‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Taylor McKinney Claims Ryan Edwards Threatened to Shoot Him in the Head Last Month

“Was it something I said?”

Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney have had enough of Ryan Edwards and his antics. As The Ashley previously reported, the Teen Mom OG couple filed Orders of Protection requests, asking the court to protect them and their children from Ryan.

Yesterday, Maci’s reasons for wanting the protective order for her and her kids were exposed. Today, Radar Online obtained Taylor’s protective order request where he describes a chilling threat Ryan allegedly made on his life recently!

In court documents, Taylor claims that Ryan threatened to shoot him just a week before Ryan was arrested for breaking probation from a previous heroin possession charge.

“He called me on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 and threatened to show up at my house and put a bullet in my head,” Taylor wrote in his protection order request that was filed on March 23. “The police were called and they suggested to seek an order of protection.”

Taylor also claimed that Ryan has threatened to use his son Bentley’s sporting events as a way to come face-to-face with Taylor and Maci.

“He has also said he would show up at our son’s baseball game and confront us, my wife and I,” Taylor said.

Taylor also wrote that Ryan had a “history of drug abuse,” and asked that the court keep Ryan away from him and stop him from contacting him.

Taylor’s claims are similar to those of Maci, who wrote that Ryan “has left voicemail messages threatening to show up at my house and take my son. He has made threats to show up and hurt me if I don’t answer my phone.”

A judge continued both cases–Taylor’s and Maci and the kids’– until May 21. However, a temporary restraining order remains in place until then. Maci has stated that Ryan has no custodial rights to Bentley currently.

Ryan (and his crew) have yet to speak publicly about the Orders of Protection or the incidents that Maci and Taylor claim occurred. We can assume that the last time Maci and Taylor were near Ryan was at the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion taping earlier this month in New York City.

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Ryan is a despicable piece of shit and so is every person around him. He should be arrested for threatening them with bodily harm – they should lock him up for as long as possible. Mackenzie is such a pathetic moron – how much of a lowlife do you have to be to procreate with that thing? Bringing some poor innocent child into this train wreck of a life should be a crime, too.

  2. In addition to Protection Orders it sounds like these are prosecutable offenses. Threatening bodily harm. And he is on probation.

  3. A small detail, easily lost in this train wreck, but it made my heart smile to see Taylor refer to Bentley as “our son”.

      1. You can reverse a downvote fyi. Just hit the upvote a few times.

        And, I noticed that too. It’s obvious that Taylor is Bentley’s dad and has been for years. The fact that it is Taylor, and not Ryan, who coaches Bentley’s baseball team pretty much says it all.

  4. Not related to ryan but with maci and taylor. When maci said that she didnt tell taylor about the baby. What part? Did both of them know she was pregnant and then she lost it but didnt say anything. Or was it she didnt know she was and the dr said something and then she didnt tell him right away. Because it doesn’t make sense to me really.

    1. I was wondering the same, but I think she meant that she didn’t know she was pregnant and then found out from the doctor that she had a miscarriage. They must have had the testing done afterward though because she knew it was a girl and gave it a name. That’s what happened when I had one of my miscarriages – even though it was early, the report came back as it had been a “chromosomally normal female”, so I knew it had been a girl.

      I don’t think he knew she was pregnant, because she wouldn’t have gone for 2 months pretending that everything was fine and acting happy about it and then telling him eventually. She said she was trying to protect him from it and letting him get more excited about a pregnancy knowing she lost the baby would’ve been cruel. That’s why I don’t think it was the first one you mentioned.

  5. Hope those 15 minutes of fame were worth it, Mack. Maybe you should start planning out the date for that 3 year call?

  6. Even Jenelles husband Lurch is a better catch than ryan. Lurch said he hates heroin and that a crack addict is better than addict heroin/opioid addict. That came straight from the Lurch’s mouth.

    1. This is why you think lurch is better than Ryan? Because he would prefer to be a crack addict than a heroin addict? I also think lurch is deflecting and lying—we know Jenelle used to be a heroin user and that she’s still on some kind of drugs (even while pregnant with Ensley), so I don’t think it’s that big of a stretch to wonder if Jenelle is using heroin (or heroin-lite in the form of abusing prescription opiates) and that lurch is right there with her. But even if he’s not, even if he really does “hate heroin” and think that he’d prefer to be a crack head, I’m not sure that’s a great endorsement.

    2. Ryan still hasn’t beaten any toddlers as far as we know, so not sure UBT is “better”. They’re both vile.

  7. Last night’s episode was SO incredibly boring, all of the C&T crew in, or n in need of, rebah, and PLEASE don’t tell me Leah’s whiny ass pal with thre kid by however many men is going to be “next” on the show? PLEASE just make them all go back to real life, and let them see what their “star” status gets them.

  8. I just watched last nights night’s episode….

    “Call me when he’s 3.”

    What the hell. Mackenzie, you are one of the stupidest girls that have been on the series and that is saying a lot. How did ypu manage that? She is that much of a maniac to have a baby with a man like that. You dont have any respect for yourself, your family, his family, his other child or the little baby coming into this world now.

  9. Ryan is a disgusting, spoiled enabled loser. Big Mac is an idiot who is using this addict for reality fame, and a few bucks. What moron would go thru with marrying someone who was nodding off, high on smack, and driving erratically the day of your sidewalk wedding? I’m still shocked that this bitch is only 21! Hmmm…. Jenelle and Larry need to stop enabling ryan, and show some tought love. They aren’t doing him any favours… I feel big Mac is definitely pushing Ryan to fight for bentley because Ryan never used to care all that much about being a father. He liked his mommy & daddy taking care of both him, and bentley. They all need serious help.

  10. There is several reasons he could of been not in jail.
    They could of been waiting on lab results on proof of what it was.
    He could of been given a citation with a court date to appear.
    He could have posted bail.
    In my experience in law enforcement it isn’t the Police officers that let them go it’s the States Attorney that lets them go.
    I have even seen them give someone 20 year for kidnapping and robbery and attempt murder but they were on drugs so if you move out of state to Florida it’s ok but don’t come back or you will go to prison for 20 years. Hey Florida here’s our drug problem your welcome

  11. WOW ! I know when I first found out I was pregnant the 1st thing we did was call the ex’s REALLY Can we please just vote Mack off the island ? And take Ryan w/ you.

    1. Ryan really looked annoyed and just disgusted of his wife the whole episode. Especially during the time she said should we tell our exes.

  12. Is this drama part of why they are auditioning Ambers trash cousin? They’ve had to have known months ago his issues were continuing to spiral and just giving his wife who isn’t well liked, more camera time, wouldn’t completely fill the hole they think Farrah left. Except the cousin doesn’t either & the early episodes without Farrah worked okay. This whole replace Farrah saga seems forced. And Mack from 3 makes an interesting follow up for a special but she & her spouse seem better off outside the cameras.

    1. I didn’t even notice Farrah wasn’t in the episode last week, until I was reading a recap and it was mentioned. She definitely doesn’t need to be replaced. The other 3 girls are enough. People aren’t going to stop watching b/c of Farrah.

      1. Farrah was soo obnoxioys to watch. Her no-logic, negative nasty personality was ruining the show. Glad she’s gone.

  13. I can see Ryan dying from a heroine overdose. His parents always take up for him. Mack is egging it on. All I see is his family enabling him right into the ground. The whole family needs to go to Therapy on how to deal with an addict before it’s too late.

        1. Mine corrects me the same way LOL…it also auto corrected “cat” to “car” but I caught it before I posted….I hate how smartphones think they’re smarter than you lol

    1. At this point Jenn and Larry just want a replacement Ryan, and they don’t care that he is going to die soon. They are so done with him. Jenn royally messed up with him, and Larry was probably a horrible father, that drinking the quick hot temper..not good. I wonder if Maci was trolling Jenn with that BS adoption storyline? Maci has 3 children, she hardly needs more at this point in her life. You aren’t exactly adoption material with a baby daddy threatening to kill you..

      Jen should have had more kids, Ryan was SO horrifically spoiled being her only one. I feel for her, I do..but she should have stopped this train wreck when Ryan was 13..now look at the mess she is in..

      Maci didn’t have a miscarriage; she went to a doctor’s appointment and her blood test said she was barely chemically pregnant, there was no loss, hell she didn’t even tell Taylor about it for 2 months. Now they are belly aching over something they didn’t even know about..makes no sense.

      1. and so was cait you don’t bleed excessively and stay at home and go to the dr the next day. Not to mention she smoked while pregnant.

        1. And Catelynn didn’t lose weight like the doctor told her too, and was probably still smoking weed. Catelynn irritates me that no end. She already has a beautiful daughter. I had a miscarriage and it is tough; however, I don’t see why Catelynn feels the need to go across the country for therapy when there is probably somewhere locally she could have went and be able to be home with her daughter. I swear she finds excuses t go to these spa resort “rehabs”.

        2. I know im probably gonna get a lot of shit for this opinion but something just doesnt seem right with how they handled there miscarriage. Not talking about grieving im talking about how they described the amount of blood and the panic they were in but never went to the hospital… i dunno something isnt right about that im not saying it didnt happen but if it didnt i wouldnt be completely shocked. Maybe she knew people would be chewing her a new one for going to rehab for the 1000th time. Listen im not saying it didnt happen its just strange.

  14. Ok, it’s all making sense now. Originally, I thought they filed that order of protection due to Ryan’s recent arrest for violating his probation but I guess that wasn’t what happened. It says Ryan made that threat to Taylor on March 20th so it was definitely the tweet Taylor wrote because that was posted the day before, on March 19th. Well, sorry, Ryan but Taylor did nothing but state the truth. You and your wife are jobless. You are 30 years old and are still babied by your parents. You and your wife have all this money to support yourselves due to Maci’s affiliation with the show and yet you sit and talk shit about her every week.

    1. Ohh. What tweet? I was just wondering why Ryan would threaten Taylor. It’s not like there’s a big love triangle there. But that makes sense. Ryan would never lose it over his right to see his kid, but I can totally see him losing his mind and threatening to murder a family over a perceived mean tweet.

  15. If the MTV well dries up, I’d place bets on ol’ Jen 2.0 turning the deck and playing the victim card, annulling the marriage because he was under the influence (despite knowingly going through with it in the first place).

    The silver lining for Maci and Taylor is that as long as the heroin doesn’t motivate him to do so, Ryan would be far too lazy to ever carry out any of these threats.

      1. Well, it is sort of looking like Ryan always was a straight up psycho, but he had nice parents, was good looking, and was so addicted to downers he rarely acted on it. His looks and youth are gone, he’s moved on to hard drugs, and his parents handed him off to his wife who seems to want him in jail or dead. I think he’s going to turn out to be like Adam from TM2 but maybe even more likely to kill someone?

  16. I’m not defending Ryan at all and I know he needs to be held accountable but I will say this…He was never this fired up and aggressive towards Maci & Taylor until Mack came into the picture. I think she has had a big influence on his attitude towards them. From what has been shown to us, it’s very obvious that she’s been in his ear about the whole custody situation and made the rift between them all 10x worse because of her jealousy towards Maci. Hopefully Ryan will open his eyes one day and realize that woman is bad news.

    1. Nicole, I agree with you 100%. I think Mack hates Maci & is jealous and trying everything she could do to get him to hate Maci. He was never like this before her. He was perfectly content doing his own thing and letting Jen & Larry have his visitations with Bentley. Mack is a piece of work and possibly worse than I thought. In last night’s episode, she was absolutely dying for Ryan to tell Maci she was pregnant. She appears to be single white femaling Maci for some weird reason.

      1. Lol she thinks that Maci will be jealous that she’s having Ryan’s baby. Maci already has one of those and is paying the price every single day (because of Ryan, not Bentley, of course). NO ONE WANTS RHINE, Mackenzie!

        1. Even Jenelles husband Lurch is a better catch than ryan. Lurch said he hates heroin and that a crack addict is better than addict heroin/opioid addict. That came straight from the Lurch’s mouth.

    2. I also fully agree with you. Ryan and Maci would fight in the past, but not like this….When Maci was with Kyle there wasn’t really bad blood between them, Rhine just thought Kyle was slow….and when Rhine was with Dalis, there was not tension like this. All of a sudden, fast forward to Mackenzie and all hell has broken loose. Rhine is a full blown HEROIN addict, making violent threats against Taylor (when before Mack, they seemed to have gotten along and at least tolerated each other), he’s threatening to kidnap Bentley, he’s getting arrested, driving HIGH outta his mind (Jenelle didn’t even take it that far, at least she had sense enough to stay on her couch when she was high on heroin)…The common denominator in Rhine’s escalated demise is absolutely Mackenzie. Even with their marriage, SHE said that them getting married so fast would help Rhine get more custody of Bentley…I just wanna know HOW? She’s such a master manipulator….Rhine is an adult and should be held accountable for his behavior, but he didn’t start going to shit until he got with her….and Kuddos to Maci and Taylor for being the ONLY ones to hold him accountable for his recent behavior.

    3. True!!! Ryan was content with how things are the last several years. He and Taylor got along fine.

    4. sorry as much as I dislike mack this is ryans fault no one else, his parents fault and his fault. Just because we never saw anything happen doesn’t mean it different. go back and watch their 16 you see some of his real side come out

      1. I like the irony of your post claiming that Ryan’s behavior is not Mackenzie’s fault bc the only person responsible for Ryan’s behavior is Ryan……

        ……..and his parents.

  17. And I just wanna give a round of applause to Mackenzie for being the dumbest, most selfish, entitled, enabling, opportunistic idiot on the planet. She has really outdone herself. Not only did she marry this man TWICE while he was intoxicated and high…she willingly brought her young son into this situation, decided to have a baby with a full blown addict and bring it into this messed up situation…all the while blaming everything on Maci. How opportunistic to marry and get pregnant by a man that’s been on TV for almost 9 years, while he’s in the middle of a serious heroin addiction, and threatening the lives of people around him. She knows deep down that if he snaps out of this drug haze he’s going to drop her like a ton of bricks, so she’s financially securing her future. I cannot stand Mack.

  18. This is just gonna end badly. Ryan and Mackenzie are both such horribly unstable people. And somehow their anger seems pointed towards Maci and Taylor. For what exactly? Being good parents? Calling them out on their shit? Unbelievable. 2 wretched people who deserve each other. I just hope nobody gets hurt by their toxic and violent actions.

  19. I very much hope that Larry and Jen and Mackenzie have taken all of the guns and locked them up safely somewhere that Ryan doesn’t have access to. Of course, with gun laws as they are currently, he could probably go out to the local Walmart or gun show and buy another gun or two or three, even with his criminal record, and history of drug abuse, and probation, and temporary restraining order, and pending order of protection, and pending court case. But hopefully he will be too lazy and/or drugged out to actually go purchase a new gun. I have a feeling though that no one in his life (besides Maci and Taylor) are taking these threats seriously and so have not changed the locks on the gun case or removed ammo from the home. I can see this being one of the cases where violence is committed and when they interview the wife and parents they’re like “there were no warning signs! We didn’t know! We thought he was just kidding!”

    1. If the cop would have done his JOB and arrested him for felony possession of herion instead of giving him a ticket Ryan would not legally be able to have a firearm .. hard to blam gun laws when the law doesn’t follow the law.

          1. Also, while I’m on a roll and fired up ?… should Taylor or Maci have any prof of these threats ( a text, voice message) that alone is enough to warrant the DA to look into charges against him on top of the PO.. what the hell is the matter with their system there? Maci needs to push issue ( write a letter to the judge if need be) that cop let him go and she’s in danger!

        1. And now not only is Ryan’s life in huge jeopardy with this deadly drug, he is threatening the lifes of others. I’m from Ohio , any amount of heroine is a felony.. I wouldn’t think the rest of our states hold the same considering the epidemic. Wasn’t there also a weapon in his possession with the drugs?

  20. What a total mess, and with his history of shooting cats, he probably has the jacked up mind frame to shoot a human….especially is he’s drugged up on heroine….I’m also guessing that Maci and Taylor both have solid evidence of these accusations because they were granted temporary restraining orders. I seriously don’t know what other wake up calls his enabling parents and dingbat wife need to get this man help, or show him tough love and cut him off. If this is his behavior thats been made public, I can only imagine what else he’s done behind closed doors. He has totally spiraled out of control and if he keeps going this way he is going to wind up dead. At this point he is the most out of control cast member and that’s saying A LOT.

      1. Ryan lured stray cats onto his property using cat food and then would shoot them for trespassing and leaving paw marks on his vehicles. He made social media posts holding big cats up like trophies. Some looked like pets. He was investigated and food was found all around the property where he would lure them in, just so he could kill them.

  21. What a miserable life Ryan and Mack lead, sitting on a couch thinking up ways to get back at an ex, to one up them, and threaten them to appear like they’re better. Doesn’t it get exhausting at some point? My gosh. Get Ryan to a treatment center FAR AWAY and get his parents into a program for family of an addict. This is just embarrassing and sad. Let Maxi and Taylor properly parent and give these kids some sense of normal, Bentley is 9, kids are going to start saying things to him, quit making it worse!
    Ryan had his chance with Maci and blew it. Move on dude!

    1. I think everyone associated with Ryan would benefit from Al Anon meetings. His parents, Mackenzie, maybe Maci and Taylor but only if they want to continue allowing Ryan to be a part of their lives.

  22. Ryan has never had this many severe problems with Maci before…I think Mack eggs it on a ton. She keeps the drama going. Even when he was on drugs before when he was with Dalis, we never heard about this much drama. im not saying he isnt responsible for his actions, because he is. But Mack makes it so much worse.

    1. I was just about to say the same thing. He was never this aggressive until she came along. It makes me think she gets him riled up. I know this article says Ryan called Taylor. I swear, if all the contact had been text messages, I would not doubt fir one minute that Mack didn’t send those messages from Ryan’s phone.

    2. Aw. Three downvotes. Hi Larry Jen and Mack, you three pathetic excuses for adults. You’re all failing your children.

  23. I haven’t read any nasty comments from Mack about this situation. Is she actually keeping her nasty mouth shut for once? Ryan has been a selfish prick since day 1 of this show. I’m not shocked.

    1. You’ve got to follow her ‘secret’ (obvious) twitter account. @skippy_000 she’s going off, and everyone’s letting her have it.

  24. It is crazy to see how a young man got a girl pregnant at such a young age and seem to be just a deadbeat dad to what ryan is today. I never would have guessed but the “fame” that came with the show helped him to become this. Not just on his own. I feel sorry for maci. She tries so hard to keep the bad stuff away from her family that invloves ryan and now she has to deal with death threats on taylor. Ryan needs mental help as well as getting sober.

  25. Once again Tyler’s shown how much of an insensitive jerk he is.. When he went to go visit his wife, all he did was complain about how much he has on his plate,never once did he ask Catelyn how she was,if she’s o.k. AS far as I’m concerned, she’s there partly because of him. It was so nice to not have to look at Farrahs ugly ass.. her attack on Mtv was pure immaturity, “a healthy sex’ life to her is putting her ass on camera?? what?? She’s seriously screwed up, why hasn’t Derricks parents stepped in and takeN Sophia away from her? does she pay them to shut up, or do they just don’t care…

  26. He’s a true narsasistic psycho. The way he shot innocent animals (cats) for fun… and now with drugs fueling his narsasistic rampages on top of his anger against Maci, Taylor and their family, who knows what he’s capable of! He even puts the general public at risk with the drugged up condition that he drives in. He feels like he’s above the law and really needs to be locked up for a long time and taught a lesson!

    1. I agree. According to the Grace Reoort on YouTube, Ryan’s best friend’s dad is the Red Bank County judge, which is probably why he gets away with everything. It is speculated that because of his connection to the judge, that is why we never heard of his arrest last year and no mugshot was published.

      1. Add that judge to his list of enablers. Just the kind of guy I want my son to be friends with.

  27. Just curious…did anyone else find it odd that Mack took a producer into a bedroom and shut the door to announce the pregnancy. If he’s so excited that he couldn’t contain himself then why not let him join in the announcement to MTV?

    Also, anybody else see Macks instagram from 3/23 right around the time they file the protective order….If her ex was doing this to her what would she do to protect her son? Well in a few years Ryan will probablyh be making the same threats to her.

    1. Just tried to look at their instagrams- looks like both Mack and Ryan’s are deleted (I’ve never tried to look them up before so I don’t think I’m blocked, lol).

  28. So he won’t show up for Bentley’s life/events to support his kid, but he WILL threaten to show up just to confront/hurt the rest of Bentley’s family.
    What a winner.

  29. I wonder if MTV makes a crew film with Ryan right now. I hope not for the sake of the crew members’ life’s. I get that MTV is all about the drama, but making people film with a violent addict? It’ll probably just be segments with Jen and Larry…and of course, MacKenzie. Once she gets words of the cameras rolling again, she’ll hightail back to her perfect husband to defend him like the martyr she loves pretending to be.

    1. It didn’t stop them from filming on “the land” and there were definitely issues of unpredictable violence from an addict.

      1. Yes, but Jenelle cared about pretending to be the perfect mother for the cameras, so she kept it together and David sort of went along with it. He wanted custody of his son, so he knew that he couldn’t go completely psycho. Ryan on the other hand? He doesn’t care about anything but himself, so, right now, I consider him more unpredictable than Lurch.

  30. That’s just crazy to me. Shoot him for what? Being that dad he is never going to be to Bentley. I hope they enforce these orders of protection and ryan never comes into contact with them again. He should be kissing the ground taylor walks on for being so good to his son and raising him like his own when he was off shooting up heroin.

    1. He made that threat the day after Taylor posted that tweet about Ryan & Mack being “jobless” and Ryan “still needing his ass wiped.” So I guarantee that is what set Ryan off. But it’s like Maci & Taylor have to sit through those episodes almost every week, listening to Ryan & Mack talk insane shit about Maci. Taylor had enough and decided to quit biting his tongue and defend his wife. Ryan & Mack shouldn’t dish it out if they can’t take it back. Just sayin’.

  31. Idk just my thiughts, At this point why not just relocate? There’s a month left of school then pick up and go it’s not like they don’t have the money and teen mom can follow wherever they go so no worries about jobs. Or I dont know get actual jobs off camera so the kids can lead a more normal life! Like come on. If someone with Ryan’s past and current behavior were threatening to kill me or take my child I’d move away hide my address and be a happy family away from them and the tabloids. If Ryan has no custodial rights then he can’t stop her from leaving.

    1. Why should Maci have to uproot her entire life, take her kids from their grandparents (Jayde and Macerick), their house, their routine, their friends? Because Ryan is the crazy one? That’s completely unfair. Ryan is the one who deserves consuquences, not Maci and her family.

    2. Clearly, you’ve never dealt with this level of psychotic, I wouldn’t even be as nice as calling it merely crazy at this point.

      You can only do so much to hide from this kind of behavior, an expecting the VICTIMS to change their entire lives to accommodate that level of psychotic behavior will solve absolutely nothing. You need to deal with the person exhibiting the behavior, not the people who are victims of the behavior. Not only because it’s simply unfair to expect such accommodations from the victims-whether or not they can financially afford such, there is far more to it than just the financial aspects.

      Expecting the victim to do everything is something I would call crazy, I’d also call it ineffective, having done that myself, having watched family do that to avoid the same kind of behavior by someone in my own family that is just as psychotic and completely out of control. It solved…NOTHING.

      Getting the one exhibiting the behavior, completely out of control, dealt with is hard enough, but it is the only solution. Now it’s in the hands of the justice system and law enforcement, it’s their move. They could, easily, deal with him, and help to make life safer for the victims…if only our justice system wasn’t so absolutely, horrendously flawed.

      Thankfully in my family’s case, that person IS being dealt with, is locked up, can no longer have contact of any sort, and is serving her time. It still took 8 YEARS, and it involved children. Blaming the victim for “not moving away”, or “not getting away” is absolutely ridiculous. It’s something only an idiot would say.

    3. Taylor and Maci do have jobs. They should not have to pack up & move. They have a stable home for their kids. Ryan just needs to be locked away somewhere.

  32. If I were any of the TM cast members, I would 100% flat out REFUSE to attend ANY reunion show or anything else with David Eason or Ryan Edwards either in attendance, or at a nearby hotel saturating themselves in booze while waiting for their delusional wives to come back to them after the taping.

    Or even be within 2 feet of these bug-eyed, drugged up, psychotic nutcases EVER.


  33. So Ryan is basically the Jenelle of Teen Mom OG now. Didn’t see that one coming. “Give me my son back!” He’s crazy and obv still on SOMETHING.

    How dare he threat a man who is RAISING his son tho?! Like WHY, because he is better than you?! Screw you and your wife, Rhine. And now bringing an innocent child in this. F*ck you!

  34. So awful… This must affect Bentley more than anybody as I’m sure parents of the children at his school are either fans of the show or read news sites. I hope he’s not being targeted and picked on. Obviously the risk of him or his family being hurt are also severe. Good for maci and Taylor protecting their children. Ryan is clearly mentally unstable and this has ceased to be a small matter.

  35. Maci (and Taylor for that matter) doesn’t seem the type to file an Order of Protection to be vindictive or gain an upper hand. I believe them when they say they feel threatened. And I have zero doubt that Ryan’s snake of a wife is egging him on. I wonder if her ex-husband will be able to gain full custody of their son? I sure hope so, because that violent heroin addict and his money-hungry enabler shouldn’t be near any children.

    1. Exactly. Maci and Taylor already have the upper hand and don’t need to do this to gain some sort of advantage. Ryan has no custodial or even visitation rights to Bentley, so Maci can keep her son from Rhine and his enablers all she wants to. We’ve seen Ryan threaten on the show to just show up at Maci’s if she doesn’t give him Bentley, so this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

      1. If he is ok threatening Maci on national TV, just imagine the kind of threats he makes off screen. It’s actually quite frightening if you think about it.

  36. Ryan needs to be committed to a mental health and rehab facility and actually do his time there. Hes a legitimate danger to himself and others? What if he shows up at the McKinney home, hurts Maci/Taylor/The Kids, and takes off with Bentley? Ryan needs to be reined in. This isn’t funny or entertaining. Hes making very real threats. He’s dangerous.

    1. Remember him shooting cats for fun?! I have no doubt he is capable of shooting a man if he wants too. Good for Maci and Taylor on protecting Bentley and also their adorable little ones.

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