Troubled “16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Cashmyer Arrested Twice Last Month for Drug-Related Offenses

Jordan has lived a troubled life since appearing on “16 and Pregnant.”

Earlier this month, The Ashley reported that former 16 and Pregnant star Jordan Cashmyer was allegedly working as an escort in the Baltimore, Maryland, area, but that is not the only trouble in the former teen mom’s life. Radar Online broke the news on Tuesday that Jordan has been arrested twice in the last few months for drug-related offenses!

Jordan, who has admitted in the past to heavy drug use and several attempts at rehab, was arrested on June 30 for two counts of possession of a drug that was not marijuana, as well as one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court records obtained by The Ashley.

Radar reports that Jordan’s boyfriend called the police when he was unable to get in touch with her while she was locked in a hotel room. The court docs, obtained by Radar, state that Jordan’s boyfriend told police Jordan has a “past history of using heroin and he was concerned that she may have overdosed inside of the location.”

Eventually Jordan allowed police to enter the hotel room.

“Cashmyer was naked and went into the bathroom to put on clothes,” the report read. “She appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.”

Police searched the hotel room and reportedly found needles, a clear glass pipe with a white powder inside of it, and several substances that proved to be heroin and cocaine.

She was arrested that day, but it wasn’t the first time the “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 star went to jail for a drug offense recently. On June 15, Jordan was arrested after a similar incident, where police searched her hotel room and found drugs and drug paraphernalia. Jordan reportedly admitted to using the drugs while at the hotel, and turned them over to the cops.

“[A] black bag contained three clear pipes containing a burnt residue of a white powdered substance,” the police report stated. “The burnt residue in the clear pipes [is] consistent with crack cocaine… The clear pipes are used to inhale narcotics.”

Several hypodermic syringes and a burnt spoon were also reportedly found. The police report stated that, “the hypodermic syringes are used to inject heroin. The spoon is used to burn/prepare heroin.”

Jordan has court date set for September 5 to answer to both charges.

Since she appeared on “16 and Pregnant” in 2014, Jordan has led a troubled life. In addition to the drugs and escorting, she has admitted to at least one suicide attempt. Shortly after her daughter Genevieve was born, Jordan began working as an exotic dancer.

Jordan’s ex-boyfriend, Derek Taylor, as well as his mother and Jordan’s parents, have raised Genevieve, now three, for most of her life. Jordan does not appear to have much, if any, contact with her daughter.

“PSA: Just because yu birth a child does NOT mean yu are a mother! #Facts,” Derek recently posted on his Facebook page. 

A member of Jordan’s family recently spoke to Radar about Jordan’s current state.

“I can guarantee she is not doing well,” the family member said. “She has been living on the streets. She calls her father to let him know she’s alive.”

Jordan’s story eerily mirrors that of her fellow “16 and Pregnant” star Valerie Fairman. Valerie, who appeared on the show’s second season, got involved with drugs and prostitution following her stint on MTV. She was often in the news for her arrests. Valerie’s life was cut short in December 2016, when she died of a drug overdose. She was only 23 years old.

Jordan’s family member is hoping for a different end result for Jordan.

“She is on a destructive path,” the family member told Radar. “She’s in our prayers that she pulls through in the state that she’s in.”

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  1. MTV really needs to step up and get this girl help. they made money off her and it sounds really bad. I feel for her daughter and everyone involved.

    1. I agree. I feel like MTV makes money off of these girls being on the show so they should follow up and step up and help when there is a need. Instead of people making cruel comments can’t we give her words of encouragement of prayers for her. This girl could be anyone’s neighbor , family neighbor daughter of a friend etc. She is obviously struggling. Please consider that she is a human being and we all have struggles in our lives. I wish her well and hope others will also

  2. Sorry but the show is totally about babies having babies! These kids are not ready for parenthood at all! Shoot most full grown adults are not ready. I believe one should prevent pregnancy until they are married and very financially stable! It should also be something discussed and agreed upon with their spouses. More and more grandparents are raising kids nowadays why? Because most parents weren’t ready or weren’t established enough! I have a total of 7 myself and let me tell you, you have to be prepared in every way or else it’s basically a set up failure! What I mean by this is if you are not ready your life will spiral out of control; especially being a mom we have such great responsibilities! So just imagine being a baby raising a baby, smh. This is the ending result this poor girl has way too much pressure and she is crying out for help but has gotten in too deep. I pray she finds her way out it really is sad!
    Ending my comment with stay a kid until your time don’t rush your life away while in “puppy” love! Stay untouched until your wedding night! Please believe sex is not worth your youth.

  3. Yes X1 bazillion to the comments posted before me re: this is heartbreaking/ fuck off mtv.

    I get that Jordan is an adult, and making her own decisions except in the realm of deeply depressed addiction she’s not making them of sound mind. I’ve been there; I know.thats the part that makes my gut bottom out when I read this shit.

    As far as the show is concerned…it’s created monsters. It turned 8 little girls who made a baby into spoiled 20-something money machines, thus plucking them from their almost certain fate of food stamps and bus token.then spoon feedthem a healthy diet of atta-girls! And ass kisses. The rest got left behind in their respective realities. I’m not at all making excuses, just saying. Do ANY of us believe that without the pay checks that Jenelle wouldn’t be in line with Kail at DPSS, screaming about needing more benefits?

    To circle back, I hope this girl gets her shit together, because her outcome as it stands now is grim. That’s another sad fact.

    (ETA: not talking smack on ppl using benefits, I’ve had to access food stamps before, just painting a picture here.)

  4. Reading these sad stories reminds me of the drugs Jenelle was doing and how she managed to get off heroin. Blows my mind that Jenelle is still alive (she’s choosing to make poor decisions in the love department and adding children to the world instead I suppose)

    I wonder if she’s ever reached out to Jordan?

    1. They only get $5,000 once for 16&Pregnant and she was homeless when she got it so I’m sure it went quickly. Blame MTV for Jenelle but MTV money didn’t ruin Jordan.

  5. Reading this article I found myself thinking about how much MTV could and should be doing.
    Pleased to read similar thoughts in the comments.
    So many of these girls (and some of the dads) have gone down the path of destruction and MTV don’t appear to have anything in place either to support them or to document that tragically real side of teen parenthood.

    The Dr Drew and Nessa after show programmes are painful to watch, not only because they are trash TV, but because it seems to be a missed opportunity for a reality check.

    How many 16 and pregnant cast members have gone on to
    a) use drugs
    b) use hard drugs
    c) get arrested
    d) do jail time
    e) have another unplanned pregnancy
    f) get pregnant by another partner or get another partner pregnant
    g) get divorced
    h) be homeless or return to a family members home or aren’t able to afford to leave the family home
    i) don’t have a job or qualifications to get a chance of a good job.

    I could go on, but the point is that there are so many issues that teen parenthood bring.
    This is surely the reality.

    If MTV continues to offer even more money to the current cast to encourage them to appear in a show they have refused to film, then they have the funds to employ a proper team of doctors, therapists, counsellors, advisors or any other professionals who are in a position to help these kids and are most certainly in a position to discourage teens from having unprotected sex by showing the consequences of teen pregnancy.

    Most can’t afford to purchase a big house, huge areas of land, go on multiple luxury holidays a year or upgrade their already fancy cars regularly never mind have the time or money to enjoy frequent pedicures!

    MTV, please use your money and position to help these young people and raise awareness of their struggles to help others chose a less destructive path.

    1. Another thing that has been bugging me for quite some time now…

      The current cast, despite the thousands they earn from MTV, are frequently accepting more money to promote Teeth Whiteners, Flat Tummy Tea, waist trainers and push up bra things…
      Not endorsing products on child safety or development, nor products that are useful for young parents or their offspring, but products that are supposedly to make mums (or any female) look and feel sexy.

      ” Buy this with my discount code and you too can look desirable enough to get knocked up by some random dude ”

      Aside from some weird labour aid product, have any of the mum’s promoted anything useful for the kids?

      Sorry for going on a rant and off topic!

  6. This is so sad. And unfortunately this is more akin to what many teen mothers go though, not all the flashy cars and big paychecks. This girl is struggling to stay alive and has strayed so far from where she needs to be. My heart breaks for her ?

  7. She must see this life as her only option and can’t even imagine a life of normalicy. Makes my stomach cringe knowing she can’t even fathom other options than her low disgusting life. Ahh addiction… Heart broken for her.

  8. So tragic for everyone involved, especially her very young daughter. I have a three year old girl myself and I can’t imagine how a situation like this would affect her… I hope this somehow has a positive outcome ?

  9. This is what MTV should be showing to counteract this fantasy world they’ve created where uneducated teen mothers make hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit around and do nothing.

    1. Teen Mom trying to survive on welfare (hopefully going to school to better their future) is more accurate than the lies they show on OG/TM2.

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