Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Cashmyer Reportedly Working as an Escort in Baltimore

Jordan in 2016.

Jordan Cashmyer has led a troubled life since appearing on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2014, and it appears that things have gone from bad to worse for the former teen mom.

The now-22-year-old Jordan, who gave birth to her daughter Genevieve during her Season 5 episode, is now allegedly working as an escort in Baltimore. Eagle-eyed ‘Teen Mom’ fans on the Teen Mom Fix Facebook group spotted Jordan’s ads on numerous escorting and massage “therapy” websites.

The Ashley is choosing not to include the links to the ads.

Jordan gives her name as “Raquel” in most of the ads, but is clearly the person shown in the accompanying photos. In the photos, Jordan poses seductively, with her giant ‘Cashmyer’ arm tattoo in clear sight. In some of the photos, she has visible bruises and looks very thin.

On her escort “resume” (yes, that’s apparently a thing), Jordan states that she’s been escorting since June. A verse-search of her phone number produces ads on at least six different escorting-type websites.

Jordan had previously been working as an exotic dancer at several Baltimore-area men’s clubs, often working under the name “Raquel.” Her baby’s father (and ex-boyfriend) Derek Taylor took to social media in 2014 to expose photos of Jordan working at the strip club and to let the show’s fans know that she does not help him take care of their daughter.

Genevieve, now three, has been cared for by Derek and Jordan’s parents for most of her life.

Jordan, who is best remembered for being “homeless” during her “16 and Pregnant” episode, attempted suicide in 2014. Two years later, she went to rehab after admitting that “heavy drug use” had greatly affected her life over the previous two years.

In July 2016, she wrote a lengthy Facebook post in which she stated that she had stopped using drugs and alcohol after leaving rehab and had gotten her depression, anxiety and mood swings under control while hospitalized.

“For the first time in a really long time, I am thinking clearly, not using drugs or alcohol and have my depression , anxiety & mood swings pretty under control,” she wrote last year. “This is the first time in a really long time that I have felt like myself since my senior year, pregnancy and the few months after that before going to work at a [strip] club.”

Jordan does maintain a Twitter account, but she has not been active on it since May. (Most of her tweets are simply retweets.) In January, things seemed to be going downhill for her, based on her tweets at the time.

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(Photos: Twitter)


  1. Hopefully she is doing this by choice and not because she’s being coerced/controlled. Also she needs to take these photos down and only take photos that make it difficult to identify her. She needs to be careful. I hope she is safe.

  2. She needs to be careful now that these pics are all over the internet I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets arrested for prostitution. Plus, too she has her face on them. My friend is a retired detective and did investigations and she said that almost all of the people that use these sites just have body shots and never their face. She has no idea what she is doing and it’s going to catch up to her.

    1. I read in a book that if you ask for “donations” you can avoid arrest. She didn’t actually say “I’ll have sex with you for money. Handjobs are $40 and head is $100.”
      She said “lets go on a date. I’ll fuck You on the date Bc I’m fun. Donations required.” So it’s implied, but not specific enough for arrest maybe?

      1. I asked my retired dective friend about that and she said the only way that works is if the John gives her money without her ever asking for it. Even if she asks for a donation hourly to “hang out” it is still considered prostution. No John is going to just give her money without asking. Also too they usually get the money upfront. She could be doing it in exchange for drugs. The “willing to party” means willing to do drugs with you. This isn’t a $300 an hour escort she is being this is a more $40 for this $100 for that. So she is either doing it just for drugs or both. Is it me or does the guy in the background look like he is in a scrubs outfit like a doctor or something?

  3. I don’t feel sorry for her. Sounds cruel but the only person she has to blame is herself. A lot of women get post partum depression. But, they don’t go off abandon their children and become drug addicted hookers. She blames her stripping on her drug use. Well there are a lot a strippers that don’t do drugs. No one forced her to do drugs, she was lucky enough to get recourses to get better and she didn’t take them seriously. She was fed that addiction is a disease bullshit. So it’s her own fault and the only person she can blame is herself.

    1. Wow 14 dislikes and this is why people like her never get their shit together. Instead of people telling her to take responsibility for her actions. Everyone makes her out to be a victim and gives her sympathy.

      1. You can have compassion and expect people to take responsibility for their actions. The two are not mutually exclusive

        1. Agreed but she is past the compassion part now. A year ago when she admitted all of this and got clean. That’s where the compassion part is. Not a year later where she is the worst she has ever been. People who actually want to get clean and straighten out their lives do it. She relapsed simply because she doesn’t want to get better. I am sure she has burned so many bridges with her family they have had no other choice but to give up. Luckily her daughter is too young to know any different about having and absent mother. But that time is running out.

    2. I said back then, a PPD does not make you want to party and become a stripper. I had two and know a lot of women who had one or multiple, djeez, we did not have the energy for that.
      There was a mental or drugs issue before the PPD, she started to use drugs before the stripping to feel better or she had a PPP.
      None of them are things you really choose.
      It is not normal for a mother to basically avoid her child or put an addiction first. Something is up and I hope she will get help to discover why she is scared of being a parent.

      1. I am so sick and tired of post claiming “mental illness” is behind every bad decision these MTV idiots make. Stupid people make stupid choices, period.

    3. Plus it sounded like she came from a good / more upscale family… in the beginning I think they just didn’t like her boyfriend and got sick of her shit. She probably had a million chances in her childhood and blew them all… such a shame

      1. It did seem that way. IIRC I remember her saying in her 16&P episode that she was welcome to live at home but Derrick wasn’t welcome to stay and that is when she choose to be “homeless”.

    4. I think she blamed her drug use on her stripping not the other way around basically she started using drugs while stripping. No excuse for any of that but she clearly has issues deeper then you or I could imagine. I feel sorry for her little girl she will suffer the most. Sad situation all around.

  4. Those photos are Heartbreaking… I hope that someone she knows or cares about her sees this and gets her some help 🙁

  5. Wonder if this could have been prevented if her parents didn’t kick her out when she got pregnant ?

    But maybe they kicked her out Bc she was already headed down a dangerous path. Clearly she hasn’t hit rock bottom

  6. MTV has made being a teen mom a star-studded, fancy car, big home and LAND buying “brand.”

    When this teen mom’s fate — is sometimes the sad “reality.”

  7. It’s so sad where her life is heading, I believe she is just afraid to be homeless again? So she has to be paid as an escort for creepy older men, yuck.

    Glad Genevieve (I kinda love her name, one of the best Teen Moms came up with!) has her father who has his life on track but when she grows older, she will hear what her mom is doing and it will break her heart. 🙁

  8. The pictures she included of herself for her ads broke my heart. The motel/budget bathroom setting, her dirty socks and bruises, the reflection in the other mirror… the lost-and-fucked up-dgaf cycle of hopelessness is seriously palpable.

  9. This is just sad. Really sad for her, her daughter, and her family. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  10. This is incredibly sad. I never saw her episode and don’t follow her, so I’m not sure what her life has been or what kind of support system she has. I pray for her that she reaches out and gets the help she needs before it’s too late.

  11. My heart breaks for the baby girl. I’ve always wondered if Jordan “chose” to be homeless with Derek during her pregnancy and the early stages of the babies life. It all didn’t add up to me. I remember Derek was living with her and her family and he lost his job and had to move but I’ve always wondered if it was any other reason. She stated that she was well taken care of and spoiled. Why give that up for a boy and why would he allow her to?

    1. I think she said she did because her parents didn’t approve of her relationship with Derek. They always had a room for her, she just chose to live the way she did.

      1. I wonder if they approve of him now that he seems relatively stable & is raising Evie (with their help).
        Honestly, if he didn’t need their help he could cut them out of Evie’s life too. I bet that reality is pretty humbling

  12. I really liked her episode. She seemed sweet & i was amazed that she stuck w her bf although it meant to be homeless. And then he dicked her & was so rude during the follow up, when she revealed she was stripping. She came across as a good person that was struggling with life in general & being away from her daughter hurt her.
    Its like she sacrificed stuff to be with him during the pregnancy but as soon as the roles reversed & he got on his feet a bit, he kicked her while she was down.
    I remember how he was belittling her & talking down to her when she visited the baby & wanted to feed her. He was there w 2 other big dudes & probably showing off but she broke down after she left.
    I just hope she gets her life together for her own sake.
    I def agree this would be jenelle if TM2 wouldn’t have happened & shed still be with Kieffa

    1. I think it’s difficult to properly judge tho. For all we know, at the time of the follow up, she could have already gone down a shitty rabbit hole – one where she wasn’t caring for her daughter and was making excuses.

      While he may have been an asshole, that would at least provide a better excuse for his behavior. I imagine it’d be like how we feel watching Jenelle claim she can take care of Jace, while getting high with Keiffer or throwing glass jars at other women. She talks a nice game but she’s a hot mess

  13. Sadly, THIS is the reality for so many teen mothers. Not hundreds of thousands of dollars, books, speaking engagements, etc. Stories like Jordan’s (or Valerie’s) may actually deter young ladies from making irresponsible choices. I know MTV doesn’t actually care about helping teen pregnancy rates or these ladies’ well being, of course, but since they pretend like they do, it’d be nice to seek them genuinely try. I hope Jordan can find a way out of this lifestyle.

    1. yeah i really wish jordan got the teen mom money and deal over jenelle cuz she seems like she deserves it WAY MORE than jenelle (although i know the time lines don’t match up)

      1. Come to think of it, Jenelle will actually end up this way when the show ends. The only difference is, instead of being young, she will be a hard looking 35 yr old day shift hooker/stripper who has to count her tattoos to remember how many kids she has.

        LOL, just kidding! MTV will follow the Teen Mom skanks into the nursing home.

    2. But Jenelle’s sex is painful and she would have to climb really high in the pole all the time so the customers can see her.
      I think she would be a waitress, one that would not get many tips.
      (Sorry, I needed some humor, this is so sad, I really wish Jordan the very best. I hope she will find a place in a rehab or good shelter. When a reliable person would set up a go fund me for Jordan’s treatment and living expenses to get her started after that etc, I would donate)

      1. Haha @ the thought of Jenelle working as a waitress.
        Customer: Excuse me, may I please get a refill for my drink?

    1. Whenever I see girls in that position I often wonder if the bruises are from them – being so drunk/high they fall down or run into stuff and hurt themselves. Or if they allow their Johns to hit them… I’m afraid either way is terrible, I hope she gets help and cam get herself out of this situation

  14. So she was 19 when she had her daughter? While young, 19 is still an adult. She shouldnt have been on 16 and pregnant.

    1. Amber was 18 as well so yeah, old enough not to be a teen mom. Other girls were even younger or 17 so take the title with a grain of salt. (They just needed girls near teenage years to fill the gap, I’m sure they had plenty of 16-year olds to choose from but they weren’t as interesting)

    2. Out of curiosity, I decided to look it up.
      What I found-
      On 5/1/15, a photo was tweeted with happy bday to me. Cant believe I’m not a teen anymore. Blah blah blah.
      Based on my math, she was born 5/1/1995. She is currently 22. Genevieve was born 3/7/14 (may be off on date, can’t remember). She is currently 3.
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe she would’ve been almost 19 at birth. And it looks like unless G was a preemie, she was conceived around Jordan’s 18th birthday. Making her the oldest mom off the top of my head.
      Still older than many of her 16 and p costars. But young none the less.
      Amber was born 5/14/1990. Currently she is 27. Leah was born 11/12/2008. Currently she’s 8.
      Amber was 18 and 6 months at Leah’s birth. She was still 17 when she got pregnant (I know she wasn’t a preemie).
      Not that it’s important. But you brought up the point, so I was curious.

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