‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Ashley Jones Responds After Briana DeJesus’ Mom Roxanne Accuses Her of Starting Fight While Filming ‘Teen Mom’ Retreat Spin-Off

“I saw your video, Roxy and…”

Ashley Jones has broken her silence, one day after Roxanne DeJesus accused her of starting trouble with her daughtersBrittany and Briana, as well as Jade Cline while the girls were filming the new Teen Mom “retreat” spinoff.

As The Ashley reported on Wednesday, Roxanne blasted the show’s producers, Ashley and Viacom after her daughters and Jade were sent to stay at another hotel after getting into some sort of “altercation” with Ashley while filming on Tuesday. Jade and Brittany have remained silent since then, and Bri surfaced briefly on her mother’s Instagram Live rant video to beg her mom to get off social media.

““S**t broke out last night and guess what happened again?” Roxanne said during her rant on Wednesday. “Three of the girls had to be taken to another location, when in reality it should have been the opposite [girl, Ashley]. Three girls didn’t go in there to be bullies. They went in there, minding their business and s**t broke out…So they removed Jade, Brittany and Briana and they had them stay at another hotel.”

On Thursday, Ashley responded to Roxanne’s claims that she started the altercation.

“Just to be very clear, I did not attack anyone,” she wrote on Instagram Stories on Thursday. “I was ganged up on and people tried to get physical with ME. Not the other way around.”

Ashley then reminded everyone involved that cameras were rolling during the altercation.

“So let’s all tell the truth cause when the footage airs someone is going to look like a liar.”

“You callin’ me a LIAR?!”

Roxanne has since removed the Instagram post from yesterday in which she alerted everyone (and tagged @MTV) to let them know she was planning to rant about the show.

Surprisingly, Ashley’s mom, “Pastor Tea”— who is generally outspoken when it comes to issues involving her daughter— has remained silent, although she did comment on a clip of Roxy’s rant that was posted on the Teen Mom Shaderoom Instagram page to let everyone know she was aware of what was being said about Ashley. 

“I’m right here watching it all go down. I see no one is speaking what really happened. I’m just waiting…I’m just here for the comments cause soon as I say something…… ppl feelings gone be hurt.”

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36 Responses

    1. That’s what me, Meatball, McGee and Lucy were talking about too.

      Like McGee said, shes cutting down on the carbs but has gone too far, could be an eating disorder or I think it could actually be a combination of an eating disorder and maybe some drug use.

  1. Roxanne don’t have no problem spending that $$$$ that whole family is nothing but bullies, NOW having said that Ashley is just plain nasty! I can’t stand her, she is just nasty to the bone!! Her dramafest she lives in just plain Reeks!!

  2. Roxanne don’t have no problem spending that $$$$ that whole family is nothing but bullies, NOW having said that Ashley is just plain nasty! I can’t stand her, she is just nasty to the bone!!

  3. Bri, Brit, Ashley, Jade, that’s a lot of plastic surgery going at it in one room! See girls, outside appearance can’t fix internal uglies. A little tip from old uncle Nibs

    stay lit

  4. Im believing Ashley on this one. We have all seen what happens when the DeJesus coven joins forces and gang up on someone…and now they’ve got Jade, another person who does nothing but scream at everyone, added into the mix…the 3 of them give off cliqued up, mean girl, cowardly, bully vibes. MTV removed the right people from that situation.

  5. This coming from the grandmother who has physically threatened multiple people on camera. Roxanne’s daughters have been shown to gang up on people more than once during TM2. I wouldn’t trust anyone from their family to tell me the time.

      1. That’s your opinion

        If you wanna sit all day spelling out please, thank you, you’re welcome, etc.

        Go right on ahead.

        I live in the 21st century, the land of “less is more”

    1. Entirely agree!!
      Yet all are still upstanding humans when compared to (self proclaimed) “The Jenellephant EvansEason”
      Thank goodness they got rid of that massive trash barrel! Can you imagine HER on the mix of this!!
      No thank you!!

      Actually, it wouldn’t be a factor because she would just refuse to ”work”(gag~that word is so inappropriate & misleading in this circumstance) /film anyway and go run up the room service bill on MTVs tab.
      Not sure why MTV kept her as long as they did but every time I see a TM reference I’m thankful they kicked her to the curb!! Or should we say “JE quit” as JE loves to lie about. ??

      Trashy pointless fights are not entertaining…on ANY program…TM just happens to have a cast full of trashy scrappers!!

    1. I dont like them either, but Roxanne may have a point?

      Her girls and Jade typically don’t start drama, they join in once it starts.

      Now Ashley, that bitch don’t do nothing but start shit!!! Its a wonder she ain’t been killed or thrown in jail!!

          1. Ummmmmm yes, “cat fights” too. She’s the one that started drama with Kail at the reunion. She is CONSTANTLY starting shit on IG. She’s CONSTANTLY running her mouth. Bri causes her own fucking drama all of the time.

        1. Kail started it long before the reunion.

          Kail was jealous, plain and simple. She can’t stand it when one of her exes moves on, even though she had clearly moved on at the time (she had just had Lux I believe).

          At the reunion Kail called Bri ratchet and Bri called Kail bougie (or however you spell that). That’s when Brit jumped in and it turned into a fight. A fight that involved security having to separate them so it didn’t get physical.

          Come to think of it, Kail didn’t like Vee at first either (now they’re practically besties).

          Kail gets along with everyone as long as KAIL gets what KAIL wants…”Kail is always right” after all.

          I actually have never seen a physical altercation that involved just Bri.

          Remember back at her first reunion when she got into it with Devoin causing Brit and Roxanne to storm the stage. Roxanne took off her stilettos and was about to throw them and Brit jumped over the couch.

    2. Off-topic af, but Ashley’s appearance concerns me. She seems to have developed certain facial features characteristic of a significant eating disorder over the last year or so. That’s not a struggle I’d wish on anyone, and I hope I’m wrong. Has anyone else noticed this? I don’t watch the show anymore because the Ashley gives me all the content I need – maybe it’s been addressed?

      1. I’ve never paid attention to her facial features but an eating disorder certainly could account for her crappy attitude!!

  6. Grown up women & mothers, pushing 30, are fighting like immature schoolgirls. Not gonna watch this special either. This would only give me second-hand embarrasment, not entertainment.

    1. I entirely agree!
      NONE of this trashy behavior is entertaining in the slightest, it just makes me embarrassed to be a human!
      What scares me most is that these trash heaps are reproducing at a rate double or even triple+ that of intelligent, motivated, well educated, responsible, cognitively intact, self-aware, contributing members of society.
      Where does that leave the human race a few generations down the road??…THIS could be considered “normal” within a few generations?
      How sad is that!

      This is how these people act when THEY KNOW THEY ARE BEING FILMED!!
      Imagine what happens when they aren’t!
      I’d love to believe they at putting on a front for the camera / show but sadly that line has probably been blurred for quite some time now…

      I would NEVER behave as ANY of them do but for conversation sake, if I slipped and got into a trash scrap on major network TV (embarrassed just imagining it?) I would never again be able to look at myself in the mirror! These fools make THEIR OWN RECORDINGS & PLASTER ALL OVER THE INTERWEB!!?
      I will never comprehend that thought process…nor do I ever wish to think that way!!

      Stay safe yall!???

    2. Jade and Ashley had beef before. Ashley tried to say MTV offered her the position on TM2 before they offered it to Jade.
      Unfortunately for Ashley, Jade made friends with the Dejesus clique while on the show. Britney is ready to throw down any chance she can and Brianna and Jade both couldn’t stop running their mouths (especially on camera) if you paid them too…ha ha…see what I did there!

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