Farrah Abraham Feuds with ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars: See the Latest Mean Comments Exchanged

Amber's like, "Um...but are we lying? No."
Amber’s like, “Um…but are we lying? No.”

By Holly Rasmussen

Another day, another feud involving Farrah Abraham! The Teen Mom: OG star is once again in an argument with her cast mates via social media.

It all started on Snapchat…which is essentially the MySpace of today. As The Ashley previously reported the ‘Teen Mom OG’ gals were in town to film the Season 5B After-Show and decided to do a book-signing with Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry afterward. (Farrah was not invited, naturally.)

After work, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Kail went out and proceeded to party hard. In a Snapchat posted by Kail from that night, Catelynn can be heard making a toast to Farrah.

“To Farrah, that f*cking hoebag. Amen to that bitch!” Catelynn says, which led to the group cheering. (As The Ashley reported, Farrah allegedly made the weekend of filming difficult for her cast mates and the ‘Teen Mom’ crew, which may have been one of the reasons Cate made the impromptu toast.)

Farrah was livid when she found out about the Snapchat. Naturally, she took to Twitter, Instagram and any other social media outlet she could think of to respond to what Catelynn had said.

“I wouldn’t want this recorded either Maci, Amber, Kailyn,” she captioned a repost of the Snapchat video. Farrah then called the other girls pathetic parents and trash in the hashtags.

Amber wasn’t letting it slide, however. She responded to Farrah via Twitter.

“One person said something…what a weird ass way to react. Lol. And obviously we didn’t care if it was record,” she tweeted.

"For the last time, IT.WAS.A.PRIVATE.FILM."
“For the last time, IT.WAS.A.PRIVATE.FILM.”

Catelynn also responded to Farrah’s tweets.

“Trash? Pathetic parents? ROFL. It’s called one night out!” Catelynn wrote, before taking a jab at Farrah for being away from her daughter Sophia all the time. “Some like to be gone for months at a time. The last thing I’ll say on the subject. U can’t be ‘busted’ if u aren’t afraid 2 be caught or trying to hide what you think!”

Never one to let anything go, Farrah retweeted a fan that said the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls were just jealous of Farrah.

“Farrah you are further in life than any of them and that’s why they are so mean to you.”

Um… does Farrah really have any room to be calling anyone else mean? After all, she’s seen verbally attacking a ‘Teen Mom’ producer in the trailer for the upcoming season.

Anyway, Farrah continued the feud on Instagram.

“You’re welcome Loser’s I work with, for the money I allow you and your kids to get-this is why your #fake #trash #patheticparents,” she captioned a photo of her cast mates. (Of course she wrote “Busted, Disgusted & Never to be Trusted” across their faces.)

Farrah claims the other girls are riding her coattails and without her there wouldn’t even be a ‘Teen Mom: OG.’

After the Twitter spat, Kail spoke to Real Mr. Housewife about how she inadvertently caused a new feud…or fed the flames of an old one, anyway.

“I’m sorry the video was posted,” she said. “I never meant to cause a feud.”

Kail said she has never trashed-talked Farrah for doing p*rn.

“Farrah has done p*rn and anytime someone has asked me to comment, I say whatever works for her and pays her bills.”

Kail said she thinks Farrah crossed a line when she called the other girls pathetic parents.

“What was said was said, but there’s no reason to bring parenting into it,” she said. “To call anyone a pathetic parent is a low blow.”

Speaking of low blows, Farrah later retweeted a fan’s message to her that was less-than-kind to the other girls.

“Shouldn’t they be more focused on divorce, rehab and staying out of the trailer park?!” the fan wrote, obviously poking fun at the divorce rumors surrounding Kail, Amber’s past drug problems and Catelynn’s former housing situation.

By Saturday, yet another person had added their two cents to the feud. Farrah’s dad, Michael Abraham, wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook that condemned the other girls for saying mean things about his daughter.

“It’s so sad that people that I prayed for, worked with their families, and cried for because of their challenges over the years …have to be so cruel and hateful to my family,” Michael wrote. “It sounds like it’s the same ones from last season….And now the world can see (and hear) what we have had to put up with from people we thought were friends and shared more than commonalities …. We shared our stories together with the world… But now the world really can see the truth behind the lies….shame on you!”

All we need is Tyler’s dad, Butch Baltierra, to jump into the spat now! Stay tuned!

Watch the now-infamous Snapchat video below:

50 Responses

  1. I can’t stand Farrah, the arrogance & the delusion that she isn’t a porn star is enough for anyone to dislike.
    But Kail was wrong to post that, she knew what she was doing, maybe MTV asked her to start drama to pump the ratings. “I didn’t know it would start a feud” Please, Farrah flips out at any little thing. Of course Farrah was going to respond.

  2. I think Catelynn’s comment is actually pretty accurate. Farrah is a “fucking hoe bag.” I don’t see why Farrah is getting upset about this, it’s what she’s signed up for…if you do porn, and sell models of your vagina then you get labeled a hoe bag. It comes with the territory. And maybe if Farrah were nicer and acted like she had a soul, she would have a lot more friends and wouldn’t have problems with her cast members (teen mom and big brother) getting fed up with her terrible God complex.

    1. Right! I’m all for female empowerment, and consider myself to be a feminist, so I never judge a woman for being a sex worker/porn start/WHATEVER. I don’t think that those girls would either. I think if Farrah were actually nice, or sane, they would not have any reason to make fun of her or be upset with her. However, after all of her outbursts, special treatment, just generally incompentent behaivor… I’d be fed up too, and I’d want to blow off steam. I don’t really condone calling anyone a hobag, but if anyone is deserving of being called some names, it’s Farrah FOR SURE.

      1. I agree with you. Farrah has talked bad about a majority of the teen mom girls, so why is it different when they make a bad comment about her. She’s such a hypocrite.

  3. So she thinks she’s something because she was on an mtv reality show, originally titled ’16 and pregnant’ I know that she wasn’t on that show.
    I don’t watch that garbage..or any other reality show, because they are not real. That being said she causes problems with the rest of the cast, she claims she doesn’t need the money because, well we all know she makes money in her other line of work.
    I don’t know why this garbage is even on TV. All of these girls need to grow up and quit the B.S on social media. They are supposed to be parents…they are all acting like typical, young, white trash single moms. I truly feel sorry for their kids. As for Farah? Karma is a bitch, you will regret your embarassing behaviour and your posts on social media. They’re on there FOREVER
    Be a parent, get an education, and get a job that doesn’t require you to show off your level of “education”! SMH.

  4. The reason ratings improved when they brought back Farrah, is because the audience wanted to see how she interacted with the rest of the cast. And if we are being really honest, we wanted to see one of them to put Farrah in her face. Pick any family in the world and put cameras in their homes and we would see things we don’t agree with, but what I find absolutely disgusting, is the way Farrah treats the people around her. The first time Farrah spoke to me,the way she speaks to everyone else, would be the last time because I would never be in her company again.i don’t think I would have lasted as long as any of these people have,not speaking up about how awful she is. When I watch her on TV I feel like I’m watching a alternate universe, where it’s acceptable to be a nasty,self-centered little shit to every single person you interact with. I’m so tired of see Farrah and her “fans” make comments about Farrah being further in life. How in the actual hell is she firther!?!? By attaching herself to every shitty project or piece of merchandise that is put in front of her? How is that any better than what the other girls have done? Seeing the way she treats people is hard to watch but it’s truly sad that she doesn’t have anyone genuine around her, and she never will because her personality is so repellent.

    1. definitely. Farrah is such a mean self absorbed person, that legit thinks the world revolves around her. In a sense when you do watch her, you really are watching an alternate universe…The World According to Farrah, or Farrah’s World lol… And unfortunately, her acting like a buffoon makes for good reality TV. You never know what’s going to come out(or go in) her mouth. She’s too narcissistic to realize that people are laughing at her not with her. But as long as shes making money doing what shes doing, shes never gonna stop being an asshole

      1. I actually preferred it without Farrah, because nothing, NOTHING annoys me more than when people behave badly in order to get special attention and special considerations that are not given to anyone else. She purposefully behaves badly so that people accept that it is “just how Farrah is” and then she is given MUCH more freedom to behave awfully and walk all over people. This happens with Leah too, any other mother who lived in reality would ACKNOWLEDGE that they are making mistake, they are an addict, they are lazy mother, etc, except these women, they make excuse after excuse and I know they didn’t have the best childhoods, but guess what, many don’t! And if you grow up, act right, and live responsibly, you don’t want to be around people who act childish in order to get babied. It’s annoying, it’s old, and it’s definitely way too much like living in an alternate reality where they’re never made to acknowledge what actual reality is. Sorry for the rant, but this is a huuuuge pet peeve of mine. I stay away from these people, don’t touch them with a 20 foot pole..

        1. There is nothing worse then entitled people. Farrah is the worst kind of people, she thinks it’s okay to belittle people, she really needs to take a good look at herself because she really is no prize.

  5. “I wouldn’t want this recorded” COMING FROM A HOEBAG WHO HAD ANAL SEX ON CAMERA. Nice to see she draws the line somewhere. Wtf.

  6. Give Amber 5 minutes alone with the Ho Farraha and see if she doesn’t loose the greater than thou attitude….lol

    1. Seriously someone needs to put Farrah in her place but I think Farrah is too brain dead to ever understand humility.

  7. While I have mixed feelings about Catelynn, do we really need to attack her weight/appearance and the fact that she grew up in a trailer park? Is “fat” really the worst thing someone can be? Can she help how she grew up/that she was poor?

    Does she lack ambition? Yeah. Is she lazy? Probably. The comment she made was immature and mean, but let’s be honest. Who among us hasn’t talked trash about someone we didn’t like? We just didn’t do it in a public video.

    1. She’s in the public eye so yes, we will critique her and how much treats themselves and their body really does show us who that person is. Clearly Catelynn has some issues…

      And Farrah is their “co-workers.” Enjoy a night out with the girls, vent if you need to but videotaping it and posting it up is very high school

      1. If you want to attack someone and use their appearance to further your argument, I feel sorry for you, that’s gross and sad.

    2. Though I don’t disagree with what you’ve said, Anchor, if Catelynn is going to open her mouth like that (and in regards to this particular hot mess that she was shit talking about) she should expect the backlash. She has to know by now it’s going to come from Farrah, Farrah’s Fuglies (my name for her fan club) or Father of Farrah. That’s the Holy Farrah Trinity right there to be all up in her shit.

      Just sayin’..

    3. You think me calling her trash has to do with her being in a trailer park? Lol…umm no….take her out of the trailer park and she is still trash. Has she accomplished anything in 5/6 years? No….

      1. But what has Farrah really accomplished other the porn/sex toys/ stripping and being on a couples therapy show by herself? I mean she wrote a book but so did Catelynn. She got a culinary certificate but never did anything with it. She said she was opening a restaurant but that never happened

        1. bahahahah where did I say she accomplished anything? I think i’ve stated in several posts before that the entire cast of both Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are Trash…let’s face it – none of them have accomplished a single thing in life.

        2. I’m not sticking up for Farrah here and I fully accept that her “sex tape” is what skyrocketed her to the D-list, but if you do a little research, you’ll find that Farrah is the only girl on either franchise who completed college with good grades and has a variety of business ventures (outside her sex toys) that also bring in the coin (including food industry products for Moms and their kids). An argument could be made for Kail about her dental assisting degree, but her grades were garbage so it never took off and she’s basically used Javi and his money until she could exploit her TM fame and divorce him. Although I like Chelsea and she’s a good mother, there was never any question about whether she’d be fine because has the most amazing family on the planet and she’d have been fine even if she never completed her GED. Back to Farrah, I’m not saying that the way she made her money is perfect for everyone (I personally cringe when people throw porn in her face because it insults all of the people who are in the industry and we have no right to judge them when we have no clue what drove them there), but she does have drive and we can’t knock her for that. Especially when we acknowledge that she did it all on her own in spite of her crazy mother. She’s right about one thing, there would be no TM OG without her and I think if we’re all honest, it was super boring before she returned to stir things up. Those other girls have accomplished zilch since they got knocked up at 16 and have no right to be critical of Farrah, ESPCIALLY Maci. Little miss perfect has a short memory, it wasn’t long ago that she was in the tabloids frequently for her partying antics rather than her parenting skills and she’s the only one on TM OG who has had two babies out of wedlock with two baby daddies, which is something she swore she would never do being a “role model” and all.

          1. I can give Kail a pass on her grades to a certain extent. Off the top of my head, she was the only girl who was ever a single mom juggling school with a job that she actually needed to stay afloat. Jo was around but I forget the financial arrangement, and she was estranged from his family (Although she brought that on herself) She tried living with her mom, but there’s a reason they (ok, just The Ashley, but it’s accurate) call her ‘Smirnoff Suzi’. Remember that time in the first season when she broke down over not having the money to tow her wrecked car? I know that would mess up my midterm studying schedule.

          2. Farrah didn’t have to do porn. Many porn starts do it to make ends meet. Farrah did it thinking that she was going to gain Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian fame. She has drive to be famous by any means necessary, even to the point that she’ll embarrass her family and degrade herself by taking it up the ass by James Deen.

          3. Yep I agree with both of you. My point was simply that none of those girls are “role models” and none of them have a right to be making fun of each other or their choices. They’ll all be forgotten the moment their shows end, so they should be doing their best to be nice to each other right now because they’ll have no one in the end. PS Atomic City, I watched Kail’s episode of 16 and Pregnant a number of years ago and still recall how horrible her life was and how badly I wanted to reach through the screen and slap Smirnoff Suzi. That said, I would still be a fan of Kail today if she hadn’t let the fame get to her head. She’s turned into a fame hungry beast and needs to check herself before she loses her entire fan base. I refused to buy any of her books because of the way she disregards her husband and chooses to spend more time with her friends than her family. She begged him to marry her and he did even though she’s been physically and verbally abusive to him and he’s been a good father to Isaac and Lincoln and a good provider for his family. She needs to realize that the grass isn’t greener on the other side or risk losing him to someone who would appreciate everything he does. Not many men his age would willingly settle down with a single mom like he did. Aside from Corey, Javi is my favourite TM Dad because he always puts his kids first.

      2. Someone’s got a hate on for someone lol.

        I fail to see why anyone would not like Caitlyn, she seems nice, a little lost but not a horrible person.

  8. The biggest loser is the one who fails to parent their child, and leaves them to “do her own thing” for month’s.

    Farrah’s parenting the worse thing about her. She’ll reap everything she’s sowing on he years to come.

    1. Ita-As I’ve always thought since first episode w/her-this person has severe psych issues & sadly each day I see more how desparately needed but as long she lives in her “world?” I fear for the poor little girl! Your comments are sadly so wise & again NO ONE ADVOCATES for THIS CHILD-Makes me so PO’D!!

  9. Sorry catelynn but you really are a lazy, fat piece of trash.

    And posting that video is just immature and caddy. Maybe these girls should focus on their careers…

    Oh that’s right they have none…in 5/6 years none of them accomplished anything

    1. Porn is many things, but a career it is not. At least for the long haul. And especially after you accuse one of its most popular male leads of rape.

      I can’t stand any of them.

      1. By no means am I on Farrah’s side. Like you, I also can’t stand them. I, myself was a teen mom at 17 (I’m now 25) and worked my ass off to overcome my past. It amazes me how not a single one of these ladies has accomplished a single thing in life – with all that money and time…I don’t feel sorry doe any of them.

        1. I give you so many kudos-You have/had the hardest start & shows ME how much YOU have grown,have your priorities straight & YOU should be on that show-but KNOW YOU are too busy being an Adult/Parent to even have the time to participate in this IMO now ? what the hell?? Don’t even watch it anymore-they have more $$/chances,etc to CHANGE their & kid’s lives for the better &…..

  10. I usually just roll my eyes whenever Farrah says or does something crazy but this really pisses me off. She had no right to attack their parenting. That had nothing to do with it. Farrah’s head is so far up her ass. That’s the reason why we’ll never see another “backdoor” video….not like we need one. One was enough.

    1. I’m no Farrah fan but if Farrah didn’t sign on last season, I doubt the season would have followed through – ratings were tanking. The moment Farrah signed uo, ratings raised a bit.

      1. I wish it had. It’s way past time all the “teen moms” begin to live in the real world the rest of us reside in, without MTV paychecks.

      2. Farrah really didn’t do too much for ratings. They were pretty mediocre all around. Yeah, they did go up with her arrival but Teen Mom 2 is still more popular. Which is why a second season is surprising. Either way, I don’t see why they would continue. They can’t be riding on her coat tails because she wasn’t even involved in OG in the beginning. It’s not like MTV started with Farrah and added the rest of the girls. If anything, Farrah owes a lot of her own success to being on Teen Mom and filming with these other girls. Without it, she would be just another name less, average teen mom. Though, I could see her still succeeding in life because she did have drive. She was the first one to finish any sort of post-secondary education. At least, maybe, she would have stayed on that path.

        Farrah cannot be criticizing the other girls parenting. But, neither can they critic hers. Not one of them can be considered the “best parent” because they each have some sort of flaw. Glass houses and all that jazz. Same goes for Farrah and Michael saying about the girls being mean. Farrah is known for being unpleasant, heavily opninated and just plain abusive. She gets just as nasty and cruel. Doesn’t excuse what Catelynn said because, despite her bitchy exterior, I think Farrah is greatly insecure and sensitive. But, Farrah isn’t exactly a saint either.

        Both parties were immature. As for Kailyn not wanting to start something, I highly doubt it. If you are posting something like that, you should be smart enough to know this will cause an issue. Especially with Farrah. This has been ongoing for a while.

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