Season 7 of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Premieres Next Month: Check Out the Cast & Watch the First Trailer

For THIS?! Absolutely not.

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? returns next month with some of the most (and least) favorite couples from the 90 Day Fiance franchise trying to keep their relationships functioning amidst trust issues, immigration obstacles, disapproving family members, excessive back hair and more. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Season 7 cast will consist of seven returning couples–- six of whom have been revealed, and one couple who will be revealed soon.

Check out the confirmed cast below, and find out what kind of challenges and chaos the respective couples will be facing when the franchise spinoff returns August 28.   

Angela & Michael

Season 7 of ‘Happily Ever After?’ will show Michael facing ongoing visa issues, with the 34-year-old still in Nigeria as his 56-year-old wife, Angela, keeps a close eye on him (via social media) from her home in Hazlehurst, Georgia. After Michael blocks Angela from keeping tabs on him digitally, Angela fears her husband is scamming her… So naturally, she begins chatting with a Canadian “friend” online. 

Fun fact: that’s also what Angela says before taking a selfie.

The new friendship has Angela torn– much like her trusty grandma bra/cigarette toter– as she wants to pack a bag and head to the Great White North to visit her “friend,” but also give it another shot with Mykul Michael. 

Elizabeth & Andrei

Things are initially looking up this season for 31-year-old Elizabeth and her 35-year-old Moldovan husband, Andrei. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Andrei’s relationship with his in-laws, who fear Andrei is cutting Elizabeth off from the rest of the Potthast party. 

Andrei also faces a threat of deportation this season following an unexpected green card interview, which the couple believe to be the result of someone trying to sabotage their happy marriage.   

“Gee, Elizabeth, I wonder who could be behind all of this… “

Kim & Usman

This season on ‘Happily Ever After?’ 51-year-old Kimbaaally Kim travels to Nigeria to propose to her 33-year-old boyfriend, Usman, despite neither of their families being on board with the union. Kim’s son worries she is moving too fast with the singer known as Sojaboy, while Usman’s mom doesn’t want her son to marry an older woman who cannot have children. 

“Can I offer you a new MacBook or gaming console instead?”

Usman’s family decides the best solution is for him to be matched with a younger woman– a proposal that leaves Kim seeing red and slinging (milk)shakes. 

Classy Classic Kim…

 Jenny & Sumit

Although 63-year-old Jenny and 33-year-old Sumit have tied the knot, Sumit’s family still refuse to accept the couple’s marriage. The disapproval leaves Jenny–- who resides in India with Sumit–- feeling increasingly homesick for California.

” …or at least until we secure a spot on Season 8!”

Jenny and Sumit also start to realize their age difference may be contributing to the turbulence in their relationship and that they might be incompatible as husband and wife. 

Ed & Liz

Big Ed and his fiancé/former 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life co-star Liz are ready to wed, but trust issues and other obstacles may keep the two from making it down the aisle.  

The biggest obstacle? Big Ed and his big mouth.

This season, fans will follow 56-year-old Ed as he and his 29-year-old bride-to-be plan their engagement party, look for a new home, take part in some at-home body hair removal and–- if they can work through all of their issues (and back fur)–- possibly exchange “I dos.” 

Jovi & Yara

This season viewers will see 27-year-old Yara of Ukraine combat homesickness, only for plans to visit Ukraine to be put on hold after Russia’s invasion of the country. As a result, Yara considers bringing her family to America.

Yara also deals with postpartum insecurities following the birth of her daughter, Mylah. Fortunately for Yara, she has a couple of friends to lean on who are more than willing to remind her of her worth. 

The feeling is clearly mutual, Jovi.

Yara’s husband, 31-year-old Jovi, isn’t a big fan of his wife’s new pals and expresses his wary of the twosome’s influence on Yara.  

Me, watching Yara’s friends turn a night out on the town into a full-on Jovi roast.

Season 7 of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” premieres Sunday, August 29 on TLC and Discovery+. 

Watch the trailer below! 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube) 



  1. Bitch Anela keeps trying to be more pretty. LOL. Too bad she doesn’t realize her most ugly features. (Besides her big fat breasts, please quit sowing them, you are making me sick ). are on her inside.

  2. Anyone else see the video of that pig Angela berating a flight attendant? She should have been handcuffed and charged. WTF does this Bitch think she is? She is Trash, but feels it’s alright to bully everyone. TLC, Please remove her abusive ass already!! Can I get an AMEN?

  3. Elizabeth and Andrei… yuck. They are particularly disgusting to me. And he’s BEEN cutting her off from the family except for Chuck- who funds their entire life. Including the new baby they are having. Adding another one to the payroll Chuckie!

    1. I’m embarrassed for her. She looks pathetic.

      Sure Sumit lied and is a dog, but Jenny is airing this ridiculousness on television! I refuse she had much of a life or even anyone who cared about her before she made this insane decision.

  4. I would much rather watch Kenny&Armando, or Omar&Avery for a change. Real, normal couples, with real lives. All of the current couples’ drama is fake bullshit. Except for Yara and the war in Ukraine, man that must be hard to not be able to even know if your loved ones are safe.

  5. Angela is melting like a candle.

    Andre and Elizabeth are faker than a 3 dollar bill, and can’t even think of a believable storyline at this point. Enough of them already!

    Whoever has the job of waxing the hair off of Big Ed…..You are not making enough $$.

  6. I am so bored with the current season of 90 day so I was actually pretty happy to see this coming back. It’s difficult that I don’t actually like anyone but I am invested in their stories. However bringing Angela back who has done nothing but be abusive to her husband and fellow cast members is repulsive to me. I get that her nastiness may be reality TV gold to the producers but I get sick to my stomach thinking about the money and endorsements she is making.

  7. This is hands down the worst cast they’ve ever produced. I’ve finally decided I’ve had enough after watching since season 2. I can’t do this one at all. 90 day you’ve jumped the shark and Ed is worse and less wanted than Cousin Oliver.

    1. This cast is terrible. Ed and Angel, no. Kim and Usman, bigger no. It’s also laughable that ‘someone’ is sabotaging Andrei’s green card. If by someone you mean the producers, that is more believable. Their drama with her family is faker than Ari and Binis drama

      1. Ari and Bini talk like they’re reading off a script. And the fake outrage when she “caught” him with the female was ridiculous!

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