‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Says She Plans to Get Pregnant Again As Soon As She Gives Birth: “Tyler and I Both Want a Boy”

“How many times will I have to knock you up before we can get a boy!?”

Catelynn Lowell is about to give birth to her third daughter with Tyler Baltierra, but the Teen Mom OG star is already thinking about Baby No. 4!

Catelynn, who is currently about 35 weeks pregnant with a baby girl whom she and Tyler are planning to name Tezlee, recently told her Instagram followers that there is at least one more pregnancy in her (near) future.

“Yes, Tyler and I both want a boy, so we’re definitely gonna try again,” Catelynn told fans on Instagram Live.

She added that she hopes to get knocked up again immediately following Tezlee’s birth. 

“I think we’re just gonna go right for No. 4 right after this one’s born,” she said. “We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know?”

Tyler, when he realizes that ending up with nine daughters is a real possibility…

It’s no secret that Tyler has been unhappy that, so far, Catelynn has only given birth to baby girls. (Tyler and Catelynn are parents to four-year-old daughter Nova. They are also birth parents to daughter Carly, whom they placed for adoption shortly after her birth in May 2009.) On previous episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Tyler has expressed his disappointment over not having a son. 

He admitted to being “pissed” at the gender reveal party held when Catelynn was pregnant was Nova, after finding out the baby was a girl.

“When I found out I was having a girl, and not a boy, my first thought was, ‘Dammit,’” Tyler explained in a “Featured Moment” clip that aired in 2015. “I really wanted a boy so bad.”

During the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode that featured Tezlee’s gender reveal party, Tyler was noticeably upset when he found out they were having yet another girl. 

“You take care of your dad Butch, so it’s kind of like you already have a son, right?”

Anyway, fans have criticized Tyler and Catelynn for having another baby, due to problems in their marriage. Earlier in her current pregnancy, Catelynn and Tyler agreed to separate for a short time and live in different houses, in hopes that a separation would help work out their marital issues.

As The Ashley previously told you, Catelynn and Tyler have signed on to appear on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ which is currently filming. It’s likely that Baby Tezlee’s birth will be included on the new season.

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  1. Good grief. Feeling sorry for those unborn kids already. She’ll do anything to try to keep Tyler around. And I wish Catelynn (and others for that matter) would stop calling postpartum depression “postpartum”. Postpartum is an adjective meaning “following birth”. It isn’t a diagnosis nor even medical slang for PPD.

  2. I do agree there are lots of cringy parenting styles. However, daycare is probably the most normal part of a lot of these little ones days. As well as helping them learn actual skills for the real world.

  3. Tezlee, Novalee, Carley. I am seeing a pattern of “lee” here.

    Also I feel so bad for all these babies! When they grow up and read these articles about how bad Ty wants a boy they are going to feel so bad! I hope they save some of the TM money for the psychological help these kids are going to need when they get older.

  4. Why do I get the feeling that these two will blow all of their TM money to use IVF for the gender selection or whatever its called to be sure to have a boy baby?

    Brandon and Teresa please please keep Carly away from these two! Time to close the adoption and leave it up to Carly to choose when she’s 18.

  5. Slow your roll there, Andrea Yates. It may not be wise to have back to back pregnancies, especially when you have a history of PPD. This is just desperate Cate trying to Keep Ty hunkered down. She knows he won’t leave her while pregnant.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Just…so many things wrong with this. Didn’t someone at Dr. Oz discuss with Catelynn on the show how a lot of her PTSD, anxiety, and depression is triggered by pregnancy and babies? Why would this be a good idea?

    I have a cousin who’s in the same boat: she and her husband have three beautiful girls, but he’s obsessed with the idea of a son and proudly told everyone they won’t stop until they have a boy. What can a son do for them that their daughters can’t?

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Wonder if Ty will decide to separate from Cate and go live elsewhere during the next pregnancy too.

    These two should seriously focus on something ELSE, other than mass producing kids. Like taking some of their MTV money (while they still HAVE it), and go back to school.

    Clearly a college degree won’t hurt either of them, when the MTV money train comes to a grinding halt.

  8. They should happy that A) they can have kids, girl or boy and B) their kids are healthy, girl or boy.

  9. Yeah great idea planning to get knocked up as soon as this baby is born. God forbid you have post partum again and can barely take care of the two you have but then throw a third in the mix. Jesus.

  10. Ugh…Just because you CAN have kids, doesn’t mean you SHOULD have kids. Their relationship is constantly in shambles, and they wanna keep bringing kids into it…man whatever. I hope they have nothing but girls.

  11. I love these kids but this is dumb AF on many levels. Here’s an idea, perhaps they could adopt a baby boy. They could guarantee the gender, give a baby a nice life and bypass postpartum.

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    Why a another baby isn’t 3 enough and what if you can only have girls but can’t have a boy there are women who can’t have a boy baby just like if they wanted a girl but can’t be able to have a girl be great fun for what you have as long is the baby is healthy that is what matters

  13. NO, NO……..NO!!! She is already having experience with postpartum, I bet she will have it after Tezlee as well, I wouldn’t even bat an eye if she was healthy but she wanted to kill herself after the miscarriage she suffered before she got pregnant now……he is unknowingly killing his wife and I bet he doesn’t even care.

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    As someone who works in the neonatal intensive care unit, I’ve seen parents lose their babies due to health problems, yet these dumbos want a boy. Be grateful for healthy children because not everyone can have that.

  15. Having another baby because you want a boy is an almost guarantee that it will be another girl. It’s the sperm that determined the gender so Tyler can only be angry at himself for having another girll.

  16. This really infuriates me! The gender doesn’t matter! The fact that they’re almost 30 should be enough alone to stop this show! The kids they had on 16&Pregnant are almost teenagers. They pop out kids left, right, and center (some while claiming they didn’t think they could get pregnant). Jenelle and Kailyn have THREE baby daddies each! They are all wealthy and making more than some doctors. Some of them don’t even parent (or do it horribly). All they do is buy houses and couches to lounge in and complain about co-parenting. Maci drops her kids at daycare every day and DOESN’T WORK. Ryan’s drug habit is the only storyline she has other than her continued “surprise” pregnancies. She gets pregnant a lot for someone who’d infertile. Amber sits on her couch and talks about missing her daughter. That’s it. That’s her whole storyline. Catelynn and Tyler are just ridiculous. Keep trying for that boy! Man, your daughters are going to resent you one day. What if something happens and she can’t have more kids? Jenelle is a horrible person and mother and her husband is a serious psycho. She’s unwatchable. Leah seems to be doing better but is utterly boring to watch. She’ll probably join the 3 baby daddies club soon. Kailyn is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen. She didn’t love her first two kid’s fathers but is madly in love with a guy who barely tolerates her. She’s delusional. Brianna is completely nuts. Enough said. Chelsea is the only one who learned ANYTHING over the years. Honestly, she’s boring too. That’s a good thing for her though! I’m not even addressing Bristol and Cheyenne. Just stop enabling these people MTV! No one wants to watch grown women making $300,000+ a year for popping out babies as teens.

    1. Evidently you want to watch grown women “popping out babies”. LOL

      and careful on the judgment train there. I really don’t care how many kids anyone has as long as they take care of them.

  17. Maybe try gender selection?? Since they have the money..i think caitlyn thinks if she gives him a boy everything will be peaches between the 2 of them

    1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking…she thinks a boy will fix everything…and I’m sure Tyler probably believes that too..but both of them are too stupid to realize that a boy isn’t going to fix anything…if anything it’s going to add stress to their already rocky marriage.

      I couldn’t even imagine if they broke up and Tyler had a boy with someone else…Cate would probably have to be committed.

  18. Seems about right…..solid parenting plan /s

    Seriously, as someone who miscarried over the summer and is now having fertility issues, this drives me insane! Just be grateful you’re having another baby (my due date was right around hers so this stings extra hard), some people never get that chance.

    1. So sorry you experienced that Clever TM Name. Been there myself and I just want to send you some love ♡

      Agree with you also about Tyler and Catelynn. I cannot stand people in general who complain about the sex of the baby they CHOSE to have.

    2. Maybe I’m delusional after watching this show, but after years of talking about it, my husband & I decided to start trying to have a baby.
      Months later…. still nothing.
      I can’t imagine the pain of having a miscarriage, but am living with the shock of not being able to just “decide” to get pregnant – something I assumed would be so easy.
      I think I’m also feeling incredibly angry at these two for just thinking they’ll get pregnant at the snap of their fingers because they want a freaking boy. And even angrier because I’m sure they will be able to. UGH.

  19. Doesn’t Cate suffer from post partum? If so, is having babies like a conveyor belt good for that? Also what can you do these days with a boy that you can’t with a girl? Girls can dress in jeans and play with trucks and play football. So why does the penis matter so much? He is lucky his kids are healthy physically (lord knows what emotional damage these two will do to their kids)

    1. I always had a feeling Cate and Tyler are both so INTO gender generalizations because Tyler got a “haha, you’re gay” from fans and Cate maybe comes across as butch to people. I mean, I think they are TRYING to make their children live a completely stereotypical life because they are not it. Which is FINE, I mean I am the quite opposite of a girly girl, even the men I like aren’t typically macho but I guess for them it’s a complete shock and they want a boy because of that.

      For all we know, one of the girls might feel like a man and changes her gender in the future and he gets a son.

  20. Trust me, Tyler (Because I know about this), wish for a healthy child instead of being angry that it isn’t one gender or the other. Pray for healthy, man.

    1. You would think that would be the thing that they would want most, but they’re so concentrated on gender it’s sickening…and what if they get their boy, and God forbid he’s not healthy…could you imagine the disgust and disappointment that would come out of these 2??

  21. These two are bat shit crazy to want another child with no education, no training, and once the MTV gravy train stops, no money. They will be living in a camp trailer in the backyard of Tyler’s moms house. What a dumb move!!

  22. Isn’t that just the best idea ever 🙄No better way to tell your daughter that she isn’t worth a damn to you than planning the next boy attempt even before she arrives. Perhaps the doc should accidentally tie those tubes while he’s in there.

  23. Are they living together again, or still separated? Having a boy won’t make Tyler stay. Why add another kid into this mess.

  24. So she’s gonna keep shooting them out until they (Tyler) get a boy? I find this kind of attitude to be gross. The health should be the main priority, not the gender

  25. This is the most fucking retarded thing I’ve read in awhile.

    If you care THAT MUCH that your child has a penis, why haven’t they done IVF? Oh right.. because Nova & Tezlee were “unplanned”. Okay.

  26. also he wasn’t the only one upset about a girl at least he didn’t scream out loud I didn’t want a girl tyler its your fault

  27. of course she is has to trap him but good. Great when the show is over she can sit on her couch and collect from the state because you know damn well they blew thru their money. He doesn’t want to be there even after a trial 30 day separation how many vacations i mean therapy will she need for each kid

  28. I….have no words. Other than I really enjoyed her “we want to be done before we’re 30, y’know?” comment. Yeah, because THAT’S what’s important, not all the other factors they should be considering.

  29. These two should have stopped after Nova. That little girl is adorable and won’t ever get even half of the attention that she deserves. I do get that Tyler at least tries to do his best with Nova, but given Cate’s state of mind, this is just a horrible idea. I’ve always tried to wish the best for these two, but in my eyes their future just keeps looking more and more bleak.

  30. WTF! These two have every reason to be using protection, at least until their other many issues are sorted out (to include their marriage and current maternal neglect). The MTV money is not going to last, why not invest in education?

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Ugggg.. they need another baby as much as cate needs another zebra hoodie.

  32. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Does he know that the sex of the baby is driven by the fathers chromosomes within his sperm… Its not driven by the egg… so he’s spitting out girls… its just in his genes… he should just be happy they healthy happy babies…

  33. Okay so what if they do have another one and it’s a girl? She really can’t kee having these babies in hopes of getting a boy b

  34. Why is she gonna get pregnant yet again when all she does is abandon Novalee and leave her with her mom who caused her “childhood trauma.” This girl is a deadbeat mom and runs to rehab to escape her responsibilities.

    1. I really try not to feel upset that I can’t have kids, but even reading this story bothered me. They don’t know how to appreciate what they have.

  35. Catelynns good old trap snatch is going to be put back to work again!

    Catelynn can’t be bothered to parent Nova, she probably won’t bother with the new baby, but damn.. anything to give Tyler a son which will SURELY make him want to stick around.

    1. Cate is gonna go out for smokes one day and never come back. And Tyler is gonna be stuck raising all of these unwanted kids.

  36. Also, someone should let Tyler know that he is responsible for the sex of the baby. Read a little reproductive science, buddy.

    1. Hear hear. Tyler’s got/going to have 2 beautiful girls – I don’t get the ‘I need a boy’ sentiment. Be happy with your girls, you’ll end up a single parent to them anyways…😑

  37. The heartbreaking part is this just tells their child, if we had your brother first, we never would have had you. We don’t want you. Although naming her Tezlee will sure let her know that early.

  38. Tezlee will see How Tyler reacted to her gender and be mortified. Catelynn doesn’t even take care of the one child she has now. Having a boy will not make your life any better. Maybe Tyler wants a boy to make him feel more like a man. Childish, ignorant people.

  39. This is disgusting and a great way to damage the self-esteem of your daughters. Obviously they can’t adopt because of well documented mental health, marital, familial and educational reasons. And those are also the reasons they should stop breeding.

  40. As if Nova isn’t already neglected enough. Tezlee will be as well. Cate and Ty are so self serving. They have the money, why not do the gender selection thing via IVF? Instead of having girls who will all no doubt have low self esteem and inherit their parents’ selfishness? Their relationship is already so toxic, why keep adding kids to it? I can’t stand them.

  41. This is so dysfunctional on so many levels. I’m wondering if she is still in counseling or has anyone in her life letting her know how this is such an amazingly bad idea since she was suicidal less than a year ago, had an awful bout of post-partum depression last time, she and Tyler are all but broken up, not to mention her health issues, coupled with the fact the she seems to do a minimal amount of parenting for Nova now, so with a new baby….. It doesn’t look like she’s thinking straight, so if this isn’t something to just drum up attention I hope there is someone to intervene in her life, because there is no way this is going to end up in the happily ever after she so desperately wants that Tyler clearly is no longer interested in.

  42. Ok and in a year or two Cate will be back to rehab because she will have Nova, two children under two, her depression will be back and her marriage will still be in the toilet. And what about this new baby? Don’t they want to spend time with her and bond with her before the next one? Oh right, she doesn’t worry about that, she just dumps them on Tyler, her mom or whoever is around. Ugh this girl doesn’t set herself up for success.

    1. To have success she would have to get off the couch, and out of that house. (besides horse petting re-Hab) I feel SO bad for cutie Pie Novelee.

  43. She hasn’t even given birth and is already planning another baby since apparently this one isn’t what they wanted. What a terrible attitude. Being visibly unhappy at the reveal for each of your daughters is pretty disgusting.

    And if the next one is a girl too (and the chances of that are very high)? Then what? Catelynn has zero coping skills and can’t handle the one child they have now. Adding endless kids in a ridiculous pursuit to have a son is insane. Cate and Tyler deserve everything they get at this point. Their poor daughters though.

  44. I thought they were having marital troubles? Might I suggest making sure your marriage is rock solid first?

    Also I have noticed that as of late she is all over her social media pointing out how amazing and sexy/hot he is, yet he never responds to her comments or likes her posts. It seems strange and desperate…given that she rarely had do t this in the past but you see her instagram over the past two or three months repeatedly stating how incredible he is. Me thinks this is response to counseling directive…

  45. These people are trash. They neglect poor little Nova, Cate doesn’t even try to take care of her own health both before or during her pregnancies, this new band-aid baby isn’t even born yet and they’re acting like children who got socks for Christmas just because it doesn’t have a penis. What if this third do-over baby is also a girl? You don’t get to effing pick what you get. It’s disgusting how these two don’t value Nova or this new baby because they’re girls, put Carly, the child that they literally don’t even know on a pedestal, and continuously bring human life into this world just because they want a child with certain genitals. I get that some people may be more comfortable raising children of a certain sex, or have a minor preference, but if you’re going to act like this solely based on your kids genitals, then you shouldn’t have, or be trying to have children, period.

  46. Catelyn is a kook. She really needs to clean her house stop focusing on all of her psycho imaginary issues, wash her hair, loose some weight be a mom and a good wife. The end. Oh I can’t wait to hear the backlash on this one!!!!_ Baa
    Oh btw. I did it all at 16 with zero money no family help whatsoever an pos abusive baby daddy and pulled through to become extremely successful. Why? Because I didn’t have time to sit on the couch bite my nails done to zero overeat and complain about how bad I had it . That’s all

  47. Mmmmk but since she has the money she should just do IVF and test the embryos for sex then. It’s really shitty to keep having girls who will inevitably feel terrible about themselves when they find out they were a disappointment just for being a girl.

  48. If they want a boy so badly they need to do IVF and choose the gender. Money is not really an issue for them so I don’t get why they haven’t done this already.

      1. @coryandtrevor “Things are about to get a little bit more stupider.” (Chantel’s mom from 90 day fiancé)

    1. The news of Cate’s pregnancy was actually leaked on Reddit a while before they announced. Someone noticed that someone on the babycenter app claimed that they were at a baby shower, and Kim was there talking to someone about how Cate was pergnant, it was a girl, and that she and Ty are planning to do IVF to get their boy next time. Everything else the person on babycenter said was true, so I think it’s safe to assume they will seek IVF like the jackasses they are in order to obtain a child with a penis.

      1. Moreclassierparenting thanks for saying it that way, because having a boy is not anymore than a child with a penis. Gender is a cultural construction and it’s not like you can play ball with your daughter. I don’t understand their obsession with wanting to have a boy. Do you know how many people would be so so so grateful for just delivering a healthy baby that will grow up a healthy and happy child? I also feel very bad voor Tesla already, because not feeling wanted is crushing your self-esteem. My dad kept saying if he would get a do-over with his life (with the knowledge he has now) he would never have had children. He said that almost every week for a couple of years and both me and my brother have been quite f’ed up (partially) because of that.

        1. I don’t get that either. One day Tyler posts things like “if my son wants to use make up, I’ll buy him the stuff“ on Twitter (which – don’t get me wrong – is great!) and the other day he worries about his child’s gender, as if it’s the most important thing in the world.

          Maybe it’s because I want to raise my hypothetical children as gender neutral as possible, but I’ll never understand why the sex is so important to a lot of people.

          Also sorry, if my english is shitty. I’m not a native speaker and tired.

          1. POOR TMKIDS WITH AWFUL NAMES: Your English/grammar is great, much better than many native speakers.

        2. Thank you! My husband and I cannot have kids together without medical intervention. And we don’t have Teen Mom money to foot the bill. Seeing people who are able to have healthy children be disappointed by something as small as gender really makes me angry!

    2. Or adopt a boy if he really wants one. They’ve held themselves up as adoption ambassadors for so long, this seems like a logical next step………

  49. Poor Tezlee…not only will she grow up with a stupid name but one day she will read crap like this and learn her parents were disappointed with her since she was a festus.

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