Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Cashmyer Welcomes Second Baby, A Year After Getting Sober

“I made another baby!”

Last week, The Ashley put together a list of all of the girls who had starred on 16 and Pregnant and are now pregnant again. One of those girls— Season 5’s Jordan Cashmyer— has since given birth, welcoming a baby girl last Sunday.

Jordan— who gave birth to her first child, Genevieve, on the MTV reality show in 2014— welcomed a daughter she named Lyla on June 20. Her father Dennis announced the baby’s birth on his Facebook page, showing photos of himself and Jordan in the hospital with Lyla.

“I got to see my beautiful granddaughter today. I am so happy! She’s healthy and beautiful,” he wrote in a photo caption.

Jordan and Lyla

While Jordan’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” was memorable because she and her baby daddy Derek Taylor were homeless during Jordan’s pregnancy, she is probably best remembered for the troubled path she took after appearing on the show. She was arrested multiple times, struggled with a drug addiction, and allegedly dabbled in escorting and other unsavory occupations.

Since then, though, it appears that she has gotten clean. She celebrated her one-year sobriety anniversary in January. It is unknown what type of relationship Jordan has with Genevieve, if any.

Interestingly, Jordan’s ex, Derek, also welcomed a second child, just three days before Jordan had Lyla. He posted a photo of his new daughter to Twitter, along with the caption, “Taylor Gang of 5.”

Next up in the birthing stirrups is Season 2’s Nikkole Paulun, who is getting ready to give birth a baby boy next month.

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(Photos: Facebook)

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  1. Getting pregnant 3 months sober sounds like a fabulous plan. I’m sure it’ll work out great.

  2. This girl’s story was so sad. I am happy to hear that she is sober. Hopefully she can stay the path for herself and this little one.

    1. Right? I have 5 years sober, and my 2 year old, who isn’t talking yet, but is very smart!! But, you are exactly correct,a screaming baby at 3am is the .biggest challenge she’ll have to her sobriety.

  3. So sick of this show now and all the people out of it. This kids are like puppies to majority of them- or crisis babies (“oh no, the immature and utterly useless man I’ve brought into my life is threatening to leave, time for another one”)
    Watching these morans, like Amber, Jenelle, Farrah etc, its just an insult now to women who struggle to conceive

  4. Derek seemed like he was really trying hard to make a good life for himself and evie. Hoping that they are doing well. Would love an update on them and I’ve been wondering what ever happened to Aubrey. She seemed like a hot mess during her where are they now.

  5. No mention of a father, a husband, a boyfriend, a partner, a sperm donor or a second person responsible in general.

    These girls shouldn’t have more children if they dont even have custody or a relationship with the first. These are actual ppl, not some collection to just add to on a whim. Nor are they a guarantee to keep a man.

    Amber and Jenelle.

  6. So, who has custody of Evie? It was split between Derek and Jordan’s father than Derek’s mom had custody or something…

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