“90 Day Fiance” Star Colt Johnson Left Unable to Walk After Accident; His Wife Vanessa Updates Fans On His Multiple Surgeries & Long Hospital Stay


Colt(ee) is injured(ee).

Vanessa Guerra— the wife of 90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson— took to Instagram on Saturday to inform their fans of an accident that Colt sustained in early December that has left him wheelchair-bound, on a catheter, and hospitalized for weeks. The post comes just days after Vanessa stated on Instagram Stories that they were “recovering” from something major.

“On December 2nd, Colt suffered an accident which caused a dislocated and broken leg,” Vanessa wrote in the caption of several photos that showed Colt in the hospital. “Tibia/fibula along with torn meniscus. He was hospitalized for 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks he had 2 surgeries. With all the pain meds/anesthesia he received, his bladder stopped working and has been on a catheter since.”

Vanessa stated that Colt has already had to have three surgeries and they’ve had to move from their apartment so that Colt could access it when he came home.


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“He is unable to put any weight on the leg, can’t bend it and is wheelchair bound,” she wrote. “His 3rd surgery was a couple of days ago to remove the hardware he had to keep his leg straight. It’s been a rough journey. I had to move us from our second-story apartment within a few days due to him not being able to go up stairs.”

According to Vanessa, Colt will need to relearn how to walk.

“His recovery time is expected to be 6-8 months. Physical therapy will be added in the next month or 2 for him to be able to learn how to walk again.

“Regardless of how you may feel about him, this has been extremely hard physically, mentally and emotionally. He could really use words of encouragement & all the support he can get. Thanks everyone,” she added.

“I didn’t even get a Get Well Soon card from Cookie Dough the cat! WTF?”

While many of Colt and Vanessa’s “90 Day Fiance” co-stars sent their well wishes to Colt, many fans jumped on the opportunity to call out Colt (and Vanessa) for the way they treated Colt’s mother, Debbie Johnson, on the recently aired season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

“Karma came to visit him for payback! Sucks to suck dude,” one person wrote in the comment section of Vanessa’s post.

“He’ll find a way to blame this on Debbie too,” someone else wrote. 

 “I never wish ill will upon anyone. In fact, I wish Colt a healthy and speedy recovery. However be mindful of the laws of life, we reap what we sow…” someone else wrote.

“I’m not saying you guys are right. I’m also not saying you guys are wrong.”

In an Instagram Story posted recently, Vanessa insisted that, despite what fans may think, Colt and Debbie didn’t become estranged “out of the blue.” 

“It was not out of the blue,” she told a fan. “If you go back and watch the end of ‘Happily [Ever After]’, he was trying to set boundaries more politely back then. Not being heard/ validated for so long caused frustration.”

(Vanessa added, though, that she had spoken to Debbie a few days before.) 

Colt and Debbie have yet to post about his accident.

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15 Responses

  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw the headlines was “KARMA” is a bitch! He treated his mother so bad now he is getting his! I don’t care what’s going on between your mother and you, you don’t talk to your mother and disrespect her like that after she has raised you!!

  2. So sorry to hear of your accident and I wish you a full recovery. Hang in there and stay positive. It is a long road, but you will make it.
    Best wishes.

  3. I wish you a very healthy recovery Colt..I love you and your mother and Vanessa. We all have family stuff the only difference for y’all the whole world saw what TLC allowed us to see. People are judgey try to ignore negative in life and focus on Positive! Your mom raised a caring loving person and Vanessa loves you! ❤️

  4. If you can’t show kindness to someone when they are at their lowest, it says more about you than it does anyone else.

  5. I’m sorry and hope you have a successful recovery and I also hope you have a successful reconciliation with your mom. She didn’t deserve the horrible disrespect you gave her on national tv. Maybe now you will appreciate your mother more than ever. Life is short so be a loving son and treat your mother better.

    1. I checked it too because I was skeptical but the pin is in the skin and unfortunately I also saw his wee in the catheter line when I had a closer look at his leg.
      I expect anything from this lying and manipulative jerk but this seems to be real.

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