Mackenzie Edwards Says ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Has Ignored Her Attempts to Make Peace: “It’s All About Maci & Maci Making Money”

“Even though we both have The Spawn of Ryan, we ain’t friends!”

One day after her husband Ryan Edwards spoke out about Maci Bookout, Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, is taking aim at the Teen Mom OG star, too, claiming that Maci refuses to make amends because she’s more focused on portraying her family as “perfect”…and profiting off of that image!

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan told The Sun earlier this week that he hasn’t seen Bentley— the 12-year-old son he shares with Maci— in more than a month. He also stated that Maci refuses to allow Bentley to continue going to therapy with him, due to the on-stage blowout she and her husband Taylor McKinney had with Ryan’s parents back in February.

In her own interview with The Sun, Mackenzie claims she has asked Maci to meet up with her to sit down and talk out their differences, but her multiple attempts have been ignored by the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star.

“And don’t even bother writin’ me a damn letter, Mackenzie. I don’t wanna hear it!”

“I have reached out to Maci to make peace and settle the score a couple of times and I’ve heard nothing back,” Mackenzie told The Sun. “I sent her a text a couple of weeks ago and one in March.

“I just said I would love to meet up and talk over lunch to clear the air and make things better…I just want to sit down as an adult and make it work. I don’t really care about being best friends or anything like that, I just want to talk and make it work. 

“I have tried multiple times to do that but to no avail.”

According to Mack, Maci isn’t interested in mending their relationship and, instead, just boots people from her life.

“If you keep me supplied with beer, though, that may buy you a bit more time in my life.”

“Maci is all about Maci and anybody that gets in Maci’s way or doesn’t do what Maci wants gets cut out,” Mackenzie said, adding that Maci refuses to consider the fact that she and Ryan are not the same people they used to be.

“Nobody is saying that Ryan hasn’t made mistakes; nobody is saying that I haven’t made mistakes,” Mackenzie said. “We own that, we’ve made mistakes but we’ve also learned from them. We’re allowed to grow as people and to change but Maci doesn’t allow for anybody to change in her mind.”

Mackenzie— who has battled Maci online and on the show for years— stated that she feels that Maci’s main focuses are making sure the image she gives off to fans is “perfect” (despite what Mackenzie hints is actually going on behind-the-scenes).

Mack also claims that Maci is hyper-focused on raking in the dough.

“It’s all about Maci and Maci making money and portraying on television that they’re one big happy family when they have skeletons in their closet that they don’t want out there either,” Mack said, adding that she finds Maci and Taylor very “hypocritical.”

“Did someone say skeletons?”

In addition to Bentley, Ryan is the father of son Jagger and daughter Stella with Mackenzie. (She also has son Hudson from her previous marriage.) Mack told the website that her kids love their big brother Bentley and don’t understand why he doesn’t come around anymore.

“[My kids] got attached to Bentley very quickly when they first met,” Mackenzie said. “For Bentley’s mom to suddenly take that away, I just think it’s really messed up.

“At the end of the day I’m responsible for my children’s feelings as well and taking that away from them is just not fair and it’s not OK,” she continued. “I’m just not OK with that back and forth thing. You make your decision and then you live with it or else it gets confusing for the kids. They need stability.”

In his interview with The Sun, Ryan hinted that he may “do something” in court to ensure he gets more time with Bentley. Mack said she approves of any action he feels he needs to take, but worries that going to court may further hurt his already strained relationship with Bentley.

“Whatever Ryan feels is necessary for him and Bentley I support 100 percent, however that looks,” she said. “I think Ryan is a pretty understanding person though and he doesn’t want to make things bad for Bentley, he wants them to be on good terms.

“Ryan doesn’t want to make a bad situation worse.”

Unfortunately, us nosey people won’t get to watch this play out on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ As The Ashley previously reported, the Edwards Family was let go earlier this year from ‘Teen Mom OG,’ after Maci and her management team went to the network’s higher-ups and insisted that her storylines focus on her ventures, rather than Ryan and his family. (You can read all about that here.)

Maci has yet to comment (or “shadebook” comment as she did recently about Ryan), regarding what Mackenzie or Ryan said in their interviews.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Why would Maci give Mack ANY of her time.
    I’m sorry but if someone bashes on me CONSTANTLY for years I’m NOT giving that person any of my time.
    Mack needs to worry about her drugged out husband and the ex she shares her son with.
    Mack….you reap what you sow.

  2. Hear me out.
    Rhine is a garbage dad. No denying it.

    But Bentley had a great relationship with his grandparents that Maci has now cut from his life. Bentley doesn’t seem like he the sort of kid would be comfortable to tell her that either. He always tries to please Maci and Taylor.

    And Martyr Maci is far from the perfection she tries to portray. Everyone remember the drunken Maverick pregnancy?
    I believe Larry might have some dirt. But that Jen is so desperate to hold onto a smidge of relationship with Maci to see Bentley that she won’t allow it to be aired.

    I think Maci might have some skeletons. And maybe she’s pushed the Edwards out (and rightly so by what we’ve seen so far!) in the hopes they’ll be forgotten about and her shit won’t come to light.

    I just think we should remember that martyr Maci isn’t perfect. She used Jen to babysit kids that weren’t her grandkids. And had no issues with Jen and Larry having Bentley every second weekend when she had no TMOG show for a few years abd needed a babysitter. And now she has rhe money (and Taylor) to pay for one, she’s cut them.

    Seems suss to me.

    When Rhine walks the talk and actually gets a lawyer, I’ll have a smidge more respect for him. In the meantime Maci does what Maci wants.

  3. If Ryan *really* wanted time with Bentley and was going to provide a healthy relationship then he could easily get some sort of visitation. Even Amber gets visitation… but of course Ryan and Mack want to just complain and do absolutely nothing of actual substance about it. Talk is cheap.

  4. Wants to make peace and move on…runs to a tabloid to talk trash. I can see why Maci wouldn’t leap at your offers to get together and “settle the score”.

  5. She married a man that was half loaded when they were literally getting married. Go take a seat, your moral compass sucks!

      1. Yes driving to the first wedding high, definitely bad. But he mouth kissed his mom, and then said, “give me a better one”. 🤮🤮🤮

        I will never know if he thought his mom was Mack or he was like yes mom, give me two mouth kisses and make the second one count. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. Mack is as delusional as Rhine is high. Maci doesn’t owe her anything. If Maci feels that ‘talking it out’ isn’t going to help, she doesn’t have to. As a human being you don’t need to keep allowing toxic people into your life, and the Edwards clan is as toxic as they get.

  7. Pretty sure, about 5 years ago, Maci invited Mack to lunch so they could get to know each other and be on the same page about Bentley. Mack then ran to the Edwards to twist everything that Maci said to drive a wedge between them. She then feigned total ignorance about Ryan’s drug problem to pin the blame on Maci. And she and Edwards clan keep running to the tabloids to insult Maci and Taylor. Why on earth would Maci sit down with Mack again? She’s already shown herself to be shady and manipulative.

    Mack, you said you were happy to be rid of Teen Mom, so go! Be free!

  8. Mack is starting to sound like Jenelle. Everything is everyone else’s fault and they’ve made mistakes but that shouldn’t matter because they have “grown” and they are the only ones that try. You can’t clean up a decade+ long mess over lunch. It takes months/years of consistency. Also just because they have grown that doesn’t mean they have grown enough or in a way that’s beneficial to Bentley.

  9. Maci doesn’t owe Mack anything. Maci didn’t start this war between all of them. Mack started it when she decided to blame Maci for everything under the sun in her infamous reunion letter. Maci and Taylor have probably washed their hands of all of it and have no desire to reconcile with the Edwards and I don’t blame them one bit. They’ve put up with their lying, enabling and delusional behavior for years and years and they finally got fed up.

    1. I agree Rachel. Who needs Rhine and Mack’s toxicity. I remember in 16 and Pregnant…and later on S1 of Teen Mom, Maci stepped up as a mom and Ryan was the man child he is today. Unable to cope with life or be responsible. Maybe in those early days Maci “nagged”, but that’s typical of a teenager trying to make her dream guy fit the dream. Then unlike ManChild, Maci grew up and lowered her expectations of Rhine.

  10. Well looks like the MTV money has run out if they are selling stories to the tabloids. They are such losers.

  11. Maci owes you nothing Mac, rhine, is a lazy drugged up deadbeat dad, and bentley is old enough to have searched online what his sperm donor has done, so look in the mirror edwards clan and take several seats.

  12. Bentley and Maci are just done, and they have every right to be. I don’t think Rhine is sober, and until he is, I would keep Bentley out of his life, too. Mack isn’t trustworthy either, so she’s forfeited her kids’ relationships with Bentley. It’s all unfortunate, but too bad. Maci and Bentley deserve to be free of toxic deadbeats.

  13. Every time you use that photo of Ryan from Halloween I can’t stop laughing. This caption was one of the best.

  14. Are the Edwards(Ryan and parents) not allowed to attend Bentley sporting events? I’d assume he’s been busy with sports, friends, school and family… but if they are legally allowed to attend his sports events, then this is an easy way to both see and support him.
    Also, it’s only been about 1 month, which isn’t very long considering he’s getting older and developing his own interests and relationships… which may not include family members who only want to spend time on their terms?

  15. For a woman and man who just did back-to-back articles with the sun to make money, I find it a joke that she questions Maci’s reasons.

    Maci will be on TM with or without Rhine and Mack, so I really don’t think Maci is motivated by drama, or she wouldn’t have gotten all the Edwards fired.

    She probably doesn’t trust that snake of a woman and wants to just keep her distance. When Rhine is sober and ready and is proving through his actions that he’s different, then maybe she will meet with them.

    But selling stories to the sun about how much Maci sucks, isn’t doing much to make her want to text you back.

    Rhine and Mack truly deserve each other.

  16. Looks like the money train left the station and someone’s getting desperate. My guess is something happened recently to make the visits stop. The fight was MONTHS ago. Something happened that the Edwards don’t want to talk about. Maci could have been a hellva lot pettier a hellva lot sooner.

  17. Mackenzie is so obsessed with Maci, she’s constantly talking about how Maci and her family pretend to be perfect. My guess is she envies Maci’s family, especially the part of not having a drug addict jobless dead beat as a husband

  18. Maybe..just maybe Maci doesn’t want to deal with Rhine and Mackenzie. Mackenzie, who wrote a lengthy letter blaming Maci for Rhine’s drug use despite riding in a car with him, knowing he was gorked out of his mind! They both say terrible things about Maci, Taylor AND Bentley. They make fun of Bentley or ignore him completely. I imagine that Maci and Taylor are tired of watching them hurt Bentley. They have been consistent parents, Rhine has never been a father to Bentley! If Bentley wanted a relationship with the Edward’s, Maci would try and make that happen. What she won’t do is make her son the sacrificial lamb. And, Bentley is old enough to make his own decisions.

    As far as Maci only “caring about money”, she has three kids to raise! I’m assuming that Rhine doesn’t help financially. He won’t even get regular drug tests to see Bentley. How long is Maci supposed to bend over backwards for them?

  19. Funds must be gettin low because her and Rhine are giving interviews….

    So let me get this straight…She’s upset that Maci is ignoring her, because she was talking so much shit about Maci to the media and the press…so she runs BACK to the media and press to talk more shit, while attempting to play victim. What in the world?? The Edwards are nuts.

    I’m not gonna lie, this is the drama that’s been missing on TMOG and TM2. This would’ve been an entertaining storyline, but now we’ve gotta hear more about PCOS, and lighting up Chattanooga teal.

    1. As much as I’m happy that Maci’s storyline won’t revolve around Bentley and Rhine’s (lack) of a relationship, and the shitty thing the Edwards did this week.

      I’m going to miss it so much. Maci is boring without them, I can’t watch one more episode about PCOS or her t-shirt company.

  20. It must be nice being so god damn delusional you haven’t had to take responsibility for anything for 10+ years. They genuinely believe this is all maci’s fault.

  21. She doesn’t owe you anything. She doesn’t owe you time, she doesn’t owe you attention and neither does Bentley.

  22. Mack, you are such a hypocrite, druggie, compulsive liar just like your husband!!!! Bentley is old enough to make his own decision whether he wants to go or not so stop with the sob stories and saying that you want to make peace!!!! Maci and Taylor doesn’t tell Bentley what to do!!! They know that he’s old enough to make his own decisions!!! They are doing what is not best for Bentley but for their family!! So get off your high druggie self and get help just like you and Ryan DESPERATELY NEED!!!

  23. Mack just needs to mind her own business and stay out of this. I know that’s her husband but If RYAN wants to talk and work things out HE should try NOT Mack. Maci apparently has no interest in talking to her or she would have responded. IMO

  24. She could have been like Gary’s wife Kristina, loving , welcoming , etc. We have seen Mack truck and her act on the show, she talks badly about Maci on camera. Imagine what she says behind her back. Why would Maci want to share a meal with anyone that hinders and harms her and her son. We have seen it. Sounds like Mack is going to miss the MTV money, very vocal as we get closer to a season without them. My heart goes out to Maci, we have seen her try for years, her son is getting older he doesn’t want to deal with them anymore and either does she. A leopard doesn’t change it spots.

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