s normal “teen” stuff and minimized the seriousness of the attempts.

“Jenelle has chalked the runaways as Jace being a normal teenager, mad at his parents … but there’s clearly something more going on,” TMZ reported on Friday.

Jace’s escape comes just one day after Jenelle and her mom Barbara (who raised Jace up until March) faced off in court regarding a restraining order request Jenelle filed to keep Barb away from her and her kids. The judge denied Jenelle’s request, and Jenelle later stated on Facebook that she’s not trying to keep Jace and Babs apart. (She did, however, also file for a restraining order to keep Barb away from Jace so her claim doesn’t really make sense.) 

Jenelle has yet to comment on her son going missing again. Two hours ago, she posted a photo from the doctor’s office where she had taken her son Kaiser but did not make any mention that her oldest son is currently a missing person.

“It’s fine…everything’s FINE!”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jace had run away while in Barbara’s care as well. However, it is happening more frequently since Jenelle regained custody of him. 

In August, Barbara told TMZ that, Jenelle allegedly stopped giving Jace the ADHD medication he’s been on for the past seven years. Barb also stated that Jace is no longer seeing his behavior specialist. She listed these as the reasons she believes Jace ran away.

Jenelle later blasted Barbara for doing the interview and revealed that she has, once again, cut off communication with her mother. Days later, she filed for the restraining order against Barbara, claiming that Barb talking to the media is causing her and Jace “emotional distress.” 

UPDATE! As of 6:45 p.m. EST, Jace is still missing. It is coming up on 24 hours since he was last seen. The Ashley has reached out to authorities for further info. According to Amanda Prince, a county attorney for Columbus County, North Carolina, this is an “ongoing investigation.”

Jenelle has still not acknowledged that Jace is missing; however, she did upload a photo of her lunch and mentioned that she is “stressy and depressy” currently.

“Well I’m glad ya worryin’ about ya lunch, Juh-nelle!”

UPDATE! Jace was found on Friday. Click here for the latest update. 

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(Photos: Facebook; MTV)

61 Responses

  1. There’s a rumour that David assaulted Jace and that’s why he ran away. Barb took him to the doctor and now CPS is involved. The Ashley, is there any truth to it?

  2. The sun is reporting that Jace was found. Jenelle said his behavior is “about a girlfriend”. All those kids need to be removed and both Jenelle and David need parenting classes. Running away this much is not normal.

  3. In case anyone is wondering, she has posted to fb, because of course she has.

    She wants her privacy, but she wants to keep making content. Someone needs to get these kids away from these idiots, before something worse happens. Honestly, she doesn’t look exhausted in this video, like some claim, she looks like she’s just coming down from being high af (or hungover).

    1. I saw her video. She said Jace’s been found and safe, but that’s not the purpose of this video. Dumb fucking bitch! That should be the only reason for your video that your kid is found safe and sound. She also said she wants to resume her normal Contant. Your normal Contant is the reason your kid left again. You suck as a mother and a human being and I hope you get what you deserve. I also hope that all of your kids are taken away and you never get to see them again. Are you stressy and depressy now????

    1. I need to know too . I woke several times last night thinking of this child. I wonder how Jenelle and David slept? They were probably sitting in their shed getting drunk, high, and making stupid ass videos. So sad. And what are poor Kiser and Ensley doing ? Their brother is gone. And mom is posting videos about what she is eating?. CPS , you failed these kids so many times. I still believe the Easons know much more then they are saying. Hopefully the police explore that!!! Ashley please update soon.

      1. Instead of posting what I was eating for lunch.. I’d be posting that my baby was missing and I needed help finding him.. any help would be helpful. She has a platform and I believe people would help. I’d be putting together search parties.. flyers… everything.. She clearly knows more than she’s putting on.. her behavior is suspicious….and like you said hopefully the police explore this..

  4. So your son is missing AGAIN and you do nothing about it?! What a horrible mother you are? I mean, I’m not surprised but Jace would really be better off in care of someone who actually cares. (Obv Barb couldn’t manage him anymore which I understand)

    Hope he is found safe and sound.

  5. I really really hope they find Jace soon, this news is heartbreaking. We practically watched Jace grow up and sadly, little dude didn’t stand a chance. You have one parent that rather do drugs, party, hop from one man to another and go to prison just for a Kesha concert while bio dad is literal crackhead that bounced when he was only a few seconds old…….for Christ sake this isn’t even my kid and I’m worried sick. You know it’s bad when you have random people online more worried about a child than his own incubator. I’m sorry if calling Jenelle an incubator was uncalled for but that’s all she is. We care more about her kids than she does

  6. At what point do they start looking at the possibility David and/or Jenelle hurt him or worse? It’s not normal for a parent to not even mention that their child is missing and asking if anyone has seen him. I have kids and if one of them went missing I would be begging on social media for people to be looking out for them while I searched for them. I would not be posting about my chicken salad sandwich.

    1. Not trying to justify Jenelles actions, but that girl has been in denial. She may truly believe he’s just doing “teemager” stuff.

      This may be what a lot of teenagers do, but not all teens. Usually ones that don’t respect their parents and their rules or get the consequences. This is typical teenage behavior of kids like jenelle and we see how she turned out.

      However it’s also very possible that they could’ve accidentally done something.
      My web browser brought uo an article of the coffee She just realized shortly before reported as ru away. May that be another reason she didn’t post it? She doesn’t want the back lash like previous 2 calls within last few weeks.
      If Jace is found safe, when this happens again, which it will, the more I doubt will be safe return.

  7. I absolutely loathe the family court system in NC. If they had done their jobs properly years ago, we wouldn’t even need to be concerned about the children and their overall wellbeing. Sadly, it’s one of the worst family court systems in the US, largely falling back on the “mother state” rule (ie. what mom says is truth, and children are rarely, if ever, removed from her care, regardless of any proof or present abuse). I have dealt with them for over a decade.

    Yes Jace had behavioral issues with Barb too, but they were nothing like this. He may have needed help working through the issues he had, but a lot of them may have stemmed from him having to visit the land even before she got custody back. They’re likely issues that have been building for some time-except he faces them DAILY now. He didn’t feel the need to constantly run away before this. This is not just typical teen angst or teen behavior. There is something seriously wrong on that land. I’m willing to bet if he could take his siblings and run, he would.

    Get these kids away from these monsters, for good. There are plenty of families willing to foster, even adopt them, behavioral problems and all! None of these kids are going to see their 18th birthdays living with these heinous creatures. Let UBT and Duhnelle ruin their own lives all they want, neither is fit to raise a fly, much less children.

  8. It’s 2.30am in the UK. I first heard about Jace missing via this article 5 hours ago. I can’t sleep for worrying about this kid having watched him grow up on this sh*t show. I keep checking back for updates and see his own mother is posting photos of her lunch, seemingly unconcerned, while I’m far too worried about a kid I’ve never met… I just can’t comprehend how she’s not in pieces right now.

    I assume he doesn’t have his phone because they took it away from him as punishment for running away the last time (I think I read that somewhere?), despite his location being tracked via the phone so he was safely returned and it being his one option for reaching out for help if he needed someone outside The Land to talk to. My heart breaks for this kid.

  9. I think they probably took his phone. They didn’t want him talking to Barb, badly enough that she tried for a restraining order. And I worry about those stupid traps straight out of Swampton has set all over their land. And I worry about him trying to “make a man” out of jace. And I worry jace is gonna be in MORE trouble when he gets home.

    And her not mentioning it is too weird. She’s not a celebrity celebrity, but she has what every parent of a missing child would do anything for. Media reach. She has so many platforms to put eyes out for her missing child and she is not using one of them. That’s suspicious as hell. Tmz reported on it, Jenelle use your reach and your tiktok and Insta and YouTube and instead of posting videos of editing videos high as a kite, go post a video saying hey my chaaahld, nachors, is missing please help.

  10. She’s literally garbage…. If my child was missing there would be no way that I would be posting… i would be searching for my child not posting on social media. Wow.

    1. I agree, Wouldn’t you be devastated wondering if he was cold, tired, hungry or wet? Not to mention worrying if he was dead or alive?? Or does she already know the answers? Her demeanor reminds me so much of Casey Anthony.

      1. I was thinking the exact same thing.. she must know what happened or where’s he’s at…
        Yep, Casey Anthony all over again…

      1. I think he left without his phone because it was all over the internet that the reason they tracked him down the first time was because they were pinging his phone or he was on Snapchat. He doesn’t want to be found. I just hope he is safe.

  11. “Nothing else worse can happen, mom”
    Everything from that point forward has been an absolute shit show. It’s not even drama anymore. It’s a horror show.

  12. This child is in need of help. I hope LE and CPS does their due diligence and finds the care he needs. I don’t know how much louder he needs to scream. This is incredibly sad and terrifying. I pray he is located safe and healthy. Please do not force him to go back.

  13. UBT: you better shape up or I’ll fold you like a fourth grade love letter ya hear me? Your under my thumb now PUSSY

    actual footage from the land….

    Or there was a blowout on the land after the restraining order was denied.

    Either way…. Run jace run!

  14. I’d keep running away too if I was forced to live with Jenelle and David. It’s just funny how she gave Babs so much shit for YEARS, about getting him back because she would do a much better job than Barb, and blah blah blah, and now look. Jenelle hasn’t even been his full time caregiver for 9 months yet and he runs away weekly.

  15. The way Janelle seems to carry on like normal makes me think they did something to him. I hope hes alright and that wherever he is he feels safe.

  16. The picture that tmz used of jenelle for their article.. looks like she’s on meth. She picked the side of her face to death.
    Prayers going out to Jace. He deserves to have peace in his life… for once.

  17. So THAT’s why she posted 100 pictures yesterday of her “perfect happy family vacation pictures”. Getting ahead of the press she knew would be coming today.
    That “woman” has never once put one of her kids before herself or before her husband.
    Her child is literally missing overnight and she’s on her phone doing damage control on social media so she won’t look bad. Jesus.

  18. How funny would it be if this was Jaces part time job.
    Selling stories & running away so there is a story to sell.
    Poor kid is probably trying to save up money to get put of that swamp of horrors

  19. Janelle and David are shit bags who deserve to be in jail but I do wonder if it eggs him on a little to know that there will be a media storm every time he runs away. It can’t be good for a teenage boy to get so much national attention for his actions, good or bad.

    1. I doubt he wants the spotlight on himself. I’m sure he gets crap every day at school by the kids who have seen his mom’s leaked Only Fans videos and pictures. He probably wants less attention on him, not more.
      I still can’t believe those “parents” are doing Only Fans with a slew of young kids in school, when they are public figures and they KNOW their Only Fans content is going to be seen, reported on, leaked, and shared all over social media.
      How can they do that to their own children?

  20. Every time I see he’s ran away my first thought is being afraid for Jace for how David is going to react/punish him once he gets back.

    1. That’s EXACTLY what I always think about first as well.
      It sounds messed up to say, but I feel like he’s safer out on his own than when he gets back home to face David’s wrath & punishment.

  21. At this point, Jace needs to be in a group home that has security. He should not be placed back with Janelle and David. He also should not be place back with Barbara. The terrain around Janelle’s home is extremely dangerous and I hope they find him. Enough is enough.

  22. Anyone else surprised? Nothing has changed since his 3 last attempts to escape. Why would it be expected that he is ok now?? I pray he is safe, found, and removed from that home. Rot in hell,or jail janelle and David, whatever comes first. Your time is running out.

  23. This child needs to be protected at all costs. It is clear that he is in a toxic, dysfunctional and abusive home. He is trying to save himself and he keeps being brought back to his abusers. Another CPS fail. I feel so bad for this kid.

  24. The worst part is that we all saw this coming even when Jace was a baby. It’s kind of crazy to watch the absolute destruction of a child from afar. This kid has been so utterly failed.

  25. If I had to live with David who killed nugget and their pet goat and ate it on live, I would run away and never come back. I hope DCFS gets involved and removes all their children

  26. I feel SO bad for this kid. Every adult in his life has let him down and has been a terrible example. Barbara, Jenelle, and David are incapable (or refuse to) regulate their own emotions. All 3 are brimming at the edge with rage. Jace has never seen anything but abuse and dysfunction. It’s not “normal teen behavior” to run away. Sneak out the window to go hang out with your friends for a couple hours? Sure. Running away is NOT the same thing, but she’s too dumb or delusional to differentiate that from normal behavior. Guaranteed Jace is gonna have a rap sheet before he’s even 18.

    1. Someone help those children. Why do they keep letting him go back there. Jace needs help.CPS should be held accountable if something horrible happened to him. I just don’t understand why he isn’t getting help that he needs.

  27. You can’t just take a kid or an adult off that medicine like that, it changes your brain chemistry. ADD or ADHD absolutely could be why he’s doing this..

    1. She’s always messing with his meds. Barb talked about it a couple times, which I believe because she gave specific details of each time. When Barb still had custody and Jace would go to Jenelle’s for a few days, Jenelle wouldn’t give him his meds while he was there….then he’d go back to Barb’s and be taking the meds. All that on and off is horrible for him. And there was one point where Jenelle had taken some of Jace’s meds too, which means he obviously didn’t have enough for the month, so I’m sure he missed a bunch in a row then too, before he could get the next month’s supply.
      And I think there was another med he was on for something other than ADHD and Jenelle didn’t give it to him b/c she didn’t think he needed it.

    1. And that is why my first thought was what did they do to him…is there any proof that Thursday was last known contact with him?? This child is running away for a reason, this is not normal teenage behavior, I have a 14 year old son and he has never run away!

      1. Same! My son is 14 and would never think to do such a thing. He has such a loving home and wonderful little sisters he loves dearly. We shower him with love and the safety of knowing he can come and talk to us about anything, even letting him know if he knows I’ll get upset over what he needs to talk about he needs to understand that’s ok and to admit if he’s done wrong and to expect some consequence, because that’s reality and accountability.
        Jace clearly is suffering and trying to escape whatever is going on in that house. I have never read anything about him running away from Barbara’s house. So this is alarming.

    2. CPS is garbage, imo. Sometimes you can call everything in, the person has broken terms of their safety plan to get the child back and they leave the kid with the horrible parent still (in the case I know personally, the kids almost strangled themselves with dental floss while parent was drunk with a buddy. The firefighters had to come cut it off from around their necks… so as you can see, CPS is garbage.

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