‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Matt McCann is Married! See the Wedding Photos

"We're hitched!"
“We’re hitched!”

Teen Mom 3 star Matt McCann is a married man!

Matt, who starred alongside his ex-girlfriend Alex Sekella on ‘Teen Mom 3’ and 16 and Pregnant, married his longtime fiance, Lekota Koch, over the weekend. Lekota excitedly shared the news of their marriage on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, along with a few photos of the ceremony.

“Means a lot to Matt and I how supportive you all are. Thank you,” she wrote last night on Twitter.

It appears that Matt married Lekota, who is currently nine months pregnant with his son, at home in front of the Christmas tree.

“He started crying and I started crying. He’s literally so perfect,” Lekota wrote of the ceremony. “So blessed to have this man as my husband.”

The couple is originally from Pennsylvania but currently lives in Idaho. Lekota is due to give birth to their son, whom they plan to name Matthew Jr., in January. It will be the first child for Lekota and the second child for Matt, who shares daughter Arabella with Alex.

The couple married in front of their Christmas tree...
The couple married in front of their Christmas tree…

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley in October, Matt talked about how he has overcome his nasty drug addiction in the years since we last saw him on ‘Teen Mom 3.’ (He has been sober for three years and seven months.)

“Since the show has ended, I have worked so hard to get my life in order,” Matt said. “During the filming of ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom 3’ I was heavily using whatever [drugs] I could get hold of. At that time I was already so deep into my addiction nothing could have pulled me out, sadly not even Arabella at the time.”

Matt credited Lekota with helping him kick his drug addiction.

“Lekota and her family, they took me in and helped me get back on my feet,” Matt told The Ashley.“To them I am incredibly grateful.”

Alex has yet to comment on her ex-boyfriend’s marriage.

(Photos: Instagram)


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  1. Well this is great news! I don’t think anyone gave him enough credit while he was high high high! and filming he seemed to be the most rational teen dad ever about having a baby so young. I remember him saying in a heroin stupor “this is why babies shouldn’t have babies”, and he pushed for adoption. Most of the other teen dads that were sober weren’t even thinking that clear headed. Anyway, good for him and I hope he has a wonderful future with his wife and two children!

  2. I would have bet Matt would end up in prison or dead, I’m so happy to be wrong. Congratulations on the baby and marriage to you both. Matt, you rock, beating addiction is hard, so glad you did it.

  3. Good for him. Drug addiction is HARD to kick and it’s even harder to admit all the bad things you’ve done as a result of addiction. Good for him.

  4. addiction Can be overcome. i can’t believe alex and her constant screaming didn’t entice him into recovery! seriously, that girl had two volumes, loud and louder, could Not speak without screaming. not that it was her fault it started, just saw then that all she was doing was giving him another excuse, making him hate her And feel like a pos, Not helping lol. i hope she’s a happier person now too.

    1. There’s nothing functional or proper that one should be expected to do while in a relationship with an addict, except LEAVE. At that time, he was not willing to get clean. She was probably sick of crying and asking nicely, when nothing was working. I’d be screaming as well. Not sure how she held it together so well as it is.

      1. exactly, and she didn’t. she was bound and determined she was going to punish him as much as possible and all that did was make her miserable and have the baby around screaming all the time. even for a teenager, she was a bitch. i never saw her cry or say anything like a normal person, much less nicely. she didn’t hold it together, her mom did.

    2. She was also a teenager. I don’t condone her behavior, but I’m not sure how anyone would act being 17 with a kid, being financially unstable, and then having the person that you love and had a child with is on and off drugs and not able to be truly be there for you. That’s a lot on top of a lot… There’s better ways to handle that, sure, but at 17 I’m not sure I could have expected her to be better.

  5. First, I have to say congrats on the wedding, the new baby coming soon, and the sobriety. It’s nice to hear he is doing well.

    During TM3 I never would have thought Matt would have come so far. He was the male Jenelle, without all the extra penises. It makes me wonder where Jenelle, Leah, and the rest of those train wrecks would be if their respective shows had been cancelled after their first season. I am sure some of their journeys would have been pretty similar to what they have been, but it’s nice to think maybe they wouldn’t have been so horrific.

    1. “without all the extra penises” hahahahahahah. And true, it’s hard to say how much being on TV is hurting their problems. Given some other girls who didn’t get a teen mom franchise after 16&P have also gone on to drugs, stripping, and prostitution I’d say their futures would still be bleak. But I imagine the stress of filming a show and the public always scrutinizing them doesn’t help matters either.

  6. I never would have recognized him in these pictures! Maybe because he has a long beard now. Anyway, good for them. Lekota looks pretty

  7. Well done Matt! It’s nice to see him doing so well. Congrats to the happy couple and all the best with the new baby.

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