Mackenzie Edwards Addresses “Elephant in the Room” After Getting Let Go From ‘Teen Mom OG’ & Announces How She’ll Make Money Now

“I’m like the Terminator! I’ll be back…”

Mackenzie Edwards has been relatively quiet since she— as well as her husband Ryan and in-laws were let go from Teen Mom OG a few weeks back, but on Monday, Mack addressed the firing (or, as she called it, “the elephant in the room”). She also revealed her plans for the future and how she intends to earn money, now that they won’t be cashing those MTV checks!

“So, no, we are not doing ‘Teen Mom’ at this point in time,” Mackenzie said. “Before all this happened, I was just kind of praying, ‘God, whatever you have in store for us, let us follow that.’ Because I’m a believer, Ryan’s a believer and we both believe if we follow our hearts and follow God’s plan then He is going to open up doors for us that have never been opened before.”

In her video, Mackenzie hinted that she and Ryan were considering leaving the show for a while, but after the decision to go was made for them, they actually felt a sense of relief.

“We had been having this conversation for a long time but it’s hard to pull the trigger on something like that,” Mackenzie said. “So, we got the phone call saying we’re not going to be doing ‘Teen Mom’ anymore, and we both kind of felt this peace.”

Maci after hearing this statement…

As The Ashley previously told you, the entire Edwards clan was given the heave-ho last month after Ryan’s baby mama Maci Bookout when to the Viacom higher-ups and asked that Ryan and his family be removed from the show so that her segments could focus on her and her ventures. The Edwards family received a call from producers informing them that they were being “put to the side” for now and would not be filming anymore.

Anyway, Mack admitted that the paychecks they had been receiving for ‘Teen Mom OG’ were how they were mainly supporting their family. 

“Most of the time, you start shaking like a leaf because that is [our] primary source of income,” she said.

“Wait, we ain’t gettin’ paid no more?”

She then revealed what she will be doing now that she won’t be filming for ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

“Well, I have been putting together a fitness plan since I started my fitness journey close to a year ago,” she said. “I had decided I was going to curate a plan with trainers. I got a team together. So we are finally making that dream a reality and we are so excited. It’s a 12-week challenge…it is so streamlined. It focuses on your food and your exercise and really just kind of getting healthy from the inside out.”

“I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, time and money into this and even if it’s just one person that I can help them feel their best, look their best, be their best…”


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Mackenzie then revealed that she had been struggling behind-the-scenes of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and that getting in shape helped her deal with difficult times.

“I feel like fitness really gave me an outlet during COVID and a lot of things you didn’t see on ‘Teen Mom,'” she said. “They were not documented and I kind of went through a pretty dark time and fitness kind of gave me an outlet. I’m hoping that if you resonate with that, and you can give me 30 minutes of your day, you can be successful as well on your fitness journey.”

Ryan has not stated what he will be doing with his free time; however, last year his dad Larry told The Sun in October that Ryan was “getting a garage built right now” in hopes of having a body shop to build buggies.

“He would love to build buggies for people,” Larry said at the time. “Not many people do custom work like that. He’s very good at it.” 

More recently, Ryan told The Sun, “I really haven’t given MTV much thought now that I have my own fabrication shop.”

Anyway, Mackenzie’s fitness challenge is set to launch at the end of this month. She has not yet announced its name.

“Just so you know, the name ‘Body by Mac’ is already taken!”

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68 Responses

  1. Let’s address the real issue and not the elephant in the room.
    WTF is up with Ryan’s hair? He hasn’t moved from that couch since Covid began last year.

  2. Maci is so jealous, she got Farah fired because she wad jealous. Poor Bently you can see that he wants to see his Edwards family. One day when he has kids Maci will regret her actions. What’s crazy is she couldn’t lady 1 day on Nakef and Afraid after saying she was so strong.LOL

    1. I’m sure he does want a relationship with the other side of his family. BUT he also wants his dad sober, and therapy with his dad, and to not constantly be told that “he’s hurting his dads feelings by asking for therapy” or “we will always choose Ryan over you”. And, you know, to not be treated like shit by his dad and stepmom every time he visits.

      1. It is Maci’s job as a parent to keep her child safe & protected. Ryan being high, his entire family being hostile, off the chain, & uncooperative is not a healthy environment for her son to be in at this moment. She has every right to shelter him from all of this craziness.

    2. Lol, I remember that! She was bragging about making it and then crying & had to go home! She’s not as bad as she thinks she is!! I can’t watch much of her! Just my opinion but it just seems like it takes her forever when she’s talking she talks slow and just always twists her mouth to one side! Anyway jmo

  3. MTV doesn’t realize what an important part the Edward’s family played in the show. Macis storyline is so boring!! Maci got Farrah fired because of her nudity then Maci appeared on Naked and Afraid( what a joke that was she didnt last a day) Maci looks like a jealous individual because Ryan’s wife is so pretty and Maci is scruffy.

    1. Ryans wife must be posting with aliases lol. Or his Mom. Like how Mak says MTV was their paycheck. They were hardly on, how much could they have been making? Lets see if Ryan does anything…he has always been allergic to work.

  4. Won’t be long before she’s “empowering herself” on OnlyFans… although she does plan gorgeous weddings and is very fit. Opportunity is everywhere—we can all latch on to a c-list celebrity on opioids and validate it by having his kids and then bicker with his baby-mother on a dying television show.

  5. Oof. Mack has three little kids to support. She better figure out fast how to get Ryan sober and making money! Until he’s supporting his family, Ryan’s just a big ol’ HIGH albatross around her neck! Mack doesn’t have time to waste on a man-boy who isn’t bringing in cash.

  6. I didn’t know you were Christians. God’s got a big plan for your life and teen mom was probably holding you back. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  7. I thought she was going to enroll in nursing school? She also had very recently listed on her IG bio (I think) that she was a wedding planner. Good luck to her. Someone needs to support those kids if Ryan doesn’t want to.

  8. I love that she has three young children at home yet she’s the one who feels the need to get a job now, while Ryan continues to sit on the couch holding his dog and grunting about Maci. Mackenzie needs to go figure out a real career if she wants to work- she has nothing new or unique to offer the fitness world and any minor success she may achieve will be fleeting.

    1. Mack is too concerned with proving she was right to marry Ryan. When I saw Larry do a total about face- now condoning everything Ryan continues to fail at, I lost all hope anything will ever change.

  9. I think they should all quit the show and go get real jobs. Watching the pain on Bentley’s face during segments that should never be shown on TV, has been heartbreaking. These kid’s lives are not for public consumption. Their parents are not doing right by any of them.

  10. They both felt peace… for moments until the panic set in that they’ll have to actually get jobs!

  11. What she meant is they didn’t want to give up the easy $$$ but MTV made that decision for us! After two kids close together she does looks great and really healthy now! Ryan will probably still be complaining about Maci off camera too and still being a crappy father to Bentley, so maybe he needs to pray about how to fix his laziness now that he doesn’t have those MTV paychecks anymore, because I can’t see him maintaining a business unless his mom and dad do that for him too!

  12. Just what the world needs………ANOTHER girl with a fitness channel. Ughhh why do people feel the need to plaster themselves working out all over the internet? Is there anything more boring?? No one cares. Everyone is so self-absorbed these days, it’s so embarrassing. Yay for you going to the gym but we don’t need an Instagram story about it. What’s next, showing us how you use the bathroom?

  13. When I think of someone with high morals and spirituality, the first person that comes to mind is Ryan Edwards.

  14. It seems like it’s the worst people who broadcast their chosen religion. Are they expecting praise and for their awfulness to magically disappear from memory? Sorry but no. Also the fitness thing sounds like she’ll be shilling some MLM garbage. No thanks hun!

    1. I mean if you say you’re sorry, god forgives you for anything so I guess they think that’s how the public works too?

  15. When I opened this I thought it was Farrah!?‍♀️?? only for a split second but why not get a real job? Gravy train is out of coal….. or maybe they can live in macis guest house/ extra mansion

  16. It’s U all’s FAULT… U,Ryan and his parents, why u guys aren’t on the show anymore. U guys have NOTHING but NEGATIVE COMMENTS about Macy & her family, even though they don’t BASH Ryan in front of Bentley. Aren’t u NOT SUPPOSED this has happened???? Well. I sure AM NOT SURPRISED this happened. Should’ve happened sooner if u asked me….

    1. Jen and Larry were only speaking the truth about Maci, it’s time for all these people to get fired, it’s not Teen mom anymore. Its these spoiled teen moms trying to impress people.disfuntional people having kids!!

      1. Speaking the truth? Are you kidding? Maci has tolerated more bs and disrespect from Ryan, a dead beat dad, who spent $$$$ on drugs but 0 on child support, blames everything including his drug addiction on Maci, mocks and openly makes fun of his son. His wife plays along & obviously knew of his drug issues.
        And dear old mom & dad, once Maci’s biggest supporters turned on her once they had other grandkids.

  17. Just cancel the whole TM franchise. Get some fresh young beautiful idiots and let the old hags go to pasture. We can revisit in 5 years and see how the shit show plays out in real life.

    1. And make it realistic don’t pay them $500,000 a year. Because all that does is make them entitled & monsters. And promote more babies with different fathers or drugs.

  18. I am so sick of everyone’s “fitness journey”. You decided to start working out, not go on a spiritual quest. (And yes, I am aware that some people refer to the gym as their church, but guess what? Your trainer still isn’t Buddha.)

    Also…Ryan is a believer? Why is this so shocking to me? Although it shouldn’t surprise me to hear that he thinks praying for a paycheck is preferable to actually earning one.

  19. Has Mack had her boobs done? How do they sit so pretty after 3 kids nice and close together. She’s gonna miss those MTV checks!

  20. Who is gonna take a health and fitness plan from the woman who let her husband drive her to their wedding high on heroin and has continued to enable his shitty behaviour and even join in on mocking Bentley on the golf course. I wouldn’t want to give her a penny after how they have treated Bentley, she even called him a liar a couple of weeks ago.

    1. She needs to work on that face. I’ve always thought she looks like a man in drag. Lol. I can’t stand her or the whole Edwards bunch. Ryan is a piece of sh*t and his worthless parents have allowed him to be that way his entire life.

    2. I haven’t watched the show in years, but for two grown adults to call Bentley a liar is ridiculous considering he’s the only one in that house telling the truth. Absolutely shameful! They are both believers? No, I don’t think so. As a believer myself, I find that idea very offensive.

      1. As a fellow believer you must know the old saying, “The biggest hypocrites occupy the front pew on Sunday.” And here they are!

        P.s. That might read insulting, and it’s not meant to. I meant to imply that I’m a believer too, not mock you for being one. Sarcasm does not translate over the internet.

  21. Yeah, you surely have been talking to your dead beat husband about willingly giving up your primary source of income and getting actual jobs. Sure, Jan

    1. She looks like a women in her late 30’s. I was shocked when I found out she was in her early 20’s

  22. The biggest elephant in the room is Ryan’s continued substance abuse problem. When will you address that, Mac?

  23. DumpTruck is full of it when she says that her and Strange Danger, Ryan, are fine with not getting those MTV checks anymore! Her job description in the last 2 years has changed a dozen times!! Full time nursing student, Oops got pregnant, put nursing school on hold, look at that pregnant again!! There goes nursing school so now I’ll try Event/Wedding planning!! In the middle of the pandemic when everything is closed and everyone is quarantined!! I got it now I’ll sell insurance during the pandemic, which means I may have to go into people’s houses during a pandemic which could get me sick and my hard working man Ryan sick too!! I finally found my forever career I’m going to be a fitness junkie!! Now Ryan and I will match we will both be junkies!!

  24. Last week she said she was getting her insurance license (work for her dad). Now it’s fitness? Ok well at least she’s trying I guess

  25. Glad Mac had a side hustle after her wedding planner and nursing career.

    Ryan could get a job at the bank since he spends so much time there.

  26. Mack: Mtv was our main source of income.

    Also Mack: we were praying to God to take away our one source of income.

    I’m not even a huge Maci fan, but the Edwards just make it so easy to be unlikeable. Yes Mack looks good. Will I buy her routine she hastily threw together in a month over an actual service? No. No I will not.

    She’d be better off making a fans only at this point.

    1. Ha! Janelle is always accused of being the low-end version of Chelsea. Mack E is trying to be the low-end version of Mac M? Ooof – never thought someone would want to be like Mac M. They both have POS husbands who are uninvolved fathers, so they do have a lot in common.

      1. I wouldn’t say Josh is an uninvolved father. Everyone knows it’s difficult to balance family time in between bucking broncos and buckle bunnies lmfao

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