‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Farrah Abraham Claims the ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Want Her To Be Their Lawyer, Gabbie Egan Claims Jenelle Evans Randomly Ended Their Friendship & More

“I am ready to be the Number One Lawyer in Our Nation!”

From acting like a lawyer despite not going to law school, to acting upset after being banned from a reality show taping, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Farrah Abraham claims former costars want her to represent them in court. 

“I got this!”

Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham–- the girl who recently accused Harvard University of committing “educational abuse” after the school booted her from an online course–- recently told TMZ that, despite no longer being enrolled at the Ivy League school, her legal services are in high demand. 

We should also mention that Farrah does not have a law degree/grasp on reality; however, she still claims to “work with a lot of public figures.” In fact, she even claims some former ‘Teen Mom’ cast members are interested in having her represent their respective legal cases. 

“Looks like there’s gonna be a few MTV stars headin’ to gel!”

“I think I have to have my own office,” Farrah said. “My friends keep asking. ‘Teen Mom’ cast members keep asking if could represent them.” 

(Farrah has yet to reveal which “former cast members” are begging for her to be their lawyer, but The Ashley believes the former cast member below is probably the only possibility.)

“Did I ask Farrah to be my lawyer? Naaaaay!”

Not only is Farrah alleging that friends and reality stars want her to represent them in court, she’s also claiming to be in high demand among law firms and other Ivy Leagues following her “Harvard debacle.”

“ … It’s an exciting time, so like, law firms are coming up [to me],” she told TMZ. “We have so many options as law students to schools, like, Yale has reached out. So I’m just so pumped because I have all these choices for law school … .” 

Farrah said she’s unsure if she’ll remain on the West Coast or move east to pursue her law degree, though she’s leaning more towards the former, because she’s all about inclusion…or something. (Consider yourselves warned, West Coasters!) 

“ … I think the West Coast is more diverse and appropriate for like, inclusion, better weather, so we’ll see what happens about that,” she said. 

“The most important thing is that I attend a university that allows me to comfortably dress like this year-round.”

When asked if she planned to get into criminal law, civil law, commercial law or another focus, Farrah gave a response like only she can. 

“Man do I love criminals, or criminals love me, I don’t know what it is,” she responded. “I think I’m more interested in entertainment law, IP law– I’m really good with that stuff. So, either way I’m here, whether it’s abortion laws, whether it’s civil lawsuits, whether it’s larger IP cases, I’m here for it all. Come get me. I can’t wait to see what my law office looks like.” 

“Let me know if you need a legal assistant!”

Gabbie Egan Explains Why She & Jenelle Evans Are No Longer Friends on Social Media 

If you couldn’t see this split coming, The Ashley suggests you get your eyes examined…

There appears to be some “Girl S**t” going down between Jenelle and her almost-podcast-pal, Gabbie Egan!

Gabbie– a TikTokker best known for being cast on Jenelle’s ill-fated podcast earlier this year, had been palling around with the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star since their “Girl S**t” podcast went up in flames like the dumpster fire that it was. After the podcast failed, Gabbie and Jenelle remained friendly, with Gabbie even visiting Jenelle on The Land this summer.

However, some eagle-eyed fans recently noticed that Jenelle no longer follows Gabbie on social media, and on Tuesday, Gabbie took to TikTok to address the issue.

“I’ve been getting so many DMs and comments asking why Jenelle unfollowed me on TikTok and Instagram…” Gabbie said, later adding, “I hung with her at her house and stuff, I met her kids and s**t. I honestly really, really liked her and then I didn’t talk to her for a little bit because I ended up getting in some trouble.”

@bbyegan_Reply to @taratime1994 ##fypシ♬ original sound – Gabs?

(Here’s the “trouble” Gabbie is talking about, by the way…) 

“I was really depressed and had zero energy to even talk to anybody,” Gabbie said. “Bro, I was just so depressed. Finally we started talking back and forth a little bit, and then two weeks went by without me talking to her and then she unfollowed me.

“I don’t know if I did something,” she continued. “I don’t think that I did; I don’t think that there’s any drama. I did text her about it and she never responded. That was like a week ago or so.”

Gabbie said she still considers Jenelle a friend.

“I’m gonna go out to the shed and get me one of them brow kits, OK?”

“If she ever needed anything I would still be here for her,” she said. 

Jenelle has yet to address the drama with Gabbie. However, during an Instagram Q&A session on Wednesday, she assured her followers that she does have pals. When a follower asked if she and David have close friends, and stated that it seems “like you guys are lonely,” Jenelle said that isn’t true.

Jenelle when asked how many friends she has… (Hint: that friend’s name rhymes with “Pavid Treason.”

“Def not lonely,” she wrote. “We put away our phones when we hang out with friends.”

Cory Wharton Pouts Over MTV Banning Him from ‘The Challenge’ Reunion Due to His Unwillingness to Get the COVID-19 Vaccination

“And they won’t let me go. Can they even film an MTV reality show without me? Is that even allowed?!” 

Don’t expect to see Cory’s mug on the Reunion special for the current season of ‘The Challenge,’ as the ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad revealed on Tuesday that he is not allowed to attend, due to his unvaccinated status.

Cory— who, as The Ashley told you yesterday, is currently splish-splashing in San Diego filming the ‘Teen Mom’ spinoff— complained on Twitter that the show’s higher-ups are trying to “strong arm” the cast into getting a COVID-19 vaccine. 

“No ‘Challenge’ reunion for me, they said due to my vaccination status,” Cory wrote. “They are really strong arming ppl now a days. Smh.”

Cory deleted the tweet soon after posting it.

While the deletion may have come at the request of MTV, it also could be because he was getting shredded on Twitter. A large number of fans expressed their anger over Cory refusing to get vaccinated, despite the fact that his oldest daughter Ryder is immune-compromised due to having VLCAD, a rare condition that can cause liver and heart issues, due to her body’s inability to break down some fats.

(For those asking why unvaccinated Cory is allowed to film for the ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off and ‘Teen Mom OG’ but not ‘The Challenge’ Reunion, The Ashley can confirm that he is not the only ‘Teen Mom’ cast member who is not vaccinated. The production company requires the casts to take rapid COVID tests before filming. Also, the shows have different production companies, and each production company has its own rules and COVID protocols to follow.) 

Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Izabelle Tovar Welcomes Third Child; Gives Her Baby a “Fruity” Name

“I’m just glad there was no MTV camera crew in the birthing room this time!”

It’s a girl for former “16 and Pregnant” star Izabella Tovar.

Izabella— who gave birth to her son Enrique (aka Henry) during the third season of the MTV show— welcomed her third child on Monday.

She gave the baby girl the name Peach Eleanora.

“Peach Eleanora Alofasaupō born 12:49 pm on 9/20/21,” Izabella captioned a series of photos posted to Instagram. “She weighs 7 lbs 11 oz & is 19 1/4 in long. We are so in love! Can’t wait to share her birth story soon.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Iz L Tovar (@izabella_tovar)

“Thank you all so much for your congratulations and well wishes, seriously means the world. We’re so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support!” Izabella wrote.

Izabella had a home birth, and is apparently pleased with her decision to do so.

“Such a quick birth!” she wrote on Instagram Stories on Monday. “So glad to be home in my own bed…”

Baby Peach joins Henry, and Izabella’s daughter Anastazia, who was the second child born to Izabella and her then-husband Jairo Rodriguez. Izabella and Jairo divorced in 2018, and both have moved into relationships with other people. However, Izabella and her current boyfriend Josh frequently hang out with Jairo. Two days before Peach’s birth, Izabella posted about an outing that Josh, Jairo and Henry all took together.

“Henry’s birthday weekend request was to go to Lagoon with Josh, Jairo, & his friend. They had the best time together. So grateful for how well they get along,” she wrote. “A lot of people ask me what the dynamic is like between Josh & Jairo and honestly they’re great friends! Love seeing pics like this. Henry is one lucky guy to have such awesome men in his life. #CoParentingDoneRight” 

Izabella’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” was memorable for several reasons, including that she was only 15 years old when she got pregnant, and that she kept the pregnancy hidden from nearly everyone until she was ready to give birth.


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In 2016, Izabella became the first girl from “16 and Pregnant” to graduate from college with a Bachelors degree.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: Instagram; MTV; TikTok)

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  1. Farrah is delusional and is really mentally disabled.

    They need to do a Britney law for her and her parents. They are all the same.

  2. Don’t you have to have a 4 year (or maybe 6) year degree from a reputable college before you can even apply to law school? Not from the film school that Farrah went to either. She’s such a clown.

    1. Yes…my nephew did 4 years of college and graduated. He applied for law school and was accepted. He did another 4 years in law school and graduated. He then had to pass the bar test in order to be a lawyer and he passed it the first time.

      Farrah is delusional and has serious mental problems.

    2. In certain state you can still “read” law ie. study under a reputable practicing attorney and then sit for the bar exam. It is what Kim K is (was) doing.

  3. Jesus, if we were still living in the early ’60s American Horror Story/Girl, Interrupted era, I am fairly certain Farrah would be institutionalised somewhere.

  4. I watched Farrah on TMZ last nite, her short interview. They really made fun of her, saying Yale never reaches out to anyone.

    I all could say was Bless Her Heart .

  5. Gabbie needs to be thanking her lucky stars that Jenelle decided to not be her friend anymore. If I recall correctly, the last friend of Jenelle’s anyone spoke about, ended up getting pistol whipped by David.

    And WTF is educational abuse?! Farrah pulls any and everything outta that back door of hers.

  6. If I ever get in legal problems where I feel I’m getting F in the A, I’m calling a pro, I’m calling Farrah, no questions asked.

    stay lit

  7. Farrah have you considered how your precious spoiled just like you kid will explain when her kids see grandma’s parts on line. She only four years off from starting where you began. Apples and trees etc.

  8. Farrah surely has some brain damage
    Jenelle clearly isn’t allowed to have friends. Psychos isolate their victims
    Izabella, you know Peach sounds like “b*tch”, right?
    Cory, don’t get the vaccine if you don’t want to but don’t you ever see your daughter again. If she catches COVID from your unvaccinated ass she could die. Seriously

    1. If he’s vaccinated he could still get it and so could she!!

      What if he gets vaccinated and winds up being allergic to something in it?? He could die too!!

      It’s not 100% effective!!!!

      Who the hell are you to tell someone not so their kid again? Family is family!!!

      If your comfortable not seeing family that’s unvaccinated that says ALOT about you.

      1. Idk why my political comment got deleted, ppl spread offensive sh!t on here ALL THE TIME and The Ashley dont care about that. Why should she care about a politically offensive comment?

    1. Not a vaccine but an experimental gene therapy ( why are people down on those who chose not to be a lab rat) your body your choice, good on Cory for making a choice

      1. I agree, no vaccine for me neither. Its not 100% people!!!

        People still fucking get COVID even if they been jabbed in the arm!!!!

        People have died because of an allergic reaction to the vaccine. So why is something that’s supposed to help you but kills you okay but the virus isn’t. I’ll take my chances with herd immunity and the virus.

        Its straight up political!!

        The flu vaccine wasn’t pushed on people and that pandemic eased up. But since the US had a fucking douche bag for a prez this thing is still going.

          1. He is definitely the devil incarnate in my opinion. I just hope we can get out of this reset and Trump can put us back on the right track.

            He was human and some of the things he said/did he shouldn’t have done, but 99% of the things he did for this country were spot on.

            I saw a side by side of Biden and Walter (Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquist dummy) and the facial feature resemblance was UNCANNY!!! The caption read, “try to get this out of your mind” And I CANNOT!!!

    1. Oh Farrah. You tell lies.

      Oh Cory. You probably need a syphilis shot more than anything.

      Oh Gabby. No great loss losing Jenelle’s “friendship”.

      Oh Isabella. You are one of the few good ones. I liked you on your episode.

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