‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Amber Portwood Calls Her Ex Andrew Glennon “Voluntarily Unemployed”, Jenelle Evans Says She Can “Go Paralyzed” Any Day Now & More

“A job, that is, Andrew!”

From being worrying about “going paralyzed” to birthing out more babies, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the latest 16 and PregnantTeen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so… 

Amber Portwood Calls Her Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon “Voluntarily Unemployed” & Says He’s Not Helping To Financially Support Their Son

“What’s the dill here guys? Can’t we at least make him appear on a bad MTV reality show so he has his own cash and leaves mine alone?”

Amber is saying “I’M DONE!” when it comes to supporting her “underemployed” ex, Andrew Glennon, whom, according to Amber is choosing not to work to help support their son, James. 

In court documents obtained by The Sun, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star stated that she has spent more than $80,000 on Andrew’s living expenses since July 2019— the month she moved out of the Indiana home she owns after her arrest for domestic violence against Andrew. Since her arrest, Amber has allowed Andrew to live in her home with James, while Amber has resided in rental homes. 

Amber stated in the court docs that she “has provided the majority of the financial support” for James, and feels she should be able to claim the four-year-old on her taxes.

Andrew, meanwhile, has been what Amber called “voluntarily unemployed” since their breakup. (She states his last job was appearing on her show, ‘Teen Mom OG.’) 

“Who can forget that time I almost crapped myself on camera?!”

Money has been at the center of Amber and Andrew’s bitter custody dispute, which has been going on for years. Back in April, Andrew demanded in court that Amber pay him $125,000 in back child support he says she owes him, $20,000 to cover his lawyer fees, as well as regular weekly child support. Amber recently demanded Andrew pay $5,000 for sharing a negative post about her on Instagram last year.

As The Ashley previously reported, Andrew alerted the court in April that he wants to move back to his home state of California and take James with him. Andrew’s proposed move would reduce Amber’s visitation with her son to three, 10-hour visits a month in California, despite Amber residing in Indiana. 

“What am I supposed to do, Andrew? KAYAK to California!?”

During that same hearing, Andrew claimed that he was unable to get a job in Indiana in his desired field of cinematography, and claimed had three job offers waiting for him in California. Upon being cross-examined by Amber’s lawyer, however, Andrew admitted that none of the job offers he has are for cinematography jobs. (He stated that one job offer is a real estate job; however, Andrew admitted he does not currently have a real estate license.) 

Amber and her legal team continue to fight back against Andrew’s proposed plan.

Jenelle Evans Claims to Be a “Ticking Time Bomb” & Says She Could Be “Goin’ Paralyzed” Any Day

Jenelle saying she’s a ‘ticking time bomb’ is actually quite accurate, to be fair…

Jenelle recently took to TikTok to inform her followers that the days of her shakin’ her hindquarters on social media could come to an end at any time.

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star— who has kept her followers up-to-date on her Saga ‘o’ Cysts— stated that it could only be a matter of time before the cyst in her spine makes her “go paralyzed.” (No, not become paralyzed but go paralyzed because…Jenelle…)

She explained that, although she hasn’t spoken about all of her cysts lately, they are still there and just waiting to squeeze the TikTok dancing ability out of her!

“You can’t just recover from a cyst in your spine…I still have a cyst in my spine. I still need to go get an MRI checkup to see how long [the cyst] has gotten,” she said.

@jenellelevans Reply to @pocketfullofpanic #syringomyelia #syringomyeliaawareness ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“Once you have a cyst in your spine, it can either get bigger, longer or paralyze you. I said I had the possibility of goin’ paralyzed, and I still do, any day now!

“If I go paralyzed or lose any bowel movements without trying, then I have to go immediately to the hospital and get an emergency surgery,” she added.

“So basically as long as I don’t crap myself, we’re good!”

“So, yeah, really I’m like a ticking time bomb over here! Just waiting to give up, I guess you can say.”

Jenelle says she has plans to go see her new neuromuscular doctor, and she must undergo a lot of genetic testing and blood work.

“Don’t ya be blamin’ me for this Juh-nelle! Ya got my genes but ya screwed ’em all up gettin’ high! high! on all ya kilos of weeeeed!” 

“We’ll see what’s goin’ on but they’re thinkin’ an autoimmune disease!” Jenelle says cheerfully. 

Luckily, Jenelle has yet to “go paralyzed” and is still pulsating her pooper over on The TikTok as of press time.

Chris Lopez fires back after Kail Lowry insults his lifestyle.

“Hey Chris, call me when you get this text… Assuming you haven’t used all of your minutes this month.”

Chris Lopez, the third and currently least-favorite baby daddy of Kail Lowry, is firing back at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star after Kail made a dig (or 4) about his less-than-extravagant lifestyle.  

In a screenshot posted by @wawamelen on Instagram earlier this week, Chris defended the lifestyle he provides for his children, notably the two sons he shares with Kail. His comments were in response to a Reddit post about an episode of Kail’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, in which she claimed to like that sons Lux and Creed have a different lifestyle when they’re with Chris, as it will teach them to be good with money and allow them to “know what the other side looks like.” 

“Are you talking about your white privilege?” Chris fired back. “Like other than a Mansion and nanny what y’all got on me? …the other side goin teach them about FAMILY, and that money isn’t everything…and the only reality check they get is when they think they bout to bring that entitled bs over here.” 

Though Kail claimed on the episode that she didn’t intend her comments to be insulting, it’s clear that her words struck a nerve with Chris (rightfully so), which likely led him to play the “I have a family” card.

“It’s his turn now.”

This isn’t the first time someone has thrown their family in Kail’s face this month. Just last week, Kail’s nemesis and former co-star Briana DeJesus boasted on social media about “having a loving family” as she and Kail engaged in another social media feud. 

“High light of my life= having a loving family which u don’t have so I’ll always be winning,” Briana tweeted to Kail. 

As longtime “16 and Pregnant”/‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kail has only met her father once and doesn’t speak to her mother, Suzi, who is an addict. 

“Member me?”

Briana’s tweet was met with much criticism among ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans, many of whom claimed it was a low blow on Briana’s part. Meanwhile, viewers seem to have taken little to no issue with Chris’s comments– which were arguably less harsh.

“16 and Pregnant” Season 6 star Selena Gutierrez is officially a teen mom times two. 

“Teen pregnancy is so nice, I just had to do it twice!”

Selena Gutierrez of “16 and Pregnant” Season 6B gave birth to her second child this week, making the 18-year-old a mom of two girls.  

Selena’s second daughter arrived June 7, weighing 6 pounds and 12 ounces.


The baby girl–- whose name has not been revealed–- joins big sister Dareli. As fans may remember, Selena appeared on “16 and Pregnant” with her baby daddy Sean, and the two welcomed their first daughter in October 2020. Viewers may also remember Selena’s sister giving birth to a daughter of her own just six days before Selena had Dareli. Selena’s sister named her daughter Yareli.)

“I tried Googling names that rhyme with Dareli and Yareli, but for some reason there were zero results found…I say we call her Fareli or Zareli and call it a day.” 

While Selena has had a bit of tumultuous relationship with Dareli’s father, Sean, it appears the two are together and that Sean is the father of Selena’s second child. 


As The Ashley told you in May of last year, Selena and Sean got into a heated argument that led to Selena’s arrest, followed by an online feud between their families. 

At the time, Sean claimed that Selena “got locked up” for hitting him, while Selena’s brother Ricky argued that his sister was defending herself after being abused by Sean.  

23 Responses

  1. It absolutely *IS* white priv that someone can have FOUR kids with three men and treat EVERYONE of them like sh!t and STILL have someone to defend her. If she was with a RYAN (maci) and did half of what she did to Javi , she would have needed secret service protection.

    Furthermore, if this last guy was so horrible, why does she have TWO kids with him? He refused to appear on screen because K wanted him to FIGHT FOR HER against Javi B/c she LIVES for this drama.

    Her oldest son adored J yet she cheated on him with Chris and made him suffer YET again.

    K kids will suffer TREMENDOUSLY if ANY of their dads leave, but especially her oldest son. He is kind and loving because his FATHER and V moved to be near K and Javi (her new dude at THAT time.) (V does NOT live in a mansion. Her kid is healthy and happy inspite of same).

    K thinks those kids will appreciate her money more than they appreciate their father’s love and the warmth of a REAL family. She is in for a rude awakening that she is just beginning to understand.

    The last guy has a new baby momma. That woman is NOTHING like V. K won’t be able to get away with the same games she has played with V. EVERYONE knows who she is (and why she is that way). She has about 4 more minutes left on her fame. When MTV shows her the door, she will be ALONE and of no benefit to any of the “friends ” that tolerate her now (see Farah).

    I do hope Chris takes her to court (see: Amber). She may end up having to pay him since the standards of living are so different….

    Her kids are going to.have their own podcast with Farrah’s kid and Jzce wherein they tell weekly horror stories of their developmental years. K is a horrible person . As were her parents. Glad those men are around to break this curse.

    P.s. lost her lawsuit and still thinks she won..smh at her delusions .

    1. Well it’s not white privilege because I’m white and live like Chris more than like kail. Chris has a degree, he could get a job!

  2. I never thought I’d say this but Andrew makes Matt B look productive. LOL What a lazy, entitled douchebag. GO GET A JOB! I could likely take my sons dad to court to get child support but he gives me money when he can and he also sees his sons whenever he can and buys them clothes, haircuts, medical, dental etc. It’s more important to me to maintain a good relationship with him- for my childrens sake and our sake as co-parents. When we split, I knew I’d have to get a job an honestly I love my job. He has been allowed to live in her home- rent free. What more do you want?! You aren’t unable to work- unless being gross, overweight and hairy is some sort of reason that you can’t.

  3. Amber does have a valid point. Has she not been able to claim James on her taxes? I get James lives withAndrew, but Amber is proving complete financial support.

  4. He can pull a Kevin Federline and get Kail to pay him support because the kids come over to his house. The court goes with having to keep the kids in the same kind of lifestyle. I’ve seen it happen more than once.
    He can actually get support from her for when the kids ate there. And to improve their lifestyle at dad’s to more like they are used too. Even Pumkin to MJ to court recently and is getting $800 for Alliana.

  5. Hate to admit that I agree with both Amber and Kali. Amber also needs to get a proper job but Andrew is living like they were actually married and he got a good deal in the divorce, it’s a situation that does need to be sorted, she should make sure James lives well but the series is coming to an end and Amber won’t have any money to rent and pay a mortgage and pay the expenses of a grown man. He should move to California, so he has no excuse not to work and Amber can use that in her excuse rotation for not seeing her child. Kali meant no harm with her comment, and she is right, it is good for them to see how normal people live. Chris is just clinging on to anything he could get offended by.

  6. Can I just say, I’m watching Mama June as I read this article
    I never watched in the pagent days. But what Pumkin & Josh has had to deal with from her mom?
    Raising her sister & the other one moving in, impress me.
    And Jennelle daughter doesn’t compare to Pumkin daughter.
    And Ensley is at least 2 yrs older. Why can’t The Easons get their crap together. Saw JE bought about 5 new swimming suits again, but Kaiser has been wearing the same handme down from Jaces for years and years. Ensley gets as many swimming suits as her mom. I know it’s just a swimming suit but the comparison doesn’t stop there on how much Ensley gets compared to Kaiser.

  7. Oh Amber, just let Andrew take James to California. You can move back into your home, not pay his rent/for other rentals, send him some child support, and still actually see your kid as much as you would when he lives in the same state as you. At least if Andrew moves to Cali, you can use that as an excuse to why you don’t see James often.

    At the end of the day James needs a parent and Andrew has signed up. Once James is enrolled in school, which I might trust CA’s educational standards over Indiana’s, Andrew could have the time to become gainfully employed. Plus with his parents help… This does not sound like a bad set up for James. Hopefully Amber can get her shit together in the meantime and start building relationships with her children.

  8. Chris needs to relax. If Kail was a regular middle-class mom and made that comment about her boys going over to his house, I could see where it would come off as an insult. But she’s obviously talking about the fact that she’s rich. So compared to that, ANY other situation is obviously going to be very different. She’s just saying it’s a wealthy home where the kids might not realize just how good they have it….so when they go to Chris’, that’s a good thing, because they can then experience a normal household and a normal life. It’s actually a good thing that she wants them to see that her particular situation isn’t normal. Idk what Chris’ family is like, but he’s jumping to conclusions saying she’s calling them poor or lower class. She’s just saying they’re normal and not rich, and sees that as a good thing for her boys.
    For a guy who has done a shit ton of bad things, he’s sure quick to form opinions about others. Maybe he should focus on himself, or even *gasp* his children.

    1. He can pull a Kevin Federline and get Kail to pay him support because the kids come over to his house. The court goes with having to keep the kids in the same kind of lifestyle. I’ve seen it happen more than once.
      He can actually get support from her for when the kids ate there. And to improve their lifestyle at dad’s to more like they are used too

  9. As a nurse I can say that every time Jenelle talks about her medical issues, she gives out incorrect information. She either needs to ask her doctors to explain things further, or stop spewing incorrect facts on social media. I don’t know how many followers she has, but if she has a large following, that’s very irresponsible.

  10. Depending on what kind of cyst jenelle has, it might not be that big of a deal. I think she just wants it to be a big deal. She comes off as the type of person who blows medical shit out of proportion for the attention.

    1. Right, like when she was talking about having an EKG like it was some big procedure. My son has had 100 EKGs in his life due to a heart condition. It’s nothing. They put the stickers on, they press a button, the paper spits out of the machine, they take the stickers off. She’s ridiculous. Of course the followers that believe her BS are probably tween girls who don’t have a clue and actually think she knows what she’s talking about.

    2. My son who was born with a rare genetic disorder called Kabuki Syndrome has a cyst in his spine. It’s called syringomyelia. (or syrinx) It was found when he was a baby during an MRI to check for a tethered cord. We have never been told our son could suddenly “go paralyzed, like tomorrow” She is starving for attention.

  11. Amber criticizing Andrew for being unemployed? At least he at some point had a job, she never had a job in her life.
    And Chris, of course your children won’t have the same lifestyle with you or with Kail, she’s a millionaire and you are not and that had nothing to do with white privilege but with Teen Mom. I find it very pathetic to play the race card when it has NOTHING to do

    1. As much as I don’t like Amber she had a full-time job ..filming.. That’s not the say she couldn’t do another thing when the show’s ended …or even in conjunction with like, Jade and Chelsea. I think even JE Went through some type of medical training. But Andrew has no motivation at all to get off his ass and do anything since she is paying the bills.

  12. Andrew does not financially support your son but is a full-time parent to James. You financially support your son but are not a mother to James. I call that an even trade.

  13. I still say DeluJenelle’s keeping the trophy for biggest loser in an MTV TM show. Pretty soon she’s going to be complaining about having to drive out of state for Dr. appointments – but I’m sure she won’t say it’s because she’s been to all the ones in NC looking for 1 to write that letter to disability for her. I still chuckle about her saying she has to go to the ER immediately if she loses her bowels involuntarily. I guess if she loses her bowels voluntarily, it’s A-OK! Farrah could give her pointers on what to do on that situation?

    1. Farrah is also a big loser. I think its a tie.

      Both are drug users. Both are unemployed/ unemployable. Both are fucked in the head.

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