Kody, Meri & Robyn Brown Say They Feel Betrayed By Christine Brown In Clip From Next ‘Sister Wives’ Episode; Meri Insists She’s Not Jealous of Christine Leaving

“I’d suggest we throw you a going away party, Christine, but I don’t want to risk having to hear you sing again.”

Christine Brown continues to face backlash from her ex-husband Kody Brown and sister wives for her decision to leave the Brown family. 

In a clip from Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives shared by People, Christine sits down with Kody, Robyn, Meri and Janelle to provide an update on her upcoming move to Utah. At one point during the group’s discussion, Meri tells viewers she still has “a lot of emotions” about the whole situation. 

“Let me make this loud and clear: I couldn’t care less.”

“I feel angry and I feel a little betrayed and I feel like I understand where she’s coming from,” Meri says. “I also know that anger is a secondary emotion. I’m hurt, you know? I’m hurt that she doesn’t see value enough in our family.” 

Like Meri, Kody expresses anger over Christine “leaving the family,” along with the changes that come with her decision. 

In other news, water is wet and Kody is losing his hair.

“I’m angry that she’s moving to Utah, I’m angry that she’s trying to sell the house, I’m angry that she moved my stuff out, I’m angry that she asked me to leave,” Kody says. “I’m angry about a lot of things.” 

Despite some of the Browns being angry about her decision, Christine moves forward with putting her house on the market, revealing during Sunday’s episode that she’s received a “good offer” on the house and that it’s currently under contract. Christine’s announcement is met with a supportive, albeit quiet, “yay” from Janelle, which doesn’t sit well with Kody.  

“There’s nothing to say ‘yay’ about in this family– ever.”

“Why is Janelle saying ‘yay,’” Kody says to the camera. “I don’t get her thinking.” 

After Christine goes on to tell the group that she’s not only found a house in Utah, but is planning to move the following week, Robyn hops aboard the anger express with Kody and Meri. 

Annnnd here come the water works…

“I don’t like, it felt like I just got pushed out of an airplane and I wasn’t ready,” she says. 

Upon hearing Christine’s big news, Kody tells the camera there’s nothing he could do to stop Christine from leaving, even if he wanted to. 

“ … I’m not going to express my undying love for her, like, ‘Please come back,’” Kody says. “I don’t even like her right now.” 

…Except insult Christine and remind her why she decided to leave you in the first place.

“I couldn’t stay married to someone who had favorites [among his wives and kids] and made it very known,” Christine explained. 

When Meri is asked if she’s envious of Christine getting out of her miserable marriage to Kody (and polygamy in general), Meri insists she could leave, too, if she wanted to. However, she’s still holding on hope that Kody will like her again someday.

(As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Meri and Kody have not had a romantic marriage for years, and Kody has stated numerous times that he has no interest in having a romantic or intimate marriage with Meri ever again.) 

“I don’t feel jealous of Christine that she’s leaving and I can’t [leave] because I can [leave]. I can do whatever I want,” Meri says.

That’s not the flex you think it is, Mer.

“My strength is sticking around and seeing if Kody would be willing to work on a relationship so I leave that door open, but I’m not pining away for it,” Meri insists.

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(Photos: TLC)

41 Responses

  1. Meri’s strength is still getting money from the family and being willing to still be dirt under Kody’s feet. She has no self respect. And Kody’s anger is coming from not being able to control everyone’s lives anymore! He has lost control completely. His whining last week about everything he gave up for them. When did we ever see him going without anything? And btw, Christine didn’t ask him to leave, she put his trash in the garage and told him to take it. That’s not asking.

  2. Meri is delusional at this point. He’s never going to ‘work’ on things with you because he’s all in with Robyn, he’s not interested in any of his other ‘wives.’ Christine had the sense to get out & she’s happier for it. Jenelle will do the same eventually you can see the cracks.

  3. Kody admitted on last night’s episode that he “no longer considers himself married to Meri” so why the eff is she still staying?!!

  4. All during this season 7, which has been mired in this Kody/Christine split, I feel so bad for the whole family. I have seen what looks to me like barely hidden glee from Christine. She looks and acts like she is pleased with herself regardless of what hurtful issues she is describing. Is it because she is the center of attention now? She’s made no secret of the fact that she wanted, and didn’t feel, like she was the important one.

    1. Did you ever stop and think that Christine is actually happy now and not just pretending? She finally has the balls to get out, I’d be full of glee too!!

      And she never said she wanted to be “the important one” she just wanted to be “important” to her “husband”, the man that vowed to love her forever. Not, “I’ll love you until a better model comes along” (aka Sobyn Robyn)

      Boy, I can tell you a guy!!!

      1. I was glad to see Janelle try to comfort Christine. However, I think we all know that she is the next to be chased out. I really like her too, and I hope she gets out. Run janelle!

    2. Excuse you? Christine is finally free from all of the abuse. That’s why she’s so happy. How dare you criticize her for that! You must be a Kody and Sobbin fan.

  5. So they all did nothing/said nothing for years when it was obvious how bad Christine was being treated. But now they’re mad because she decided to take action? I guess they wanted her to suffer in silence and not live her life.

  6. The family doesn’t see Meri’s value in the family, literally and figurally. She was the first to keep her income (from the B&B) separate from the family pile.

    She’s not even a third wheel, she’s the spare wheel hidden in the back in the plural marriage and she accepts it.

  7. Funny how Cody is angry about so many things, but he is not angry about Christine moving his daughter far away so he will see his child very little…oh wait….

  8. Meri is pitiful,and gross, she knows damn good and well Kody thinks she is gross and even said he could never have a sexual relationship with her ever again. Robin, Kody, and Meri will say and do whatever it takes to keep the TLC paycheck going. Cancel this fake ass show. And Robin (no lips) is gross as hell and it seems ever other word she says is a lie.

  9. I’m so glad Christine left this witch and his 2 flying monkeys. I want Janelle to leave his ass too. I have a suspicion that she already has but can’t announce it do to show contracts. Her Instagram is pretty void of Grody and at their sons wedding Janelle sat in the grooms side with Christine and Meri. While Grody sat in the wife’s side with Sobbin Robchin. Run Janelle Run! You De too good for that douche . He only loves sperm brows anyway .

      1. The r word is ALWAYS a biggy, it’s offensive as hell to lits of people.

        And you’d know that if you had a heart and were sensitive towards those that were challenged in any way!!!!

  10. I suspected early on that Meri would use Kody’s feelings of betrayal toward Christine to position herself back at the front door of Kamp Kody. Keep knocking, Meri; he is not letting you back in.

  11. Meri tried to leave Kody for her catfish. And it didn’t work out because it was another woman.

    Meri is delusional. She would leave Kody in a heartbeat if someone showed interest.

    And no one would blame her. Kody has told her so many times he’s done with her, he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t like her. And he’s just waiting on her to pull the trigger, but also hoping she keeps putting all her MLM money in the pot.

    1. What gets me is that if her daughter/son can marry a chick then why did it stop Meri from leaving Kody for a chick?!!

      1. First of all, Meri’s child’s name is Leon, and they go by they/them pronouns.

        Second of all, we are allowed to have a sexual preferences and as a cis female, Meri is allowed to only be attracted to men, i.e. heterosexual.

        Third of all, Meri thought her catfish was a man.

        Fourth of all, that catfish, is literally bonkers.

        1. All I’m saying is that she should have felt comfortable leaving Kody whether it was a guy or girl. The fact her child is gay should have made her more comfortable.

          I’ve always heard that when you’re with a man then you’re essentially with who he’s been with. So Kody’s been with (at least) 3 other women so is Meri technically still a heterosexual?

          1. I can’t believe in 2022 you need this explained.

            No, when you only sleep with men and find men attractive, then you’re heterosexual.

            Meri has a trans child, they don’t rub off on her. It doesn’t change Meri’s sexual preferences.

            “I’ve always heard that when you’re with a man then you’re essentially with who he’s been with.”

            yeah, that’s when they are talking about STIs/STDs. Not sexual orientation.

            By your logic, Kody is bisexual too, since Robyn was married before and has had sex many times.

          2. Yeah by my logic Kody is too, as are all his “wives”.

            You can’t tell me that when a man sleeps with a woman then turns around and sleeps with someone else the next night that the “germs” from the night before are going into the current sexual partners body creating a possible STI/STD (i.e. if Janelle sleeps with Kody then he in turn sleeps with Christine the next night then anything in Janelle’s and Kody’s bodies are going into Christine) and metaphorically speaking (which is what I was doing) it makes ME wonder if any of them are actually straight.

            My god, talk about a bunch of fucking dumbasses, does EVERYTHING have to be literal around here? Can’t anyone give a metaphorical opinion?!!

          3. Well enough in my opinion…and mind your own business BRUJA, I was talking to @TEENMOMOG2FAN NOT you!!!

            But if you wanna insult where someone was raised then I can insult right back…so why don’t you go climb back under the rock yo mama found ya under!!

          4. Oh, a yo mamma clap-back. That’s bound to put someone in their place.

            Or, maybe it’ll just get you laughed at. ?

          5. Defensive BRUJA, did I hit a nerve, well cry me a motherfuckin river.

            And yeah, people may laugh, but guess what it was funny!!! It was meant to get laughs…and to HOPEFULLY shut you up and put you in your place…but I ain’t gonna hold my breath for that one.

          6. What was funny? Your obvious lack of comprehending what TeenMomOG2FanYou was trying to explain to you and the fact that your obvious pea-sized brain still couldn’t grasp it? That you think because a partner of yours has slept with the opposite sex that what? That preference might be “contagious” because now you’ve slept with the same sex too? LOL.. ’cause if that’s what you’re saying was funny, you’d be right! The fact that you continued to spew forth that nonsense was hilarious. I have no doubt that you are the reason the facepalm meme exists. ??‍♀️ ?

            Other than that, you’re simply entertaining me. You thinking your weak attempt at “owning” me with what was the most stupid “yo’ mamma” known to mankind might have hit a nerve with me is enough to make me realize 100% that clearly, your cheese done slid right off your cracker and perhaps, the schools where you’re from had nothing to do with it.

            You see- for some people, there is nothing short of a Christmas miracle and the little baby Jesus that can help someone grasp the essentials, and I think you fall into that category.

            Seriously. You spoke about what equates to “catching gay”. I promise you, not one soul is laughing with you. They’re laughing at you.

            With that, I wish you Godspeed, Pearl. You need it. ??

          7. BRUJA, it’s called an opinion!! You once fucked no account dork!!!

            And I grasp the essentials, its called science, go back to school and learn it. I was giving a FIGURATIVE opinion as opposed to the literal opinions that EVERYONE gives on here.

            Yes, the whole thing about sleeping with your mate’s previous partner(s) when you sleep with them was created about STI/STDs but in my OPINION when talking about a polygamous lifestyle, if Kody sleeps with one wife one night then another the next night the “germs” from himself and the previous partner are going into the current partner and yes FIGURATIVELY not LITERALLY speaking, it makes them bisexual.

  12. It’s crazy how Robyn and Meri are mad at Christine but not Kody….. Like, what? Christine is leaving because Kody is awful and treats her and her kids poorly. He put zero effort into their marriage and being a father. Why aren’t they mad at Kody!!!!!!!?????
    Also, Robyn has been married before and left the father of her kids. Why doesn’t Christine get to make the same choice for herself??

  13. My arse she’s not jealous! It’s oozing off of her. Meri, Sobyn, and Kody are hateful, toxic people. Christine looks better than she ever has, away from those a**holes she called sister wives (except Janelle) and her shark eyed so-called ‘husband’ that never loved her.

    1. All you had to dd’s say was this in your talking head scenes, Kody: I’m upset that she’s taking my daughter 5 hours away. That will make it more difficult for me to correct my past parenting fails, but I will make a concerted effort to see her on a scheduled and regular basis so we can develop our relationship as father and daughter. Luckily and conveniently, at least 3 of my other adult children now live in Utah, so I can visit with them too. Maybe I can repair some of the damage that I have caused, if and when they are willing to spend time with me.

  14. Okay meri cheated on Kodi but she sees the value in their family? Robin is on her second marriage so it was fine when she didn’t see the value in her first family? Kodi talks down to all of them including the kids but he sees the value in their family? What a bunch of hypocrites. Christine saw value in herself and her kids and the others should follow suit or shut the hell up.

  15. I can’t believe they have the nerve to say the things they are about her. She stuck it out all those years, when her “husband” didn’t give her any attention and Meri and Robyn didn’t even bother with her either. How selfish, particularly Robyn. Wah Wah Wah my kids won’t have the experience of a big family. Give Christine some credit for staying as long as she did.

      1. Is she an idiot for getting into plural marriage? An idiot for trying to hold together her failing marriage? Not sure what you mean.

  16. “I’m hurt that she doesn’t see value enough in our family.”

    Oh, but it was cool when you planned on leaving? Got it.

    And why would she even want to stay? Her ex-husband doesn’t like her, let alone love her. He doesn’t invest in their kids. Gah, everyone but Christine and Janelle are just really awful.

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