Relationship Update On “90 Day Fiance” Season 10 Couple Devin Hoofman & Nick Ham (Spoilers!)


Spoiler Alert: This story contains a (major) spoiler for Season 10 of “90 Day Fiance.” 

Devin Hoofman and Nick Ham‘s relationship is currently playing out on 90 Day Fiance Season 10, but according to a new report from In Touch Weekly, a lot has happened in the couples’ lives since the footage that is airing was filmed.

Earlier this week, the magazine broke the news that Devin and Nick are actually already married–- and have been for quite a while! 

According to In Touch, the couple seemingly received the blessings they needed from their parents to walk down the aisle, as they reportedly tied the knot April 1.

(The couple reportedly filed for their marriage license March 1 in White County, Arkansas.)

As The Ashley previously told you, Devin (Arkansas) met Nick (Australia) on Tinder while she was on a solo trip to Sydney. (Though Nick was born and raised in South Korea, he was living in Australia at the time for work.) The couple went on to spend three weeks together before Devin returned home. After realizing how much she missed her long-distance boo, Devin and Nick got engaged and proceeded to file for the K-1 Visa. 

While the plan was for Nick to move to the U.S.–- specifically Searcy, Arkansas-– Nick has expressed his concern this season on “90 Day Fiance” about the city’s lack of diversity and alleged racism. 

“There’s not much diversity there,” he said on the show. “There’s no Korean community, no Korean restaurant and store. Devin told me there are quite a lot of racists there. Yeah, it scares me, ’cause I’ve never seen racism in the countryside in Australia.” 

Another obstacle the couple had to overcome is receiving their respective parents’ blessing to wed. While Nick’s parents gave the pair their stamp of approval prior to Nick and Devin heading to the U.S., viewers have yet to see the couple’s first interaction with Devin’s parents play out this season– though we can now assume it went well. 

New episodes of “90 Day Fiance” Season 10 are currently airing Sundays on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


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