Oh Baby! A List of All of the Former “16 and Pregnant” Girls Who Are Currently Pregnant Again

“We just keep crankin’ ’em out!”

File this under: “Things we shouldn’t really care about but we kind of do.”

The list of former 16 and Pregnant girls who are currently pregnant continues to grow!

With six seasons of girls who were literally famous for getting pregnant, it’s no surprise that there is a plethora of pregnant “16 & P” girls at any given time.

This week, “16 & Pregnant” Season 6 star Madison Everhart and her fiancé Korey Wiseman— who are expecting their second child in less than two years— announced on Instagram that the baby they’re expecting will be a girl. Their older daughter Kaezleigh Ka’mya was born in February 2020.)

(You can check out her gender reveal video below.)

In addition to Maddie, The Ashley counts at least five other former “16 and Pregnant” gals who are currently with-child.

The other pregnant “16 and Pregnant’ girls include:

Izabella Tovar (Season 3):


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Izabella is expecting her third child, a baby girl due in September. The father of this baby is Izabella’s boyfriend, Josh. Her other two children– son Henry (who was born on the show) and daughter Anastazia— were fathered by Izabella’s ex-husband Jairo Rodriguez, who appeared on “16 and Pregnant” with her.

Aleah LeBeouf (Season 5):


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Aleah is currently about seven months pregnant by her now-husband Rian. This is her third child, as she has daughter Peyton (by her ex Shawn Burke, who was on the show with her). She has a son named Julius as well. She has not revealed if she’s having a boy or a girl yet.

Nikkole Paulun (Season 2):


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Nikkole— who starred on the same season as the original ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls— is currently pregnant with her third child. The baby— a boy who will be named Bohdi– is due in July and is fathered by Nikkole’s husband Kyle Ledda. Nikkole has son Lyle by Josh Drummonds, her ex who appeared on “16 and Pregnant” with her, and daughter Ellie from another relationship. 

Catelynn Lowell (Season 1):

“It took a lotta Tupperware peein’ but we finally got a baby!”

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Catelynn and her husband Tyler are expecting their fourth child together. The couple had been trying to have another baby (with Cate peeing in Tupperware containers and dunking pregnancy tests in them, as you do.) Like all of their previous babies, Baby No. 4 is a girl. (They have daughter Carly– whom they placed for adoption at birth– as well as daughters Nova and Vaeda.)

Jordan Cashmyer (Season 5):

Jordan is currently pregnant with her second child, according to an online baby registry. (Jordan’s father also confirmed her pregnancy on Facebook.) She is expecting a baby girl at the end of this month. In the years since Jordan appeared on “16 and Pregnant,” she has run into a lot of trouble. She was arrested multiple times, struggled with a drug addiction, and allegedly dabbled in escorting and other unsavory occupations.

Since then, though, it appears that she has gotten clean. She celebrated her one year sobriety anniversary in January. 

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    1. A little actually. Kind of thought it would be Camryn (for attention, the girl LOVES attention), Taylor (the one dating her baby daddy’s friend, wouldn’t let baby daddy come around but bf was more than welcome) or Selena.

  1. I hope that since Jordan is celebrating her sobriety, that this means she’s actually seeing and spending time with her daughter.

  2. Jordan is pregnant again?! Girl, get your shit together and try to be there for the kid you already have. If she really is sober and has made changes then great, but there is no need to go having a replacement kid.

    1. I know her parents have custody and have said that Derek sees her often, but I will never understand having more children when you don’t even have custody of your first. Getting custody back should be first priority.

  3. Ugh Nikkole.

    Jordan Cashmyer? Really? Does she even see Genevieve?

    Isabel Tovar and Jairo broke up? I think I remember reading that a while back, maybe. She graduated college too, right?

    Catelynn. Ugh.

  4. That almost 9 minute gender reveal video was at least 7 minutes too long. But the best part:

    Woman: “Take off the tape”
    Maddie: “I cant!!”

    Woman: “Someone without hooker nails should do it!” ?

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