Sean Lowe: I Only Did ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ for The Money!

Sean saw dollar signs!
Sean saw dollar signs!

Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine Giudici seemed like an odd couple to be cast on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. The squeaky clean Bachelor couple certainly don’t fit in with the bad boys and bad girls that they are starring on the season with. (One girl was literally on the show Bad Girls Club, so there’s that…)

Anyway, it appears that Sean has been bombarded by fans who, like The Ashley, were wondering what the hell Sean was doing on such a, well, somewhat scuzzy show. He finally answered their question in a recent blog post.

He did it for the money, y’all!

In a blog post from November (The Ashley apologizes for not posting this sooner, but she just became aware of the post), Sean explained very honestly that he and Catherine only signed on to do the show because the production company offered them a huge amount of money to air their marital dirty laundry out on TV.

“I believe it was last April when I received an email from my manager about Marriage Boot Camp…I remember looking at the email, seeing the words ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ and seeing a very generous offer attached,” Sean wrote. “I remember…laughing at the notion of Catherine and me taking part in a show like that.”

Sean claims that he initially declined the offer to appear on ‘MBC’ but his agent insisted he request an absurd amount of money from the production company instead of simply declining the offer.

“My manager doubled their already generous offer and — to my surprise – the folks at ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ agreed,” Sean wrote. “So there I was, looking at a substantial amount of money for what would amount to two weeks worth of shooting a reality show.”

"I'm down for anything that makes it so I don't have to get a real job!"
“I’m down for anything that makes it so I don’t have to get a real job!”

Sean’s wife Catherine, never one to turn down a reality show, saw the offer as a good opportunity to not have to get a real job.

“I still wasn’t on board, but they had my attention,” Sean said. “I went home that afternoon and shared everything that transpired with Catherine. To my surprise, she was much more open-minded than I was about the whole idea.

“It might make our marriage even stronger. And the money will be a blessing too,” Catherine said.

Sean claimed that he spoke with fellow ‘Bachelor’ couple Trista and Ryan Sutter, who starred on a previous season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’

“Although I didn’t feel a sense of peace in my heart about it all, Catherine did and after much conversation, we agreed to do the show.

“I’ll admit it: I did it for the money,” Sean wrote.

“That sounds really ugly and cheap, but it’s true,” he added. “Catherine and I have been blessed to make a portion of our income through things like speaking engagements, my book, DWTS, etc. but we don’t rely on those things to pay our bills.”

“As I’ve mentioned, I do real estate development projects in Dallas with a business partner,” he wrote. “The money from the show could propel that business forward and help Catherine and me plan for the future. That’s about as real as I can be. I wish money wasn’t a factor in our lives, but it is. This money made a difference. I’m sure many will label me a ‘sell-out’ and honestly, I’m not sure I could argue the point.”

Sean added that he was afraid that getting tied to a show full of reality TV has-beens might hurt his rep. Surely the show’s producers enjoyed what Sean wrote next:

“Marriage Boot Camp has a stigma of showcasing people who are ‘professional reality tv’ contestants,” he wrote. “I don’t want to be that guy. Catherine is definitely not that girl. ‘Fame’ (though I hate to call it that) will be fleeting in my life. That’s not a bad thing…I didn’t want something like “Marriage Boot Camp” to tarnish our reputation and good name.”

The Ashley would like to inject here and state that it’s very refreshing to see a reality star admit all of this. Kudos to Sean for being honest!

Sean and Catherine recently announced that they are expecting their first child, so that extra reality show money will certainly come in handy soon!

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  1. “Hardly a good job” They all do it for the money, this is no big surprise. But besides the point did he finally come out the show? He’s so gay it’s not even funny, gay or not I can’t stand him or his Stepford wife. The country gets dumber by the second!

  2. much more respect now that he admitted it. they had previously said they were going to make sure their marriage was rock solid before bringing a child into it. many people called them out for just wanting the pay. I’D do it for the pay, and so would many others, just say so lol, good job

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