Farrah Abraham’s Mother Debra Danielsen & Former Best Friend Discuss Farrah’s Claims of Abuse, Her Sex Work & Her Father Michael

“You can’t get all belligerent and anti-Christy on me anymore!”

Farrah Abraham‘s mother Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen— as well as her former best friend Tyler Cookseytook to YouTube on Friday to set the record straight on a variety of topics regarding the former Teen Mom OG star.

In the new podcast episode, Deb and Tyler (who was featured on Farrah’s 2009 16 and Pregnant episode) addressed Farrah’s claims that she’s been abused. They also talked about Farrah’s current mental health and “career” situation and what was happening behind the scenes with Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham when they were filming Farrah’s “16 and Pregnant” episode.

“Now is the time, I think,” Debra said on the episode. “Let’s get the record straight about [the claims of] child abuse, sexually molestation, bullying…and all kinds of other things that have been going around that are absolutely not true.”

Here, The Ashley has pulled out some of the most-interesting parts of the podcast episode.

On past claims Farrah has made about having an abusive childhood: 

The unhappy trio in 2017 when they appeared on ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’

Over the years, Farrah has claimed at various times that she was physically, sexually and emotionally abused during her childhood. During one 2014 interview, Farrah told In Touch Weekly that Deb and Michael beat her with a belt when she acted out. 

“I had cuts, bruises, welts, swelling and scars,” she told the magazine. (A source close to Farrah told The Ashley shortly after that Farrah’s claims were false and that she suffered no abuse as a child.) 

Debra and Tyler addressed Farrah’s claims.

“We often hear Farrah talk about how she was sexually molested and she had a really rough childhood,” Debra stated. “I don’t even know what all she’s been saying. I want to go on the record and say: Farrah comes from a very privileged background…”

Debra then stated that she never left Farrah and her sister alone with Michael; however, she didn’t specify why.

“There is no way in this world— because I had been taking Michael to several PhDs, to get him mental help, no way in this world that the girls were ever left alone with him,” she said. “Ever. Just to be very clear, my dad [Farrah’s grandpa] never molested anybody. My ex-husband, Michael, was a known situation and we kept him an arms’-length away from everything because that’s what the doctors told us to do.”

Tyler— who is no longer friends with Farrah— said Farrah begins suggesting she was abused whenever she wants attention.

“Now where would anyone get the idea that I like attention?!”

“I think anybody with half a brain cell could put together a background here. When does Farrah talk about trauma? When does she talk about these ‘horrible things’ that happened to her? When she is losing her spotlight,” he said. “This is a soundbite that you get maybe a decimal of to remain relevant, but there’s no context. There’s no proof. There’s nothing. It’s just a little soundbite that [she] can drop and people wonder and then the rumor mill starts selling things to the tabloids and it reignites things. It’s really a sick process.”

.”When she needs a boost or something, or wants to drive empathy or she needs people to care about her, she wants to drive sympathy she’ll come up with some far-flung, fantastic thing,” Debra agreed.

On how they feel the spotlight has made Farrah’s narcissistic behavior worse:

Debra said she first recognized the effect filming had on Farrah when they were filming for “16 and Pregnant.” 

“But…but…but…she was so likeable!”

“It just seemed like when the cameras came on, Farrah’s idiosyncrasies got worse,” she said. “She started recognizing that she was getting a reward, in a narcissistic way, for that behavior, which caused it to go out of control.” 

Tyler stated that, in his opinion, Farrah doesn’t have empathy for the people in her life.

“I think a lot of the issues that come to her– whether she believes that she creates them or she believes they are brought to her— is the inability to see people as having a soul. She views people as objects,” he said before revealing why he is no longer friends with Farrah.

“Honestly, I don’t have bandwidth for the drama that would come from having her as a friend. I’m good.”

In regard to the Farrah continuously claiming that she’s been the victim of abuse at the hands of numerous people/places/businesses, Deb said it’s usually Farrah who sours the relationship.

“Very few people have really done Farrah wrong, it’s really more how she doesn’t accept people or actions, or is very unskilled at conflict resolution,” she said. 

On Farrah’s p0rnography career & sex industry work: 

Tell us how you really feel, Deb…

Farrah continues to work in the sex industry, using OnlyFans and other sites to post her, um, “unique” sexual offerings. (And, of course, she had a starring role in her infamous 2013 “Backdoor Teen Mom” sexy time movie series.)

“Here’s the sad part: if she would have pulled it together, she could have been super, super commercially profitable in her career,” Deb said. “Versus going and doing stuff like backdoor p0rnography, that’s not the way we roll. I don’t go for that. That, to me, is an abomination.”

On what was happening with Michael during the period they filmed “16 and Pregnant”:

Things in the Abraham home seemed chaotic during the episode, but Deb said it was actually even more of a mess than what viewers saw. 

“What people don’t realize is that Michael was just excessively arguing with all of us, constantly,” Debra said. “Only when the camera came on did he seem to come down to a meek, mild narrative, like he is a likable guy. And in the back side of this thing, we were starting the initial process of getting a divorce because he had multiple affairs.”

Deb revealed that, on the night Farrah gave birth to Sophia, Michael was allegedly two hours away at the home of a “love interest” he was seeing at the time.

“What can I say? The ladies love Mikey Abe.”

“So in ’16 and Pregnant,’ when we’re in the hospital and Farrah’s about to give birth and I’m crying because I’m calling him on the phone and he was obviously asleep and didn’t look at his messages. He was asleep with this person,” Deb said. “Nobody realized that Michael was actually off with some other women and it took him a day and a half to get to the hospital to see Sophia. And it was only a two-hour drive.”

Watch the entire podcast episode video below!

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  1. Why did Farrah seem to have little to do with Deb after 16 and pregnant but continued for years having her dad micheal around. If he abused her, why was she the closest to him? That doesn’t make sense. She grew up in a house full of narcissists for sure and the way they all dealt with Derek’s death was incredibly weird. That whole family needs a ton of therapy. What’s scary is Farrah claims to have had years of therapy. Watching a live video on tik tok of Farrah and Sophia the other day was so cringe. Here’s hoping Sophia some how comes out not too messed up

  2. It’s possible she was molested. That would really make sense considering she’s so crazy and involved in sex industry and pregnant at 16.. why wouldn’t they leave her own dad alone with them? Very strange red flag there. I was abused as a child and never told anyone for many reasons..partially because I didn’t think people would care or want to believe me if that means anything

  3. Let’s not forget it was her father who helped her get the porn deal with vivid video from the scummy CEO Steve Hirsch. Her father pimped her out!

  4. Maybe Farrah was abused, but she is a grown woman now & its time she took responsibility for her actions. There are many people in this world who were abused in some way & they decide to end that cycle! She has had numerous therapists & she still feels like she does no wrong in how she treats people.

  5. How it happened doesn’t matter, she’s a twisted bitch with no conscience that is a danger to others and shouldn’t be allowed access to a guinea pig, let alone a child.

  6. “I want to go on the record and say: Farrah comes from a very privileged background…” Yeah, so did my late mother but her parents still beat the hell out of her and her siblings in childhood. And we SAW Debz backhand her 16-year-old daughter on camera. I’ll never forget watching that episode with my aunt (who used to hate watch TM religiously because she was a teen mom who thought it was wrong to make teen parenthood look that easy) and her going, “Look, it’s my mom! That right there is why you kids were never allowed to meet her.” Money doesn’t equal a great childhood. People like Farrah don’t come out of the womb that screwed up. And what is this “situation” with Michael? She phrases it like he’s a Josh Duggar level “situation.” If that’s the case, he never should have been near his daughters AT ALL. There’s no way she could have possibly watched him all the time if he was still living in the same house. 9 times out of 10, awful people come from being raised by awful people.

    1. I don’t disagree with a most of what you said, people like Farrah do indeed come out of the womb that way. One of my children has a bio parent that is a lot like Farrah, eerily similar behavior and actions, and that person was absolutely born that way. There was no abuse, no ill treatment, no bad childhood and definitely a more privileged life than some. There was no trigger event, there was no cause aside from simply existing. It’s something I have to be mindful about with my child, the potential for it being passed along genetically is very high. (Sophia is just as likely to end up like Farrah as well)

      Farrah has, likely numerous, mental health issues, and a great deal of them ARE present at birth. Many, if not most, mental health issues don’t begin to present themselves externally until the teen and young adult years. If, as I and probably most people suspect, she was born with them they just manifested as a teen. Her being in the spotlight certainly didn’t make it any better and likely exacerbated already existing issues that were just starting to come forward. As a younger kid they were probably there too, but overlooked, called quirky, whatever. She’s the type of person that shouldn’t be a parent, or have a pet, or really even be left to her own devices because her mental health (and choosing not to actually treat it) will always overshadow everything. It will ALWAYS manifest in a narcissistic, often incoherent manner, even if she wasn’t (which I still think she is). Those are the kinds of people that really are a danger to others, because of the unknowns. She’s regressing intellectually which suggests it was always there and she has progressive forms (which cause regressive behavior) of serious mental defects.

      I don’t like her, never have, never will, and I think there’s way more she can do to be better and do better. There was a time when she had a modicum of intelligence, as a child, which she no longer does. That doesn’t simply go away very easily without something such as a disease or defect, injury to the brain, or possibly drug/alcohol abuse. She has no injury to her brain so it’s one, or both, of the others. (I think both, and part of it is her being so adamantly against the idea that she indeed has issues, addicts deny far more than those suffering other mental health issues).

  7. Farrah is Farrah’s own enemy. She has made plenty of terrible decisions and behaved like a monster. With that said, her parents are also monsters that should not have been allowed to keep their kids. I absolutely believe that Farrah was being sexually abused at home and Deb ignored it by telling herself “he’s getting help”. All of Debs attention seeking behaviors confirm this theory for me. Now his responses to Farrah’s special career make a lot of sense in a very sickening way. When you put all of Farrahs behaviors and decisions into this context, it makes a lot of sense. She’s just a stunted little girl that was betrayed by almost everyone that was supposed to love her. If anyone else was put in a home like that, don’t you think they would act out too? I think she needs genuine help and somebody that actually does care about her enough to gently put her in her place. It’s obvious her parents never really loved her, only what she could do for them.

  8. I can’t bare abusive parents claiming to be holier than can be when it is fully obvious via the children how abusive they were.
    Farrah is awful, but not allowing a father to be alone with his own children as he was so dangerous-to the point medical professionals were advising it, the doctors should have looped in social services as that is fucked up, denying they were victims of childhood sexual assault and flat out lying about not being violent when it was filmed on national television it’s clear why she is the way she is. Deb is an actual fucking nutter. Micheal is a creepy little predator who hides his violent nature behind pretending to be meek and mild.
    Farrah was pretty normal the first series or too but then slowly started going off the deep end. I have often thought that she suffered something terrible and her whole personality is so defensive as a result.

  9. I really don’t like Farrah, how she acts, how she parents, how she treats animals, how she treats others and who the h she thinks she is. I really doubt some things she has said.
    This is the first time in years I really felt sorry for her however.
    Her mom and former friend are victim shaming her and are taking revenge on her in a way that is inexcusable and painful.

    To start with, Debz, Michael and this former friend were not there when Farrah lived with her grandparents for years during her childhood, when she was at school, during other activities and when she was alone with her other parent.
    Second, Debz denies Farrah was ever abused while she was convicted for abusing Farrah herself. She completely denies that ever happened by claiming Farrah was never abused, what else does she deny and hide?

    In her book, Debz wrote Michael was on drugs, mentally abused her, cheated a lot and that they argued a lot.
    When Derek wouldn’t have died, Michael would have been convicted for assaulting Derek. He threatened to kill Derek and assaulted him.

    Now Deb claims she never let her kids alone with Michael because he was a danger to them. When that is true, why the hell did she not leave him and made sure her kids were safe by getting CPS involved? She claims it was advised by doctors, that really helps lawyers and CPS to keep kids safe generally!

    Just the day she abused Farrah, Farrah and her grandchild were alone with Michael for many hours already by the way.

    Michael wanted to have online sex with a lady and wanted to do daddy-daughter roleplay cause that turned him on. When confronted with this, Michael’s reaction was “shame on the lady who leaked this, that conversation should have stayed private.” Shame on her? Really?

    One thing is sure, Farrah had a fucked up childhood.

    This former friend had no issues hanging with Farrah or supporting her behaviour towards others for what? Maybe 10 years?
    He was the one pushing her wheelchair and smiling to the press Farrah called when she left the hospital, not needing a wheelchair at all. That was after Farrah assaulted Vicky Michel on Big Brother UK and gave Vicky a brain concussion.
    He fully supported and enabled her for so many years when she verbally and mentally abused others plus physically abused animals but Farrah is the only one that doesn’t respect others? I don’t think so.

    Farrah got her narc traits from both her parents and I do believe she did suffer trauma.

  10. Yes Farrah is a narcissist and craves attention, but I 100% agree this is the product of awful parenting. We saw Deb abuse her, physically and emotionally, on camera. Imagine what she was like off camera. And I’ll never forget some of the counseling sessions Farrah attended where she was so raw with her pain. That wasn’t acting. Farrah has some deep emotional scars that have never been properly dealt with. And I believe it all started with her parents and then the loss of Derek.

  11. Ummm what’s this whole deal about never leaving the girls alone with Michael and keeping him away from everyone because the doctors said to?? That could be traumatic for any little girl to see that, regardless of the reasoning. And what was the reasoning??

  12. Obviously not a Farrah fan (isn’t that an oxymoron if I were) but I zoned out after deb said Farrah had suffered no abuse.

    Unmmmmmmmmmmm deb we saw her abused. We saw you smack her and the rage you had while a camera was pointed at you. If that’s what happened at 16 what was happening before with no cameras? Oh yea you giving her a fat lip and refusing to drop a knife when the cops showed.

    Additionally we’ve seen Farrah speak and act, so those early seasons when Farrah would really break down crying, I just don’t believe was an act. I don’t like her, but there is a well of real pain that was bubbling up in her. I don’t know what or if it was abuse, but there is something traumatic lying at the surface of her.

  13. Hooker. It’s called being a hooker. No work involved.

    To bad you really can’t trust anything coming from a Abraham. Possibly Tyler, though.

  14. The reason Farrah is the way she is, is a direct result of the abuse she faced from her mother and father.

    Deb can try to manipulate it all she wants.

    But at the end of the day, both Deb and Farrah are just terrible people.

  15. Farrah is a very, very screwed up person at this point,there’s no denying that, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. Deb’s claims that she knows Farrah wasn’t abused because she never left her and her sister alone with him is not the exonerating evidence she seeems to think. Never leaving your child alone with her own father, especially if he’s still your spouse, isn’t a normal parenting decision so either Deb’s lying or there was a reason for that. And whether it was because Deb’s nuts or because Michael was dangerous in some way, it doesn’t really scream ‘great, non-abusive childhood.’

  16. Early episodes of Teen Mom showed Farrah being involved with modeling. I think Deb is right when she says Farrah could’ve really been something. But instead, Farrah wanted more and more attention and now she’s jacked up her face and body so badly that really can’t go back to modeling. She has such a warped view of herself and the world. It’s honestly baffling.

  17. ‘I want to go on the record and say: Farrah comes from a very privileged background…’ Just because someone comes from a privileged background that doesn’t mean they can’t be abused. Child abuse happens everywhere, sadly.

    And I don’t think Farrah was born a narcissist. She’s the result of fucked up parenting. Does Deb forget that there’s actual footage of her hitting Farrah in the car? Talk about an anti-Christ attitude lol

    Deb was kissing Farrah’s ass until she stopped giving her money, ever since then she’s been acting like the concerned mother. Farrah might be a narcissist, but Deb is a twisted master manipulator.

  18. i like how deb conveniently left out the fact that she hit farrah in her 16 & pregnant episode and there’s a whole police report on how she busted farrah’s lip while talking about how farrah’s lying about any abuse. we all know farrah is an attention seeker but deb is the one who would ask farrah for money and uses her fame to keep the attention on her when literally nobody cares for deb

    1. Debz also refused to put down two knives she was holding when police officers responded to Farrah’s 911 call. The police report indicated that officers had to hold her at gunpoint to get her to drop the knives, which were taken as evidence.

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  19. I think Farrah does lie and exaggerate. However I recall Farrah actually for once not being an asshole in the car with Deb on 16 & Pregnant. Debra backhanded her and started screaming at her. It was uncalled for. Let’s also not forget that Deb was arrested for beating Farrah so that may be the actual truth. Again who can know for certain?

    For there to be “something going on with Michael” and that “doctors said to keep him at arms length” from his own daughters and she supposedly never left him alone with them speaks to how screwed up she is. If a doctor told me it was unsafe for any reason for my daughters to be around my husband I would kick his ass to the curb and away from even the possibility of anything happening. Yet she chose to stay and watch?

  20. I think Debra originally blamed Farrah making the sex tape all on James Dean, the actor and producer. She seemed to crave attention just as much as Farrah.

  21. Of course I don’t know if Farrah was abused or molested, but I know this: she is damaged. Severely. And it comes from somewhere. Second, I think Deb is a complete psychopath. She seems inherently deranged. She was a shitty mother to both of her kids. My heart hurts for poor Sophia, who has looney tunes for family.

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