Amy Roloff Says She Regrets Selling Her Portion of Roloff Farms, Now That Her Ex Matt Roloff Plans To Sell the Farm To Someone Outside Their Family

“There would have been money, hay, pumpkins and harsh words flying everywhere, man!” 

Amy Roloff is regretting letting her share of Roloff Farm go, now that her ex-husband Matt Roloff is selling off a good portion of it.

During Tuesday’s episode of Little People Big World, Amy opened up about the sale of the family farm, stating that, had she known Matt would list some of the farm for sale at a price out of their sons’ financial reach, she might have done things differently when she and Matt divorced in 2016. (After the divorce, Amy sold her portion of the property to Matt.)

“If I had known that Matt eventually would sell that north side of the farm, the farmhouse, to someone from outside [our family], I probably would have hung on to it a little bit longer, or bought him out…and then seen if one of the kids eventually wanted it,” she said during a confessional.

Amy is like the Pumpkin Patch Godfather in this scene, aggressively chewing on her chicken wing…

As fans of the show know, Matt confirmed in May that a portion of Roloff Farm–- located in Hillsboro, Oregon-– has been put up for sale. He stated that the family home, notable red barn and 16 of the farm’s 109 acres are now on the market, with a hefty price tag of $4 million. In his post, he also made it clear that he’s not happy about selling the property, as he wanted it to stay in the Roloff family. After Matt basically blamed his sons for being the reason he has to sell part of the farm, Zach Roloff clapped back at his dad in a comment on the post

On Tuesday’s episode, Amy said she never expected the farm to be sold to someone outside their family.

“Thanks a lot, Matt!”

“Leaving the farm was a very hard choice and decision for me. But, you know, in the back of my mind and everything else, I had hoped that maybe it would go to one of the kids,” she said. “You know, they’d be able to negotiate with Matt and one of them would buy it. So part of me thought, ‘Well, I may be off but one of them is gonna move in and make this place their own. So, yeah, it’s hard that none of that’s happening.”

Later in the episode, Amy told her friend that she had “no inkling” that Matt would ever sell the farm to strangers and that, if she had known, she would have negotiated for more money when they divorced. She stated that she negotiated the way she did because she wanted to keep the farm within her kids’ reach to purchase someday.

“I was hoping though by doing that, it would make it more palatable for maybe one of the kids,” she said, adding that what Matt is doing now “blows me away, every time I think about it.” 

“It will be sad to see a for sale sign, because it’s not going to any of my kids. It’s going to a stranger,” she stated later in the episode. “The dynamics of the family will definitely change…we’re just all going to go our separate ways.

“The legacy of the farm, where the family grew up and did everything on is no longer going to be here and available anymore.” 


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This is not the first time Amy has given her thoughts about the sale of the farm. During an Instagram Live session with a friend in May, Amy discussed Matt’s actions and his feud with their sons. (In addition to Zach, Amy and Matt also share sons Jeremy and Jacob and daughter Molly.)

“Everything comes at a cost, and this has come at a big cost,” she said during the Live in May. “But we will always all see it differently and that’s the unfortunate thing. But I feel for my boys. Something that they were brought up with didn’t happen in the way we thought it would.

“So if it gets sold to some total stranger, that will be kind of weird,” she said, later adding, “I’ve always said that [Matt] may have built a lot of stuff and had the creative ideas but the farm was the family’s. We all had elements of the farm, and what it is today is definitely a part of all of us.”

Amy stated that, although her sons weren’t looking for a handout or to be given the farm by their dad, they did expect that he would treat them better than a stranger off the street.

“You can’t treat those that are directly a part of your family, and assume– because it’s business– [they’re] like any other vendor. I’m not like any other vendor. My boys aren’t like any other vendor. These are your boys!”

Watch Amy talk about the sale of the farm in the clip from Tuesday’s episode below!

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  1. Interesting thoughts but where was Chris at that time. He’s in Real Estate. He should of advised Amy.
    An appraisal should of been the first thing to do. As sad as it’s now, Matt can do whatever he wants. He owes the place!

  2. Matt may be a “little person,” but he is nothing but a BIG ASSHOLE. He cheated with the nosy, greedy “Karen,” and then paraded her in front of Amy and the kids and grandkids like she’s so wonderful and they need to accept her as part of the family. I’ve watched since the beginning. Matt always degraded Amy and overrode her ideas, opinions, suggestions. And it was quite clear that it was AMY that was there for her kids. She was a “Supermom,” tirelessly providing the love, the affection, the wisdom, the time and attention, AND the emotional attachment her kids needed. Matt was detached and happy to hand all parenting to Amy. Do they love their mom? You bet. Do they have the right to feel that way about their dad? Oh, most definitely. Matt is a greedy, selfish man and it is disgusting, watching him with his homewrecker Karen. He NEVER treated Amy that way, caring and listening to what Amy had to say and making her wishes and desires come true. F Matt Roloff. I hope his greed was worth what he has done. Amy and her kids will survive and Amy will hold “her family” together. Not “ChaCha,” not Matt. Amy, their parent they have no doubt loves and cares deeply for and about them. And Chris is there to be whatever the kids and grandkids need and want from him. Good man, that Chris. So let me repeat my first thought:Matt may be a “little person,” but he really is nothing but a great big ASSHOLE!!!

  3. Has this been fair to try to sell to only two and the other two not have part ? Maybe if Amy has kept that part and leased out let someone maybe use as a B&B or run it for Amy. Been a great place for B&B and make use of the western town etc.

  4. WRONG!! Matt is The one who is horrible. He’s always been an overbearing narcissistic bully. Everything has to be his way or the highway. He was a cheater, a liar, and a massive manipulator. I don’t know what the heck you’ve been watching, but Amy is practically a saint for the way that she has dealt with Matt

  5. I’m a fan of Amy & Chris in this whole Roloff story! I Love how Amy found an honest man! I see Matt as Money Hungry & Caryn wanting to get everything for herself and probably for her Children to have one day! I think the Legasy of the Family should be for only the Roloff Children! Matt should just tell all his Children and Grandchildren come to our big Farmhouse whenever you can, on holidays, and vacations, and just share your Roloff farm Forever. I can see how much it hurts and how puzzled Jackson is that he hasn’t got to go to the Farm for a longtime! It breaks my heart ❤️ to see that!! Kids can feel something is going on & it hurts! I’m sure it would be good for healing his little legs since his Surgery, too‼️ And Matt, just stipulate in your Will that no one can take it over! It is to be shared equally whenever one wants to come and share the holidays with their family, siblings and just want to come for a retreat or bond with all the cousins and just have Fun with Family, whenever the families can get together! How great is that to have the Roloff Farm for the Holidays & Reunions every year⁉️⁉️ It’s such a Beautiful Farm for all the Family to share & enjoy Forever‼️ Life is too short to Fight & Bicker, when you can enjoy the Fruits of their Parents! Amy is the Great Cook of that Beautiful house, & Dear to All her Children‼️ Matt built all the good & fun stuff for his kids & now even that cute Christmas cabin he built! Matt, you’re rich enough in life, it’s time for your Family to share in the fruits of your & Amy’s Legasy! Let bygones be bygones! Life is too short‼️ Just look at all the days you will both get to see your family & Grandkids before you depart this great planet‼️❤️

  6. I totally agree with Amy about not selling the farm to the kids.
    Matt has always been self-centered. He used the kids to help build the farm and now he is money hungry… not caring who owns it.
    “Wake up, Matt. Get off your God complex. Be a real dad and sell the farm to your kids.”

  7. I regret that the boys weren’t avle to buy the farm As a parent I would make sure it stayed in the family, he’s rich enough, he’s can’t take it with him.
    So sad !!!

  8. Amy comes across as a very bitter person and appears to encourage her sons to be against Mat and be just as bitter as she is.

    It appeared to me that his son’s wanted the property for next to nothing which would not have been fair to the other siblings. Selling it at a good price is the only way to go for everyone concerned. Secondly, what did the sons contribute to the farm after Amy sold out? Not much if anything

    1. Zack was working at the farm close to everyday before the negotiations broke down. Caryn should’ve NEVER been brought into the negotiation for that part of the farm! It should have been just Matt, Zack and Tori! Caryn and Matt aren’t even engaged so why was she included in the negotiations?

      1. “Zach” and “work” is an oxymoron. He was a tour guide and nothing more. This man-child has never known an honest days’ work in his whole life! He is a Mommy’s boy and always has been.

    2. Amy is not bitter. She loves her kids more then anything.. She would do anything for them and she is not money hungry like Matt.
      He has sold his soul to the devil when he cheated on Amy.

    3. Thank you. Amy no longer has any legal interest in the farm. She needs to butt out!!
      And, why is Zach still on the show and perpetually whining??? I do not see Jeremy (or his self-promoting wife), Molly or Jacob doing this.
      Guess he needs the income because he doesn’t hold down a REAL job, eh??

  9. Amy, buy the property back if you can! And Matt.can go live in Arizona with his long time girlfriend Caryn.

  10. Trouble is, he acted like he was a realtor instead of a dad eho is also influenced by caryn, what she does is agree at everything , says it’s his decision then acts like she is going to miss the farm. He pretty much knows his sons financial situation and need to mindful of that. Instead he’s divided the boys from him.
    Nd I can’t blame them. They were told that eventually a portion of the farm would be theirs. Is he in money dyer straights that he can’t go lower. And why was caryn involved in the discussion with his sons. She is not his wife and this doesn’t concern her. I’m just saying. Chris didnt go with you when you got your portion from Matt. Matt wanted to move back in the house but caryn sad key said I just picture you and Amy in the bedroom. Every see a real con artist. I moved into my husbands house and I didn’t care about who he slept with, cuz not it’s my bedroom. Sorry that’s how I feel. He’s action less a dad and feels he’s in charge of everything and don’t disagree with him.

  11. I agree with Amy Mat is a little selfish towards his family these are his kids.Dont you want what ever you accomplish to live on so you will be remembered. My father did this my father did that. Look at your grandson on the farm I would watch him and listen to him all day. He is so smart. Mat needs to stop listen to that lady and do what is right. NOW.

  12. AMY, you are so lucky
    To have found Chris! I am so happy everyone can finally see who the head of that family once was. My father did this exact same thing SOLD our farm, our birth place 3rd generation farm by duping our Grandmother and stealing, (forging her signature) & sold the land before anyone knew it. This selfish money grabbing action led to the dissolution of our family as it was completely blown apart but the evil actions of a selfish, dictator. He died alone. No one wanted to be around him listening to him spill his lies, MAN I PULATE & HIS MAN ANGER new partner will succeed and garner the gold for himself. The father of our FAMILY demonstrates all the exact sane actions your EX displays. Incidentally the new wife also left. Our whole family was fragmented by the BOSS. I know you will encircle your children and rise. My mother ran, beaten literally & figuratively. I can tell you it will not end well for your former partner. I do not know why he keeps rubbing uour children’s noses in how “BIG” their father us, in my opinion he’s as low as a snakes belly.

  13. Here’s a fun fact for y’all. Oregon is one of the hardest states to split property in. A group called “The friends of Oregon”, have made it almost impossible, and if you can get it done you need lots of money to fight them in court. Matt was only able to split the OG farm off because it was deeded seperatly from the other 90 some acres. He won’t be able to split the remaining 90 acres because it’s deeded as such. Same with the OG farm, it can’t be split into smaller parcel either.
    I know facts don’t matter to most of you, but that’s the facts.

  14. You have to excuse Matt, he is influenced by Karen.(whatever her name is)
    Regardless of what she says, when she walked on the property she had an alternate agenda.

    This is exactly what happens when a third party is invited into someone elses marriage. Karen even commented on their bedroom, hell the lady had been gone a couple of years, she was just jealous and tried to turn everyone against Amy.

    In the meantime, Matt could have given each of his children a couple acres while he is still alive. They did grow up and learned farming. He will still have plenty. Sometimes things aren’t about money but legacy. All kids are very intelligent. And Amy is a gem. Quiet as kept, she did love Matt and his wild ideas until he stopped sharing.

    Kids, you keep living your life, Jeremy and Zach, proud of you for moving on Let Matt leave everything to Karen so she can just sell it. Roloffs’kids keep on moving on. Still support your dad whenever you can and build your own legacy

  15. The “Caryns” have found the ashley bc there’s no way REAL viewers of this show would be favoring Matt so overwhelmingly.

    From season 1 this farm, according to Matt, was to be the family legacy. GREED in the form of 4 mill and SX in the form of cheating is the explanation for this decision.

    1. It’s kind of disturbing, I can’t recall any other Z-list celeb getting this much defense over poor life choices.

  16. I think the whole family’s decisions makings are delusional at this point .Especially the family’s dynamic of Amy being besties with the woman who was doing her husband in the barn while she was in the big house cooking the dinner.Matt basically took Amy for a financially for a ride with the sale of the family farm. I think it’s very creepy how this show’s storyline has played out.

  17. Amy needs to get a life. 90% of the children in this world do end up living in the house they were raised in. If she wanted to give it to the kids, she should have purchased it herself. When you sell something, you should move on and quit batching about it.

  18. There’s 4 kids. Two wanted the farm. There’s one farm. How do you choose? A bidding war? Enny,meany, miney, mo? Just pick your favorite? Give it to the dwarf, because of the kitchen or the average sized one that isn’t a lazy pos? The best thing to do is sell it. It becomes part of Matt’s estate. He can devide it up equally between the four of them. Stfu Amy.

    1. “How do you pick which kid? Just divide and sell it to strangers… then divide the land that’s left”

      Genius. You clearly can’t divide the land before and alott it to individual kids, but still divide it an sell it to strangers!

    2. Good one, Crusty!!! And don’t forget the old “Heads I win, tails you lose” game. That’s what Amy is trying to play right now…

  19. Oh, puh-leeze!! Amy is full of it, and fruitlessly trying to play The Devoted Mommy card. She could help her boys by loaning them money for a down payment, and co-signing on a mortgage. Fat chance!! She talks the talk, but she won’t walk the walk.

    1. How do you know she didn’t help her boys on mortgage or with some money for a down payment? One of the sons purchased his own farm.

      Amy sold her portion of the farm for money Matt owed her in the divorce, with the understanding that Matt would keep the farm in his name/family. Now Matt clearly rejected his sons’ offers to keep it in the family and is selling it to the highest bidder, complete strangers.

      Alot of these Matt defenders sure love to shit all over Amy for things they know nothing about. And assume the kids wanted the land for free, when that’s NEVER been proved. Infact, I’d say it’s been disproven bc one son already went out and bought his own farm clearly after discussions with his own father broke down. I don’t care about these people, but Matt absolutely comes off as a bitter manipulative douchebag

    1. You are dead wrong. She said it herself “If I would have known he wasn’t going to sell it to one of the boys I would have held out for more money” divorce was settled long before.

  20. Matt definitely set Any up!! Not only did he get her share if the farm, now he’ll get full profit from a sale!!!

    1. Why can’t she buy it back, if she has so much regret? I mean, it’s not like she can’t afford it 🤷‍♀️

  21. I live in the Roloffs community and have only had really negative experiences with Matt. One was when he was driving like an idjet Hwy 26 and I, and the car next to me, both had to slam our brakes to avoid hitting him in his van. The another time on a weekend waiting for service in a Hillsboro Verizen store, where there was a page long of names on a waiting list (and we were 2nd away from the top of the list) finally. Mr little high and mighty came in and demanded loudly to be served. Even slapping his hand on the counter Someone jumped in to serve him, no waiting, mostly, in my opinion to shut him up because he was being obnoxious. Besides us, several people were incensed that he was served without going on the waiting list and even asked the manager if he had an appointment or what???? Nope!! We walked and have never had service with Verizen since and despite going out of our way to spend our money locally, have never been to the Roloff farm either. Amy, on the other hand has always been pleasant and down to earth, when I have run into her at Fred Meyers or out in the community. Also, Matt was having an affair with the farm manager. Not an honorable man.

  22. Please God hear my prayer. Help me somehow get enough money to buy this house so that the grand kids I’m raising and their kids have somewhere to grow up. Where they can run around play games swim and have all the outdoor joys of being children and learning yard work like I did as a child. Until it eas all taken away when my grandfather died. Please God hear our prayers. What a blessing to soany it would be and such joy and happiness to our children our grand children and in a few years our great grand children. ❤️ hear our prayer. Santoro family

  23. So tired of Amys bad attitude. She got married bet Chris will regret that decision soon. Matt bought her out so she has zero say in his financial dealings. Easy to pretend to be a hero on her end. If any one of the kids really wanted the property they had a chance and still do. Matt will have health issues for the remainder of his life he will need money to take care of his health. Dang kids think they should get parents money.

    1. Thank you! I agree. Never liked Amy and still don’t. Look at all Matt has accomplished. It’s pretty amazing. He’s not perfect but either is anyone else!

      Also, I love Zach and Tori but it’s sad that he’s not taking the kids to the farm anymore. Jackson and Karen have a strong bond and Matt has always been a loving father and grandfather. The kids are paying for Zach to have revenge on his dad.

  24. Amy should know what a liar and CONTROL FREAK he is. And his girlfriend that he cheated on Amy with has no say in this.
    Amy, you and Chris should not be buddies with those two.
    Caryn or whatever her name will get it all when Matt dies.
    I’ve watched all the shows, some twice and anyone can see how Matt is out for himself. Any fans on his side don’t care about family

  25. At this point it seems the best thing the family can do is cut Matt out. He was completely fine was screwing over Amy and then his own children. It’s not like Matt was approached privately and it was something discussed in the family – he just put up the land for sale asking for offers.

    Sounds like Matt used the farm as a bargaining tool to get whatever he wants. His family is better off without his manipulative narcissistic ass.

  26. I’m Team Matt all the way! Why do kids think they are entitled to get something for free. Or a family discount? Amy is the typical jaded EX Wife. Her segments she does on LPBW are always directed at what a bad guy Matt is. Get over it, you have Chris. She has resting bytch face

  27. Matt’s a selfish, devious weasel!! All those years of family togetherness on the show were just reading from a script for Matt! I hope that Amy and the kids can think of some meaningful ways to bring the family together again, minus Mean Matt!

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