EXCLUSIVE! Briana DeJesus Reportedly Joining Cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ for Season 8: Get All the Details!

“Hmm…I wonder what I should spend my first million on?”

After seven seasons of drama from Jenelle EvansKail LowryChelsea Houska and Leah Messer, MTV is planning to shake things up for the upcoming eighth season of Teen Mom 2.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the show’s production team is planning to add a fifth girl to the ‘TM2’ lineup…and the cast and crew are not happy about it.

From what The Ashley hears, the show’s producers are bringing Teen Mom 3 girl Briana DeJesus to ‘Teen Mom 2.’ In fact, The Ashley has already been tipped off by several people who have seen Briana filming with the crew.

(For those that are assuming that this is just a ‘Teen Mom 3’ catch-up special that’s being filmed or something, The Ashley can assure you that’s not the case.)

Anyway, Briana will be added into the mix with the regular girls, which means the four original girls will see a reduction of their screen time next season– if they even agree to be on the show with Briana at all! (Several of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls have had “beef” with Briana in the past.)

Most of the cast and crew now know of MTV’s plan to bring Briana on-board, but a production source tells The Ashley that MTV was hoping to keep her casting a secret from the girls, in hopes that they could film their real-time reactions to the news.

(After all, it worked out well for the network when they blindsided Maci Bookout with the news that Farrah Abraham was coming back to Teen Mom OG a few years back; Maci gave them a made-for-TV reaction!)

A crew source tells The Ashley that the crew is not thrilled about having to add trips to Florida into their already busy travel schedules in order to film Briana’s scenes.

Briana is currently pregnant with her second child, which will surely add to the drama in her scenes. (She’s due to give birth in July.) Another source of drama may be the fact that Briana and her sister Brittany are very good friends with ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Javi Marroquin. (At one time, they were good friends with Kail as well; they even got plastic surgery together last year! However, The Ashley is not sure where the girls’ friendship with Kail currently stand.)

Briana barely got the coveted spot on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ however. The Ashley’s sources tell her that it was between her and her former ‘Teen Mom 3’ co-star Mackenzie McKee, and producers went with Briana due to her pregnancy and the potential she has to bring high drama.

The Ashley will update this story when she gets more information! Stay tuned!

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  1. This is not cool 1sy ofc she not a. Part of the teen moms we dont want another girl to join then now after all this we are used to the other girls im not understanding the whole point in bringing her on. The show now there is to much the others ate doing its a big mistake to add another girl

  2. The current cast has become so entitled that they’ve refused to film and as a result, the show ratings have dropped. Solution? Cancel the show and force these entitled brats to get real jobs and a taste of what it’s like to be an actual parent with everyday worries, bills, and responsibilities. Problem solved.

  3. Grasping at straws. Just let the show die MTV jfc. I’m glad that Chelsea has a happy family and is stable right now but I hate to say it, she’s boring. And if I have to hear her and Cole talk like 2 year olds again I’m gonna snap. She is grown up but not mature in the slightest, just very lucky to have a helpful family and a man just dumb enough to put up with it all (even tho I do like Cole, no denying he’s very simple) Leah finally seems to be doing decently. She gets all long with Corey and Jeremy (sometimes). She’s calmed down quite a bit and I’m glad to see it. Jenelle and kailyn don’t deserve camera time. The witches they are. They get to treat everyone like garbage because they don’t need anyone’s help or money because MTV keeps rewarding their bitchy behavior. Honestly the only one I want to see is Kail so I can watch her squirm once baby number 3 gets here and she has no help because she scared everyone off. After I see her get her karma I’m good. I’m not interested in Briana at all.

  4. Hope they drop Kail(who constantly says she won’t talk about things and doesn’t want to film) and replace her with Bri!

  5. LOL they’re replacing Adam with Briana. Briana is an absolute train wreck…and with Chelsea and Kail trying to be more “private” and Jenelle becoming more and more difficult…even Kail is becoming pretty difficult to film with…I can see why they think it’s a “smart” move to add this idiot to the show.

  6. I don’t really understand why they would care. If they are getting paid the same amount, it’s not like the format of the show requires them to hang out with her.

  7. Hopefully..operative word Briana is a teenager.
    Please replace ALL of the ADULTS WITH TEENAGERS. The adults are not a good example for teenagers..their choices are atrocious at best.
    They are disrespectful to staff and they treat them horribly.
    Let the Adults of Teen Mom..and Teen Moon OG surrender their roles to real TEENS..

  8. The only one worth watching would be Mack. No one wants to see Brianna. Get new girls…ones who are actually teen moms.

  9. Because Teen Mom 3 was so popular….? Seriously though, as much as I like Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, the girls aren’t teens anymore and none of them are really struggling. I’d rather they revive 16 & Pregnant, at least those girls appeared (on screen at least) to be having a hard time.

  10. They don’t have the drama from Chelsea. She has clearly outgrown the show and dynamic of her family is much too calm and normal for the show. Not a surprise to me at all.

  11. I would love, love LOVE it if they axed Jenelle and continued with Barbara. I mean, since Jenelle refuses to film with Barb and Barb is much more endearing and entertaining that her train-wreck daughter, Briana can take Jenelle’s screen time! It would be doing Jenelle a service since that goon David would dump her even sooner that way!

    1. Right? And filming is a source of income that’s directly beneficial to Jace and his well-being.

      Doesn’t Barb only get paid for the time she films? If Juh-nelle honestly had the best interest of that little boy in mind (or literally anything in her mind at all), why on Earth would she want to sever a line of income that’s helpful for her son? No matter whose bank account it’s coming from?

      Without the show, I think UBT eventually bails. Once the Missing Link is gone, I’m pretty sure tension between Barb and Juh-nelle calms. The spotlight is not good for her. A massive dose of living a normal life and the humbling experience of working a normal job would probably be the kick in the ass that girl needs.

  12. I would have rather seen Akexa or Katie but then I could never understand why they cancelled that show. I liked it better than the other two!

  13. Terrible idea MTV! People watch for the girls they have followed since the beginning- however much of a train wreck they may be lol. Adding in a fifth girl is just going to give the people we actually want to see less screen time, causing people to stop watching the show and leading to a cancellation.

  14. Bring MacKenzie too! She is as fame desperate as Briana! And Nikkole for good measure LOL. Drop Chelsea (who doesn’t want to film ANYWAY!) and Leah (she is becoming boring because she has little to no drama now).

    1. Yeah I disagree with this… People should see some ‘normal’ teen moms on tv, who have normal relationships with their children and S/o (well, Chelsea). They need to stop feeding the fame hungry ones, because they’ll only get worse… (sorry for any mistakes, English is my third language 🙂 )

  15. Ugh what a stupid move by MTV, no viewers care about this new girl who was on for one episode. Who cares? Besides that viewers have seen Issac/Jace/Ali Aleeah/Aubrey grow up along with their parents (well a couple of them.) It’s too weird adding in a new girl/kids no really cares to watch. Sometimes I fast forward on Chelsea’s segments as it is.

  16. Ugh, I hope not. I’d much rather watch one of the lesser-known girls from 16 & Pregnant. One who isn’t a fame whore.

  17. I would be so sad if Chelsea leaves. I love little Aubree and their relationship. I’m so happy for Chelsea too, you see the flash backs from previous episodes when she was so “in love” with the idea of Adam and then how far she’s come, she’s a great example. I use to think her dad was such an enabler but I think his unconditional love actually helped to get her to where she is today. I think she stayed focused on herself and Aubree and then life fell into place for her! She’s the only cast member who always makes me smile.
    Although, Leah is doing much better! She seems much more mature since therapy. Kail is her own worst enemy and can be so selfish with her decisions. Janelle ALWAYS YELLING. Stop Janelle, I get tired of reaching for the remote to turn it down for all your segments. And I wish she would stop referring to Jace as “my son” like he’s a piece of property. His name is Jace, call him by his name!

    1. Same! Her segments are the only ones where I’m smiling – the rest I just want to chuck my TV out the window. I’m very happy for her and how far she’s come and love seeing a family have a stable, normal life. Refreshing, as I feel awful watching the damage done to the other children on the show 🙁

  18. I didn’t watch teen mom 3 because I literally didn’t care about the girls at all.
    If they really are replacing one of the TM2 moms, I’ll be so disappointed
    And if they are just adding an extra girl, that makes no sense @ all.
    If ratings are down, surely this won’t help them ?

  19. My big wish is this is MTV getting revenge on JE..give her about 2 min air time then give 10 min to this trashbag and then the rest to Babs and Jace

  20. Ugh no..
    All she did was sit on her couch all season. Then when she finally got off the couch, she had to have someone hold her hand. She couldn’t do anything by herself

  21. My first thought when I read this was that Chelsea is leaving the show and that’s why they had to add another girl…

  22. I’m noticing lots of downvotes on everyone’s valid comments about Brianna being added seemingly randomly and how it’s not a good or exciting idea, but I’m not actually seeing any comments from people who think it’s a good idea to add her to the show. Are her friends and family just coming on here to downvote but not leaving any positive comments themselves? It always seems shady when you suddenly find loads of downvotes without any actual comments to back them up…

    1. It might be a combination of Briana/her fans, + that one commenter who occasionally comes here and says, ‘I like to downvote everyone cuz it’s fun, ha ha!’ I haven’t seen her actually post in a while, but she might still be lurking around, downvoting + getting her jollies. So weird!

  23. She wasn’t that interesting on her season of Teen Mom; she, her mom and her sister slept a lot. She and her boyfriend hauled each other to court over FB messages to manufacture some drama and it didn’t work; both sides got tossed out. Going to take a hard pass on this season, too.

    1. But…but..but…she’s the stereotypical teen mom! An enabling mother! A sister to argue with! No father around! Deadbeat baby daddy! No college degree or job! Pregnant again with baby daddy number 2! And now a tv show to fund her ridiculous life…urgh.

  24. Teen Mom 2 is like passing a car accident… It’s so awful but I can’t look away. Please MTV don’t make it worse with Briana’s ratchet ass.

  25. You know how in the Brady Bunch when the last season was floundering they brought in cousin Oliver? I think this is just like that lol.

  26. Teen Mom 3 was canceled after 1 season for a reason. To bring her in seems odd and maybe desperate at this point. Is MTV worried that Chelsea has grown up and decided the show isn’t necessary and they need to add someone before she quits because if she stays for 8 I would be surprised because she seemed over it in 7. Also if Jenelle won’t film if Barb is on then who knows what will happen then. I think adding a mom from a failed season isn’t the answer. I love the show but they should stop beating a dead horse and just be done with it. Truthfully though , what does MTV have besides Teen Mom. Maybe Catfish but I only watch MTV for Teen Mom and Jersey Shore reruns

    1. @Farrahs Plastic Face

      Cole and Chelsea are the most stable/normal couple of both series. Also both do have jobs, Cole doesn’t seem keen on being involved in Dr. Drew’s armchair ramblings and is only there as support for Chelsea. I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to raise his child on television, Aubrey is now his child too but Chelsea raised her mostly by herself and with the support of family so he doesn’t exactly have the same authority in Aubrey’s upbringing as he does in their son.

      It would make perfect sense for their to opt out of another season with the stress of meeting with producers/dragging Adam out for storylines/manufacturing interesting storylines/caring for a baby/having to travel for their aftershows.

      1. Daddy randy helped a lot

        Hope these two baby voices annoying bores leave the show, they’ll not be missed

        1. Why is a normal, stable, drama free life such a bad thing?? Yeah she doesn’t have drama to entertain us but this is this girl’s actual life..I just don’t get why some people are annoyed by that? Like would you rather Chelsea act like Jenelle? I think Chelsea is a breath of fresh air after watching Jenelles melt down of the minute and screaming at Babs. Thank goodness for The Ashley’s recaps because I seriously can’t watch Jenelle anymore, I almost threw my remote through the TV the last time I did and decided no more lol.

          1. Chelsea’s segments are so enjoyable to watch, to be able to take a break from the insanity of the rest of the cast. I would love her to stay but would also be happy for her if she left.

  27. Jesus God (Leah). Please don’t let this be true. This girl annoys me soooo much. Whiny, hyporcite bitch.

  28. Damn I was hoping they were replacing her with Jenelle…why not put her on TMOG and get rid of Farrah for good?!

  29. The heck? I have so many questions. Why randomly add a new member? Of all people to pick, why her? Why are we expected to care about this person none of us have kept up with in years? How on Earth did she get this gig?

  30. What the hell? This is too weird. After 8 seasons they can’t just add a new story with a new girl. I know she was on Teen Mom 3 but that was a while ago and it was for just one season. I don’t understand why they are doing this at all.

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