Joe Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Celebrate Joint Bachelor Party: Are They Getting Married Soon?

“I did get to see her ankle, so that was cool!”

Counting On star Joseph Duggar and his fiance Kendra Caldwell celebrated their joint bachelor/bachelorette parties last weekend with a trip to the local marina. Void of any of the usual things found out these pre-wedding festivities, (there were no scantily clad girls exposing their knees or trips to the Thunder Down Under show for these kids!), the Duggars and the Caldwells had a G-rated time tubing on the lake with their siblings.

While the bachelor/bachelorette party theme was hardly surprising, it is rather odd that the couple is celebrating this pre-wedding event so far away from their October wedding.

In fact, this is exactly what Joe’s sister, Joy did right before she got hitched to Austin Forsyth back in May. Joy and Austin had put an October date on their wedding registry, but then ended up getting married months earlier.

We’re having déjà vu, Duggar style!

It leads fans to believe that Joe and Kendra’s wedding is right around the corner, and not taking place in the fall like their wedding registry stated.

It appears that Joe and Kendra have revised their registry since they first posted it earlier this month. Gone are the men’s shoes, automotive repair tools and other strange things that originally appeared on the registry. They have been replaced by more traditional wedding gifts, like kitchenware and home goods. The wedding date is still given as October 7, but that’s highly doubtful, considering they have already done all of the pre-wedding celebrating.

Kendra and Joe have only been engaged since May (when he proposed to her at Joy’s wedding), but the Duggar clan is known for having very short engagements.

Anyway, in the bachelor/bachelorette video, Kendra and Joe explain that, while they’re thrilled to be getting married, what they are really looking forward to is getting some action!

“The thing I look forward to the most about the wedding day is probably the first kiss,” Joe says in the video.

“I’d say so too!” Kendra agrees.

Watch the riveting video below:

(Photo: TLC)

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  1. I feel bad for Kendra, her face already looks round and puffy like she’s 9 months pregnant, I can’t imagine what it’ll look like when she’s actually 9 months pregnant!

  2. The eldest messed up brother aside, I don’t see anything wrong with the kids getting married. A lot of people get married young. The positive way I see it is they might not bicker like other marriages because of their religion. That is definitely not a bad thing because that’s why a lot of marriages and. They seem pretty stable in their relationships and family oriented. Again, besides Josh Duggar I find that great. They very well could be very happy together.

    1. So no one else agrees that 2 young people can be in a happy marriage. I went to a Lutheran school from 1st to 8th grade with the same 20 people. Almost all have been in 4 plus year relationships. Gotten married and started a family. I am talking 90 percent of my grade. Religion works for some no matter what you believe in. If it makes them happy why the F does it matter they are getting married young. They don’t act the same as the girls we see on teen mom and 16 and pregnant

      1. It’s not about getting married at that age and it’s not about their faith either. I think it’s great if it’s your own choice and if you are mature enough to make such a commitment. But to me it doesn’t feel like they had much of a choice, because they are so brainwashed by their families.

        Maybe I’m wrong and yes, it is possible that they’ll end up being happy, but they should live before getting married and they should have a chance to find out who they are and focus on themselves.

        Also, sorry for my english, I’m not a native speaker.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with marrying young. As long as they know each other well, decide that this is what they truly want and are mature enough to handle everything that comes with a marriage. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the Duggars and their partners. I mean, they aren’t even allowed to be alone or have a private conversation before the wedding. How can they get to know each other? Also, is it really their choice to get married or is it the ONLY thing they can do? The girls aren’t allowed to choose another path, they can’t go to college or have a job!

      3. Yes you are right but I mean look at his parents. They had too many kids to really have a good bond as you could with only a few but they seem very calm and polite with each other. I agree some people need their together time and to figure things out but they arnt in a middle eastern country or countries where they marry their 8 year old with a 40 year old. My point is it works for them because they are respectful of others. Again I’m comparing it to the other young people around us or ones we see on tv that have multiple partners and are total sluts and have 3 different fathers. If take the Duggar kids marrying someone they don’t know very well but is respectful of their faith to not do anything until marriage.

        1. There is NOTHING respectful about viewing women as lesser beings, and a female having to *always respect, follow, listen to, never question, etc… males, regardless of their age. If you truly understood their cult(yes,it is, not a religion, a cult, I know it firsthand) you would understand why so many people take issue with the family.
          It has nothing to do with them marrying young, or even lacking experience, but their *beliefs* and how they view the world, most especially, one another. It is truly sickening, beyond words really, there is just so much wrong with their entire belief system that any good is immediately negated.

    2. Ummm…what? You think they aren’t going to fight because of their religion? If they don’t “bicker” is not because they sre better than other marriages, it’s because they are raised to believe that women are inferior than men and they should always obey their husband and do whatever the hell he wants. They are not allowed to have a mind of their own.

    3. I think they do have a mind of their own. They are respected as being a wife and mother. The wives are treated like a princess for staying home and taking care of kids. It is probably what they want because they grew up seeing it. Even if we are in a time where feminists think they rule everything now and men are nothing. There is nothing wrong with a stay at home mom. I cant wait to stop working and be a stay at gome mom when i marry in the nect couple months. I am sure they are allowed to work. Mission work is working even if it’s not getting paid. So obviously they are allowed to do things.

      1. You should learn a little more about Gothardism which is what the Duggars follow. There’s so much more to it than what you see on TLC.
        Also, you need a lot more than just respect to have a HAPPY marriage.

      2. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Women are absolutely *not* to be “respected” in *any fashion in this cult, regardless of what role(s) they might play. They sure as hell aren’t treated like princesses, in the least. Females are taught from birth that all males, regardless of age or role in life, are to be respected at all times. A woman is never to question, disrespect, argue with, fail to listen to, etc.. ANY male(not just their husbands, and not even just their own family..but ALL males). Females are taught form birth that their only goal and worth in life is as a mother and caretaker-of the home and family. Females are worthless in any other capacity to them. The fact that they can do other things doesn’t matter when a female must always have a male present when doing something. No they are not allowed to “work”, nor further their education, especially without a male present at the time. Females are not intelligent enough, to them, to even have a mind of their own. You really don’t get it, at all, but you should, before offering them high praise. I have not only witnessed, but experienced this cult, firsthand…people have no idea how hellish it truly is. The worst part is, many of those IN the cult don’t even understand how hellish it is, because it is all they know, especially children.

    4. They’re getting married because, like anyone at that age, their hormones are raging and the only way they’re going to get laid is if they get married. Do you honestly believe that if they were allowed to have a normal, teenage dating relationship that they’d be getting married? And that doesn’t even mean they can’t “save themselves until marriage” or whatever the religious call it. They need to stay up all night talking on the phone and not hang up because neither wants to do it first, get nervous about a kiss here or a touch there, cuddle in a movie theatre, those kinds of things.

  3. Ugh…poor kids. Marrying someone you haven’t even kissed is not a good idea. It sounds like they were getting ready for a first date, not a lifetime commitment. Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t even give their kids a chance to have a healthy adult relationship.

    1. Kendra seems way too young for anything, much less a lifelong commitment and pregnancy. For crying out loud HER MOM is still old enough to have children! (I think her parents are through having children tho).

      And one more thing. I hope the rumor that Jed wanted her is a lie. Cuz I can’t imagine with how fast things are progressing that he is not heartbroken by all this.

      1. Jed is known as “sinner twin” on some forums. No one knows why. I think Jim Boob dictated that Joe should marry Kendra, and that was that. Boob is a dumbshit that controls his ADULT children’s money and life. Total whack jobs, all of them.

  4. Well yeah, I didn’t think for a second they will marry in October, there are way too many temptations if you have a long engagement! Prob getting married a week after she is 19 which is this month.

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