‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Considering Leaving The Land in North Carolina & Moving to Florida (Exclusive Details)

“Peace out to my ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ life in North Carolina!”

Jenelle Evans’ days as The Lady of The Land may be numbered.

TMZ broke the news on Thursday (and The Ashley can confirm) that the newly reinstated Teen Mom star is considering moving from her home on The Land in North Carolina to Florida. The site reports that Jenelle even toured several homes in Central Florida earlier this month when she was visiting castmate Briana DeJesus in Florida. 

“Jenelle is serious about relocating … our sources tell us her move could happen as soon as the next 90 days, but she’s also considering just waiting until her divorce is finalized in eight months,” TMZ reported.

While it may seem like Jenelle is making a rash decision to leave her infamous home on The Land (and the state of North Carolina), The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle has been considering a move to Florida for months— well before she split with her husband David Eason in February.

“Back when Jenelle and David were still together, they had been talking about moving to Florida,” one source tells The Ashley. “As far back as October, they had serious discussions about leaving the state as soon as David’s court cases [for allegedly abusing Jenelle’s oldest son Jace] were over. They’ve wanted out of North Carolina for a long time because they thought it was unfair to them legally.” 

In addition, the source states that Jenelle was also briefly considered moving to Las Vegas, a city she visited for the first time earlier this year.

“All y’all kids, pack yer bags! We’re moving up and OUT of this swamp!”

As for the legality of Jenelle relocating with her three kids–it may get tricky. Currently Jenelle has full custody of her second son, Kaiser, whom she shares with Nathan Griffith, so she would not have issues moving Kaiser away. (Nathan is currently in Las Vegas, but Jenelle was not considering moving there because of him, according to The Ashley’s sources.) 

Jenelle recently regained custody of her oldest son, Jace. However, Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans still has court-ordered visitation with the 14-year-old, so it’s unknown how Barb would get her time with Jace should Jenelle HIGH! HIGH! tail it to Sunshine State. Currently, though, Jenelle’s custody agreement does not regulate where Jenelle can live with Jace, just that Barb is allowed to see him for certain amounts of time.

“As much as ya motha could use some fun in tha sun, I’m not drivin’ may caahhh all the way to Florida, Juh-nelle! Ya hop in ya car and bring him!” 

Moving her youngest child, Ensley, might create a problem for Jenelle, however, due to the fact that Ensley’s father is David, and the exes have a divorce filing in North Carolina.

According to the legal separation paperwork filed by Jenelle in February (and obtained by The Ashley), North Carolina is named as the “home state” for Ensley under the law, as far as their court case is concerned. It is also named as the “proper jurisdiction” for Jenelle’s divorce case “for the determination of all rights and obligations, custody, and support of [Ensley].”

(This does not mean that Jenelle herself can’t leave the state; it simply means that all court hearings relating to the divorce, child support, etc. will take place in North Carolina and Jenelle would have to come back for some of them.) 

Currently, no permanent parenting plan has been created for Ensley. Since there is no legal custody agreement in place, David still has equal access to Ensley and can ask that she be brought back to North Carolina. 

During a TikTok Live session with Briana on Wednesday night, Jenelle even dropped a hint that she was ready to leave The Land and move away.

“I just hate being here,” Jenelle told Bri. “Which, you know, we’ve talked about it last week or whatever. I feel better when I’m not here, like, not in this location, you know? I’m not as uptight; I notice my mood is better. I’m more relaxed…

“I feel like, here, I’m always lookin’ over my back and… the nighttime just sucks…. I try not to think about it and, hopefully, I can get over it soon and find a better..” Jenelle said before trailing off. “…start. I can’t say much because, you know…”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Instagram; Facebook; MTV)

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  1. In that photo Ensley’s head sill looks mis-shapen. Poor kid! I remember Kayla Sessler getting Izia a helmet to fix his head when he was a baby. It’s so sad they didn’t do that for Ensley.

    1. She has David’s peanut head. Spitting image. Not talking shit about the kid, it just is what it is. Genetics.

  2. David is going to start wooing her back ASAP so he can get his name on her Floridian property, too.

  3. i can already see the ‘florida woman’ headlines. 📰🗞️🧟‍♀️🐊🗑️✅

  4. Jenelle has a multiple CPS investigations, court fillings with her mom, and is going through a divorce with UBT.

    Of course she thinks that she can just move to get away from her problems.

    But she has a bunch of problems, no one wants that swampland she calls a home, that the house is sinking in. So she’s not getting any money out of it, and will still have to pay taxes and whatever mortgage she has on it.

    If UBT does get some custody, even supervised visitations, she will have to bring Ensley back for that, so what is she going to do pull Ensley out of school and drive NC so that UBT can spend 2 hours with Ensley once or twice a week?

    Jace is like 14/15, he’s already had so many issues and problems and no stability in his life, does moving really seems like a good idea.

    This is the same shit addicts do, they have problems, so they think if they move all there problems go away. But they are the same person just in a new location, so they create the same problems all over again and act surprised when it happens.

  5. I feel like with aggressive as Florida people are and as dumb and aggressive as she is, someone’s going to shoot her if she moves there.

  6. 1. David would never allow Jenelle to move Ensley out of state, regardless of how much he’s actually seeing the girl
    2. Their divorce won’t be finalized in 8 months, it hasn’t even been filed yet. She filed for legal separation in February and they need to be living apart for one year to be able to file for divorce
    3. Jenelle wanted to move to Florida with UBT when his little case with Jace was over because she doesn’t give af about her kids, just what she wants to do

  7. As a mom, I would never recommend moving to Florida! Desantis is very pro dad! There’s a law that says unless certain criteria that fathers automatically get 50/50. So if David doesn’t get convicted of harming Jace I don’t see how she could use his arrests against him. I live here and have experienced it! And even though my kids dad can’t take them sometimes bc of work and I take them, he still has 50/50 bc court doesn’t care how responsible the other parent is. Its a sucky system

    1. I live in Florida and my David-esque ex-husband got zero custody and they gave me a protection order against him that protects the kids too. Sheriff sent a deputy out while they were hunting him for Written Threat to Kill (texting me that he was going to kill me) to let me know that I would be completely within my rights to put him down if he showed up and to just call them to haul the body off.

      Florida is a great place. Getting to expensive and overbuilt because of non-Floridians moving here, but the Florida Spirit is still alive and well. That said, Jenelle wouldn’t last long. All her bullshit 911 calls would land her in jail because they they’re not about that nonsense.

      1. Well maybe it’s the county I’m from, bc my neighbor called the cops bc my ex was chasing me, I had marks on my body from him, and the lovely cops made him leave for the night. Come to find out, they never even made a police report about it. So when I tried to use it in court it was like it never existed. I have single mom friends with similar situations.

        And yes it’s very expensive here! Florida has its upsides for sure, but my experience as a mom is not good at all. And again, I’ve seen it happen to others. Not like Jenelle is a great mom by any means but I do think she’s better than David. Which is sad

  8. David will fit right in as a “Florida Man” when they get back together and he moves there. North Carolina will probably pay for her move and buy her swampy abode just to get rid of her.

  9. Really Jenelle? North Carolina has been more than lenient with these two nightmare human beings. The amount of times they’ve dodged arrests there, the fact that they got their children back, and the amount of times they called 911 with no consequences over their domestic disputes it’s despicable. And Briana, I’m sure being Jenelle’s long distance ally was fun but good luck being her only friend in Florida 😂

  10. It would make sense to wait until there’s a custody agreement with Ensley and the divorce I’d final. Also, who’s going to want to buy a sinking house that hasn’t been kept up? The land would be easier to sell than that house. Maybe she’s hoping David wants it?

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