‘Love Is Blind’ Star Shake Chatterjee Launches New Attacks on Host Nick Lachey: ‘Bro, You’re a Washed-Up Nobody’

‘My 15 minutes will never be up!’

Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee may have moved on romantically from his failed relationship with former Love Is Blind match Deepti Vempati but he’s refusing to let go of his feud with show co-host Nick Lachey. In a new interview with US Weekly, the veterinarian/ DJ/ podcaster launched a new string of attacks against the singer, rehashing the argument the two got in on the ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 reunion over comments he made about Vanessa Lachey, Nick’s wife and co-host, and even dissecting Nick’s relationship with ex-wife Jessica Simpson.

Last month on the reunion, Shake defended superficial and even cruel comments he made about female contestants on Season 2, including his former fiancée, Deepti.

“We all have our physical preferences,” he said. “Listen, every woman here is beautiful, I think you’re all beautiful, I’m not attracted to all of you. Unfortunately, the only one I’m attracted to is Vanessa.”

While that comment didn’t go over well with the show’s hosts or other contestants, Shake insisted to Us Weekly that he did nothing wrong.

“That’s a compliment unless you’re an insecure, insecure guy,’ he said. ‘If you’re insecure then, yeah, any anything’s upsetting if you’re an insecure guy.”

Shake tossed in a mention of new girlfriend Emily Wilson to try to prove his point that Nick should have taken his comment about Vanessa as a compliment.

Shake and his new, um, “lucky” lady…

“Hey, tell me how attracted you are to Emily,” he said. “Tell me she’s beautiful. She’s gorgeous. She’s hot, but she’s mine. You can look, but you can’t touch, pal.”

The Us Weekly article didn’t include any mention of Shake addressing how uncomfortable his comments on the reunion made Vanessa or the other contestants feel, but maybe he’ll cover that on his new podcast, ‘Life Is Blurry,’ which debuts Tuesday. Shake did take time in the interview to criticize Nick’s treatment of his ex-wife and Newlyweds co-star Jessica.

‘Honestly, he treated Jessica Simpson like garbage for years,” he said. “And guess what? That’s documented big boy. All right, 98 degrees. Are you kidding me? More like 32 degrees. You haven’t been 98 degrees since 1998 pal.”

“Away with you, peasant!”

He also took issue with how the Lacheys met because it didn’t line up with the premise of ‘Love Is Blind.’ (The pair met on the set of one of Nick’s music videos in 2006 and married five years later).

‘Is love blind or did you meet on the set of a music video?’ he said. ‘Like, OK. Then you come on here and tell me how I treat people [poorly] and talk to people. You single me out when you’re supposed to be an impartial host, like, bro, you’re a washed-up nobody.”

Guess this means we can’t expect to hear Nick on ‘Life Is Blurry’ any time soon…?

“I’m not gonna lie. I’d rather stab myself in the eye with an icepick then have this guy anywhere near me.”

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14 Responses

  1. Seems like production should do better vetting of their contestants. This show was garbage anyway. I can’t believe that any of this still makes news lol.

  2. He created a freaking podcast based on his “fame”? How does such a wonderful man have time for being a vet, being a douche, being a DJ and being the best looking boyfriend in his own mind?

    He’s deluded and looks like an arse for going after the host of the show.

  3. He’s not wrong haha

    There’s something about the Lachey’s that is just off. Their superficiality mostly.

  4. Why…. is he still a thing? Shake was washed up and irrelevant the moment the show ended. Also his girlfriend is NOT attractive.

    1. I dont find Shake particularly attractive either lol but I thought his he looked like Farrah.

      Best of luck to them though!

  5. I mean, yeah?

    Nick has “drinker face” and looks older than he should.

    I stand by “I’m not attracted to you” as being less of a deal than getting dead drunk and defying production and rage screaming on your fiancee in the middle of the night.

    Its also less of a deal than flirting with the woman you chose first 5 feet away from both your mates.

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