‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Claims Dad Kody Has “No Remorse” For Choosing Wife Robyn & Her Kids Over the Rest of the Brown Family

“Sorry, Pops!”

The Brown family of TLC’s Sister Wives is deteriorating faster than Kody Brown’s hairline, but according to Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn, Kody has no remorse about his actions that have led the family to this point. 

As The Ashley has reported, in addition to Christine Brown (Wife #3) divorcing Kody, Janelle Brown (Wife #2) is now separated from Kody and Kody has stated publicly that he no longer considers himself married to (Wife #1) Meri Brown. Fortunately for Kody, (Wife #4) Robyn Brown doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Robyn’s tragic eyebrows don’t appear to be going anywhere either…

Gwendlyn, the 21-year-old daughter of Kody and Christine, opened up recently on her Patreon account about her father seemingly favoring Robyn (and the couple’s five children) over his other wives and children, ZNews3 reports. The topic came up when a fan asked Gwen if anyone other than her mom had “ever confronted Robyn and Kody about their behavior.” 

“We do avoid the topic a lot but sometimes one of us will breakdown and ask him why he chose her over us,” Gwendlyn responded. “We’re not very confrontational here unfortunately.” 

Kody’s “knife in the kidneys” temper tantrum would like a word.

Another fan asked Gwendlyn how Kody typically responds to his children’s alleged “breakdowns,” to which Gwen said, “usually denial.” Gwendlyn was also asked if her father seems to have any “genuine remorse” for choosing Robyn and her children over the rest of the Brown family. 

“ … One time he responded to one of [the kids] like, ‘I prefer people who prefer me,’ so no remorse lol,” she said. 

We couldn’t agree with you more, Mop Head.

As longtime ‘Sister Wives’ fans may recall, Kody was much closer to his children in the earlier seasons of the family’s show. When asked if she believed her father was faking it for TV or if something had changed, Gwendlyn provided a rather bleak response. 

“I don’t really know but I think he just started to realize he prefers his life with Robyn and their kids,” she said. 

…because she’s so much fun to be around?

Just last month Gwendlyn was asked about her father’s “abusive” behavior on TV, to which she claimed Kody is actually “a little nicer on the show” than he is in real life. However, she also admitted at the time that the entire Brown family “will act for the show” and that Kody has “gotten a lot better since [this season was filmed].”

“He’s really healing and I’m really proud of him,” she said. “I think the strain of him having so many wives and forcing himself to believe in something he wasn’t really for kind of made him more of an upset, unhappy person. But he’s really healing. He’s getting a lot better.” 

“I mean, it’s not like he could’ve gotten much worse.”

During that same Q&A, Gwendlyn admitted that unlike her father, she isn’t Robyn’s biggest fan. 

“Please don’t mention her again, we don’t want bad vibes,” she said with a laugh.

New episodes of ‘Sister Wives’ air Sundays on TLC. 

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33 Responses

  1. So, did you guys see the part one of the tell all special? He compared Janelle and Christine two dogs in heat who were after him. It was horrible! ?

    1. Yes! That was disrespectful AF. He implied they were pick me’s and basically acted like he married them out of pity. He is delusional and a revisionist. The show, the fame and money has gone to his head and it was a blow to his ego when he realized that Kristine and Janelle are the stars of the show NOT HIM AND ROBIN. He is jealous and angry that Kristine got her own show and no network is interested in the Kody and Robyn show. Im sure the Network has already told him that the sister wives won’t be renewed since there are no sister wives anymore.

  2. Imo there’s no point in confronting someone who doesn’t see the error of their ways. I’ve been there and the conversation made me feel more gross than just going no contact with him

  3. I think he fell in love for the first time in his life when he met Robyn. His prior life didn’t matter anymore after that, although he had to keep up appearances since he built his life (and income) around propping up a lie. That’s why his excuses for why he has no interest in one or the other are so contrived – he never loved them and lost his motivation to pretend when he finally found someone he actually loved.

    1. I don’t even think he loves her. I don’t think he knows how to be in love with someone. Except himself.
      He just thinks he loves her because she’s obedient, defers to all his ridiculous ideas, and puts him and his needs above all else. She’s compliant, and to him that’s “loyalty and respect”. Which he has stated multiple times is more important to him than love. He can’t handle women who have their own ideas and independence or anyone that teases him or doesn’t think he’s the smartest one in the room.
      Notice how he used to be very involved with his teenage sons but once they grew into adults and realized he’s not the hero they thought he was, he’s never around them. He only wants to be around the kids that still worship him and think he’s wise, smart, and cool.
      Robyn has brainwashed Aurora and Breanna to still look at Kody in that way so he likes being around them. He says they show him respect and loyalty but really it’s just that they’ve been trained to see him on a pedestal. It’s all just sad and pathetic. He can’t handle not being the all-knowing hero dad and as the kids figure him out he withdraws from them one by one. Now he’s left with almost nothing b/c of his ego and he refuses to reflect and address his issues.
      He’s incredibly immature and childish.

      1. She’s not happy or healthy though. Her and Mariah both spew a lot of vile garbage online, and they both revolve their existences around their sexualities/identities. There’s nothing normal ir healthy about that. Mariah is even way more mentally unstable.

        1. “You mean Leon.” Lmao if you noticed Mariah was the only one that wanted sister wives, she is easy to brainwash

      1. They’re happy in who they are though, and by healthy I was talking physically healthy (not mentally).

        When your gay like Gwendlyn or trans like Mariah/Leon of course you’re going to DEFEND your sexuality/identity, I don’t agree with either lifestyle but I’m not gonna bash them online thus causing them to voice their feelings inappropriately and that’s why they do that, they are defending themselves to people that think that just because they live alternative lives that somehow makes them bad people and it doesn’t.

  4. I am so resolved to the actions of this ongoing battle…Can’t they see all the heartache that has been passed from young to old…Meri I think was in denial about Kody not caring about her…I don’t know about the other ladies…I know they stood up to him when their marriages were crumbling apart…I think this was Kody’s idea from the beginning…From the time he met Robyn (suggested by Meri) to the marriage and eventually to divorce Meri to marry Robyn and adopt her children so they could have a father…This was so odd to me from the beginning…

    1. I really think Meri got to a point where she was desperate to make him happy so he would like her, so she brought Robyn into the mix. She was buying his love basically. You just can’t do that. No one can.

    2. Let’s clarify things a bit. Robyn’s older kids do have a father. It’s just that she has chosen to erase him from their lives. As a DV survivor myself, I just can’t take her claims of abuse in her first marriage seriously. If she had truly gone through that, then why does she allow these other women to be verbally mentally and emotionally abused? That’s why her story doesn’t ring true to me. Like I said, I don’t like questioning any woman’s claim of abuse in a marriage or any other relationship, but I would never allow another woman to be abused in any way. Just my opinion.

  5. I don´t understand why Mylekti gets along so well with Robyn.Mykelti should thunk more carefully aboput the relationship she has with Robyn.

    1. I really wonder that myself. I couldnt do that. How do you love and respect someone who treats your mother like that? I would never trust her.

      She may be trying to stay on Kody’s good side for some reason.

  6. Sad he picked someone else’s kids over his own. Only reason there even in Arizona cause robin son was going to college there.cant believe other wives would sell there houses for that crap. But yet kody can’t attend daughter’s surgery where she could of died or been paralyzed says everything u need to know bout kody.

    1. I believe Kody not attending Ysabel’s surgery was the nail in the coffin for Christine. I mean, 90% of being a good father is just showing up for your kids.

      1. I think that him almost killing Truely was the start. She said in a podcast that Jenelle told her when they were in Vegas that she has to wait to leave until she was financially independent.

  7. Go Christine,I’m proud of you for leaving that POS Kody!Janelle I’m proud of you too.Ya’ll don’t need him or Robyn.

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