Exclusive Interview: ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Alex Sekella– Where Is She Now?

Alex's official MTV photo from 2013.
Alex’s official MTV photo from 2013.

It’s been nearly two years since MTV’s Teen Mom 3 went off the air. The show, which featured girls from the fourth season of the MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, failed to capture audiences the way its predecessors, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have done, and it was cancelled after only one season on the air.

Since the last episode aired in November 2013, the four stars of the show– Alex SekellaKatie YeagerBriana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee— have chosen different career paths. Briana will be appearing on the upcoming family season of Couples Therapy, while Mackenzie has kept herself in the news by getting breast implants and getting caught up in an elaborate sex tape scandal.

Alex and Katie have kept a much lower profile, however. In this special  series of articles, The Ashley will update the show’s fans on their lives today. Alex, who spoke to The Ashley about life after MTV, has rejected the life of a reality star in favor of being a normal young mom.

“It is a very stressful process to go through,” Alex said of having her life filmed for a reality TV show.

A recent photo of Alex with her current boyfriend, Tim
A recent photo of Alex with her current boyfriend, Tim

Alex and her daughter, Arabella, are still living in Pennsylvania, but their lives have changed drastically since the show. Alex is no longer involved with Arabella’s father, Matt McCann (and hasn’t been for years.) The couple, whose tumultuous relationship was the subject of most of Alex’s ‘Teen Mom 3’ segments, now rarely speak.

“There is very little communication,” Alex said. “Almost a year ago he moved out of state but he has called to speak to Arabella. From what he has told me he is catching up on child support and working toward being a better father.”

Matt is currently living in Idaho and is engaged. According to a recent interview Matt did with Teen Mom Junkies, he and his fiance Lekota are expecting a baby boy in January 2016. He has been sober for several years after struggling with an addiction to heroin.

Alex has also moved on in her love life. She has been dating a man named Tim for the past nine months. She is now working for a financial institution and says that she lives a very normal life off of reality TV. Her four-year-old daughter Arabella is thriving.

“She started Pre-Kindergarten in March and has been doing dance classes and gymnastics,” Alex said. “She is most definitely turning into Little Miss Personality!”

While Alex says that she would consider doing a ‘Teen Mom 3’ catch-up special if she were approached by MTV, she said the possibility of that happening is unlikely.

Arabella, Tim and Alex on a recent outing
Arabella, Tim and Alex on a recent outing

“I have not heard of anything,” she said, adding that she is still occasionally recognized by the show’s fans. “There have been a few people who [recognize us]. They are very nice and ask how we are doing.”

While she’s no longer on the show, Alex does keep up with her ‘Teen Mom 3’ cast mates. When news of a sex tape featuring Mackenzie broke earlier this year, Alex said she spoke to Mackenzie about it.

“I think it was far-fetched,” she said of the scheme.

Rest assured that there won’t be any sex tape scandals involving Alex; She says she’s content to stay out of the public eye.

“I am currently focused on Arabella, my career, my family and Tim,” Alex said. “I would like to purchase a home one year from now and I’m working really hard for that. Five years from now, I’m hoping to settle down with someone and have more children.”

Still, she believes she made the right decision to appear on ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom 3.’

“[16 and Pregnant] is a learning tool for sex education,” she said. “I definitely do not regret doing ‘Teen Mom 3.’ I met amazing people through the show and it was a great experience.”

Check back in tomorrow for another ‘Teen Mom 3’ catch-up interview!

(Photos: Top Photo: MTV, Other courtesy of Alex Sekella)


  1. It’s really too bad that this little girl couldn’t pull her sh*t together and make the right decisions. She had it all laid out for her, a potential family for her baby, a job, a place to live, a dream of owning a dance studio. Her selfishness won out and she opted to keep the baby, then her steadfast mother caved and let her move back home. Alex’s mother should’ve been tough and said, “No.” Maybe her daughter would’ve learned how to say, “No” too. Stupid.

  2. My god girl. I’ve just watched your 16 and pregnant episode, you and Arabella are so much better off without Matt, and I’m happy to see your happy with someone new who is probably the dad you and your lil girl need, best of luck for your future honey xx

  3. Ugh, I remember her. She was such a nasty b*tch to everyone including her own family.
    Too bad Matt hasn’t stepped up as a parent.

  4. glad she and matt are doing well. hopefully she calmed down because i felt really bad for the baby having to listen to her screaming all the time. girl couldn’t speak with yelling lol

  5. Does anyone know what she does for a career? She has no education, what career could she possibly have?

    1. How do you know she has no education? It’s been years she could very possibly have graduated or gotten her GED… It says she works see a financial institute… She would need at a GED to work there… Don’t judge people… In years a person could do & accomplish a lot of things…

  6. Nice that someone is growing into a grounded adult from the series. And since it was mentioned…what is happening with Mackenzie’s sex tape?? Wasn’t it supposed to be released imminently after the news broke…and then it was crickets. She hasn’t even been on gossip blogs at all…what’s happening?

    1. Yes, hella annoying. Then again her bf was a drug addict and they were babies having a baby so I get it. I probably would have been the worst, too.

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