EXCLUSIVE! Kail Lowry Tearfully Declared Her Love For Ex Chris Lopez While Filming the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

“It’s still you, Boo!” 

Kail Lowry apparently just can’t quit her ex, Chris Lopez!

Multiple sources tell The Ashley that the Teen Mom 2 star confessed that she is still in love with her third baby daddy while on stage filming the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Reunion last weekend.

One audience member tells The Ashley that Kail broke down in tears when Dr. Drew Pinsky brought up the subject of Chris, whom Kail shares her son Lux with.

“She was blubbering, saying that she can’t help it and that she still loves [Chris],” the audience member said. “Dr. Drew was staring at her like, ‘WTF is wrong with you?'”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the conversation came up after Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin left the stage, after chatting with Dr. Drew about his inability to stay single for very long.

“Kail said that she used to be a lot like Javi is, sort of like a love addict who jumped from relationship to relationship,” the audience member said. “Then she said she’s been single for about nine months, yet she’s still in love with Chris.”

“Can I get some sort of chart to keep track of who you girls like and who you don’t? I can’t keep up!”

The audience member said that’s when Kail broke down in tears and Dr. Drew tried to talk some sense into her, bringing up the fact that Kail’s relationship with Chris has been less-than-stellar, with accusations that Chris got physical with Kail coming into play.

“Dr. Drew told Kail, ‘That’s not love!’ but she disagreed with him,” the audience member said. “She said her feelings for Chris are different than the ones she’s had for anyone else [she’s been with] and that she didn’t need to hear Dr. Drew’s speech about how she shouldn’t love him.”

Kail got into a fight at the Reunion with her ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast mate Briana DeJesus over a comment Briana posted on Instagram about Chris being abusive toward Kail.

“She gets beat the f**k up by Chris in front of her kids,” Briana wrote on Instagram earlier this month. (The comment has since been deleted, and Chris has denied, via Twitter, that he beat up Kail.)

Baby boyyyyy @theluxrussell

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On a past episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ though, Kail has talked about how bad her relationship with Chris was.

“He cheated on me my whole pregnancy,” she said. “The things I went through all the way leading up to having [Lux] is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

Kail recently hinted on her Coffee Convos podcast that she and Chris had been getting along lately. On a recent episode, she confessed that she spent Mother’s Day with Chris and Lux.

“I don’t believe in true love…since Chris,” Kail stated on an earlier podcast episode. “I really thought Chris and I were…I would have done anything for him.”

Chris has never appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ (without his face being censored, anyway) and has refused to take part in anything to do with the show.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. She was hooking up with a girlfriend after Javi too. Don’t deny that you are a “love addict” Kail. You are. Your relationship with Chris Lopez was lust, not love. A pregnancy resulted and all of a sudden it was “love”. You are SUCH a phony.

  2. He’s the only one that she hasn’t railroaded and treated like shit. Had he stuck around he would be in the heap in the corner with Jo and Javi.

  3. She wanted him to be impressed by the MTV thing and devote himself for the perks. When she realized his disinterested he was in it she wanted him even more…just my opinion from experience

  4. She only loves him because he isn’t interested in her. She totally lied about not being able to have anymore kids. I’m sure she told Chris that so he wouldn’t wear a condom and then “Surprise! A miracle baby!” That was a total baby trap and I’m sure Chris knows that by now.

  5. She strikes me as the kind of girl who only likes guy who aren’t interested in her. Once she gets them it’s boring. I will always believe she lied when she claimed a doctor told her she most likely couldn’t get pregnant again. I’m sure she told Chris that too so he didn’t wear a condom and then suddenly she was pregnant with a “miracle baby.” A total baby trap. She got herself an anchor baby with a guy who clearly isnt putting up with her crap. I’m sure he knows what she did.

  6. Wait, wait, wasn’t Kail the SIDE CHICK all along? Ummm..no, he wasn’t cheating ON you Kail, he was cheating WITH you and you knew it.

  7. Kail needs a good therapist – stat. Especially after reading today that she’s set on having baby #4 via sperm donor, without the drama of another baby daddy as part of the process.

    As if these kids she’s mass-producing, seemingly for her own very “damaged” personal satisfaction, don’t deserve something better.

    And does this mean that instead of having a dad who lives elsewhere with visitation rights, poor little baby #4 won’t even have ANYONE to physically visit and call “Dad”?

    Clearly, the sooner this girl sits down with an “anti- Dr. Drew type” TV therapist, one who can really get to the root of all her issues dating back to her own very broken childhood, etc., the better it’ll be for all parties concerned.

    Especially – her kids.

    1. Oh, my, gosh, GeorgieDee. I read that she said something about that a couple of months ago, and I just blew it off. Now you let us know that Kail is serious about this. Thanks for the heads up. I will take the next story more seriously.

    2. One of my family
      Members had a sperm donor the kid is now late elementary school and the other kids ask “where is your dad” “do you have a dad” not to be mean to her but kids don’t have filters. Very difficult situation for everyone.

  8. How can someone cheat on you if they were never in a relationship with you. From the jist if things it seemed like they were fuqing, she told him it wasn’t possible for her to get pregnant but oppsie, he got pissed and decided he only wants to co parent and that there will not be a relationship. I don’t believe for one second they were ever together in a serious relationship. Kail has given at least 3 different stories about Lux’s conception.

  9. She needs therapy STAT. I still remember back in her 16 & Pregnant episode that she was all into Jo when he was done with her. If the guy’s in love with her, she treats them like crap and/or cheats. If the guy’s moving on, suddenly she’s possessive. And with rumors that this latest one is constantly cheating on her and possibly abusive? She needs to love herself and move on. She needs to stay single and work on herself. Her sons don’t need to be exposed to that and she doesn’t deserve the abuse either.

    1. I think the only abuser is her. She hit Jo and Javi, and rumored to have ripped dreads out of Chris’. If any of them hit her she would have went to file another PFA and posted the documents. She’s a lying liar who lies.

  10. She learned “love” from 2 parents who rejected her (because of their own messed up stuff) so it’s no wonder that rejection from a guy gets her all hot and bothered. Outside of love and relationships she seems to have some common sense, and I wish she’d use it to get some therapy to deal with her issues. Oh and stop collecting babies along the way for her own emotional fulfillment.

  11. She hasn’t been single for 9 months. I thought she was being a lesbian? Wasn’t she dating one of her girl friends ???

  12. She made him seem like such a piece of crap and now he was the one she really loved….? Which is it? I really respect that he didn’t whore himself out for MTV and has kept things off air, only helps his image and relationship with his child. She always wants what she can’t have and romanticizes things when she’s lonely. Girl needs to learn to love herself first before she tries to be with anyone else.

  13. Its so convenient for her to “love” him now and want him because she can say whatever she wants on camera knowing her refuses to be on camera or comment on her bullshit. I actually respect him for refusing to film and not commenting on her at all. We are only hearing her side so who knows if she’s being remotely accurate. The first time she said “he cheated on me my whole pregnancy” I just laughed. You were NEVER together according to you but you forgot to remember the lies you told the audience. She is lame as hell. has a great opportunity to be a strong stand up woman and mother and is just failing at it at every turn because she is OBSESSED with being in any kind of relationship. how she has such sweet boys is beyond me. I am no Javi fan but I do like Jo alot, but I am thinking its a lot more their influence on the boys that make them sweet and polite. Just sayin.

  14. I recorded a few episodes (TM2) Tried to watch last night. Ended up FF thru most. Jenell is an idiot & married a man w/ ZERO social skills. He just don’t know how to behave in public. And that producer Kristian kissing is nasty butt makes me sick. They say the Good Lord watches over fools & children, well he must be very busy at “the Land” MTV please cancel this sh*t show

  15. I don’t think she actually knows what love is. Self respect and respect of the partner is first that comes in my mind. Don’t be with someone who cheated on you, it just makes you look foolish. You will find him one day, Kail, I just think you need to change yourself and your attitude towards men first.

    1. Javi skip camera time?
      I use to think he was a nice stable guy in the beginning but he is manipulative. But at least he owned the fact he played both Bri & Kail. His lies is what caused the fight between the girls. Sad

  16. She wanted that thug love and she got it. She needs to take that L and charge it to the game.

  17. Ewww…no. I’m under the impression that Chris isn’t a very stand up guy. What is her problem.

  18. She needs to get a grip. She’s always wanted her cake and to eat it too, and it didn’t work with Jo, Jordan or Javi, so it’s not about to work with Chris. She only wants Chris because he doesn’t want her…that’s how it works with her. Jo wanted Vee, Kail hated Vee n wanted Jo, Javi pretended to want Briana, so Kail hates Briana and wanted Javi, Chris doesn’t want Kail so she loves him lol….she’s predictable.

  19. I didn’t see the relationship with Chris play out but I can’t believe that she would love anyone. Seems to me she gets her man then she cheats. Kailyn never seems to be happy in any relationship.

  20. She’s really annoying when she talks about him. She kept him such a huge secret for so long and now she won’t shut up about him. Also I thought they were only friends??

  21. Well it will just make her realize next time that she needs to know her partner inside and out. Be friends 1st not lovers and it’ll fall into place of its meant to be

  22. Well it will just make her realize next time that she needs to know her partner inside and out. Be friends 1st nor lovers and it’ll fall into place of its meant to be

  23. Kail is so lucky she has Joe & Javi to pick up the pieces of her broken life & to be great dads and protect the boys from all the men & situations Kail will get the kids involved in.

  24. I think Kail really needs to be single for a while. Forget Chris. He’s obviously not a good guy.

  25. I like the curly hair on her! As someone who has been cursed my entire life with uncontrollable naturally curly hair, I would kill for beautiful straight hair. But I have to say, Kail’s hair looks good either way. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her have it so curly like that.

    Speaking of how the girls look, Chelsea is looking freaking amazing and is so dang happy — I laugh every time I think about how mad that must make Adam.

    1. I am also cursed….loved curly hair on people just not myself. The fake curls seems so much more nicer less frizzy.
      I usually do the Keratin treatment in the summer to calm it down a little

    2. Guys! Curly girl here too, and I have come to learn that curly hair is a blessing! Curly or straight, at least we have hair ?, and it’s super versatile….it can be curly or straight and still look decent…and I have to agree, Kail looks nice with her hair curly like that, and Chelsea is constantly glowing….You see what happens when you cut loser boyfriends out of your life? Adumbs somewhere miserable with a landing strip in the middle of his head, and Chelsea is happy and winning at life!

  26. Arrrrrghhhh! Young girls always want the bad boys!! Trust me, when you’re older you will wish you paid attention to the good guys. It makes a world of difference. I get that she is in love with him – you can’t control who you love – but Kail, you can ALSO fall in love with a good guy. It’s not like you won’t be able to love anyone else like you love this guy. You’ll feel that way again about someone – save yourself the heartache and stay away.

    P.S. That random big bubble chair in the background is so awkward. Do they really need that on the stage of the reunion? Weird.

      1. I know right? We literally know nothing about him. And based on her relationship history, documented domestic abuse, and that she has had PFAs on both of her exes, I don’t trust her much. Kail is extremely controlling and as a single mother has all the control over her baby because he’s so young, I think it’s unfair to say anything about him because we’ve only heard her side…

  27. Oh, Kail. You’re a grown woman, and you have to do right by your kids. That means choosing a good man. Not someone who beats you and cheats on you in front of your kids. You’ll learn as your kids grow that everything you do is “in front of your kids,” whether you mean it to be or not. And please don’t do anything more to your face. You’re losing your pretty face, as God intended it to be. Stop messing with it.

  28. She only “loves” him b/c he’s the only dad who’s never wanted to be with her. She stuck on the fact that even her MTV money & “fame” couldn’t keep him. *Shrugs*

  29. Nine months is not a long time to be single when you’ve had a new baby for 7 months and were pregnant for 9 months before that….

  30. I keep trying to leave comments, but there seems to be a problem with the site. Anyone else?

    1. I agree. She was going on and on about how, “hot” he was and I was shocked when I looked him up…ewww. I know it’s not all about physical appearance, but DAMN!!!

  31. She only “loves” him because he doesn’t kiss her ass like all the other guys she’s been with! All of the sudden that makes him desirable!

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