This Week in ‘Teen Mom’ Rumors: What’s True & What’s False? (Exclusive)

Find out which rumors are true and which are false!
Find out which rumors are true and which are false!

It’s time for another installment of The Ashley‘s rumor breakdown! Each week, The Ashley wades through the muck of Teen Mom-related stories that are floating around the Internet and separates the true from the false. For this installment, The Ashley will also tackle a few Teen Mom OG rumors that are circulating, rather than just her usual Teen Mom 2 regiment. 

As faithful readers know, The Ashley holds off on reporting on most stories until she can personally confirm or deny their legitimacy. (Otherwise, she will let y’all know to file it under “rumor.”)

Let’s get started….

Rumor #1: Kail Lowry’s husband, Javi Marroquin, is about to be deployed.

TRUE! Radar Online broke the story today that Kail’s husband Javi, who is on active duty in the Air Force, will be deploying soon. Fans were skeptical to believe the story, but The Ashley can confirm that the story is very true. Kail and Javi are, indeed, preparing for Javi’s deployment, and have not been able to tell anyone when and where Javi will be. The Ashley can confirm that his deployment will be less than a year.

Oh and…they are still not divorcing, despite what other media outlets are saying.

Rumor #2: Leah Messer has a court date to fight for custody of her twin daughters.

TRUE! Radar Online also broke the story that Leah has secured a court date to fight for custody of Ali and Aleeah, the six-year-old twin daughters she recently lost primary custody of. The Ashley can confirm that this is true. Leah and her ex, Corey Simms, do indeed have a court date scheduled in January for their custody agreement to be reviewed.

“Leah is thrilled she got a court date,” an insider told Radar. “She’s been waiting for this opportunity for months.”

Leah has been posting about the twins to her private Facebook lately. She recently posted that, “Mommy will never give up!”

Rumor #3: Amber Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier, actually has SEVEN kids.

TRUE! The Ashley already cleared up this rumor for y’all. Click here to read all the dirt on Matt’s litter of kids, ex-wives and grandkids.

Rumor #4: Amber Portwood has regained 50/50 custody of her daughter Leah.

FALSE– kind of! Stay tuned– The Ashley will be posting more about this very soon. 

Rumor #5: Leah Messer’s new boyfriend is unhappy that Leah is spending time with her ex, Jeremy Calvert.

TRUE! While Leah and Jeremy are not getting back together, she has been spending time with him lately, and her current beau, T.R. Dues is not happy about it. Leah and Jeremy have been trying to effectively co-parent their daughter, Addy, which means they have been interacting a lot. T.R. recently became unhappy after he found out that Leah had agreed to have dinner with Jeremy to discuss something regarding Addy. (The Ashley believes this dinner was a set-up for ‘Teen Mom 2’ to be filmed, but she can’t confirm that.)

TR was unhappy about the meeting, and let his Facebook friends know. (He later erased the posts.) Click here to read them.

“Those posts were totally about Leah,” The Ashley’s source says. “He was pissed!”

To read which ‘Teen Mom 2’ rumors The Ashley cleared up last week, click here!

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31 Responses

  1. I saw a guy tweet he has seen Javi regularly oversees. It was last week I read it in Twitter. He mentioned he wanted to go say Hi but didnt know if he should. Something in that manner. I believe he said somewhere by UAE.

  2. Hope even if the school records have been amended, Leah doesn’t get custody back. The girls should be in the home with two committed parents, who don’t move all the time. And obviously they can’t do shared custody because there are not 8 days in a week.

  3. Why would TR be mad Leah is having dinner with her ex? She is so honest & trust worthy, she would never cheat…..yeah rite

  4. I have seen no reason to think Miranda would ever be mean to the twins. I know from personal experience just how hard being a step mom is. And also, how rewarding it can be. I hope this family can work together for the benefit of the kids. Ali, especially, is going to need ALL of her family working together, as her health deteriorates in the future.

  5. I hope that the court sees that Leah is totally unsuitable as a mom.The childeren are better of with Corey and Miranda.

      1. …how do you know she isn’t mean to them when Corey’s around because this is all a conspiracy against Leah? What’s your point?

        1. By that logic, Corey should be able to say “How do we know TR isn’t touching them inappropriately or mean to them when Leah is passed out from ‘stress'” Because we don’t know anything about TR and it’s all speculation. You’re probably fighting with Leah right now too on the subject haha

          1. I’m not sure if that was a response to myself or ‘guest’, but if it was to me, yes, that’s exactly my point.

  6. so javi is leaving yet theyve been spending a ton of time apart? and he’s going to be gone while she takes an 11 day trip to miami next month? so who is going to watch lincoln???

    1. She’s probably just going to lock him in his room and hope he stays safe while she’s away….I mean, are you serious?? Do you really think she’s just leaving for a trip without thinking about who will watch her son? My guess is that Javi’s family is going to help her out.

      Why do people always act like it’s some crime to go on a trip without your kid/kids? I’ve had opportunities to go on trips where my in-laws have offered to watch the kids while I was away, and I sure as hell didn’t say no!

      1. No joke. People act like if you go out with your husband or wife on a date and leave the kids at home with a sitter you’re satan in a bottle!

    “This Teen Mom is so desperate for cash that she is doing what she does best. Cheating…She has been hooking up with her ex while living with another guy. Her ex is loaded ad her current boyfriend, not so much.”

    This came out a few days ago. THIS IS DEFINITELY ABOUT LEAH AND JEREMY.. Why does Leah always cheat on current boyfriends with the previous ex?

    Lmao finally, Javi gets deployed. You would think Kail would rather spend time with him instead of going on these random get aways.

    1. To quote Mama Dawn, “keep your legs wide open”. Leah is just following that advise.

      You know…in hopes of a bigger child support check.

  8. I don’t understand why Cory and Leah fight so much over the twins. I mean there’s 2 of them!! Can’t they each take one at a time? Lol

    1. I really hope you’re trying to make a ‘Parent Trap’ inspired joke that just backfired. Those girls appear to be close, and deserve to BOTH be in a stable and healthy home at the same time. Even if Leah was capable of taking care of those girls, they shouldn’t be punished by being torn apart to appease their parents.

  9. Sorry, T.R. but Leah always cheats on her boyfriends/husbands with her ex’s. It’s just what she does. She’s a pro at it.

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