Colt Johnson’s Wife Vanessa Guerra Calls Out ’90 Day Fiance’ Production Company For Ignoring Injury Colt Got While Filming; Claims He Has $250k in Medical Bills

“Not cool, Sharp Productions.”

Coltee’s wife is not happee happy.  

Former 90 Day Fiance star Vanessa Guerra took to social media Thursday to fire off a rant at Sharp Productions–- the production company behind the “90 Day” franchise-– nearly a year after her husband, Colt Johnson, was injured while filming. On Instagram, Vanessa stated that not only had the production company not bothered to check in on Colt after his injury, but they have also left him with $250,000 in medical bills.

As The Ashley told you in January, Vanessa revealed on Instagram that Colt had sustained an injury in December that left him wheelchair-bound, on a catheter, and hospitalized for weeks. At the time, Colt had already undergone three surgeries.

The following month, Vanessa explained for the first time that the accident occurred while she and Colt were filming with Sharp Productions. 

“We were filming a scene on trampolines that went terribly wrong,” she stated. 

(We now know Colt and Vanessa were filming for 90 Day: The Last Resort when Colt was injured. According to Yahoo, Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown were brought on to the spin-off as a last-minute replacement for the couple.)

Well, now we know.

Vanessa also stated at the time that she “refuse[s] to film anymore” for the TLC series and that Colt was also “unlikely” to return, due to the show allegedly bailing on her and Colt after Colt was injured. 

Vanessa elaborated on those accusations this week, claiming people–- presumably cast members–- were mistaken if they think “Sharp gives a s**t about them.” 

“You’re only valuable for content/bringing in $$,” Vanessa wrote. EVERYONE is easily replaceable.” 

“Speak for yourself. There’s only one Cookie Dough.”

She went on to accuse the production company of not checking in on Colt in the hospital immediately after his accident because it happened over the “weekend/after business hours.” She also said Sharp gave them the runaround when they asked about insurance.

” … They couldn’t be bothered to give us the information until months later,” she claimed. “Eventually they gave us what seems like fake ass insurance to get us to stop bugging them. To this day not $1 has been paid and he’s got over $250k in hospital bills.” 

Instead of showing concern for Colt’s wellbeing, Vanessa said the production company was only concerned about whether or not she and Colt would still be able to come to Florida to film “90 Day: The Last Resort” if Colt was in a wheelchair.

She said the show even suggested they continue filming from inside the hospital to “document [Colt’s] journey.” 

Vanessa went on to post another comment to her Instagram Story insisting that she wasn’t “begging for money.”   

“We have our own health insurance to fall back on thankfully,” she added. “My point was not to expect a sh**ty company [to] do right by anybody.” 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

11 Responses

  1. As a producer I would say both sides are true. Reality tv are the cheapest shows u can make which is why the production will never pay for Colts medical bills; and I absolutely believe the production wanted the trampoline scene (I mean how much fun would it be to watch Colt and Vanessa just ignoring each other at home! no drama whereas a trampoline will give u visuals u can than write to with any relationship metaphor u can think of.) they r equally to blame by mutual exploitation. Non story

  2. Oh lord. Like the world wants to see Colt and he desperate wife Vanessa. Give it a rest Vanessa. You already said you have private medical insurance. By the way, the 2 of you are less than entertaining and as much as I dislike Colt’s mother Debbie, his lack of respect for her is awful. You and Colt are not the stars you think you are. Truthfully all of the idiots who are on the reality shows are not stars. They are fools thinking they are stars.

  3. I’d love to see a copy of the contract they signed with Sharp Media.

    Should the company cover the medical bills? Ethically, of course they should. But any contract I’ve ever seen for any reality show has the fools who choose to sign the contract all but sign their lives away.

    It is unscrupulous and disgusting, because no individual will ever be able to sign a rational agreement with these companies, but they only get away with it because so many people still choose to do so, in exchange for some money and clout that they couldn’t otherwise access.

    It is absolutely amazing to me how many idiots sign these 100-page documents without even reading them, much less insisting they review them with a lawyer. If they did, they might risk their chances to be on TV, but they wouldn’t be agreeing to give up their rights to their bodies and their persons.

    I cannot morally defend any company that places such a burden on their labor, but they also couldn’t do it if people weren’t willing to sign on.

    Without seeing the contract, I can’t say with certainty, but contracts from far less shady productions make it clear that the signee could die in their care and they’re not responsible; agreeing to provide one’s own insurance for “work” with little assurance of their safety seems standard.

    It’s disgusting, but it’s been normalized because it is an unregulated industry without a union to protect “the talent.”

    It is bullshit that the personal insurance for which many other regular people pay into is the one that ends up covering the costs of injuries sustained in what should be a workplace, but it’s the other members who are the injured party here, not the idiots who agree to sign such a one-sided contract.

    Coltee and Vanessa do not have $250,000 in medical bills; their insurance company does, which means all of its members do. Colt may have residual medical problems for the rest of his life, and no matter how much of a piece of shit he is, I’d never wish that on anyone.

    But, they can miss me with their whinging about their medical bills, as if they are the ones paying for them.

    They signed a contract that seems to put an unacceptable burden on the individual, and I would like to see Sharp and every other company be forced to change their SOP.

    But, I’d also like for the morons who are willing to sign their lives away to appear on TV and earn money for having nothing to offer beyond being modern-day sideshow freaks actually call out these companies before their bodies or their reputations are injured.

    If they didn’t continue to sign and RE-sign their rights away without complaint until they stopped profiting from it, the industry would be forced to change.

    Instead, tons of skilled and experienced workers have not had a job in eons, because the networks have had little incentive to work with the unions attempting to get reasonable compensation for the work of their members, because the fuckwits willing to sell their souls to appear on reality TV have served as scabs for the season.

    I’m guilty for watching this schlock, the “talent” is guilty for agreeing to unacceptable contracts and not complaining when they can parlay their crappy little appearances into money-making social media schilling, and the productions are most guilty for propagating a business model that takes advantage of fame-hungry morons.

    Meanwhile, crap like 90 Days: The Eleventieth Spin-Off and Buddy Games continue to fill our screens, while the side of the industry that relies on actual artists who have made a career out of working hard to be recognized for and using their skills ground to a halt, with reduced bargaining power because crappy people line up to be taken advantage of by companies who take advantage of them.

    And they keep signing on, agreeing to accept the responsibility of letting other hard-working people pay for the medical coverage that ensures they are NOT facing $250,000 of medical bills for doing stupid shit for money and exposure.

    It’s all hella grimy, and the most exploited in a business of exploitation only sound the alarm when they are faced with more of the consequences than benefits from agreeing to be a cog in this machine.

    Sharp was no less of “a shitty company” before they led to Coltee’s being physically injured, but these losers were all cool with their shitty company when they were making money from them for doing nothing productive but being their shitty selves.

    Sharp has a lot to answer for, and I will never defend them. But they had as much to answer for before these two piles of human waste could try to gain public sympathy by falsely suggesting they had staggering medical bills because of their shittiness.

  4. She wants another 15 minutes of fame and is mad she isn’t getting it. If they have there own insurance that is paying for this why would TLC give them 250k in expenses they are not out any money. Someone thought they were going to get rich off this and is bitter they are not.

  5. Girl we already know you’re mad you’re not filming. Okay bye!
    Truly I doubt anyone wants to watch these two. I know I DONT.

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