10 of the Hardest (Thanksgiving-Themed!) ‘Teen Mom’ “Would You Rather?” Questions Ever: Play Now!

As per usual, The Ashley is thankful for her mad Microsoft Paint skills…

Happy Thanksgiving! (And…if you aren’t in the United States then….happy Thursday!)

The turkey’s been stuffed, the mashed potatoes have been whipped and at least some of Jenelle Evans‘ ex-booooyfriends are greatly anticipating that special Thanksgiving cookie placed on their jailhouse dinner trays tonight!

Since it’s the holiday season and all, The Ashley felt like it was, once again, time to dip into her demented mind to bring you yet another one of her signature “Teen Mom: Would You Rather?” quizzes, forcing the show’s fans to choose one of two impossibly hard ‘Teen Mom’-themed, Thanksgiving scenarios.

Nibble on midnight turkey ravioli and put on your finest fall Fashion Nova fashions and take The Ashley’s Thanksgiving-themed “Would You Rather?” quiz!



  1. ok, i’m sorry, but in the words of my father….what the hell is wrong with you, the ashley?!?!

    only love though. love your site and articles but you are one demented human.

  2. I instinctually went against any voting that related to The Land. But some of those other options were almost worst. This was the best/worst voting created on this site. Ever. Yuck. 😂🤮

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