Amy Roloff Gives Her Thoughts On Ex Matt Selling Roloff Farm to Strangers Instead of Their Sons: “I Feel For My Boys”

“Matt’s gotta Matt…I guess…”

Amy Roloff is weighing in on the sale of Roloff Farm— and the farm-selling drama going on between her ex-husband Matt and their sons Zach and Jeremy

As Little People, Big World fans saw during this week’s Season 23 premiere (and online!) Matt and Zach are at odds over the sale of a part of Roloff Farm. The father and son’s negotiations for Zach purchasing the farm weren’t shown on the episode, but Matt’s longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler explained to viewers that Matt went into the talk with Zach as businessman, while Zach went in as Matt’s son. Matt also scolded Zach for bringing his kids into the negotiations.

The familial spat spilled out onto Instagram this week, with Zach having some choice words for his dad after Matt basically blamed his sons in an Instagram post for being the reason he has to sell part of the farm. (It is currently listed for sale for $4 million.)

In an Instagram Live chat with her friend Lisa, Amy gave her thoughts on the sale of the farm, Matt’s actions toward their sons and more.

“It’s just a very sad situation, in my opinion, because this is personal to me…” Amy said, adding, “The business was part of our personal life so it will never just be business.”

Amy stated that, although her sons weren’t looking for a handout or to be given the farm by their dad, they did expect that he would treat them better than a stranger off the street.  

“You can’t treat those that are directly a part of your family, and assume– because it’s business– [they’re] like any other vendor. I’m not like any other vendor. My boys aren’t like any other vendor. These are your boys!

“No one assumed [they’d] get anything for free, or less-than…I think they all knew that Dad deserves something,” she added.

Amy acknowledged that Matt’s focus on the business has hurt the family over the years.

“Everything comes at a cost, and this has come at a big cost,” she said. “But we will always all see it differently and that’s the unfortunate thing. But I feel for my boys. Something that they were brought up with didn’t happen in the way we thought it would.

“So if it gets sold to some total stranger, that will be kind of weird,” she said, later adding, “I’ve always said that [Matt] may have built a lot of stuff and had the creative ideas but the farm was the family’s. We all had elements of the farm, and what it is today is definitely a part of all of us.”

As fans know, Amy no longer owns any part of Roloff Farm. After Amy and Matt divorced in 2016, Amy sold her portion of the property to Matt. (According to Radar Online, the first sale happened in June 2019 and was for $667,000. A year later, Amy sold Matt an additional 32.28 acres for $975,000.) 

Amy told her Instagram Live viewers that, despite how she or any else feels about Matt’s choices, they are his to make.

“It is Matt’s choice,” she said. “He has a loan with me, to pay off my amount, the buyout amount…so he needs to pay, rightfully so, my half…but he owns that. So it is his choice; he can do whatever he wants. But it’s solely his choice what he does with it because he owns it. He doesn’t have to report to me or report to ask anybody anymore.”

Amy confirmed that, despite the drama, there will likely be one more pumpkin season at Roloff Farms, although she stated that it will probably be the last one. Amy also confirmed that she and her family are currently filming an additional season of ‘Little People Big World.’

You can watch Amy’s full interview below!

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  1. Was it possible for Amy to sell her portion of the farm to Zach or any of the children instead of Matt?

  2. I feel bad for the boys. Matt and caryn did them wrong all for the sake of the might dollar! It is pure greed. Zac was right. Matt also talked about it being passed down to the boys and the grandchildren. He bragged about doing this and that for the grandchildren. Then he threw them out. How sad. And the witch of a gold digger was right by his side. You can’t tell me she wasn’t the biggest reason for helping Matt in his decision. Never did like her. I always thought she was a snake of a women. How sad it was so easy for him to back stab his own kids and grandchildren and then turn around and throw them under the bus. Wgat a dirty play. Amy is right! It was the whole family who put blood, sweet and tears into the farm right to the end. God Bless Amy,Chris and the kids. Such wonderful, amazing, loving people! I wish them all the best!

    1. The whole breakup of the Roloff Family belongs to Matt and Caryn. Their relationship interfered with their marriage. The children and grandchildren are the losers in the sell of Farm.

  3. Please don’t let money come between family members. This happened in my family when my dad died. The feud was started by my nephew’s wife. Unfortunately my nephew was brainwashed by her and he died before I could ever see him again.
    You never know what can happen or when it can happen.
    Family is the most important asset we possess.
    Good luck.
    Sharon Wattigney

    1. Amy is far to involved in Matts business…as usual. She had the opportunity to ask her boys if they were interested in purchasing her half of property but obviously she didn’t yet she’s running her mouth against Matt & his decision to sell. Amy needs to stop being involved in Matts life & take care of her own

  4. matt has zero thoughts about anyone but himself and caryn has had her hand in his pocket for years!!! they both disgust me!! I have watched since the beginning and none of the kids are asking for the farm to be given to them and Zach wanted to purchase the old house etc—one day caryn and matt will get their karma when the family stops visiting—hope they are happy-NOT!!!

    1. Right now Jason & family are living in the big house. But they will probably have to move if it sells. Caryn has her hand in destroying the Roloof’s marriage since she started working for them. She pretend to be friends with Amy. But work her skills on Matt. She isn’t as innocent as she pretends. The four Roloof siblings should stop visiting Matt at all. Amy has moved on. Matt needs to take his sweet thing and move to Arizona. The children could survive without Dad and friend.

  5. There’s so much Negativity About the selling the farm. It would be nice is that would have it for his children. I don’t understand why he didn’t buy it off his mom. Matt can argue if he offered his dad the same amount that his mom got. Not sure if it was too much of a lowball offer oh, I get that it’s family however not sure how motivated Zac is about keeping up the farm. We see he’s never had employment outside of the family long enough to sub stained financial responsibilities that would allow him to maintain his current lifestyle. Also he picks up and moves into a different home too quickly. Maybe his dad just doesn’t think he’s quite mature enough yet to be able to run the farm entirely on his own. I think he should have taken the house a part of the land proved himself and then Grandpa should leave the other acreage they wanted for his grandkids.

  6. Honestly, Matt has always been a controller,an blame others on the show..he best becareful the one he he’s with is equal to him..Amy an boys an daughter should just do their lives now,an become closer! Don’t look back.That farm w Matt has always been with alot of negative energy..

  7. I think because the house was Dwarf accessible something should’ve been worked out for their only child who has dwarfism. Not mention his children also have it. He wasn’t looking to get it for free. I don’t blame them for being upset and moving away.

    1. Personally ,I feel that Caryn is out for Caryn .If she was ever a friend to Amy I am glad I don’t have any friends like her. She is after Mat for the money and I bet once she gets her greedy little fingers on the money and she gets the house she wants his but will be kicked to the curb.Why couldn’t he just have gave a portion of the farm to his son .Alot of family does this .Oh well as yhe say money is the rootof all evil,Maybe Matt doesn’t mean to be evil but with Caryn by his side Greed is Leader.

    2. It was said that he spent about 1 million renovating the house so it would be back to being accessible to average sized person. Painting was done, floors cleaned up, the only thing remaining were some of Amy’s belongings still in the garage. As new husband Chris said Amy has alot of stuff, remember she had to make room for Chris to move in.

  8. First of all I’m sorry about Matt has done within the past 2 seasons. Thank you Amy for your feelings for all of your family. I am also VERY disappointed in Matt especially during the past 2 years. He knew how much Zacks feelings about lliving on the farm and giving both of your kids a glimpse of how you grew up on the farm. And Matt leading them on thinking about one day continueing the legacy and pass it on to one of their kids one day, you and when Zack comes with the purpose to buy the farm you give him an outrageous price and then pulling the rug out from under their feet you can’t see why they don’t want to be near you these are your kids Matt. You are treating them as business clients so if you don’t see the wrong parenting issues then you are the problem. Especially you are potentially going to miss seeing your grandchildren. Thank you Amy for standing behind Zack and Tori. Blood should be thicker than water and your business.

  9. Karen os a bitch mot marriedto ypu. So yoo bad i font yhink uour kids will talk to ypu sgain Matt so Arizona is no paridise.. Itsovercrowded, have fun. Withv dhe leave you ,ypull have no one? Mattifyou didmynhave moneyy shed be gone family hater

  10. Soccer-obsessed Zach is an entitled brat. He’s never held down a real job in his life….except, currently, as a Tour Guide at the Farm. All his money comes from the show. I’m sure he’s totally clueless about how to run a large enterprise like Roloff Farms. Same with Jeremy.
    Amy has always enabled Zach – never pushed him to get out on his own and stand on his own two feet. And has anyone ever wondered why Molly and Jacob have mostly distanced themselves, emotionally and geographically?
    Yes, Matt is a crabby, driven guy, but he knows how to run a successful business. And, yes, it IS about the money, but I’m sure he also doesn’t want to see Zach drive the business straight into the ground.
    And, over the years, for all of their talk about being Little People, they sure don’t “walk the walk.” Matt, Amy and Zach have hooked up with “average height” people. Hypocrites!!!

  11. I think it’s very sad that none of the Children will raise their children on the Farm and this surely will divide the 2 boys from Matt due to the hurt feelings.It’s sad that money means more to Matt than Family.

  12. I have followed this show from the beginning, I saw how much he helped Matt work the farm. Matt should give him a few acres because that’s your son. You don’t have to sell something all the time money is not always the answer, I guess you have to take care of that girlfriend of yours.You always stated that this was the family farm, what family were you talking about. I see why your youngest son don’t want to be bothered with you. Shame on you Mr Roloff

  13. Amy got her money and she expects Matt to hand the farm over to his kids. Matt deserves the true market value of his property. Matt is the genius that developed
    It all, if it wasn’t for his hard work there wouldn’t be any Roloff Farm!

  14. Matt roloff is a mean, grumpy, miserable greedy miser who is greedy, selfish, and controlling. He’s a gas lighter and a mental abuser. He’s hateful and mean. He is also an adulterer. His bitch of a whore cheating adulteress, a Caryn, needs to just fade into the background and shut her greedy, homewrecking, sneaky, nosy mouth. She is NOT loved, accepted or wanted by the Roloff kids and grandkids. She FORCES herself into “family” situations. She and that little bsstard troll do deserve each other. May their selfishness and greed satisfy their take them where they hope their “life of selfish greed and scandalous “love” takes them.

  15. I was hoping ,as a fan, to see the FARM, stay in the family. Why not keep it for awhile, then sell it to one or both of the boys. Then keep the remaining acres. Sell some later. Charlotte from Medford Oregon.🌟🙏🦋❤️

  16. Oh, my gosh! I just read the Ashley’s last story on this subject, and the comments are so off base. They’re completely pro Matt and Karen! Such ignorant people! I don’t know what show they were watching, but it clearly wasn’t the same one that the rest of us have seen for years.

  17. I have always liked Amy. She is a good mom, level-headed and kind.

    I feel so bad that Matt not only treated her so poorly in their marriage but then cheated on her.

    And Matt is still causing destruction now, he made Amy’s life a living hell after the divorce. Bullied her into selling him the farm, with the promise it would be given to his kids.

    And now he’s selling it for so much more than he bought her out for. And she knows if she were to try to sell it, he would have spun the narrative that she steals from her kids, that it was supposed to be for them.

    I’m glad she found someone who makes her happy, and she is done with him and the farm.

    1. I totally agree. Matt and Karen are terrible people. I know I’m spelling her name wrong, but I really don’t care. LOL! You should read the comments on the last story that the Ashley did on this. They’re all pro Matt and Karen. They say that Amy is a horrible person. Can you believe that? What universe are those people living in?

    2. You are more than 100% correct in e everything you say. Thank you for clearly and honestly printing the absolute truth about that mean, selfish little big bastard.

  18. Matt should not sell the farm to anyone but family. Matt is not forgiven and bad feeling towards Karen, she should butt out.

  19. I believe Ms Caryn should take a STEP BACK, this issue with the farm does not concern her. The issue with the farm is between Mr Matt, Zack and Jeremy. What ever Mr Matt decides to do with the farm and his sons is their business. Ms Caryn has done enough damage to this family already.

  20. Yes Matt is wrong Zack is his son. He should sell it to him for maybe whet he ows Amy. On, the other hand why didn’t Amy sell directly to Zack instead of selling to Matt to start with?

  21. Divorce is always hurtful to everyone involved. I hope and pray the children are especially treated fairly because they deserve it.

  22. So sad that the boys can’t buy the farm. It seems nowadays families don’t get along much any more

  23. It is just sad that such a lovely family is letting money and land turn them against each other. Matt should sell for less so that his boys can have their family also grow up in the farm. In the end its about family and the legacy they leave for future generations. However, Amy should have thought of her boys as well. I just hope they can find a solution and stay united. They may be little people but their hearts 💕 can be bigger.

  24. It’s a Roloff Farms mess! No more happy memories on the farm. Amy and all of Matt’s and Amy’s kids have moved on. Let the farm go to new non family owners…seems it is the only fair thing to do. At this point we all get the feeling that even found the clock intervention won’t bring this family back together any time soon.

  25. Family should always come first period. It’s really sad that the place will be sold to strangers. The kids and their parents are the ones that made the memories and worked so hard to make the farm a home. If money means more to you than your kids and your grandchildren, shame on you. Your kids and grandkids are your legacy. Wake up dad. You’re about to loose alot of fans. Amy, you’re such a blessing to your kids. Keep being the strong mother they need right now. God Bless you! ❤️

  26. Why didn’t Amy sell to her boys? She could have split that sucker right down the middle. Screw Jacob and whatever the daughters name is. She sold to Matt, because she wanted out of the middle of the nightmare they created. There is no way to make the kids happy, I hope Matt leaves it to Karen’s kids, that would be hilarious.

    1. In later years, especially after his divorce from Amy, Matt’s true colors have been shown as it’s always about the almighty dollar. No matter how family Matt wanted the producers to show the Rolloffs as a loving, true farm family,that’s not been the case. I feel duped and sad for his family as it always sounded as there would be some arrangements for them on the farm as adults.

      God bless those now adult children and Amy as the process their grief of being cut out of any negotiations of buying the farm. And boo-hiss to Matt and Caryn for demonstrating their money grubbing was, however, perhaps it’s how he’s always been and fans just didn’t see it.

  27. I think that Matt is not a nice guy and one day he will regret it. I think that Karen has a lot to do with his family relationship. I think that he is manipulative and deceitful over the years watching the show. Very 😭😢sad and pathetic man. One day in his old age he could have helped his children by being a better person not putting one against another. Disgraceful knowing Jackson LOVES the farm more than words could say. He did the same thing to Amy with the divorce and his girlfriend for so many years. He flaunted his relationship with Karen for years and AMY had to take it. I blame MATT FOR EVERYTHING that he did and does only to his advantage. What a joke such a COWARD. You promised Jackson some of the farm when he grows up. I bet he takes back his promises on that. He dangles the farm like a carrot to a rabbit they jumped through hoops only to get nothing just empty promises. GOD HELP HIM He will be alone with or without Karen. It’s going to backfire more than words could say. Amy learned the hard way about Matt’s ideas and strings you along like a sucker.

  28. Matt’s so called girl friend is the cause of all of this ,she will walk away with the money if all of the children and Amy does step in and tell all if the story on his girl friend. She needs go.she only there for money for herself .she really is not every going to marry him.

  29. He only thinks of money And his girlfriend needs to stay out of family business his not a good father.

    1. Hes been a great father considering his personal struggles. That farm was 100% his dream and he shared it with his family. You can take that away. As far as the werent there. Ofcourse amy as their mother is concerned she feels for them. Hes not selling the whole farm. They need to step up. And hes correct they would not.maintain like he has.caryn really doesnt have influence on matt. Hes to thick headed

  30. I think Matt’s girlfriend shouldn’t of been in the meeting. Matt can remember what his own son says. That’s his son. He could of sold it for what he sold it to Amy. You dont make money off your children. Now I see what Amy went through with Matt. Is money worth losing your child and grandchildren.

  31. I think Matt you have made a terrible mistake not selling to to Zack that he is not good enough he has worked on the farm along time your girlfriend should keep out of it now they have moved away now your all about the money Matt you never wanted to keep it in the famly legacy

  32. Basically If Matt and Carol hadn’t started their flirsous relationship. The Roloof’s marriage wouldn’t happened. I watched the show earlier in. Amy moved on after breakup, so Matt and Carol need to moved onto Arizon. Matt is the blame for the breakup of the FAMILY!! Jeremy & Zach deserve the farm over strangers. Matt us just trying to profit too much off his Boys. Jason left at 18 yrs old. Molly probably don’t want any part if the Farm. Zach & Jeremy were pitted against each other for Matt’s financial gain. Carol needs to STAY out of the agreement. Carol might not sleep with Matt. She is controlling him in the running if the Roloof Farm. MATT man up stand up for yourself.

  33. How was she ever married to him? She’s such a sweetheart and he just always comes off as such an a-hole

  34. Its all because of that golddigging witch karen. Watch her suggest matt sell the farm to her kids

    1. I feel the same way, and I strongly suspect that Matt was cheating on Amy with her. That’s why I don’t understand Jeremy and Audrey being so stuck up when Amy started seeing Chris. She at least waited until the divorce was final, and she kind of eased into seeing anybody at all. Matt on the other hand never treated her or the marriage with respect at all. He’s always been sleazy and slimy and he always will be. Amy has always been sweet. I have seen posts in various places over the years where people
      call her b***** and hateful. I have no idea what show those people were watching. They go on about feeling sorry for Matt, and that just makes me want to barf every time I see a post like that. Can’t stand Caryn at all! She and Matt deserve each other.

  35. If the boys really want this farm ,they will go together all three of them and the daughter,if they care and buy it.This is their home and this can build a bigger business besides the pumpkin festival. If there is a will there is a way.I suggest they think about this very very clearly before they make the biggest mistake they will regret. I think their sister could help financially.

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