‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: A Ranch, A Bullride & A Racist Rodeo

“Yippee-ki-yayyyy for a free trip!”

Howdy, trashbag TV lovers! This episode of Teen Mom OG er… Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is a VERY.SPECIAL.EPISODE because all of these crapgoblins will be gathering together in one place for some MTV-funded fun! Naturally, because these people can’t breathe the same air for an extended period of time without someone throwing hands, there’s bound to be some hijinks to ensue.

The girls will all be going to a Dude Ranch in Florida for some boot-scootin’, beer and (hopefully!) brawls.

Anyway, this episode kicks off with Catelynn FaceTiming Maci (after slicking her bacon-like side bangs perfectly into place, natch.) She proposes they, like, get all together and, like, go on a “glamping” trip in Florida to celebrate Amber’s birthday. She says this as if the trip’s totally not already pre-planned by MTV and not random AF.

“It’s, like, really fun and they even, like, have MTV cameras set up and ready to go there! What are the odds?”

Catelynn came up with this whole idea—location and all— on her own? 

Sure, Jan… and Farrah‘s face is total natural. 

Anyway, because Maci is down for any excuse to drink for free, she agrees to go on the trip.

Hopefully she’s able to get off of work with such short notice.


Cate reaches out to “the gals” to see if they’re in for a lil birthday/ post-probation party for Ambie. (We all know that no one really gives a honking hoot about Amber’s birthday and that this is just an excuse to get the girls together so they can rip each other’s faces off.)

All of the moms agree to subject themselves to Cate’s glamping getaway, except Ashley, who leaves the group on Read. 

“Quick question, are my puppets and couch invited, too?”

When we check in with Leah, she’s telling her friend about the upcoming trip to Florida. She is worried because she says the “the energy was off” between her and Briana and Jade the last time they were all together. (Soooo… basically Leah’s scared that the Brazilian Butt Lift Twins are gonna beat the ever-loving tar out of her as soon as she steps a cowboy boot on the ranch.)

Me every time MTV tells us they’re creating yet another one of these horrible ‘Teen Mom’ shows…

Leah says she ain’t got time for a ding-dang fight with Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumper and that she’s too old for this crap.

I agree…yet here we are…

Meanwhile, Briana has clearly purchased Fashion Nova’s entire “Western American” collection, complete with flag boots and a hideous cow-print hat that looks like it should be worn by some over-tanned 50-year-old aunt at Becky Sue Ann’s hillbilly bachelorette party down at Big Bobby’s Beer Hut. 

I can smell the Virginia Slims from here when I look at that hat…

Brittany tells Briana she looks like a cow in that getup.

I think that’s nice…

Perhaps Britt thinks there’s a mental health explanation for someone choosing that hat, because she randomly asks Bri how she’s doing on her bipolar meds. Briana says she’s feeling good, but knows the cast trip may be weird with Leah and Ashley there. 

She’s sour over the fact that Leah went on Instagram and smack-talked, despite them all agreeing at Family Reunion that “we wasn’t” gonna badmouth each other online.

“But we wasn’t gonna do it! We wasn’t!”

Brittany doesn’t seem to care at all, although she does look like she’s wondering why her ticket to this dude ranch dramafest hasn’t arrived yet. 

Over in California, Cheyenne is talking to Zach about the time they spend with Ryder and how annoying it is that she has to be the “boring school time parent” while Cory gets to be the fun parent. For some reason, this brings Cheyenne to the conclusion that she needs a vacation…away from Ryder. (You’re really failing on these transitions this week, MTV.)

Before Zach has a chance to pack up his best graphic tees, Cheyenne reveals she’s going on a moms-only trip with the cast to celebrate Amber’s birthday/ freedom from ProBo.

Cheyenne says she’s a little nervous about the trip because, while she gets along with Cate, Maci, and Amber, she knows the girls from ‘Teen Mom 2’ have a different relationship between one another (i.e. they frequently turn their Reunions into UFC fights.)

“Though a couple of them do have the same fake butt.”

Cheyenne decides to call Ashley to get her thoughts on the cast trip and Ashley tells her she’s down to go, as long as the top-shelf liquor is flowing and the other moms vow not to twerk-shame her if she consumes too much of it. Cheyenne tells Zach that even though Ashley has to be intoxicated to hang out with everyone, she’s just glad she’s agreed to come. 

“I don’t blame Ashley. Have you met us?”

As soon as Ashley and Cheyenne are off the phone, Ashley tells Bar she has no intention of actually going on this trip to Florida because she knows it’s going to be awkward. 

Later on, Cate and Maci arrive at the campsite in Florida– without Leah, who after all these years, still can’t get anywhere on time. (Damn those gas station mini mart lines! I’m sure Leah was just trying to buy a canister of icing to bring as a in-flight snack and got hung up!)

Maci says Leah was supposed to fly outta the holler on her flight, but ended up missing it. 

All of our faces when we see what Catelynn has done to her hair this episode…

At the resort, Maci and Cate are greeted by a sweaty-assed Cheyenne on a golf cart.

As gross at this is, I’ll take hearing all about Cheyenne’s ass over another episode featuring Tyler’s balls any day.

Cheyenne pretends to be part of the working class and tells Cate and Maci that she’ll be driving them to their rooms.

“Like I work here,” she says, before letting out a jolly cackle.

Work? Teen Mom stars? Can you imagine?!

The sweaty and uncomfortably cramped cart ride ends with the girls arriving at a glamping tent.

“I hope Amber knows this is rilly not my scene.”

The girls start stringing together birthday decorations for Amber’s tent, as Cate tells Cheyenne and Maci that she hopes everyone shows up to sweat and itch celebrate with them.

Catelynn says she hopes Ashley comes because she “doesn’t want her to feel excluded or anything.”

“Yeah….wouldn’t want anyone to feel EXCLUDED…”

Cheyenne decides they should call Ashley, who tells them she won’t be attending Camp I’m A Damn Good Mom. 

“Dibs on her bug spray and mosquito net!”

Ashley tells the girls that Bar just got home from rehab and she has a lot going on.

(By the way, Ashley says that she told their daughter Holly that Bar was at “Dad Summer Camp” while he was in rehab. As you do…)

They tell Ashley they’re happy things are going well with Bar, but they’re bummed she won’t be there to experience this hellacious weekend with the rest of them. 

“That’s like the equivalent of two seven-point quesadillas or something!”

While this is going on, Jade makes her way to Amber’s House For Wayward Puppets and the two of them head to the airport together, because Ambie doesn’t like to fly solo. (Apparently puppets don’t count here?)

Once they land, Briana picks them up and the three of them head to camp. Leah eventually makes it to the campsite, too– hours after she was supposed to arrive. She greets everyone awkwardly.

Once everyone has arrived, the girls surprise Amber with a birthday cake topped with ants. 

I think that’s nice…

How fun that the moms hired Ronald McDonald to bring out Amber’s cake! (OK that is my ONLY clown hair joke I swear…)

It’s actually kind of cute because Amber seems genuinely happy and surprised that her friends have made such a fuss out of her birthday. 

“Biotch, you better wish for a second season of this crap or we’ll all have to get jobs!”

Jade and Maci then give all the moms a bracelet engraved with “Teen Mom Sisters For Life.” 

“And wondering how we all managed to parlay an unplanned pregnancy into a decade of paychecks!” 

Later that night, the moms throw on some cowboy boots and head out to do some line dancing, but not before posing for a very cringey group photo.

Peep the world’s biggest ‘Teen Mom’ fan photobombing in the back…

Once inside the River Ranch Saloon, the girls do their best to fit in. Cheyenne orders a chardonnay.

No, seriously. (I’m sure the bar maid was all mad she had to stomp back to the storeroom and grab the one box of wine they keep on-hand for when uppity California bitches come a’vistin’!) 

As the honky tonk travesty continues, Amber gets a birthday shoutout from the MC. Jade lets Cheyenne know she’s “the only Black girl in the joint,” and it’s awkward.

Amber reminds viewers that her legs do in fact work when she gets out there and dances her Achy Breaky Heart out!

I’d like to think this was the start of a beautiful relationship…

While taking a dance break, Cheyenne and Briana talk about the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast drama. Briana says she hasn’t talked to or seen Leah since the reunion, during which Leah left the stage because Briana and Jade were talking about Kail Lowry

“We all should have some level of maturity to get along because we’re all on the same show,” Cheyenne says. (Hey Chey, I think you’ve had a little too much boxed wine if you honestly believe that!) 

Briana then proves why this can’t happen, as she declares, “I don’t care for Leah and I don’t care for Ashley– that’s it.”

Their heart-to-heart is interrupted when Maci rounds up the moms for some mechanical bull riding.

“This reminds me of the days that Ol’ Matt would come home feelin’ fiesty!” 

A few of the girls plop their BBLs on the bull and give it their best shot at riding, but everyone fails miserably. (Not gonna lie, I rewound it multiple times to watch Amber fall off.)

Someone screams at Briana to pretend she’s back in that club bathroom on the magical night she let Luis knock her up.

“Say no more! I’ve got this one, guys.”

The next day, Jade is stuffing tampons up her nose for sport (as you do), while Amber and Leah chat about probation. Amber pats herself on the back for all of the hard work she put in over these last years to stay out of gel. She tells Leah that she’s still nervous, though, that Andrew will move their son James to California (where, she makes sure to inform us, Andrew has no house or job.)

Well this is awkward…

Meanwhile, Briana and Jade sit down at a picnic table to shovel fried food into their traps and talk about the “awkwardness” with Leah. Jade– a bigger clown that Ronald McDonald Lowell— says she was just “joking” at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion when she clapped back at Leah for saying she had “no idea” why Kail didn’t want to attend the Reunion. (Anyone who watched the interaction can see that it was obviously not a joke.) 

Jade and Briana decide it’s best for ratings to have a chat with Leah at some point during the camping trip.

Also feeling awkward during this trip is Cheyenne, who calls her dad to let him know she doesn’t feel safe in Florida’s version of Deliverance, noting that she feels like she’s the only Black person in every room/saloon/Pioneer tent she enters. She also tells her dad that she’s seen confederate flags on shirts and in markets, and that it’s making her uncomfortable. 

If Chey wasn’t feeling comfortable before, she’s really about to be miserable because that night the moms head out to the confederate-flag-filled rodeo (that’s also packed with people who look like their parents were siblings.)

After some bronco bucking and whip-cracking, Cheyenne and Maci make an early exit, followed by a couple of the other moms. 

“Not to mention, I’m pretty sure we just saw Mackenzie McKee’s ex-husband get yeeted off of a bull.”

Later that night, Cheyenne confronts one of the producers (who is also Black) and asks why she’s the only one in the cast who seems to notice all of the confederate flags in and around the dude ranch.

Something tells us Jade wasn’t digging this outing, either.

The producer encourages Cheyenne to voice her concerns to her castmates, but Cheyenne says she doesn’t see the point. Still, she ultimately does so, tearfully telling the group she’s been uncomfortable since she arrived. Cheyenne also reveals that she heard some inappropriate comments from people at the rodeo and she tells the group, “it’s too much for me.”

Maci assures Cheyenne that if they’re ever in a situation like that again, the moms will always leave with her. She also admits that they kind of dropped the ball by waiting for Cheyenne to express that she felt uncomfortable, rather than acknowledging what was going on from the start. 

“…as long as we can do a quick beer run on the way home.”

As the night goes on, the moms make some s’mores and Briana decides this is the perfect time to address the “awkwardness” with Leah, calling their “friendship” forced.   

“…with anyone or anything besides this marshmallow.”

Leah claims she’s open to having a conversation with Briana, but Briana reminds her they already had one over DM and it didn’t really go anywhere. She also calls out Leah for waiting until the reunion aired to “rant on social media,” rather than addressing her issues after filming.

Even Cheyenne jumps in at this point to tell Leah that she’s a difficult person to get to know. Jade encourages Leah to let her guard down more, especially around the other moms, as they can all relate to each other (on some level). Leah apologies for what went down after the reunion, and Briana appears to be receptive.

“Do you have any recommendations on style or material, Amber?”

“My intentions are pure as f**k,” Leah, who has obviously picked up some new lingo over the last few months.

Later, Leah tells us she’s done a lot of “hilling” and work to become a better person. Now, she wants to work on getting closer to everyone so they really are “Teen Mom Sisters For Life.”

Or something…

That’s all for this episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter!’ To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 



50 Responses

  1. all the drinking showcased in this show….. Round of applause. Just more excuses for these teen moms to never grow up. Their kids are so proud.

  2. @My Name – I’m truly sorry you were called those things. That is completely unacceptable and makes me angry. You don’t deserve that.

  3. Sorry! Replied to wrong comment. I was trying to reply to Ellen “The only person who cares that Chey is black is Chey… as always.” Not sure how this happened and can’t figure out how to delete. I agree that the BBL comment was funny.

  4. Ashley’s just “No free, all expenses paid trip is worth being stuck with these girls nor traveling to Florida for.”

  5. I don’t think Cheyanne should be fired for ancient tweets. I think she should be canned because she’s boring but also irritating?

    Then again so’s the rest of the cast.
    Shout out to Amber for overcoming the struggles of being a teen mom; that was a tense 6 momths. I’m glad she has such a good team to pat her on the back and excuse her awful behavior.

  6. I imagine they all got lots of comments. You are going to get comments if you bring the “Teen Moms” and their cameras out in public. Doesn’t make it right but it’s inevitable.

  7. Lmao chayanne is the person who posted about wanting to hurt white babies and hating white people long long ago, I’m so sick of this act

    1. hating cheyenne being your entire personality doesn’t make u any better either ??‍♀️ it would be more respected if you called out every racist in this franchise besides the person who actually hasn’t done or said anything racist since. where was this attitude when farrah called corey ghetto which was unprovoked or when david waved around his confederate flag which was all not too long ago?

        1. when did i ever say she didn’t do that? seriously get over it i’m pretty sure everyone’s tired of seeing your comments on anything cheyenne related and only for u to comment the same thing. come up with something new & start putting the same energy in whenever the other cast members say and do racist things

        1. I thought the same thing to at @Randal but bbl means Brazilian Butt Lift. Something for which Bri and Jade both have.

  8. > she heard some inappropriate comments from people at the rodeo

    What were the comments? Surely they were caught on camera and can be easily replayed. Surely others heard these inappropriate comments, right?

    I just cant. Chey talks cash shit about whypipo and killing whypipo and has amped her hate and anger up so badly she cant even be in the same room with them without making herself the victim.

    I bet no one even noticed her, except, Idk.. The CAMERA CREW they brought with them???

    1. If you are not a black person, you have no place commenting on a black persons experience. If you are black, hi Kanye!

        1. That was what 10 years ago, get over it already, she was young and dumb. Just like Taylor’s (Cory’s girlfriend) one time remark about black people when she was 18, just drop it, it’s over, in the past, done…they’ve both apologized privately and publicly, so move on.

          Like @Hot Nicks said:

          “If you are not a black person, you have no place commenting on a black persons experience. If you are black, hi Kanye!”

      1. Chayanne posted a ton of racist shit including wanting to hurt white babies. Do you people really not know this or do you think we don’t?

          1. You tell her (or him) Roxanne!!!

            You can never tell what gender people are when they aren’t brave enough to use their name on here. But they sure are brave enough to open their big mouths (just the girls they complain about).

          2. Don’t be mad at me for telling the truth. That’s who she is, I’ll continue to say it cause it happened

          3. Yes @HATEUCHEYANNE it happenED (past tense) GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

            What she said IN THE PAST would have never came to light if Jelly Belly Jenelle hadn’t stirred the pot because Chey made an innocent comment about her opinion of David’s confederate flag. And Taylor’s comment would have never came to light if MTV didn’t need the drama to boost their ratings.

            It’s over, it’s done, in the past…get over it. They were young and dumb, but they have both since grown, learned and apologized for what they did. But how in the hell are they supposed to get past the stigma of their past mistakes when stupid a$$ people keep bringing it up??!!!

        1. and u don’t think you’re racist at all for only hating the one black girl who said something racist once instead of doing the same for jenelle, farrah, david, and more who have repeatedly said and done racist things and still haven’t changed? go put all that energy u use from typing these i hate cheyenne comments and out it towards bettering yourself, not saying what cheyenne said was right but how is she able to show that she’s changed when people like u don’t wanna see it?

        2. It seems like you are racist toward black women. Why is your name you hate Cheyenne? Why do you constantly bring up something Cheyenne did like a decade ago? How come you bring up no one else’s past racist behavior? How come you can’t forgive a woc for her past mistake but don’t say anything about anyone else’s mistakes? Its about 2023, you should really do better and educate and get some culture, and stop hanging out with the 3 same people down at the piggley wiggley.

      2. Theres where you are wrong.

        I can and will comment on someone who is privileged enough to broadcast their story on TV.

        If she didn’t want comments, which you have no right to gatekeep, she shouldnt be on TV.

        Its racist to say i can’t comment on another race and no, I am Asian.

        1. But why always Cheyenne? She made the comments well before she entered the MTV franchise as did Taylor!!

          Why keep dragging their past up when they have learned from it and grown but there are others (Jenelle, David and Farrah to name a few) that have made racial comments and still do but nobody dredges that up, only Chey and that isn’t right.

          Nobody is saying not to comment about someone’s racial comments but stop nitpicking the past when that’s all hers was THE PAST. Try commenting about someone on this show that still makes the same mistakes over and over again and obviously hasn’t learned a damn thing.

          1. Why Chey? Bc this was her entire storyline this week. That’s why.

            Complaining and expecting special treatment. Lying about hearing comments. She wanted attention.

            Want my comments on the whites?
            David is a closeted chomo.
            Farrah is a junkie. Jenelle is also a junkie.

            See? I don’t like any of these ppl. But since they didn’t have a storyline this week focused on their own made up shit, I didn’t comment on them.

          2. @MY NAME, her PAST racial remark was not her storyline this week dumbass, the unfair treatment her race receives was and it was legit, blacks do still get treated unfair…as do whites, Hispanics and any other race you can think of.

            “Made up comments”!! As someone has said on this feed, this was the deeeep South part Florida, of course she is gonna hear things her WHITE costars don’t hear. When a sensitive remark is made toward a black THEY are gonna hear it!!!

            And you didn’t mention the MANY racially insensitive remarks the white costars past and present have made, only the PAST remark of the black costar!!!! Hmmm…interesting!!!

        2. You can comment all you want. But you cannot belittle the plight she faces as a black woman in America because you are not a black woman in America. You don’t know what happened. Just because something isn’t caught on camera doesn’t make it not true. You diminishing her experience as a black woman in rural Florida does not move the equality movement forward in any way shape or form. And PSA minorities should stick together instead of going after each other. That’s what the man wants you to do. That’s how the man keeps the power. I hope you’ll reconsider before posting things like this in the future. Sure it’s anonymous but your soul does not need that negativity. Doesn’t it eat you up inside to tear down another woman?

    2. Serious question – have you been to the area of Florida they were in? Because if I was Cheyenne, I would’ve been scared as hell. My college roommate was from there and I spent 2 Summers there with her. That is a deeeeppppp South type of town and they don’t hide their feelings (or words) about black people. If Cheyenne knew what it was like there, I’m sure she wouldn’t have gone, and she would’ve been smart not to. They do not mess around. If they didn’t have the crew and cameras with them, I would’ve been nervous for them. Even more so if Cheyenne was a guy.

      Feel however you want about Cheyenne, but there is zero doubt that there were many racist comments made that night by people walking by them and she’s lucky nothing even worse happened.

      I never would’ve stayed there if I had had somewhere else to go those Summers and I shudder at the thought of having to pass through there again. It’s disgusting and assbackwards and dangerous.

      1. That being said, that very well could have been the reason Ashley didn’t go and she just didn’t say so. And if that’s the case, that was shitty of Ashley not give Cheyenne a heads up, I mean yeah she was already there so she couldn’t very well leave, but she probably could have handled the situation better if she had been prepared.

      2. Cheyenne should have spoke up because I do think people would have been there for her. The rest of the cast has no idea what she has had to deal with in life as they are white. Hell, I am too & I wouldn’t have said anything to her about things unless I heard someone being rude & then I would have went off. I do not put up with racists.

        1. I agree that she handled it correctly by walking away and not causing a scene, I’m not putting Cheyenne down for saying how she felt to her castmates, I’m just saying that had she been warned perhaps she would have better emotionally prepared for what she may or may not have seen or heard.

          And that may have very well been on Ashley as I suspect that that is why she didn’t come. She should have said something to Cheyenne, even if it had been a private text as opposed to bringing it up on the group chat with herself, Cheyenne, Cate and Maci.

          1. That part of the thread is locked above so I’m responding here.

            When you start having to call names, like calling someone a dumbass, you’ve already lost the argument. You’re losing your cool. Lol.. Lol..

            What were the comments?
            What did the ppl say to Chey?
            Seems like she would be able to repeat what they said to her.

            Bc I can tell you VERBATIM everytime I’ve been called suicide bomber or Jihad Jane bc of my skin color, but ok.

            They were filming so the proof is there if it did happen, right?
            Guess she has super special hearing that none of the others have.

            Oh and Hispanic is not a race. Lol.

            Saying “David does it too” doesn’t excuse Chey at all, but ok.

          2. I ain’t losing nothing, you’re a dumbass plain and simple for saying something was the storyline when it wasn’t.

            And yes, she probably does have superhuman hearing for comments directed towards her. I’m sorry you’ve been called the names you’ve been called but I’d be willing to bet that if you asked a person sitting directly next to you whether they heard the comment they would say no because the comment was meant for you not them. I too can recall the comments made to me based in the fact that I’m in a wheelchair.

            And she was never asked “what were the comments?” She asked “Did you hear the comments that were made?” And the others simply said “no” And if someone walks by you and whispers something for only you (the person it is meant for)to hear then guess what…ain’t nobody else gonna hear it!!!

            And if Hispanic isn’t a race then why is it listed on paperwork. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen Race/Ethnicity: White, African American, Hispanic or Other.

            Exactly, David DOES it, Cheyenne DID it!!! If you wanna drag someone through the mud, do it to someone who is still actively making the same mistake over and over, not the person who made the mistake 10 fucking years ago.

            And baiting me is making you like even more of a dumbass…so just stop.

        2. I hear what you’re saying, but, is it Cheyenne’s responsibility to educate her peers? I mean, why does the person experiencing racism have to then explain it to “friends” in order for them to see it? That’s a part of the problem and that’s what I think she was venting to the producer about. Maci meant well when telling her “next time just say something. We’ll leave with you.” A better response would be, “I’m going to educate myself on experiences like these so that we can avoid or be prepared for situations like this in the future.” And then if Cheyenne wanted to explain where she’s coming from, she could do so. But the onus is not on her to teach her peers.

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